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A bed of trials episode 9

A Bed Of Trials (episode 9)

There’s nothing as frustrating and tiring as a persistent problem. When something keeps occurring no matter how much effort you put to bring it to an end, it’s just a matter of time before it wears you out. It’s sad how someone will deliberately go out of their way to break a happy home. Like what will you gain by watching someone’s marriage crumble and crash because of you? Of what need is it to snatch someone’s spouse and make the person yours; thereby depriving another woman/man of their happiness. There’s a partner for everyone in the surface of this earth, so it makes no sense going after another person’s own. It’s apparent that Maya had crossed the line this time around and should be ready for what was coming her way. There’s no doubts that Olivia was already at the verge of losing it for the desperate ‘home wrecker’ so it safe to say that hell will break loose if she ever found out that Maya pecked Edward. There was fire on the mountain but I guess no one was aware yet!

After the strange encounter with Maya at the entrance of the hotel, Edward was now more confused than ever. Shortly after the incident, the Uber ride finally showed up and he entered to head to a nearby supermarket to get what Olivia had requested earlier. All through the ride to and fro, he was absent minded and deep in thoughts. “What does this woman want from me? Isn’t she aware til now that I am married and not available. How can someone be so desperate and persistent? My wife will lose her mind if she ever found out what happened this afternoon and the last thing I need is for this trip to get ruined before it even starts” he thought to himself as he sat in the cab.

To be honest, Maya was biting more than she could chew. It’s apparent she was selfish and thirsty, otherwise I see no reason why she was doing all she was doing to the young man and his family. The once ‘happy man’ that was excited to be on a vacation trip with his family was now sad, depressed and scared all because of her selfish actions.

When Edward arrived at their hotel room, Olivia was happy to see him again but was also quick to notice his sad countenance. “Babe what’s wrong? Did anything happen while you were away?” she curiously inquired but he concealed the truth just to protect her peace. “It’s nothing for you to worry about honey, I’m all good” he said and forced a smile. Unable to fathom what could have made him sad in such a short while, she decided to let it go. “Room service called and I placed our orders” she said just to change the topic. He handed her the items he bought from the supermarket and they carried on with their day as though nothing happened.

As evening drew near, they went on a stroll round the beautiful tourist city and took few photos whenever they got to a cool spot. They later saw a movie in a cinema and had to go back to their hotel room afterwards because their daughter was already asleep in her stroller. When they returned to their room, Olivia gave their daughter a warm bath and laid her on the bed, then proceeded to join Edward in the jacuzzi afterwards. They opened a bottle of wine and drank with glass cups as they took a warm bath in the jacuzzi. It was such a relaxing moment for the couple and they dearly needed it after going through a very tough period in their lives.

As they sat completely unclad in the jacuzzi, Edward dropped his glass cup and moved closer to his wife who was looking straight into his eyes. Without words, they already knew what each other needed and it was affection, intimacy and touch. When Edward got closer to Olivia, he collected the glass from her hand and dropped it down too. “I know that look on your face” she said while blushing, “tell me, what’s it for?” he asked and planted a soft k-ss on her lips before she could even say another word. Olivia shut her eyes and crossed her arms around his neck. “Hey daddy, are you hungry?” she asked as she slowly k-ssed his plumpy lips, “Yes I am, I want every bit of you. I miss you” he said in between breath. They k-ssed passionately till they realised that the jacuzzi wasn’t doing enough justice to the moment.

After spending quite some time in the jacuzzi, Edward carried his wife out and they laid on the fur rug in the room. Goosebumps covered Olivia’s body as Edward k-ssed her tummy. They felt the floor was the best option so as not to disturb their daughter whom was quietly sleeping on the bed. The fur rug was quite comfy so they weren’t missing out on any comfort. He gently car-ssed her till her wh0le body became numb.

For almost an hour, the couple deeply ministered to each other’s bodies without penetration. Edward was really good when it came to rom-nce and forepl-y. He had mastered his wife’s body over the years and knew all her overly sensitive spots so it was very easy to take her to cloud nine. Suddenly, air was scarce and breathing freely became difficult for the couple who were in another world of ecstasy.

On seeing that it was time to take their rom-nce to the next level, Edward began to make love to his wife. Olivia whispered lovely words to his ears with every thrust. She mo-ned and cried out as the pleasure got intense. Her body was his greatness weakness and strength; for some strange reason, he could never get enough of her. Olivia’s smooth and spotless skin drove Edward crazy and took his energy to a wh0le new level.

Hours passed by but none of them were tired just yet. It felt as though they hadn’t connected with each other that way in a very long time so it explains why they were deeply into each other. That beautiful moment lasted till about 3am in the morning. Tired and exhausted, they slept on the floor and just covered theirselves with a duvet. Edward held Olivia extremely close to his chest and wrapped his arms around her. They slept for few hours till their daughter’s cry woke them up by around 7am in the morning.

So far so good, the vacation trip was going extremely well for the couple. Every moment was blissful and filled with happiness. It didn’t take Edward too long to forget about the incident with Maya and also the fact that she was in the same location with them. He focused all his energy on the fun he was having with his family and gave less attention to any thought that had to do with the home wrecker. Up until the second week of their trip, Olivia still wasn’t aware that Maya was in that same hotel. Everything was a secret till it came to the open one fateful afternoon.

It happened that Maya had been stalking the couple all these while; looking for any slight chance Edward would be alone so she could make more advance on him. That afternoon, the couple went to the pool side with their daughter to cool off for the day and receive some fresh air. While they sat beside the pool dressed in their swimming wears, they had no idea that Maya was somewhere close, but the home wrecker hadn’t seen them yet.

Few minutes after, Olivia took an urgent leave back to the hotel room to get her camera after she realised that she forgot it. With Olivia gone, Edward carried their daughter and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere beside the pool. Just as he was engrossed in his phone, a hand came from nowhere and collected his daughter from his hands. “Relax, I just want to carry her a little; she looks so cute and beautiful” a familiar voice said from behind. Immediately Edward realised what had happened, he turned instantly to see who collected his child and it was no other person than Maya. Immediately he set his eyes on her, his heart dropped drastically. “Give her back to me right now!!” he voiced out fiercely but Maya kept smiling sheepishly. “Let me hold her a little, she is really cute just like her dad” she said while gently rocking the baby from side to side.

At that moment, Edward’s heart raced non-stop because he knew Olivia would show up any minute. Just as he was about to take his daughter from Maya’s hand, Olivia walked in from behind them. “What is God’s name is going on here?” she asked in total shock. It took a while before it dawned on Olivia that the lady in front of her was Maya and not only was she present there but she was also carrying her precious daughter. Such effrontery!!

“You again!! How dare you lay your filthy hands on my daughter? Who the hell do you think you are to touch my child? You think you are crazy, but I would show you crazy. Give me my child now!!” Olivia said in full rage. Maya had no idea that Olivia would show up, so she was getting a little tensed at that point. She could sense the range in her voice and didn’t hesitate in returning the baby back to Edward. Olivia waited patiently till her daughter was safely in Edward’s hand. Immediately, Maya placed the baby in his arms and turned to walk away, Olivia grabbed her shirt and gave her a dirty slap. “Don’t you ever in your miserable life touch my child again” she angrily said after landing a hot slap on the home wrecker’s face.

As Edward tried to stop his wife from giving Maya another slap, Olivia knocked his hands off; “stay away from me!” she angrily said and collected her child from him with tears dripping from her eyes.

Unable to be in that place for another second, Olivia walked away crying!

End of episode 9 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow for the final episode to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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