Meant to be episode 11 - 12


# Chapter 11

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

A week has passed in a blur,my ankle is healed completely and i can walk very fine now,my head is now free of bandage but it still showed a small scar which Fleur assured me that it will soon fade.
We’ve gotten closer during the week and everyone is doing fine.

I slid my feet into my slippers before going out of my room..I just had my morning bath,clad in a big white wool blouse with pink leggings.

I scurried towards the kitchen,i started cooking lessons with Mig a day before..He offered to teach me since i lag slightly in cooking, so i had to join Mig in the kitchen anytime he’s preparing a meal and i can boldly prepare few meals now.
“Hey Mig good morning” I greeted on entering the kitchen.

He’s resting his back on the kitchen counter with with his hands folded beneath his chest.
He’s clad in a pair of tight faded jeans which brought out the shape of his perfectly carved legs, with a blue shirt..the shirt’s long sleeves were rolled down to his elbow,he left few buttons undone and the sight of his broad chest filled with black curly hair almost made me drool.
“Good morning Elva” His toned voice interrupted my thoughts.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting Mig”
“No you didn’t, i just got in here few minutes ago..Let’s get started” He said and we both picked up our aprons.

“We are making two kinds of pasta for breakfast” He said and i nodded.
We washed our hands in the sink before we started and it was fun like it has always been.
We finished making the two kinds of pasta and the aroma filled the wh0le kitchen, probably the wh0le house..

I’m glad i grabbed one or two things even with way Mig’s open chest kept distracting me..He had tied the apron so low that it just covered only his stomach down to his knee and i can’t help but notice the exposed chest.
‘Did he do that intentionally?..Well if he did then he definitely gat me’ I thought and smirked.
“Why the smirk ?” I heard Mig asked and flinched.
“Uh..Uh..Uhm” I stammered with heat rushing to my cheek.

“It’s okay…You will cook the meals i’ve been teaching you tomorrow so i can note how better you’ve become” He said and i nodded.
He dished out the pasta in our plates and remained some for Fleur as usual.


We both carried our meal with glass cup of water to the dining after we finished washing the utensils and cleaning the kitchen.
We sat and began to eat..
“Wow this is delicious” I said shoving more pasta into my mouth.

“Yes that’s the reason it’s one of my best meals” Mig smiled.
We finished eating and i gulped water.
I took the dishes to the kitchen and started tending to it.

I dried my hands after i’m done and walked out to meet Mig in the living room.
“Geez. He has peeled off his shirt completely,hanged it on the arm of the couch he was laying on.
His face was upwards with his eyes closed.
I went to sit on a different couch, trying to keep my eyes off him,but my prying eyes danced around.

He’s unclad down to his wa-ist,the broad lines of his chest matted with black curly hair down further to his hard flat stomach ..
I sat still..
He’s just so appealing.
My gaze went up to his sleeping face and i almost cried..Mig is so handsome just like a rom-n god,his features are damn perfect and he has the body every model would love to pay billions of dollars for..

His lips…oh God.
‘what am i thinking’ I scolded myself..
Gosh! I need to tell Fleur to find me a job,i can’t be sitting idle all day thinking negatively and end up doing the unthinkable.
“How about we go for a ride” Mig suddenly said sitting up.


He must have caught me staring….
“A..a ride ?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes i plan on getting a few things from the grocery store,if you don’t mind coming along” He said.

“Of course..I don’t mind” I said trying to hide my excitement..
We both stood up and he picked up his shirt putting it back on.
We stepped out of the house,Mig locked the door and we walked towards the small car parked in the compound.

We hopped in and Mig started driving.
I grinned happily as he drove past places, we are both sitting at the front,Mig on the driver’s seat and i on the passenger’s seat.
He drove into hills,and i kept staring at everything in astonishment. This is my first time out of the house.

I love the natural things surrounding us,i couldn’t stop grinning and asking Mig questions..He answered them all with a smile.
He pulled into the grocery store and parked in a free space..I sulked wishing he will continue driving.
We got down and walked in,It’s quite big with a lot of things on display….I noticed people couldn’t keep their eyes off us or rather Mig…Haha.

Any one who can’t give Mig a second glance is surely blind.

I followed behind as Mig picked the list of things he needs into the shopping basket..
He finished shopping and walked to the counter..He paid and the cashier who kept licking her lips,her mouth widening with a smile..and i don’t know why i suddenly felt like ripping her hair from her scalp.
We walked back to the car,each of us carrying a shopping nylon.
Mig dropped it in the back seat before we hopped in the front.
Mig drove out of the grocery store.
The ride home was more fun..Mig and i kept chatting till we got home.
A small frown appeared on my face when Mig pulled into the compound..I wish he would keep driving on.
We stepped out of the car,carried the shopping nylon and walked towards the door.
“I hope you enjoyed the ride ?” Mig asked.
” Yes Mig,i love it” I said and he smiled.
We stepped onto the front porch and i saw a look cross Mig’s face.
“Is Fleur in ? because i remembered locking the door before we went for the ride.

“Maybe she’s in because she’s the second person that has the key” I said and he nodded.
We opened the door and entered the living room.
“What! We exclaimed at the sight in front of us.

(being Elva)

# Chapter 12

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

“What !!” We both exclaimed at the sight in front of us.
“Fleur” We said before bursting out laughing.

On the couch is Fleur with half of her face covered in paint,a small piece of paper on her chin,half of her hair is also soaked with paint…She pouted her lips with a frown looking so funny and i can’t help but laugh again.
“Fleur what’s wrong ?” Elva asked.

“We were free at work so i was taking a nap,i woke up to find myself like this,with the children all around me smearing more paints on my face and head” Fleur narrated and i laughed once more.
“It took the last breath in me not to spank them,the doctor had to allow me to come home,he promised to replace Mrs Morg-n,the woman who looks after them, she’s on maternity leave” Fleur explained.

“Really ?” Elva asked.
“You mean..The doctor is in search of who will replace Miss Morg-n till she’s back from maternity leave?” Elva asked and Fleur nodded.

“Please i would like to apply for it,i want to replace Miss Morg-n” Elva said and Fleur and i glanced at eachother.
“No Elva,you don’t have to work,we will provide everything you need” Fleur said and i nodded in agreement.

“It’s actually not that..I don’t just like how i sit idle all day,i also want to work and burn some calories,Fleur please just understand” She pleaded and i heaved a sigh.
Fleur sent me a look and i motioned for her to accept,we should allow her to work if she wants to…just that i’m just gonna miss her presence in the house.

“Ok Elva, i’m gonna inform Doc. Steph once i get to the hospital that i have a replacement for Mrs Morg-n” Fleur said.
“Thanks so much Fleur” Elva said happily.

Does she really want to go out to work that bad?
Is she probably trying to avoid me?..
Could she have found out he finds her attractive.
Who wouldn’t find her attractive?
She’s damn beautiful,no guy will come across her without sparing her a second glance.

She makes my blood hot anytime she’s around me and her smiles sends butterflies down my spine.
The pink leggings she wore flaunted her full curves and i noticed how the guys kept staring at her in the grocery store…I had felt like punching their faces but that would be insane of me.

“Fleur you have to wash your hair and face before the paint sticks completely to your hair and skin” Elva said.
“I’ve tried that but it isn’t working…The paints aren’t peeling off..Is this how my face is gonna be? Is this how half of my hair is gonna get stuck in paint?” Fleur said and started sobbing.

“Come-on Fleur” I said cleaning her tears.
“What did you use in washing it?” Elva asked.
“Water. I rinsed my hair and face with water but the damn paint wouldn’t bulge” Fleur cried.

“How could you use just water to peel off this thick paint,try using sponge and soap to scrub yourf ace hard..It might hurt but the paints will surely peel away” Elva said.
“I didn’t even thought of that but what of my hair ?” She asked.

“Use a shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly,you can use mine cos it’s stronger” I said.
“Ok” She said before rushing off to carry out the tasks.
I giggled before sitting on the couch..Elva also joined me.

“Do you have another copy of that author’s novel?” She asked.

“No i don’t,i’ve been searching for it but it seems it isn’t out yet but i will be informed if it’s out” I said.
“I can’t really wait to read another of her novel” She said.
“Same here” I said.
“Thank goodness” We heard and saw Fleur,the paint had washed off completely.

“It’s all gone” She said happily.
“Wow i guess you scrubbed it real hard” Elva said.
“Ofcourse..I wouldn’t want my face and hair to remain like that forever..I will rather not go out anymore. The stares i was getting on my way back home made me want to run back and smack the children’s ass.” Fleur said.

Elva dissolved into giggles.
“I’m gonna return to work soon but i have to take a rest” She said sitting.
“I made pasta and left some for you” I said and she jumped up.
“Pasta?” She asked and i nodded before she ran off into the kitchen.


“Wow i enjoyed that” Fleur said walking back to the living room.
“I have to get back to work now”She said picking up her bag.

“Fleur please don’t forget to tell the Doc Steph about me replacing Mrs Morg-n”Elva said.
“Ofcourse i won’t and i’m sure he’s gonna accept. As a matter of fact be ready to start tomorrow” Fleur said walking to the door.
“Thanks Fleur” Elva said.
“It’s fine,bye” Fleur said before walking out and closing the door behind her.

We fell silent immediately she left and an idea suddenly popped up in my head.
“Elva let’s go swim in the lake” I said.
“Lake?” She asked with wide eyes..
“Yes” I said.
“Yaaaaay” She squealed excitedly like a kid and i laughed.


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