Meant to be episode 15 - 16

(being Elva)

# Chapter 15

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV 💎

I yawned, widely opening my eyes, and they went straight to the bedside clock.


I sighed and rubbed my face with my palm before getting up from the bed..I grabbed my body towel and headed for the bathroom..

I got to the bathroom,folded the towel neatly before placing it on the bathroom cabinet..I pulled off my pyjamas and slipped a shower cap over my hair.
I took my body sponge and soap before turning on the shower.
I scrubbed my body while the shower rinsed it for me.
I finished bathing after some minutes,turned off the shower and picked up my neatly folded towel. I wrapped it round my body and made for my toothbrush,i pressed a glob of toothpaste on it and headed to the sink to brush my teeth.

I finished brushing and walked back to the room.
I opened my wardrobe and my eyes scan the clothes there.
I settled for a pink trouser and a white shirt.
I opened the shelf and selected my undies also.

I walked to the bed with the clothes in hand..i dropped them on the bed and started drying the water off my skin.

I picked my body lotion applying it gently on my skin,i then slipped on my undies followed by the outfit.
I tucked the shirt into the pink tight trouser and stood before the mirror.
It looks nice.
I love it .

I removed the shower cap and picked up my hair brush with hair lotion..I brushed through my hair,applied the hair lotion before packing it in a tight ponytail.

So what next? My shoes.
Gosh..I don’t have a shoe.
What am i gonna do?
I scanned the set of footwear Fleur had gotten for me but none is fit to be worn to work.
I turned when i heard the door open, Fleur walked in already dressed.
“Good morning Fleur” I greeted.
“Morning Elva, wow. You look beautiful and your outfit suits you perfectly” She said and i smiled.

“Thanks Fleur” I said.
“I know you don’t have a shoe so i brought this for you” She said stretching out a pair of beautiful black shoes with low heels.
“Wow! Thank you so much” I said with a smile,i collected the shoes and slipped my feet into it and damn. Just perfect.
“ Elva you are looking more like a doctor” She said and i laughed.

“Come with me,you need a handbag to complete your dressing” She said and i grinned more..I quickly arranged my room,putting things back in their places before following Fleur.
We got to her room and she gave me a beautiful black handbag,i collected it with a smile and hanged it over my shoulder.

“Thanks Fleur” I said.
“Elva were you a model? Fleur asked.
“Model?…I can’t remember being one” I said.
“Oh..i’m so sorry but you look so beautiful with a perfect shape” She said and i blushed a little.
“Thanks” I smiled.
“Let’s start going” She said,put on her shoes and carried her bag before we walked out of her room.

We met Mig sitting on one of the couch in the living room.
He turned to me and my heart skipped a beat,his gaze not leaving my body.
“Good morning Mig” Fleur and i greeted.
“Morning ladies…I guess i’m gonna stay home home by myself” Mig said and i felt a little pinch in my stomach.
Fleur laughed and i put on a fake smile.

“Bye” We said walking to the door,Fleur was in the front.
“We’ll be back soon” I assured him and he nodded.
“Bye” He said and i felt his gaze on my back till we walked out of the door.
“It’s not so far from the house so we are just gonna walk” Fleur said when we got outside.
“Okay” I said and we started walking to the hospital…It actually felt good.
Fleur told me more about the hospital till we got there.
It’s quite big and beautiful with some cars and ambulance parked neatly in the parking space.

It has “CARE AND HEAL” inscribed boldly on the top of the building.
The surrounding is clean and great looking.
Fleur and i walked into the interior,it’s more wide and beautiful on the inside..
There are two nurses at the reception,with some patients obviously waiting to be attended to..

The nurses greeted Fleur warmly and she responded.
She took my hand leading me towards a passage,there are several doors on each side.
We got to a door and Fleur knocked.

“Come in” A broad voice said, Fleur opened the door and walked in,i walked behind her nervously..The office is a bit wide containing the necessary things a Doctor office should have.
The doctor would be in his early fifties,he has an oval head filled with grey hair with grey beards.
He wore an eyeglass.
“Good morning Doc” Fleur greeted.
“Good morning sir” I greeted.

“Good morning young ladies” He replied with a small smile.
“Doc Steph,she’s the lady i told you about for the replacement of Mrs Morg-n” Fleur said and i nodded.
“Yes Doc” Fleur said.
“Wow..Okay. we’re in dire need of a replacement for Mrs Morg-n so you are appointed” He said to me.
” Thank you sir” I said and smiled.
“You are welcome, your name?” He asked.
“Elva…Wilson” Fleur completed it for me.
“Okay i think i should let you know your duties;

Your resumption time is 8am and your closing time is 4pm,there is another lady who’ll be coming from 4pm and look after them till next morning, she’ll also be coming on weekends so you don’t’ have to come on weekends,all you just have to do is stay in their ward,look after them,keep them from making noise because it distracts and disturb other patients.
You attend to their needs also,you won’t allow them roam about because this is obviously an hospital environment…
The cook will bring their breakfast and lunch,all you are going to do is just serve it to them.

They are from age 5-8 and they are seven in number,their parents abandoned them here while they were sick and couldn’t complete the money we used in taking care of them but now they are okay and their parents still hasn’t shown up.
We decided to be taking care of them so for now they are our responsibility..I hope you are good with children and I’m sure you are gonna like them because they are very smart..
To cut the long story short; You will receive your salary by the end of the month and i would like you to work diligently” He completed and i sighed.
“Ok sir i will do my best,thank you sir” I said.

“Ok then Miss Wilson,you are welcome to “CARE AND HEAL” hospital” He smiled.
“Thank you sir” I said and he nodded.
“Thanks Doc” Fleur said.
“So nurse Fleur is gonna show you the way to the ward”He said and we thanked him once more before we walked out of the office.
I walked behind Fleur,till we got to a door.
“So Elva,this is the ward..Just go in introduce yourself to them and i know they are gonna like you” She said and i nodded.

“I have to go to my office now..Bye” She smiled, patted me on the arm slowly before walking away.
“Bye” I said feeling nervous to open the door.
I breath in and out,about to twist the knob.
“Hey” I heard and saw a guy walking towards me in the normal white coat doctors wear and a stethoscope around his neck.
“I’m Ben” He said stretching out his hand for a shake.
“Elva” I said accepting his hand..He held on for long till i pulled my hand away.
“You look beautiful” He smiled.

❣️Meant to be❣️
(Being Elva)

# Chapter 16

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

“You look beautiful”He said and i forced on a smile.
“Thanks, I have to go in now” I said.

“Ok welcome to CARE and HEAL hospital”He said.
“Let me leave you now,see you soon”He said,smiled and walked away.
I breathe in deeply before opening the door,I walked in feeling a little bit nervous.

‘These kids are cute,how could parents abandon these cuties’ I thought.
There are seven beds,each for a child and there is a clean desk with a chair positioned where one can have full view of the children.
They all turned to face me,giving me a ‘who are you’ look,there are four girls,three boys.

“Hey children” I said with a smile.
“Who are you?” A cute smart girl asked,she seems the oldest, probably seven years of age.
“I’m Elva, I’ll replace Mrs Morg-n till she’s back from maternity leave” I said.
“I hope you are as kind as Mrs Morg-n,she doesn’t yell or get pissed at us” Another girl said,she seems younger than the first girl.

“Of course i will be as kind as Mrs Morg-n,I won’t yell or get pissed at you all okay” I said and they nodded.
“Now sit on your beds and introduce yourselves to me one after the other” I said and they all scurried over to their beds.
I also walked to the desk, dropped my bag on it and turned back to them.
“Now let’s start with you” I said pointing to a cute little boy.

“I’m Jack” He said.
“I’m Mitchell” The smart girl said.
“I’m Karen”A cute girl said.
“I’m Martin” A boy said.
“I’m Daniel” A cute boy said and i took liking for him immediately.
“I’m Miya” Another cute girl said.
“I’m Sasha”…..

“Cute names you’ve all got” I said walking over to my chair,I sat down resting my hand on the desk comfortably.
“I’ve introduced myself earlier but it’ll be better to do it properly now. I’m Elva Wilson, Mrs Morg-n replacement,i promise to be as kind as possible and i hope we all become great friends” I said and the children smiled.
“You’re welcome Miss Elva” They said in unison.
“Your breakfast will arrive soon, and I’m gonna serve you all okay” I said and they nodded.
The ward looks big enough and I like it that way.
They fell silent,all staring at me..

Looks like they aren’t comfortable with me yet.

💎Mig’s POV💎

I entered the kitchen some minutes after they left, Elva’s figure is breathtaking in that outfit and even her beauty ..damn.
I’ve always wondered if she was a model.
I banged the kitchen cabinet loudly when I realized how those stupid doctors will surely hit on her.

I shouldn’t have allowed Fleur to get her the job.
And what if they hit on her?
Am i being jealous or what?
She doesn’t belong to me ! i don’t think I have any right on her but…

I shrugged it off, dishing out the chicken i just boiled. I took another plate and scooped some soft rice inside it.
I remained some for Elva and Fleur ,put it in the refrigerator before I carried mine down to the dining room.
I sat and began eating,humming along.
I washed the dishes after eating and went to my room to take a nap.


I woke up feeling damn bored.

I really miss Elva’s presence in the house,we would have been chatting by now..
I sat up on the bed wondering what she could be doing right now?

‘Chatting with a cute doc?’ I thought jealously.

I’ve read all the novels in the library and I’m not a fan of re-reading novels except i really it but I’m not even in the mood for that now.
‘What do I do?’
‘I’m so bored’….


I Know what to do…I’m gonna do what I haven’t done for long.
I raced out of the room heading straight to the attic,I opened the door and walked in using my hand to clear away the cobwebs as i approached where my piano is neatly covered.
I’ve always wanted to be a model and a musician, I have the best voice anyone could ever think of and I’m damn good in composing songs.
I have series of my composed songs and even the butterflies dance whenever i sing.
It’s my life but it’s just so sad I couldn’t pursue it because of my disease.

I remembered when Mum gave me the piano on my fifteenth birthday,when we were still at the City. She knows about my passion for music and decided to help me in the little way she can..

And the first time i placed my finger on the piano was the happiest moment in my life and then I had known that ‘this is my passion,my desire,my talent,my dream,my life and all’.
Then, our neighbors love listening to me sing and play my piano,we will all sit in the garden by evening and they would persuade me to sing and play my piano.
I would run inside happily,bring out my piano and start doing what I love doing most.
They would applaud me the moment I’m done and I would smile happily.

Mr Tony one of our neighbors will pat my back and promised me,he will make me be the musician and model I always want to be.
I would smile, thanking him.

But all my dreams were shattered the moment my disease was discovered and we had to leave the City for the countryside.
Then, leaving the city to the countryside terrified me,I have always heard that the countryside is filled with ghosts,monsters and wolves.
My parents assured me,and convinced me there was none of those.
They bought this house and refurnished it before we moved in and since then,i never touched my piano because it brings back memories i would not like to remember.

But now.. I’m ready to continue my passion,my desire,the only thing that makes me heartily happy.
I know i may not sing to the world like I’ve always want to but singing in here alone will still make me happy.

Enough of the thoughts…
I let out a deep breath and removed the cloth I used in covering it..
And there is my piano,looking as new as ever,no single trace of dust on it.
I felt a pump in my chest just by merely seeing it.

I didn’t know when i smiled..I shifted back the piano stool,cleaned it before sitting on it,eager to start.
I turned on the piano, pressed my finger on a key and I felt adrenaline pumped through my veins.
I played some keys and that old feeling came back to me…
I smiled happily and began playing the piano like I’ve always done.

I let myself drown in the moment,the song came out beautifully from my mouth and my talented fingers played the piano..second to none.

What a great moment..


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