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Meant to be episode 17 - 18

(being Elva)

#Chapter 17

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’ŽMig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

I stopped immediately i heard the front door open,the attic is soundproof but this house has been built for long..I mean decades so i wonder if the soundproof has not weaken,i can’t risk that so i had to stop playing the piano immediately.

I checked my wrist watch..’4:20′.

I’ve been here for hours without even realising it.
I quickly covered my piano and hurried out of the attic.

I stepped into the living room to see Fleur looking worriedly at Elva who sat on the couch with her two palms in her hair.. gro-ning.
“What’s wrong with her?” I asked.
“I don’t know but I think it’s her memory swing..we entered the house and she just suddenly sat on the couch gro-ning” Fleur said.

“And where are you coming from, looking so dirty?” Fleur asked.
“Uh..uhm” I said.
Elva suddenly stopped gro-ning.

“Did you remember anything?” Fleur asked.
“When we came in,I heard the faint voice of someone singing and playing piano…I just felt weak and had to quickly sit down then it just came as a flash..I saw myself singing and playing piano” Elva narrated.
Fleur gave a deep breath before turning to look at me,she already knows i was the one singing.
“Wow,that means your memory has started coming back gradually” Fleur said.

“It just came as a flash after i heard the piano and the voice” Elva said.
“Could it be that if you hear more of the piano and song,your memories will come flowing in because it seems like it’s a bit related to your past” Fleur said.
“The voice was amazing and i could tell it was a male’s… it had been faint but i loved it. Who was singing?..You don’t have neighbors” Elva said and i bit my mouth.

Fleur looked up at me and i signaled her not to say anything.
“We don’t have neighbors but I think it’s from the next house” Fleur said with a sweet smile.
“Wow! what a serene voice. I feel like listening to it all over again” Elva said and i smiled a little.

“So welcome ladies..how was work Elva?” I asked.
“It was great. I love the work already, i can’t wait to get back to the children tomorrow” She said happily.

She must love kids a lot.
“Bro your little sis is starving” Fleur said.
“I know your hospital provides breakfast and lunch..why don’t you eat at work?” I scoffed playfully.
“The meal at the hospital is not as tasty as yours, i also couldn’t eat much” Elva said.
“Yeah, Elva is right” Fleur said.
“Well…I remained some rice and chicken for you guys, it’s in the refrigerator you can mic…” I haven’t finished talking when they both ran off to the kitchen.


I shook my head and walked to my room to freshen up,i truly looked dirty,I have to clean up the attic tomorrow because I’ve decided that’s where i will be using for now.
I just don’t know…I felt real good after singing and playing the piano.

Of course that’s how i always feel after doing that.
“I need to freshen up” I said walking to my bathroom.

๐Ÿ’Ž Elva’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

Fleur and i sat on the dining chair eating hungrily.
I now understand why Fleur always come home complaining of hunger.
“The children are so smart” I said in between the meal.

“Yes they are…hope you had no problem in coping with them?” Fleur asked before biting into her chicken.
“Not at all even though they talk a lot, i like it anyway.. it’s a lot better than doing nothing” I said scooping the last spoon of rice in my mouth.

Now I gotta deal with my chicken.

“Mig is a very good cook” I said biting into my chicken.
“Sure he is. I prefer his meals to mine” Fleur said.
“Thanks for the clothes and shoes Fleur” I said.
She had bought some work clothes and shoes for me while we were coming back home.

“You are welcome Elv,so do you like our hospital?” She asked.
“Yeah, it’s very nice and beautiful,the workers are also very friendly,they came to introduce themselves to me..in short;the hospital is perfect. The only thing that isn’t perfect is their meal and I guess it’s because the cook is getting old” I said with a mouthful.

“Yeah…she keeps begging Doc Steph not to replace her, promising to improve but she kept on doing the same thing” Fleur said.
“Ohhh” I said with pity.

I perceived the scent of shampoo and immediately know Mig is near.
I looked up from my meal and saw him coming towards the dining room.

He has changed into a black singlet which did little in covering up his broad chest..The black curly hair on his chest is so visible.
My gaze went to his s€×y muscles looking attractive and i glanced up to look at his face. I almost gasped.
His hair is dripping wet, droplets of water roll all over his cute face,and he kept using his small pink lips to blow them off.

I swallowed hard with heat slowly rushing to my cheeks.
His silver eyes blinked twice and I wasn’t aware I had dropped my chicken.
“Fleur where is your hair towel? mine is in the laundry” He said,not even looking at me.

I faced my chicken back in embarrassment.
“It’s in my bathroom,on the cabinet”Fleur said.
“Ok,start preparing dinner once you are done eating” He said to Fleur before walking away.

I sighed.
Why does my heart beat faster anytime he’s around?
Why does my heart feel funny?
And who is he? to make me feel this way.


We finished having our dinner.
Fleur and i had prepared the meal.
It’s very dark already,we just ate little of the dinner because we were full with eating the rice and chicken.
Mig ate a lot, claiming he didn’t eat lunch.
We kept the remaining in the refrigerator and planned to microwave it for breakfast tomorrow.

We headed to our rooms after exchanging goodnight.
I slipped under the blanket after bathing and changing into my pyjamas.
I tossed on the bed as i kept thinking about the amazing faint voice I heard earlier.

Who could own such a voice?
I would do anything to hear it again.
My mind trailed back to Mig… Where was he coming from looking so dirty?
Well..he might just be cleaning up.


(Being Elva)

#Chapter 18

Zeemah writes ๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’Ž Elva’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

I walked out of my room after dressing in a simple black gown with white shoes and white shoulder bag. Fleur bought all for me yesterday.
My hair is in the normal ponytail and my skin shone more with the help of the body lotion.

I walked to Fleur’s door and knocked but there was no answer. I opened it…she isn’t in.
I closed it back and walked to the living room… No one was there,i heard some sounds from the kitchen and hurried there.

Fleur is in the kitchen backing me, she’s clad in a purple mini gown with black shoes,her bob is well arranged and her light skin glowed softly…She has a nice body.

“Fleur” I called and she turned..her face dissolved in a smile.
“Good morning Elva” She said.
“Good morning Fleur, I’ve checked you in your room”
“Oh…I quickly came into the kitchen to microwave yesterday’s leftover so we can have a little breakfast before we leave” She said.

“Ok Fleur and besides you look good”I said.
“Thanks Elva,you also look great, your body fits in any cloth you put on” She said.
“Quit the teasing” I said.
“I’m freaking serious Elva,you have an amazing body together with a beautiful face” Fleur said and i smiled.

“Thanks” I said and carried the tray containing our breakfast to the dining room.


We finished eating, carried our bags and said Goodbye to Mig.

We got to the hospital and entered,said ‘hi’ to the nurses at the reception before going our separate ways.

“Good morning cuties” I said on entering the ward.
“Good morning Elva” They said in unison.
I dropped my bag on the desk and walked to their beds, asking them how their night went.

I finished doing that and walked back to sit.
“I’m hungry” Mitchell said..
“Your breakfast will soon arrive,just hold on okay” I said and she nodded.
“Elva can you sing us a song before breakfast arrives” Daniel said and i smiled.
“Uh..song ?” I asked.
“Yes please” They chorused and i sighed.

“Mrs Morg-n normally tells us stories and she also sings” Mitch said.
“Ok, uhm…how about we leave the song till tomorrow but I have an interesting story to tell you” I said
“Really?” They asked.

“Yes,now you all should sit quietly on your beds and listen” I said and they obeyed immediately.

Ohh..they must love stories a lot..

I started narrating a story…

“Wow” They exclaimed after I was done narrating the story.
“So Interesting” Dan said.
“Tell us more please” Mitch begged.
“Yes Elva please” They chorused.
“Ok..ok but that will be after your breakfast”
“I have some questions about the story Elva” Mitch said.
“Ok go on Mitch” I said but the door opened and the cook came in with their breakfast including mine, i know I’m not gonna eat it.

“Good morning ma’am” I greeted.
“Good morning Elva” She said,handed the basket to me and turned to leave, walking slowly to the door.

“Why does your meal always taste sour?”
“Your meals are not always delicious” The children muttered and her face went pale.

Gosh..This kids.

“C’mon kids,that was rude. Apologize right now” I scolded but they hesitated.
“We are sorry ma’am” They finally said.
She nodded before walking away.
I shook my head and began dishing out their breakfast…I distributed it to them and they started eating.

I left mine untouched and started reading the novel i took from Mig’s libary or rather ‘stole’


“It’s time for lunch” I announced after checking the wall clock…I just finished telling them another story but they kept pestering me for more..
“Arrgh…we gotta eat that woman’s meal again” Dan complained.
“Just manage it for now, I’m sure she will improve soon” I said and they nodded.

The cook brought in their lunch and and I dished it out for them.. they started eating.
The door opened and that guy came in..Ben.
“Hey children” He said waving.
“Hey Doc. Ben” They chorused before resuming their meal.

He walked towards my table with a smile.
“Hey Elva”
“Hey Ben” I replied.
“How are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine thanks”
“Ok..then,have you had your lunch ?” He asked.

“No, I will. When i get home” I said.
“I don’t really like the meal here” I said.
“Same here, so why don’t we just go out for lunch” He said.
“Thanks but i don’t think I can” I said.
“Why?” He asked with a little frown.
“I can’t leave the children all alone, I’m employed to look after them” I said.
“Oh….that?” He asked and smiled.

“Nurse Claire will come stay with them” He said.
“Nurse Claire isn’t employed to do so, I’m the one who is.” I said, realizing I’m damn hungry.
“Please..I just don’t like going out to eat lunch alone and I’m starving right now” He pleaded.
” I started working here just yesterday, what if Doc finds out that I neglected my work just because of lunch”
“He isn’t going to do anything,he is my uncle and besides I’ve told him” He said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah” He said with a pleading gaze and i sighed.

“Ok i will go with you but..” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Fleur is gonna come with us”I said.
“Fleur is attending to a labour in the emergency ward but if you want me to let her stop, then I will” He said .

“No.. just let her be,i don’t wish to disturb her from work. Where is nurse Claire,i have to make sure she’s here before i leave with you” I said.
“Oh.. she’s here already” He said pointing to the door. Just then Nurse Claire walked in.

“Ok…Mitch,Dan and others,i will be back soon okay” I said and they nodded.
I walked out of the door with Ben and we headed to the cafeteria down the street.


“Thanks for the lunch Ben” I said while we were walking back to the hospital.
“It’s nothing” He smiled.
Lunch with him was great,he made me laugh so hard and i also got to know more about him, he’s jovial and fun to be with.

We got to the hospital and i thanked him once more before we departed.
I walked to my ward,thanked Nurse Claire before she went back to her duty.

I sat down and checked the time; 3:58 pm.just two minutes to my closing time.
I have to start packing,Fleur will come call me soon.
Fleur came in few minutes later and i stood up carrying my bag.
“Bye” I said to the kids, waving at them.
“Bye Elva” They chorused.
“And don’t forget you promised to sing a song for us tomorrow” Mitch said and i sighed.

I have to start searching for a song.

“Ok children Bye” I said walking out with Fleur.
We signed out and bid the staff ‘good bye’ before walking home.

“Fleur, Ben asked me out to lunch” I said on our way home.
“Yes, I actually told him you should go with us but he said you were attending to a labour”

“Yes that’s true and i hope you enjoyed your lunch?”
“Yes i did and he’s really fun to be with” I said.
“Of course”… Fleur smiled.

๐Ÿ’ŽMig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

I started cleaning up the attic immediately Fleur and Elva left in the morning..
It took me hours…I swept,mopped,dusted,cleaned,scrubbed,arranged and all but I’m satisfied with the way the attic looks now.
It’s sparkling clean with no trace of dust,I arranged the luggage carefully to a side.

My piano is now placed beside the window,I sprayed some air freshener after I’m done and ‘wow’..I can’t help but appreciate my efforts.

I quickly went to have my bath,changed into a new wears,cooked and ate before going back to the attic.
I sat on my piano stool and smiled,I checked the time; 3:30.
Wow,time is far spent, they will be home soon and i have to be done before they get home.
I began singing and playing my piano.

I felt the excitement bubble in me.. again.
I sang with more passion and it felt great.. I was lost in the song that I didn’t heard the front door open.
I stopped when I heard Fleur saying ‘we are home’. I quickly covered my piano and hurried out of the attic.

I stepped into the living room and saw Fleur and Elva.
“Welcome” I smiled at them.
“I can swear I heard the same voice singing just now” Elva said and i bit my lips.

“Really?” Fleur asked feigning ignorance.
“Yes,the voice is so amazing” Elva said admirably.
“Yes i also heard it” I lied.
“Really?” Fleur asked with a raised brow.
“Yeah” I said and she pressed her lips together.
“Leave that for now, I’m starving” Fleur said.
“Your lunch is in the kitchen” I said.
“I think i will just go freshen up,i’m full already” Elva said.
“Did you had lunch at work?” I asked.

“Yes, Ben took her for lunch” Fleur said and i don’t know how the anger grew inside me.
“Ben ?.. I asked slowly.
“Who is Ben and why the hell will he take her to lunch” I yelled in anger before I could stop myself.


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