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Meant to be episode 19 - 20

(Being Elva)

# Chapter 19

Zeemah Writes 📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

“Ben?” I asked slowly.

“Who’s Ben? and why will he take her out for lunch?” I yelled before i could stop myself.
Elva flinched while Fleur gave me a look.
“Mig, what’s wrong? why would you yell?Fleur asked.
“Ben is just a friend”Elva also added and i sighed.
“Am sorry, i think im having mood swings,i didn’t mean to yell” I said and walked away to my room. I sat on the bed and ran my hands through my hair…


Why did i get annoyed just because a guy took her out for lunch, it’s not like I own her or something but i don’t just know what’s wrong with me recently.
I had just felt something rose in me and it wasn’t anger.
Was it jealousy?

💎Elva’s POV💎

I walked to my room while Fleur walked to the kitchen, I dropped my bag on the bed and let out a deep breath.
I was surprised Mig could yell that angrily..but it’s just mood swing.

He always give me a kind of feeling whenever i’m close to him. I once thought it was just his looks that always made me feel that way but no! there is also this feeling…my heart pumps anytime he’s around.
What could this be?
I walked back to the living room after I finished bathing, now clad in blue shorts with a loose t-shirt.
I met Fleur and Mig sitting on different couch in the living room,I sat beside fleur.
“You’re done eating?” I asked Fleur.
“Yeah,do you want to eat also?” She asked.
“No,I will wait till dinner cos my stomach is still full now”I said
“Is Ben a staff in your hospital…”Mig suddenly asked.
“Yes he is Doc Steph’s cousin”Fleur said.
“Really?” Mig asked.
“Yeah…he told me that during our conversation”I chipped in and regretted it immediately because of the look Mig sent me.

Is he pissed at me or what?

“I wasn’t talking to you. I was referring to Fleur okay”he said and I felt hurt immediately
“Mig that was harsh “Fleur scolded.
“No it’s okay,sorry for interrupting Mig “I said and stood up and walked back to my room…
I closed the door behind me and sat on the bed staring into space.

I wonder why he is behaving that way…to me he has never shunned me.. what could be wrong?
I gave up thinking after some minutes and then resumed the novel i was reading…
I slept off only to be waken by Fleur for dinner.

“Wow it’s late”I said as i followed Fleur to the dining room,i kept looking at Mig during the meal but he just wouldn’t look at me.
We finished eating and I offered to wash the dishes, Mig offered to clean the table while Fleur said good night to us…
I took the plates to the kitchen and started sorting it, the silence is kinda killing me,since I know that Mig is with me but just wouldn’t talk.
We normally chat when carrying out our work,i wonder what i actually did wrong.

“Mig” I called and he turned to face me.
“Did I offend you?”I asked.
“No you didn’t”he said and turned back to cleaning the dining table.
“Then why do you keep giving me attitude”I asked and i saw his face went sober.
“I’m sorry Elva, it’s just my mood” He said and walked up to me.
“Okay, I just kept wondering what i did wrong since you won’t even talk to me”I said..

“Okay, maybe i felt a little hurt that the food i kept for you wasted,i ate little so you and Fleur could have enough to eat but you got back only to tell me had lunch already” He said.
“Ohh..I’m so sorry Mig,i promise i won’t have lunch again before coming home and even if i do,i will make sure to still eat yours, i didn’t know you would get so mad,i should not have had lunch..I’m sorry” I apologized.
“Really?…You mean you won’t have lunch at work again?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yes I won’t” I said and he smiled..

I’m glad my mig is back !

Uh..My Mig?…lol


Mig and i exchanged good night after we chatted for few hours. I ended up telling him that i promised the children to sing a song for them tomorrow and I don’t even know which song to sing.
He took me to the library,and selected few song books for me…I was so glad that i could keep my promise to the children..

I thanked him,he showed me some other interesting novels and even gave me two of it. I felt guilty to have taken one to work without his consent but i couldn’t tell him because i don’t want him to be pissed at me again.
He’s sure is a cool guy and i like him.
I slipped under the blanket after I’ve changed into my pyjamas.i picked the song book Mig gave to me and started going through it, suddenly i remembered the voice I heard again this afternoon.
How can someone own such an amazing voice?
Even if the voice was faint,it arose something inside me.

But…why does the voice normally stops anytime we enter the house..

Well..I guess it’s coincidence.

I fell into a dreamless sleep.

**Next morning**🌼

Fleur and i bid Mig goodbye after we finished having breakfast..we walked briskly to the hospital engaged in a long chat.
I walked into my ward after Fleur and i departed.
“Good morning cuties”I said as I dropped my bag on the desk.
“Good morning Elva” They smiled.
“How was your night?” I asked.
“Fine Elva” They chorused.
I sat down and arranged the books neatly on the desk…
The children are playing around the ward and i made sure to keep an eye on them.
Their breakfast arrived soon and I dished it out for them.
They finished eating and i packed the dishes back in the basket and kept it aside for the cook.

“Elva you promised to sing us a song today” Mitch said
“Okay, you all should settle down on your beds”I said and they all scurried to their beds, plastering their gazes on me.
I cleared my throat…Gosh! I don’t even know how my voice is gonna sound but i just have to sing it to keep to my promise to them.
I started singing…

🎵Far far away is the cow herder.

Bright bright is the Weaver girl.

Slender slender the fair hands weaving.

Clack clack goes her loom.

The milky way shallow and clear”…

I continue singing and my voice sounded sweet to my ears…I started singing loudly with a newly discovered passion and didn’t know when i even closed my eyes, the song started flowing out smoothly from my mouth and i can hear “wow” but i just continued singing still with my eyes closed.

I finished singing and finally opened my eyes..


Almost all the staffs are in the ward, looking at me with a surprised expression including Ben and Fleur i felt a bit embarrassed…
OMG! they must have watched me sing… and here I was closing my eyes and singing like a fool.

“Please don’t stop”
“Your voice is amazing”
“Am impressed”…they all chorused while Fleur gave me thumbs up. Ben winked at me.
“Thanks everyone”I said with a smile,still surprised my voice was that good.
“Elva , you gat the best voice”Mitch said and others nodded…
If only they got to listen to the amazing faint voice I hear everyday which is far better than mine.

Everyone left,excluding Fleur and Ben who walked up to me.
“Omg you have an amazing voice”Fleur said.
“Yeah…it’s the best voice i’ve ever heard”Ben said.
“Thanks guys…funny enough,i didn’t even know i can sing that well” I sighed.
“You mean you don’t know you have an amazing voice? Ben asked and I nodded.
“Don’t you sing?” He asked.
“Uhm..I don’t..I can’t “I stammered.

“She doesn’t normally sing” Fleur answered for me and I nodded.
They left after they were called for an emergency.

I’m very certain about one thing; music is related to my past.

Why can’t i remember a thing…just a thing for goodness sake.
I banged the desk in frustration and the children suddenly gaze up at me.
“Elva what’s wrong?” Mitch asked.
“Uh..uhm” I said scratching my head while forcing on a smile.
“Do you like Doc. Ben?” She grinned and they all started singing ‘do you like Doc Ben.’


(being Elva)

#Chapter 20

Zeemah writes 📝

💎 Elva’s POV💎

“Do you like Doc Ben?”


“No…Doc. Ben is just a friend,and you all are still very young for that thought..Stop thinking that way okay” I said and they nodded.
“I was worried,when you banged your fist on the desk immediately Doc. Ben left” Mitch said.

I smiled “I was actually thinking about something else”
“What is it? Is there any way we can help?” She asked and others nodded.

I felt so touched.

“No cuties, thanks. I will figure out a way soon” I said and they all nodded.
“So should i tell you a story before lunch arrives” I said to ease the tension.
“Yes Elva” They shouted happily scurrying back to their beds.

I smiled and began ;

Once upon a time,there lived a woman who lives alone in a small cottage with her cat..She has no family.
She feels lonely but her cat always keep her company and provides her comfort.
She went down the lake one sunny afternoon with her cat.
She was about dipping her bowel to scoop some water from the lake when a beautiful fairy appeared.
She was shocked,so was her cat.

“Woman, do you wish to remain lonely forever ?” The fairy asked.
“No I don’t” The woman said still shocked.

“What about i grant you your wish” The fairy said.
“My wish ?” The woman asked surprised.
“Yes…you’ve always wish to have a happy family. Isn’t it?” The fairy asked.
“Yes” The woman nodded in surprise.

“Should i grant you that wish?” The fairy asked.
“Yes please grant me my wish, I’ve been very lonely” The woman pleaded.
“I will grant you your wish but on a condition” The fairy said.
“What condition?” The woman asked curiously..”

“Hey Elva, Doc Steph requires your attention” Nurse Claire said interrupting my story and I can see the children frown at the interruption.
“Children,we will continue when I’m back okay” I said and they nodded with a little frown.

I walked to Doc Steph’s office and knocked.
“Come in Miss Wilson” I heard and nearly chuckled.
Miss Wilson indeed.

“Good afternoon Doc. Steph” I greeted stepping inside his office.
“Afternoon Miss Wilson,I called for you”
“Yes sir”.
“I want to discuss with you about your pay at the end of the month. It’s $1000. Are you comfortable with that or you want us to negotiate”.
“Hmm… It’s okay sir,I’m comfortable with it” I said grinning.

$1000 is an amount that weighs a lot in this countryside.

“Ok then,that was what i called you for,so there won’t be argument by the end of the month” He said.
“Ok sir”
“You can leave,i hope the children have not started causing ruckus” He said and I laughed.
“No, they’ve been doing fine” I said and he nodded with a smile.
I walked out of his office.

I was walking towards the ward when i heard my name.
I turned to see Ben walking towards me with a smile.
“Hey, did you went to get something?” He asked on getting to me.
“No i went to see Doc. Steph” I replied.
“Ok…so do you care to go with me to the cafeteria once it’s lunch break?” He asked and I shook my head.

“No..I don’t want to be having lunch at work again,i will,when i get home” I said.
“Why?..The meals at the cafeteria is great” He said.
“Yes it is but i just decided not to have lunch anywhere but home” I said.

“Okay, even if you don’t want to have lunch,can you accompany me?” He asked and i was about refusing.
“Please, just accompany me or I’m not gonna to have lunch and it’s really gonna affect me badly” He pleaded.

“Okay..so i will have to leave the kids today again for lunch?” I asked.
“Don’t worry about that, Nurse Claire will stay with them” He said.

“Again?” I asked.
“Of course”
I sighed.
“Please Elva…just accompany me”
“Ok fine ..I will go with you” I said and he grinned.

“I won’t accept you not eating anything,i will buy you at least coffee or ice cream” He said and i smiled.
“You look more beautiful when you smile” He said and i suddenly stopped smiling.
He laughed…”C’mon Elva you don’t have to stop smiling. I was just being sincere” He said.

I smiled again…”You see,you look more beautiful” He said and i grinned.
“Wow..you grinned ” He said with surprise widening his eyes in a funny way and i couldn’t help but laugh.
“Wow..You laughed” He said again with the same surprise and funny expression and I laughed harder.

“I have to go” I said trying to stop my laughter.
“You sure can laugh a lot…Ok see you during lunch break” He winked and walked away.

‘Cool guy’ I thought walking back to my ward.
I entered and met the children patiently waiting for me to continue the story.
They smiled on seeing me, I smiled back at them,walked to my seat.

I sat down and continued the story ;

“I will grant you a wish but on a condition” The fairy said.
“What condition?” The woman asked curiously.
“Your cat won’t be with you any longer,you will let go of it to stray away.” The fairy said and the woman’s face fell…she looked sad.

“I’m sorry fairy but you don’t have to grant me my wish anymore. I can’t leave the cat that has been staying with me for years,it has been keeping me company,it was always there for me and didn’t even made me know the lonely feeling of not having anyone. I want a family but i can’t let go of my cat, i can’t abandon it.
That would be so unkind of me, i will rather stay with my cat than having a family without it” The woman said.

“Really ?” The fairy asked.
“Yes I don’t need you to grant me a wish any more if my cat has to leave” The woman said firmly and the fairy smiled.

“You are a kind person and you know how to appreciate a lot..who would have chosen a cat over a family but you did because you appreciate your cat who has being with you for long…For that,i will grant you your wish without a condition” The fairy said and the woman smiled happily.

“Really?” She asked surprised.
“Yes, because for you to appreciate a cat who kept you company for long then you will forever appreciate a fairy who granted your wish” The fairy said and the woman jumped happily with her cat also leaping in excitement beside her.

“Thank you Fairy” She said.
“Now go inside,you will see your prince charming and together you will both make children” The fairy said.
“Thank you so much fairy,i will forever appreciate you…thank you” The woman said happily.

“Bye, I will come visiting by the time you both have kids” The fairy said and started flying away.
” Thank you fairy” The woman shouted and ran happily inside to meet her prince charming with her cat trailing behind her.

She got inside and saw her prince charming waiting for her..They fell in love immediately and few years later. They had kids,the fairy came back visiting and transformed her little cottage into a beautiful penthouse and together,they all live happily ever after..”

“Wow” They chorused after I’m done.
“So interesting”
“I would love the fairy to visit us here”
“I will give the fairy a hug”
“I Will tell the fairy to grant me a wish”
“I so much love the story”
“Tell us more Elva”…

They all said at the same time making it sound funny.
I laughed.

They kept bombarding me with questions and i was glad when their lunch arrived…they would keep quiet for once.
I dished it out for them,served them round and waited for Ben.

Nurse Claire came in and told me Ben is waiting outside.
I walked out to meet him and together we both walked to the cafeteria,with me laughing hard at his joke.


Fleur and i walked home after we signed out and said ‘bye’ to the staff.
We discussed while walking home and i was enjoying every bit of Fleur’s gist.

We got home and i smiled,happy within me that i will see Mig again after hours.
We walked inside the house and i stood without moving.
I was hearing that voice again…. It’s getting more amazing each passing day.
But it suddenly stopped.

“Fleur i heard that voice singing again”
Really?” She asked.
“Yes” Just then Mig stepped into the living room.
He’s clad in a blue shorts with a black T_shirt. His hair packed in a ponytail with some strands laying firmly on his forehead,long enough to his cheeks.
I miss him so much…’ I thought forgetting about the voice i just heard… Mig could make me forget anything with his look and the feeling he always gives me.

“Welcome ladies” He said.
“Thank you”
“I need to go freshen up, i attended to some dirty patient today” Fleur said walked away.
I chuckled and Mig shook his head.

“How was work Elva?” He asked.
” It was great.. hope you prepared lunch for us, Elva is starving” I gro-ned and we both laughed.
“Of course i prepared lunch and thanks for keeping to your promise” He said and pulled me into a hug.


I was surprised but i hugged him back,i just couldn’t resist the warm hug.

I grinned when i felt his hand on my hair.


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