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Meant to be episode 23 - 24

(being Elva)

#Chapter 23

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’ŽElva’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

..”She’s not leaving right?..” Daisy asked.
“Okay Mig,choose between her and the cure” She said.


“She’s going no where! If anyone has to leave,then it’s definitely you..Elva come with me” Fleur said dragging me along..I felt Daisy’s angry glare behind me.
She opened the door to her room and we walked in.
She sat on her bed while i stood, obviously frustrated.

“Fleur what’s happening.. I’m lost here” I said.
“Well…Daisy was Mig’s girlfriend,i don’t like her because she’s rude and greedy,she also behaves like a slut.
I know she doesn’t love Mig right from the start, she’s just after his looks,she normally boast to her friends that her boyfriend is more good looking than theirs..she used Mig merely as a show off.. I know it’s hard not to show Mig off but Daisy made it seems like his looks was the only reason she loved him and Mig was too blinded by love to see that.

She left when she discovered Mig’s disease and also collected a huge amount of money for not revealing my brother’s disease.
She told him he disgust her and she can’t leave with someone who gat the worst disease on earth.

Mig couldn’t eat for days…I knew the hell i went through to make him recover from the heart break.

And now she’s back,claiming she has the cure for Mig’s disease,and she’s gonna stay for a week before handing it over to him..

Really?” I asked.

“Yes Even great doctors, physicians discovered no cure to Mig’s disease.. I’m not sure she’s with the cure but Mig is just so blinded,he desperately want the cure to his disease so he can have full capacity to do what he always want to do..To fulfill his dream..
I know she has ulterior motive and i will make sure not to give her a breathing space” Fleur fumed.

“Who knows if she doesn’t even have the cure” I said.
” Of course,i told Mig that but he’s blinded by desperation. Well..we will know by the end of the week” Fleur said.

“Her days in the house is gonna be hell” I said,a little scared..
“Don’t be scared Elva, she’s as weak as a kitten but her tongue is as sharp as a pen knife…. Let’s leave that. Join me in the kitchen after you’ve dropped your bag” Fleur said and i nodded, walking out of her room looking moody.

I entered my room and dropped my bag on the bed with a loud sigh,i pulled off my shoe,untuck my shirt from my skirt, slipped my feet in my flip flops before landing on bed.

I’m worried about that lady… something seems off about her and i don’t want her around Mig not when I’m starting to have feelings for him.
And its so clear we can no longer be free anymore in this house.

I stood up and walked out of my room heading to the kitchen.
I met no one in the living room and i wondered where the lady is.
I entered the kitchen and met Fleur placing Meat loaf ingredient on the kitchen cabinet.

“Didn’t Mig leave out some meal for us?” I asked.
“What do you expect when that bitch is around” Fleur said.
“We just have to quickly prepare another meal..I’m starving right now” I said picking up an apron.

“We can just have some biscuits and juice while the meal is getting ready” Fleur said and i nodded.
I switched on the gas cooker while Fleur prepared the ingredients together.
She placed the necessary ingredient in the pot before placing it on the lit gas.

I cleared the kitchen’s cabinet and took the stained utensils to the sink.
I started washing them while Fleur brought out the biscuit and juice with two glass cups.

I dried my hands after washing and joined Fleur,we both sat on the high kitchen stool beside the kitchen cabinet.
We ate biscuit and washed it down with juice while awaiting the meal to be ready.
The meal got ready in minutes and Fleur dished it out and left some for Mig..we carried our meal and water to the dining room.
We sat and started eating.
“I hope you left some for me?” We heard and turned to see Mig.
“Yes it’s in the refrigerator…Where is the bitch?” Fleur asked.
“She’s in the room” Mig replied.
“Which room?” Fleur asked.

“Uhm… it’s actually my room” He said and i didn’t know when my spoon dropped from my hand.

I fumed jealously, loosing appetite.

“Why would you stay in the same room with her?” Fleur asked.
“Well…she insisted and threatened to go if I don’t allow her to stay in my room… Fleur you know how much i need this cure” Mig said.
“I know Mig, but don’t you think it’s awkward…you both ain’t dating anymore and she insisted on staying in the same room with you” Fleur said.

“Yeah…but I’m never gonna do anything with her, i just have to bear it till the end of the week” Mig said and i felt a bit relieved.
“Elva im so sorry about the inconvenience okay?” He said .
“No it’s okay,we are in this together” I said with a smile.

I felt butterflies when he smiled back and my appetite of course returned.
He went to the kitchen and also dished out his meat loaf before coming back to join us.
We ate together chatting and laughing like we always do…

๐Ÿ’Ž Mig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

Daisy coming back is a pain in the ass.
I’m surprised i don’t feel anything for her again,the girl i once loved so much now disgusts me.
Daisy is beautiful but Elva is way more beautiful with deadly curves.
Daisy can’t even be compared to Elva who is getting more beautiful each passing day..

I don’t know..but Elva is always making my heart flutter, i’ve kinda locked my heart since Daisy left but now i just don’t get myself..I feel drawn to Elva,my heart yearns for her and she gives me a feeling i can’t even describe.

I shouldn’t have allowed Daisy in but i cant just let the cure go.

The cure is just like the key to my future, once i have it then i will be able to explore the world and do what i’ve always wanted.
I can do anything for my cure.

“You couldn’t call me to join you at the dining knowing very well i haven’t eaten” Daisy barked, interrupting our chat.
“Daisy,i thought you were asleep and tired,that was why i didn’t disturbed you” I lied.
“Hey! that’s the way to the kitchen in case you may have forgotten. I didn’t prepare your portion together with ours,so just go in there and prepare whatever you want to eat yourself and you can starve if you want to” Fleur said.

“Just keep that hell you call a mouth shut” Daisy said angrily.
“You gat great hands,so come keep it shut for me dear Fleur said sarcastically with a glare.
“It’s okay” Elva said to Fleur.
“Sc-mbag,you don’t have the right to meddle in this okay. Because you are nothing but a mere stranger” Daisy said to Elva whose face went pale immediately.

“She is a lot better than you” Fleur said.
“She’s nothing but a mere stranger” Daisy said.
“You are the one to be called a damn stranger” Fleur said.

“Enough of this” I snapped and they both stopped.
Fleur stood up and walked angrily to her room.
“Daisy i will make the meal for you” I said.
“No, I want this ugly stranger to do that” She said and i almost laughed.
Did she just call Elva ‘ugly’ ?

“Why do you still want her to prepare your meal after i offered to do so?” I asked.
“She’s supposed to pay the price for staying here” She said.
“If she is. Then same goes to you” I said.
“No, the cure i have with me is my price of staying here” She said.

“So you” She said facing Elva..”go into the kitchen and prepare my meal right now”
“Daisy, she’s not a maid” I said.
“I want her to be one” Daisy said.
“She can’t prepare your meal” I said.
“She will” Daisy snapped.

“It’s okay, I will go make the meal” Elva said,stood up and walked to the kitchen.
“Make it snappy” Daisy shouted with a triumphant look, walked to the living room,sat on the couch and started scrolling through her iPod.

F-ck! She’s so annoying.
I cursed under my breath and made to help Elva in the kitchen.
“Mig, come here” Daisy said.
“That would be later,I have to help Elva in the kitchen”.
“If you want to help her, you can as well forget about the cure” She said and i bit my lips,trying hard to restrain myself from yelling and pushing her out of the house.
“Come” She called again twirling her finger with a smile.

I walked to her…

……(being Elva)

#Chapter 24

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’Ž Mig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

“If you want to help her,then forget the cure” Daisy said as i approached her,she was picking her finger.
I swallowed hard and sat down beside her. She shifted to the other side of the couch and stretched out her long legs which i’ve always admired.
“Wha….” I was saying.
“Shh” She interrupted placing her finger on her lips.

I can’t believe a cure can make me behave like a dummy….Well it’s just for a week.
“Aren’t you done with the meal” Daisy shouted.
“It’s ready, I’m about dishing it out” Elva said from the kitchen.
“Good” Daisy said and stood up, slipped her feet into her puffy slippers before heading to the dining room.

What a relief.

๐Ÿ’Ž Fleur’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

I sat on my bed staring into space,why does Daisy have to come back again,i felt happy when she left then…
She claims to have the cure,i’ve made a lot of research on my brother’s disease but there is no cure for it.

Could she be lying ?
I should ask her to make me see it. I need to see it

If she refuses,then her coming back here sure has an aim. She have something up her sleeve and i bet I’m gonna find out whatever it is.
I don’t want Mig to fall in love with her again. Although,he wouldn’t have allowed her in if the cure wasn’t involved.
He so much want to get healed and go to the city to pursue his dream.

I hope Daisy really have the cure, because Mig has placed all his life on it.
I should find out if she has the cure or not.
I hate her presence in the house,she just decided to show up when things are starting to go smoothly.

I’m frustrated..aargh!

๐Ÿ’ŽElva’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

“Leave ! I will call you to pack the dishes once I’m done eating” Daisy said and i nodded before walking to my room .
I opened the door and walked straight to my bed.
I lay on it with a sigh and plopped a pillow behind my head.

I winced in pain when my pinky finger touched the bed board.
I had cut my pinky finger while slicing carrots for Daisy’s meal.
She’s so mean and i keep having this bad feeling about her.
I felt warm liquid sliding across my hand,my gaze went there and i gasp.

My finger is bleeding,the cut had opened widely and more blood kept pouring out.
I have to go to Fleur..
I got to my feet and hurriedly wore my slippers.
I headed straight to fleur’s room.

I knocked gently.
“Fleur” I called and the door opened.
Fleur opened the door and popped out her head.
“Elva what’s wrong, your finger is bleeding” She said stepping aside to allow me in.
I entered and walked to her bed, sitting on it.

She closed the door and walked to where her first aid box is,she picked it up. Hurrying back to me.
She sat on the bed beside me,opening the aid box.
She wore her gloves and motioned me to stretch forward my finger.
She examined the cut.

“It looks like it was sliced with a knife, what were you doing with a knife?” She asked before pulling out a bottle of antiseptic,a band aid,cotton wool..
“Hmm…I was actually cooking in the kitchen” I said.
“Cooking? but we just finished eating… Alright i understand if you were still hungry and went back to the kitchen to cook.. it’s okay,just be careful with the knife next time”.

“No…It was Daisy’s meal” I said.
“What!” She exclaimed.
” Why would you cook for her, doesn’t she have hands or what” Fleur said looking pissed.
“I just had to,since she doesn’t want Mig to prepare it,she said she wants me to prepare her meal” I said.
“Then you should have just poisoned that daughter of a bitch. Is she crazy or something” Fleur flared getting to her feet, ready to go confront Daisy.

“Fleur please” I said but she didn’t stop.
“Fleur please just let it be. For the sake of the cure,I’m sure you dont want Mig to lose this cure,I’m also doing all these because of that..I’m not a dummy or something” I said and she hesitated a bit.
She walked back to me, still looking pissed.

“Her attitude sulks” She said and i nodded.
“I can’t just wait for a week to be over so she can just leave!” Fleur fumed, treating my finger.
I gritted my teeth against the stinging pain, trying hard not to shout.

“Sorry Elva” She said and i nodded with my eyes closed.
The stinging pain reduced before she placed the band aid on it.
“Avoid letting it touch water,i will dress it again tomorrow” She said.
She pulled off her gloves and packed her tools back in the box,she carried it back to where it’s always kept before joining me back on the bed.

I yawned, suddenly feeling sleepy…I rolled the blanket and laid flat on Fleur’s bed..This is actually not the first time I’m sleeping in her room.
“I think i will also get some sleep” Fleur said and laid beside me.

We slept off after talking for few minutes.

๐Ÿ’Ž Mig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

“Mig,i think i would prefer one of the guest rooms” Daisy said to me after eating.
“Uh?” I asked hoping she’s serious about it.
“Yes I’m not free in your room,i need a room to myself” She said and i felt the urge to jump up in excitement.
“Ok then,there is a room opposite mine, it’s clean” I said.
“Okay” She said walking away.

I bounced on the couch in excitement.


๐Ÿ’ŽDaisy’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

I packed my luggage to the room opposite Mig’s.
I did that because boss told me i have to have a room to myself in order to carry out my mission successfully.
I locked the door firmly and sat on the bed.

I have raw hatred for that thing called Elva the moment i saw her, she’s too beautiful to be true.
Her body shape…just too perfect.
How dare she!

I should be that beautiful not some countryside girl.
I had thought she was just Fleur’s friend who followed her home but i was wrong.
I’m pissed about the fact that she’s staying in this house.
Of course i observed how Mig accesses and i know that look in Mig’s eyes when he wants something..he doesn’t just want her ,he also likes her.

To hell with her.

I missed Mig’s love and the attention he do give me,how he looks at me and how he whispers ‘i love you’ in my ears every night before falling asleep.

But he no longer care.

He now look at me with dislike,he doesn’t want to stay long around me anymore,he avoids me and even his love for me has been replaced with dislike and of course i won’t blame him.

I left!

And it seems he has gotten over me, now getting into that damn Elva.
I don’t love Mig,it was his looks that interested me. Mig is a good looking guy,no lady in her right sense wouldn’t cast him a second glance.
My friends were jealous that i won the heart of the cutest guy in the countryside..

Of course Mig is the cutest guy here,i can’t talk of the city.
I came from the city and i don’t even think I’ve seen any guy as good looking as Mig.
He’s just too perfect,his only disability is his disgusting disease..I hope he gets cure to it soon because I’m not here with any damn cure..where would i even see it.

My mission here is entirely something else..

And why does Elva looks familiar..

Do i know her ?


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