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Meant To Be episode 27 - 28

(being Elva)

#Chapter 27

Zeemah writes📝

**The next morning**

💎 Elva’s POV💎

I yawned, opening my eyes…

I smiled and touched my lips.. the k-ss.. last night..
C’mon Elva,stop acting like a teenager who just got her first k-ss.. scolded myself before rising to my feet.
Mig and i had returned to our rooms at midnight after we gisted for long at the lake.

I need to get ready for work.


I knocked on Fleur’s door, clad in a white V-neck gown with black sandals and black bag, my hair is packed in a ponytail as usual.
The door opened and Fleur stepped out clad in a pink shirt with white p-nts, pink shoes with a white bag to match, her black Bob hair shone brightly with the help of some oil…
Her full pink lips curved in a smile as she saw me.

“Hey Fleur, good morning”I greeted.
“How was your night?” She asked
“Very fine” I replied.
“Yeah sure it is”Fleur said and smiled.
“What?” I asked, wondering if she knew about me and mig..
My cheeks heat up at the thought.

“Let’s go”she said leading the way.
We got to the living room and met Mig and Daisy.
I was a little bit glad they were sitting on different couch. Daisy still in her purple pyjamas engrossed in her iPod while Mig is busy with a magazine.
“Hey Mig, Daisy good morning”I greeted..
“Good morning Elva”Mig replied while Daisy replied me with a glare.
“Good morning Mig”Fleur greeted.
“Morning Fleur”I can see you are both ready to leave” He said.

“Fleur I don’t think you have a sight problem… you can see i’m seated here” Daisy chipped in angrily.
“Really?..wow, I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you,we were used to be three in the house so I’ve not gotten used to having a stranger who can’t sit her flat butts in her own house” Fleur said with a smile and i struggled hard to hold my laughter.

Mig bit his lower lip and i know he’s also trying to hold his laughter.
“What’s that Mig,are you trying to mock me or what! because i know you only bit your lower lip while trying to hold your laughter” Daisy said angrily.

Gosh.. Why does she have to know so much about him.
“We are actually running late” Fleur spoke before Mig could respond to Daisy.
“Bye Mig” We both said walking out of the house.
“Bye” He said.

I let put a big laugh as soon as we got outside, laughing hard the passer by’s were turning to look at me.
“Yeah that serves her right,she shouldn’t just appear in other people’s house” Fleur said and also started laughing.

We got to work, greeted the nurses,signed in and parted..
I entered the ward and the children rushed to greet me.
“Hey Cuties..how are you?” I asked hugging them one after the other.
“Fine Elva” They responded, going back to their beds,i walked to my desk, dropped my bag and sat down.

“How was your night?” I asked.
“Fine Elva”
“Elva, can’t you be staying with us permanently. We don’t like Miranda who comes after you’ve gone..She so mean” Mitch said.
“Yeah” They chorused.
“Geez.. I’m so sorry but i can’t stay here permanently,how about i speak with Doc Steph to change her” I said.

“Yes that’s also okay” Dan said and the rest nodded.
“We will start our class after you are done with your breakfast” I said.
“Okay Elva”
I started teaching them some subjects some days back because i can’t just bear seeing them like this everyday while their mates are out there studying but they can’t, simply because their parents abandoned them.

By the time they are out of here,they would have lagged behind in their studies so why not help them with the little way we can..
I spoke to the Doc Steph about it and he approved and even provided us with a big marker board,some note books,text books,pen, and some other writing and teaching material.

They all felt happy after i told them i will be teaching them..I stylishly went to the school in the next street to check their syllabus and also a lot of useful things i need to enlighten the children about and I’m glad i grabbed a lot of things.
They are smart,so they grab things easily and i don’t go through a lot of stress while teaching them.

I’m going to be attending a seminar next week, it’s about how to improve in teaching.. enlightenment on a lot of things with regards to teaching and some other stuffs.

“Elva i did my homework” Mitch smiled.
“I did mine also” They chorused.
“That’s good…Mitch go round and collect it,then bring it to me” I said and she stood up. Eagerly collecting the note books.

She submitted all the books to me and i started marking .
The cook came in with their breakfast including mine..and I’m surprised she’s smiling.
“Good morning ma’am” I greeted together with the kids.
“Good morning all” She responded,her smile grew wider… “Today’s breakfast tastes nice,i went for some cooking classes over the week and i learnt a lot..I hope you enjoy it” She said and dropped the big basket on the table before turning to leave.

“I hope so” Mitch said.
“You will know so” The cook said with a smile before she walked out.
I opened the meal and the aroma that welcomed me was…*Wow*.

It seems I’m gonna have a taste of today’s breakfast.
I dished it out for the children,served them round and went back to my seat.


“The cook has really improved”

“It’s yummy”

“She was right”

“I love it”…

They said obviously enjoying their meal.
I smiled and started eating mine and the taste was more than ‘Wow’ she has really improved a lot.

We finished eating and I packed the empty dishes back into the basket,i kept it aside for the cook.
They all finished their breakfast today with nothing remaining in their plates..

“Children…how about we take a nap before starting class” I said.
“Ok Elva” They said laying on their beds.
I placed my head on the desk and slept off.


I woke up hearing some voices shouting ’emergency’.
The children are all awake playing around.
“Ok children, let’s start class” I said and they arranged their chairs, sitting down quietly.

I walked to the board with a red marker in hand.
Our topic for today…


We finished class few minutes before lunch,the children bombarded me with questions and I’m glad I’m able to answer it all.
They submitted their notes for marking and went back to their beds waiting for lunch.

I was marking when the cook came in,all smiles.
“Ma’am your breakfast was yummy” I said with a smile.
“Yes we like it” The children said and her smile grew wider.
“I hope you will enjoy the lunch also” She said,dropped the lunch basket,carried the breakfast’s and walked out.

She now looks happy…I’m glad for that.
Nurse Claire came in immediately i finished serving the children their lunch and i know Ben is already waiting for me outside.
“Thanks Nurse Claire,Enjoy your lunch children,i will be back soon” I said and walked out to meet him.

We walked to the cafeteria chatting and laughing as usual.
We got there and i was surprised to see few ladies outside poking their heads into the cafeteria.
I gave Ben a ‘what-is-going-on look and he shrugged.
He led me inside..I’m so curious to know what got the ladies attention.

We entered and i also stood rooted to the spot.
I saw..saw..Mig..
He was the center of attention.
Daisy was also seated with him and anyone would mistake them for a couple.
I felt a pinch of jealousy.

Daisy suddenly leaned over and pecked Mig on the cheek,i felt my anger rose and didn’t even know when i started stomping towards them.

(Being Elva)

#Chapter 28

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

Daisy suddenly leaned over and pecked Mig on the cheek,i felt my anger rose and didn’t even know when i started stomping towards them.

I suddenly stopped,my senses seeming to have gotten back as i was now reconsidering.

What the hell did i wanted to do?
I know Daisy to be dramatic, she’s definitely putting up that show for it to be clear to others that Mig is her boyfriend so what the hell do i want to fight her for.
I’m more angry with Mig for following her down here. But she must have forced him because Mig doesn’t really like going out.

He’s even looking more handsome.
What the hell are they even doing here?
The waitresses were already all over him, flaunting themselves at him.
“He’s so good looking” People chorused.
The manager had to made the ladies leave as they were causing noise and bringing attention to the cafeteria.

Mig is looking uncomfortable even if he’s trying to put up that fake smile.
Oh..Poor Mig .
“Elva, i know he’s cute but you are keeping me waiting”Ben interrupted my thoughts.
“Oh..my I’m so sorry Ben. That’s Fleur’s brother” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah, let’s go say hi”I said walking towards their table with Ben behind me.

“Hey Mig”I said on getting to their table he looked up and saw me,a smile lit on his face,but it died immediately Ben appeared beside me, with his hand around my neck i was surprised because Ben has never done that.
I wanted to pull his hand from my neck but it won’t be okay to embarrass him.

“Hey Elva,i know this restaurant or rather cafeteria is close to your hospital so I’m not surprised seeing you here”Mig said.
“Yeah..this is Ben the doctor Fleur tells you about” I said.
“Ben this is Miguel, Fleur’s brother” I said with a forced smile.

“oh…hey Ben” Mig said.
“Hey Miguel” Ben said and they both shook hands,
“Don’t you think it’s unprofessional to come out for lunch during working hours and besides your hospital provide lunch for the staff” Daisy said to me with a smirk.
I stared at her.
“You should say that to me because i was the one who asked her to accompany me and besides this isn’t the first time we will have our lunch here”Ben said and i think i saw Mig’s eyes widen but the look disappeared almost immediately.

“Oh really you mean this isn’t the first time you’ve both been coming here for lunch?” Daisy asked.
“Yeah” Ben said.
“Wow what a nice couple you would make”Daisy said with a smile.
“No…” I was saying.
“Our pleasure”Ben interrupted and led me towards our table before i could respond.

I wonder what Mig would be thinking now..I thought as i sat down with.
The waitress come over to our table to take our order and Ben ordered the normal.. she left,I noticed she didn’t wink at him or shake her butts while leaving.. well not when Mig is here.
“Who’s that lady? she doesn’t seems to like you”Ben said
“Hmm…she will be staying with us for a while”I said.
“Yes” I said resisting the urge to turn and look at mig…I’m actually backing their table, the waitress returned with our order and Ben started eating while I sipped my drink with cookies.

“The cook’s meal has improved a lot,the breakfast she served was very delicious” I said.
“Really?” Ben asked.
“Yes, she went for some cooking classes and it really helped”
“Well..I didn’t taste it… since I don’t eat her meal” Ben said.
“Ohh” I nodded, not really in the mood for a conversation now… Mig’s presence in the restaurant is making my heart beat faster.
And I’m damn sure my heart isn’t the only heart beating fast here..other ladies too who couldn’t keep their eyes off him.

“Fleur’s brother sure have the looks” Ben said.
“Of course” I said and grinned before I could stop myself.
“Yes he does” I said again and turned to look at Mig. Our gaze locked and i smiled but he turned away instant and i could see a bit of anger in his eyes..I turned back to my drink lost in thoughts..

Have Daisy gotten him annoyed?or am i the one? He only does that when he’s annoyed.
How did Daisy managed to make him follow her down here.

“Elva I heard Ben called.
“Huh?”I said glancing up at him, he was almost done with his meal.
“It…seems you like Mig” Ben said.
“Yeah..I like him Mig a lot,he’s a nice person”I said,even if i know where he’s driving at.

“The weather is nice” I said trying not to start the discussion Ben was bent on starting.
“Yeah it is, but i still can’t wait for the weather to turn humid, it all goes chilly and nice”Ben smiled.
“Humid?” I asked remembering Mig’s disease only appears during the humid weather.

” Yeah I love humid weather”Ben said.

Isn’t it ironic..Mig’s most dreaded weather is Ben’s favorite…
“Humid weather doesn’t really turn up”I said.
“The weather forecast humid by 3 o’clock today..i can’t wait” Ben said with a smile and my eyes widened.
“What?” I gasped checking the wall clock.


Mig’s disease!!

5 minutes remaining!!!
I need to get him out of here ASAP.
I stood up and fled towards his table.

“Mig” I called breathing fast.
“What?” He asked…I can still see the look of anger in his eyes but i don’t care at the moment.
“Mig you need to get out of here” I said hurriedly.
“For what huh?” Daisy asked glaring.


“Mig let’s get going” I said and dragged him up.
“He’s going nowhere” Daisy said dragging him away from me.
I pulled him but Daisy pulled him back from me.

“Mig please you have to leave now” I said.
“Why?” He asked with a confused look.
“Just let’s leave for home,i will tell you everything” I said.
He freed his hand from Daisy’s and was about following me.
Daisy pulled him back, pushing him to sit.



2 minutes remaining!

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