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Meant To Be episode 29 - 30

(being Elva)

#Chapter 29

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’Ž Elva’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

2 minutes remaining!

I pushed Daisy roughly and dragged Mig’s hand running out of the cafeteria..
People looked weirdly at me but i didn’t even cared about anything at the moment.
I have to get Mig home first. I took his hand and we ran all the way home.
I’m just so grateful our house isn’t far from here.

We’ve almost gotten home when i noticed his body changing…I gasp.
We are still on the street.
His body hasn’t changed much,but he’s starting to feel weak.
Our house is just few walks from here.
I dragged his hand once more and ran with him.
I sighed in relief when we finally got home. Thank goodness.
His body transformed completely immediately we stepped onto the front porch.
I quickly took the key from his pocket and unlocked the door.
I had no other choice than to push him inside.

I locked the door firmly behind me when we are both inside.
I looked down at Mig and a tear dropped from my eyes.
His veins had stuck out,his body completely pale and swollen,his lips not anywhere close to pink.
He gro-ned in pain and i cried more.

I hurried to Fleur’s room to take the syringe used for him,i opened her first aid box but i don’t know which one to take.
I smiled sadly when i saw “Mig’s” inscribed on two syringes.
I grabbed one of them and ran back to the living room.

I crouched over Mig, a little scared to start jamming the syringe all over his body but i just have to do it. I can’t lose my Mig.
I started jamming the syringe all over his body with my eyes closed..
I stopped when i noticed his body had lessen,i waited for some seconds before opening my left eyes and saw that he’s getting back to normal before opening my right eye.

He’s now asleep with his body fully back to normal.
I breath in relief and stood straight,i walked back to Fleur’s room to return the syringe.
I closed her first aid box and kept it in its position.

I walked into my room and headed to the bathroom to wash my hands.


I headed back to the living room,Mig is still asleep.
I sat on the couch opposite him.
It’s past lunch,i have to go back to the hospital but Daisy isn’t back yet, i thought she had followed us when we left the cafeteria.

I can’t leave Mig here alone…

I shook my head when i looked at him again..he’s just so good to have such a disease..he’s just so handsome, God took days in carving every inch of his body…If not…how could someone be this perfect looking. His hair, always glittering and his silver eyes, captivating.
In short, Mig is breathtaking.. his only flaw is his disease.

There is no one without a flaw.

Geez.. I didn’t even say goodbye to Ben before rushing off with Mig.
I have to go back to the hospital because of the children but;

I can’t leave Mig like this…why isn’t Daisy back yet?
I stood up and took few steps towards the telephone on the shelf,i have to put a call through Fleur.
I placed the receiver on my ear as the call was going through.


“Hey Fleur” I called into the receiver.
“Hey Elva,are you home? i recognize this number as home’s” She said.
“Yes Fleur I’m home,Mig disease appeared so i had to quickly rush him home”
“What!” She exclaimed.
“OMG!! how could i have forgotten to check the weather forecast,I’m coming home right away” She said worriedly.

“Never mind Fleur,i’ve jammed one of the syringe from your first aid box in his body and he’s very much okay now.. sleeping presently”
“Wow! Thanks so much Elva,but where did you see Mig? He doesn’t like going out” She said.
“I will explain everything to you as soon as you get home,can you please tell Doc Steph i left for home already because i had urgent matter to attend to”

“Of course i will gladly do that” Fleur said.
“I can’t leave Mig all alone in the house”
“What of Daisy?” She asked.
“She isn’t back yet” I said.
“Ok, i will also hurry with whatever i have to do now…I will get home soon okay” She said.
“Ok Fleur bye” I said dropping the receiver.

I stood straight and walked back to Mig, i knelt beside him looking at his sleepy face.
“Mig” I muttered stroking his hair.
“I know it isn’t your fault for having such disease,i promise i won’t ever leave you even in your most vulnerable state..” I whispered, placing my palm on my chest as a sign of promise.

I stroked his thick eyebrows with with my finger.
“You’re still the most good looking guy I’ve ever seen” I said even though he’s asleep and can’t hear me.

I stood up and walked back to the couch,i sat down and lowered my back into it…
I slept off.

๐Ÿ’Ž Daisy’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

“Gosh” I exclaimed when that prawn left the cafeteria with Mig.
Of course i knew the weather would turn humid by 3 o’clock,that was the reason i forced him here,he didn’t want to come with me so i have to threaten him with the cure before he agreed to follow me.
I wanted to punish him for having feelings for her!
I wanted to punish him for not feeling anything for me any longer!

He attracted a lot of attention which was normal because of his good looks, i was so glad to see the look on his face when he saw Ben and Elva together.
I know that look on Mig’s face whenever he’s jealous,and there is no reason for him to be jealous if he doesn’t have any feeling for Elva.

Mig has feelings for the damn girl!

Her beauty pisses me off, she’s beautiful and has a damn perfect body. I don’t want her and Mig together.
Seeing the way Mig looks at her always trigger me.
I know Mig isn’t that submissive unless he has a soft spot for someone.
I noticed Ben is also into Elva,that makes it good…I gotta strike a deal with him.

I looked over to his table and thank goodness,he’s still seated.
I stood up and walked to his table and sat on the seat Elva was occupying. I had seen the look of hurt in his eyes when Elva left with Mig.

“Hey”I said
“Hi” he replied
Ben is also good looking but can’t be compared to Mig.
“Okay Ben..I will go straight to the point..do you have feelings for Elva?” I asked.
“And why are you asking me that” He said.
“Because i want to help you get her”I said.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yeah but it seems you don’t want me around you so forget it” I said and stood up,in pretence to leave.
I smiled when he pulled me back…
Yes! He’s catching the bait.
I sat back.
“Please just help me, i do have feelings for Elva” He said.
“Ok then you have to do something” I said.

“What?” He asked.
I pushed my chair forward, then whispered in his ear.
“Isn’t that too..difficult?” He asked after i whispered what he had to do to him.
“You can choose not to do it if you want to lose Elva” I said and a frown appeared on his face.
“I will do it” He said.

“Deal?” I asked.
“Deal” He said and we both smiled.

I’m only using him to achieve my aim.

(being Elva)

#Chapter 30

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’Ž Mig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

I opened my eyes.. my wh0le body aching, i realised I’m still laying on the couch.
My eyes roamed the living room and stopped when it landed on Elva.
She’s sleeping in a sitting position on the couch opposite mine.

Now i remember,i smiled when i recollect how Daisy and Elva were both pulling my arm at the cafeteria.
Daisy had forced me to go out with her, i do not like going out,the attention i do get makes me uncomfortable.

A frown appeared on my face when i remembered that guy Elva was with.
He seems obsessed with her and i can’t help but get jealous. It hurt me a bit that they’ve been going for lunch together even after she promised me not to eat lunch at work again.

And i was surprised when Elva told the waitress to bring her normal order and it turns out to be only ice cream with cookies.
That actually means that’s what she has been taking for lunch and i know it’s because of me..
I remembered when i got pissed at her for eating lunch with some guy at work,she promised me she won’t eat lunch at work again,she doesn’t understand i meant that she shouldn’t eat lunch with that guy again.
She had thought i was pissed because she had lunch.

I can’t believe she has been taking just ice cream and cookies for some time now just because of me.

Funny enough, i had a dream she knelt beside me and promised me she will stay with me even in my most vulnerable state…it felt so real and i’m glad she appeared in my dream to assure me.

I stared at her sleeping face, my heart melting completely.
Hey beauty alone always make my heart race,she makes my heart thump loudly without even knowing.
I’m touched by the way she had rushed me home,she had saved me from embarrassment.
I wonder how did she knew how to treat me?….She is surely a fast learner because she acted just like Fleur.

Elva is a darling…A beautiful one.

Her eyes flicked open and i froze.
“OMG Mig you are awake,how are you?” She asked in her normal tiny voice,getting to her feet and walking towards me.
A smile lit up my face but I quickly hid it.
“I’m feeling okay now” I said sitting up.
She got to my couch and sat beside me.

“Thanks Elva for bringing me home” I said.
“It’s okay Mig…I’m glad you are fine now” She said.
“All thanks to Ben who made me know about the weather forecast” She said and i shrugged..feeling a kind of way she had mentioned that guy’s name.

“Yeah, won’t you get back to work?” I asked.
“Hmm….I’ve called Fleur to sign out for me so work is till tomorrow” She said i felt happy she would stay with me.
“Mig” She called.
“Huh?” I said.
“Are you pissed with me about something?” She asked.
“No” I replied curtly.

“C’mon it’s obvious you are pissed at me,just let me know whatever it is” She said.
I can’t possibly tell her i was just being jealous,i gotta find a way to get out of this mess because Elva can be so persistent.
“The thing is.. anytime my disease is back,i normally feel sad about it, i transfer aggression on people around me. I’m actually trying to stop that.” I lied.
“But this was before your disease appeared. I caught you severally at the cafeteria staring angrily at me” She said.


“Really” I asked feigning ignorance.
“Yes or was i mistaken” She said.
“Yes you were” I said hurriedly and she nodded but still not looking convinced.

I really need to convince her.

“I remembered sending angry glare to one of the waitress who kept hitting on me,maybe you mistook the angry glare for yourself” I lied.

When did i become a smooth liar.

She smiled “Okay Mig,good to know you weren’t pissed at me”
“Of course” I said and smiled… ” You said you will like to learn how to make homemade soup with Chinese rice right?” I asked and she nodded, grinning.
“I plan on making it for dinner,so come with me to the kitchen” I said.
“Really?” She asked happily.
“Yaaaaay” She squealed happily and i couldn’t help but smile.
“Let’s go” I said and we both walked to the kitchen.

“Now, apprentice Elva.. can you tell me the first thing we are gonna do?” I asked when we got to the kitchen.
“Master Mig,the first thing is to wash our hands” She said and we walked to the sink to wash our hands and then dried it.
“The second is?” I asked.
“Our apron and hair net but Master hold-on, I don’t want to go for the big Apron today ” She said and i laughed.

I remembered the last time she used the big Apron,it made her stumble with the tray flying out of her hand and a weird look on her face.
“Ohh…okay,pick any apron of your choice but that big one is specially made for you” I teased,biting my lower lip to stop myself from laughing.
“Mig! You are teasing me” She said with a fake angry face.
” I ?” I asked,raising a brow. “No I’m not . I mean the big apron suits you the other day and i will be glad if you can wear it again today” I said biting my lower lip.

“Ohh…you will be glad if i fall hard on my butt, scattering the wh0le kitchen right?” She asked and i couldn’t hold my laughter anymore.
I laughed…
She gave me a stern look and started looking round the kitchen.

I know she’s probably looking for something to hit me with.
I need to stop laughing but i couldn’t, not when i’m seeing the apron right here.
She started heading towards me with a wooden spoon.
“I’m so-r-ry pl-ea-se Elva,I wo-nt la-ug-h aga-in” I said in between laughter.
I couldn’t stop laughing even if i wanted to stop,her face is now in a twisted wave which made it more hard to stop laughing.

“I need to teach you a lesson for mocking me” She said sternly but i know she’s also trying to hold her laughter.
A stroke of wooden spoon landed across my shoulder…
“Ouch” I cried though it wasn’t painful.
“You can’t deceive me this time. I know it’s not painful” She said landing another stroke on my arm.

Ahh…she has known my tactics…
She kept on hitting me and i kept laughing.
I pulled her close and started tickling her and she released the laughter she had been holding.
My cheeks were starting to ache..I’ve not laughed this much for some time now.

“M-ig st-op” She said in between laughter.

“And what the hell is going on here?” We heard and stopped laughing immediately. We turned to see Daisy standing at the kitchen entrance.
“And what the hell did you think it is” A voice which we recognized as Fleur’s said and just then she appeared behind Daisy.

“I have been at home for some minutes now but i just had to leave them to themselves because they really need it,but you just came in and headed immediately to the kitchen like an enstrangled puppy when you heard laughters. Are you jealous or what? As a matter of fact, Mig isn’t yours anymore” Fleur said and a more angry expression crossed Daisy’s face.

I saw Elva smile but it disappeared almost immediately.
“Fleur, i should have beaten you to a pulp but do you know what’s holding me?” Daisy asked.
“I should have also beaten you to stupor but do you know what’s holding me also?” Fleur also asked.
“Maybe you should both tell us” I said.
“It’s Mig,or else i know what i would have done to you” Daisy said.
“Really?..my reason is also because of Mig,I don’t want him to lose the cure you ‘claim’ is with you” Fleur said.

Daisy shot her a glare followed by a long hiss before turning to face Elva.
“Why do you have to cause a scene back there at the cafeteria?” Daisy yelled at Elva who almost flinched beside me.
“She did that to help me” I said.
“She gat her wide mouth,so let her speak” Daisy slammed.

“Hm…I had to quickly rush Mig home because of the weather..I mean his disease” Elva said.
“So that explains why you have to push me and drag him away” She said.
“I’m not complaining about that okay? She did that to save me from embarrassment and i’ll forever be grateful to her” I said.

“Well..watch your back bitch!…” Daisy scre-med angrily at Elva before stomping off.
“Thanks Elva for helping me take care of Mig,i don’t know what would have happened if you had not saved him…” Fleur said.
“It’s nothing Fleur..I’m glad i did that” Elva said with her sweet smile.
“I will be back, i really have to freshen up now” Fleur said and we replied with an “ok” before she walked away.

“Ok apprentice… let’s start our Home made soup and Chinese rice” I said.
“Ok Master Mig” Elva said so seriously that we both bursted out laughing..


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