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Meant to be episode 33 - 34

(being Elva)

#Chapter 33

Zeemah writes📝

💎Fleur’s POV💎

“She will be awake soon” I said to Mig after i finished checking Daisy’s pulse,I’ve set her on a IV fluid.
I had to rush down home when Mig called me that Daisy is unconscious.
“Where did you say you found her?” I asked.
“I didn’t even know there was an underground passage in this house,i entered the house and heard scre-ms,it took me some time to locate her” Mig said.

I noticed he’s a bit moody..

“Really?..Then how did she found it and what was she doing there?” I asked.
“You have to direct the questions to her once she’s awake” He said.
“Mig what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Yeah…you are a bit moody” I said .

“I’m just shocked there is an underground passage in this house” He said and i instantly know he’s lying..
I know when he tells the truth..there is something else bothering him but i don’t want to press him further.
“Ok i have to get back to work” I said picking up my handbag.
“Okay bye” He said and i waved before walking out.

💎Ben’s POV💎


“What the hell did i just did to Elva” I muttered pacing my office.
“Why did i agree to this damn plan.
Damn Daisy,she planned it all and i was so dumb to agree to it…Now she has broken the thin line i was trying to make stronger.

I’m so mad right now..
The way her lips felt on mine was..was just so heavenly,I’ve never felt that way.
I felt so bad that she yelled at me.
Doesn’t she like me at all?

No one..I mean no lady has ever rejected me.
No one can resist my charms..I love Elva so much, she’s beautiful but she doesn’t seem to have interest in me and that’s so frustrating.
Darn it!
I think i know the reason behind all this..


Damn you.

Watch out for me!

💎Mig’s POV💎

I heaved a sigh after Fleur left,my mind wandered to the moment i saw them k-ssing,my heart shattered again…

Why am i so pained about it?…I’m not her boyfriend or anything.
I don’t own her…she can f-cking do anything she likes but i just can’t explain how im feeling right now.
Like she betrayed me..
The thought of her k-ssing another guy… Damn.

I felt Daisy stir beside me and i turned to look at her.. she’s still asleep.
My mind flashed back to when i entered the house,I heard scre-ms and i dashed round the house searching for where the scre-m is coming from..
It took me some time before i traced the voice underground,i didn’t even know there was a door there..in the house I’ve been living for years.

I had to quickly carry her back to her room and put a call to Fleur to start coming.
I didn’t even take a long look at the underground passage because i was worried about the unconscious Daisy. I will go back to look at it but that place is so dusty with cobwebs almost everywhere.

But how did Daisy found out there was an underground passage here?
What was she doing there?
My gaze shifted to the iPod on the bed, i picked it up, pressed the power button and it came alive.
~Ins**t your PIN to unlock this device~ popped up.
I was about dropping it,when it vibrated in my hand and i saw a message scrolling at the top of the IPod.

💬Daisy what’s taking you so long?

💬Mike has sent the code!!


I gazed on in confusion.
“What code?” I thought.
And she’s taking long to do what?
Wait…Does this connect to the reason i met her in that passage?
If not,then what’s this message all about?
I’m starting to have some kind of feeling about all these.
There is much for Daisy to answer to once she’s awake.

And i have to go check the underground passage…
I stood up and walked out of the room heading to the underground passage.

I walked past the living room and opened the door i was not even aware was there all this years.
I climbed down the wooden stairs leading to the underground passage.
I got there and stood still,my gaze travelling round.
It’s a very long passage but surprisingly with only one door and few windows.
I walked towards the door and twisted the knob but it didn’t bulge,i tried again..same thing.

I breath out and looked up,then i saw some number buttons attached to the door,i realised immediately.

It requires a code.
A code !!!
What could be inside this room for the door to require a code .

Darn it.

But code?…code!..could it be..?
OMG code!
Could all this relate to the message on Daisy’s iPod.
Is this some kind of secret or what?
I’m damn confused here.

“Daisy sure has a lot to answer to..I need answers” I muttered climbing the stairs back to the main house.
I closed the door to the passage and entered the living room about heading to Daisy’s room but my legs came to a halt..in surprise.

I saw a guy sitting comfortably on the couch,his head down and leg crossed.
The guy raised his head and it turns out to be.. Ben.
The image of the k-ss flashed through my head and i felt my anger build up.
“How dare you just walk in without knocking and then sit comfortably on the couch” I said angrily walking towards him.

He stood up and now we are facing each other ..I’m taller,broader and of course more good looking than he is.
I suddenly felt a punch on my lips and i can feel blood seeping into my mouth,i spat out the blood and adjusted my T-shirt.
I smirked at the triumphant look on his face.

“What do you want?” I asked.
“I guess you know what all this is about, that’s a warning..leave Elva FOR ME” He said angrily,sending another punch to my jaw.
I swallowed hard..
He turned to leave but i grabbed him by his shoulder and gave him a hard punch that sent him reeling to the floor with a loud thud.

“How was that?” I asked smiling, his face has grown red and he stood up staggering towards me with his palm in a fist.
Wow…he really wants to fight me..
Doesn’t he know he’s of no match to me?
Well..I’ve been wanting to punch him seriously for long and this seems the right opportunity.

He’s so in for it today..
He raised his fist to give me a punch but i held his hand and twisted it back, kicking him hard. He fell on the floor with a painful growl..

That didn’t seem to stop him..
He stood up again rushing towards me…

(being Elva)

#Chapter 34

Zeemah writes📝

💎Daisy’s POV💎

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around….
It’s afternoon and im surprised to be waking up from a sleep cause i don’t even do afternoon sleep. How come I’m just waking up now?
I sat up but flinched at the pain on the back of my palm,my gaze went there and i gasp when i saw an IV fluid connected to the back of my palm.
Everything came rushing back to my head.

I remembered..i saw a huge wolf,with deep brown fur and big blue eyes, walking towards me when i was about pressing in the unlock code..it was so scary and huge. How did the wolf get into the house without us noticing or was i imagining things?

I must be imagining stuff!

I removed the damn drip and cleaned the blood off my hand.
I’m okay!
Who brought me to my bed,i remembered no one was at home when i went into the secret passage.
Was it Mig?

If he’s the one,then I’m doomed..that means he already found out about the secret passage and i know he’s gonna kill me with questions..he won’t let it go easily.


Boss will be so mad at me..I picked up my iPod and flipped it open.
I ins**ted my unlock pin and loads of messages flowed in..FROM BOSS.

I finished reading it all and let out a breath.
I was about texting him back when i heard a loud thud followed by a gro-n, I dropped my iPod and scurried from the bed, slipped into my slippers and hurried out of my room.
What’s going on?” I thought as i barged into the living room..

The sight in front of me left my mouth agape..
I quickly hid behind the curtain.
Ben and Mig are in a fight or rather Mig is beating Ben.
I hope Ben hasn’t told Mig about our plan,if not i’m gonna blast his brain.

But..wow..the fight is damn.
Ben should know Mig is way stronger than him.
I nearly laughed out loud when i saw Ben catching his breath,he already looks tired but he looks like he isn’t ready to give up.

They should fight all they want,I need to go reply Boss’s messages.
I chuckled slightly as i walked back to my room.

💎Elva’s POV💎

“Really!” I exclaimed after Fleur told me the reason she went home earlier while we were on our way home.
We left work quite early today… some renovations needs to be carried out at the hospital.
“That’s absurd…you mean there is a secret passage in that house that we don’t know about until Mig found Daisy unconscious there?” I asked for the umpteenth time.

“Yes I’m also surprised…I really need to talk to Mig but he was moody while i was at home..” Fleur said and stopped walking, holding me back as a vehicle sped past us.
We started walking again.
“You mean Mig was moody when you went back home earlier?” I asked guilty, i kinda feel I’m the cause of it …I know Mig saw that jerk k-ssing me.

“Yes” Fleur said…”He doesn’t want to open up to me and i hope he will be less moody by the time we get home because we really need to talk” She said worriedly.
“I had known there was something about Daisy coming back into the house” Fleur said and i nodded.
I didn’t even realised we had gotten home until we stepped onto the front porch,Fleur pushed the door open and we walked into the house,i turned to lock the door but suddenly stopped when i heard Fleur scre-med,I rushed to the living room and gasp at the sight in front of me.
Mig and Ben fighting seriously..

“Oh my God..” I muttered rushing towards them .
“Stop!” Fleur scre-med and they both stopped, breathing heavily.

“What’s the meaning of this huh?” Fleur shouted.
“Ben how dare you come into our house to fight my brother..what the f-ck is the relationship between you two..I don’t remember you guys knowing each other” She said but they both kept quiet.
Ben was still p-nting but Mig just stood,looking untouched, anyone who come in now won’t know he just stopped fighting..
He still looked cool and..cu..te.

Damn….is this what I’m supposed to be thinking now?
“Ben how could you come here to fight Mig?” I asked.
“Mig told me to come,i didn’t realize it was a trap,i came here in peace but Mig started the fight” Ben said and my gaze flipped back to Mig who stood still.

“That a BIG FAT LIE..My brother can’t do that..it’s so obvious you are lying” Fleur spat.
I also don’t believe Mig can do that.
But he stood there without defending himself,he gave me a cold look and i shivered before he turned and walked away.

What has Ben caused…

“Ben,leave right now” Fleur said and Ben stood up and i noticed the cuts on his face and arm.
“Elva believe me,I’m not telling lies” He said and i didn’t spare him a glance.
“Ben,leave” Fleur said and with that,he walked away.

“Mig doesn’t fight unless provoked” Fleur said and walked away … I can tell she’s pissed.
I gave a loud sigh and also walked to my room, i unlocked the door and walked in closing it behind me.
I dropped my bag and laid on the bed, facing the upward..
My legs were barely touching the floor and my gaze was directed at the cream-coloured ceiling with different thoughts running through my mind.


I walked back into my room after a quick shower.
I wore my undies and put on a short blue feathered gown,simy styled. It feels cool and airy against my skin.
I brushed back my wet hair and slipped into my flip flops before walking out of my room.

I’m starving..I’ve not had lunch.
“Great!” I exclaimed as i walked into the kitchen and met Fleur preparing some potatoes.
I helped her with the rest and the meal got ready,we dished it out in four plates and i carried it to the dining room in a big tray.
Fleur also brought four glass cups and bottles of water.
We set it on the table and Fleur went to get Mig and Daisy..

I sat down, patiently waiting for them..
They all entered the dining room and sat down,we began eating in silence.

I kept looking at Mig hoping he would at least glance at me but he didn’t even spare me a glance. Normally, we would have been glancing and smiling at each other.
I’m not feeling comfortable by the silent treatment and coldness he’s giving me.

“Mig” I called and he looked up at me coldly.
“Never mind” I said facing the remnant of my meal.
Geez…He’s mad at me.

“Daisy” Fleur called.
“Can you tell us how you found out about the underground passage and what you were doing there?” Fleur asked and we all stopped eating .
We turned our gazes to Daisy, expecting a reasonable answer.


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