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Meant to be episode 35 - 36

(being Elva)

#Chapter 35

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

We all sat at the dining eating in silence,my thoughts flashed back to when Ben and i were fighting,i actually taught him a lesson he won’t forget,i intentionally didn’t go hard on him because i don’t want to hurt him badly but i know he will be writhing in pain wherever he is now.

When Fleur and Elva had arrived,my gaze had swept to Elva’s lips and i felt more infuriated,i felt like hitting Ben all over again but i just had to restrain myself.
I don’t think i will be in good terms with Elva anymore. She really hurt me by k-ssing him.

Does she even know that I’m annoyed because of that,I’m crazy…How could i be annoyed about someone k-ssing who isn’t even my girlfriend but i just couldn’t help it.

“Mig” She called interrupting my thoughts,i glanced coldly at her and my heart tingled merely looking like her face. Her hair is brushed backwards looking wet and it was then i noticed her hair has some gold color.
“Nevermind” She said and i felt guilty of acting cold towards her but i shrugged it off.

“Daisy” Fleur called.
“Can you tell us how did you found out about the underground passage and what you were doing there?” Fleur asked and we all stopped eating, facing Daisy…

Exactly the question i wanted to ask her before that punk came in.

“Hmm.. when Mig left in the morning,i was kinda bored so i was walking round the house then my leg hit a plank,then suddenly a door opened and it turned out to be the door to a passage, i was so surprised and curious and i couldn’t help but enter the passage..I collapsed because i saw a giant rat” Fleur narrated and Fleur and i exchanged glances.
“Really?” Fleur asked.
“Yes of course or what could i be doing there?” Daisy asked.
“I don’t believe you” Fleur said.
“Then that’s your cup of tea” Daisy said.

“You know what?” Fleur asked.
“I can’t wait for you to get out of this house,your moves are suspicious” Fleur said.
“You are crazy” Daisy said.
“Same here ” Fleur said and they glared at each other.

These two.

I wanted to bring up the ‘code thing’ but i didn’t because that will get Fleur asking more questions and it might result into quarrel.
“Fleur,you should check out the passage after eating” I said and i saw Daisy’s eyes widen but it quickly went back to normal.
“Yeah,Elva and i will” Fleur said and i glanced at Elva who faced her meal.
“And it’s very dusty, the both of us should go together so we can clean it up. Elva don’t have to help” I said and Fleur gave me a questioning look.

“I want to help” Elva said.
“I’m excluded” Daisy said and Fleur cursed at her.
“Elva you don’t have to help,Fleur and i will do it” I said sternly.
“C’mon Mig,she wants to help” Fleur said.
“Okay” I shrugged.
“Thanks Mig” Elva said.
“For what?” I asked.
“For letting me help” She said.
“That doesn’t worth thanking me for?!..look! I don’t want to have any conversation with you,just stay on your own” I blurted out and i saw her face went pale.

💎Fleur’s POV💎

“Mig” I scolded giving him a hard look…I could tell something isn’t right with the both of them,Mig kept acting cold towards Elva.
Normally, they do chat at the table, making me laugh but now,they are both looking unhappy.

What could have gone wrong?

I observed there is an attraction between them even if none of them has admitted it yet.
“Mig what’s wrong?..you are being cold and mean to Elva” I said and i suddenly heard Daisy laughing.
I turned angrily to her.
“You are happy about that right?” I asked.
“Why not?” She asked and i felt like clashing my dish on her damn head.

“Elva you don’t have to mind Mig, he’s just been moody …I think i told you that while we were coming home” I said to reassure her.
She nodded and i forced her to smile which she did.
“Mig we need to talk” I said.
“Yes we really need to” He said.
“I will come to your room later” I said.
“With Elva” I added.

“Why does she have to come with you?” Mig asked coldly and i saw Elva’s face fell.
“Mig! Elva is part of the family now, remember you said that yourself” I said.
“That was then” He said.
“Then or now.. She still remains our family,not like some intruder here” I said indirectly referring to Daisy…
She sent me a glare.

“Fleur,if he doesn’t want me to come,then it’s okay” Elva said.
“No Elva you are coming with me” I insisted.
“It’s his room,i can’t go in with you if he doesn’t want me there” Elva said.
“Then the meeting is gonna be in my room then” I said.
“Okay…okay,she can come with you” Mig agreed and i smiled..I already know what to do.
Daisy shifted back her chair and stand up to leave.

“You’ve not said a single ‘thanks’ since you arrived here,we are the ones who cook and also wash the dishes,you don’t do anything to help in the house,you just eat without even a single ‘thanks’ for our efforts…Do you think we are workers or what” I said to Daisy.

“Firstly,i didn’t come into this house to start working like a maid,you should all treat me like a princess because I’m with the life(cure) of Mig”
“Secondly,this fool sitting here should be the one doing all the house chores because you accommodated her without collecting a penny” Daisy said and i wanted to reply her but Elva surprised me by beating me to it.

“This should be the last time you speak ill of me ,i stay silent all this while doesn’t mean I’m a dummy..I’m only trying to avoid any form of quarrel,so please chide yourself. I won’t want to lose my temper or all hell would break loose! ” Elva said and i stared at her in surprise,same as Daisy and Mig.
Elva has never replied Daisy,so I’m surprised she could say all that but i like her guts.
I laughed at the look of shock in Daisy’s face.

“Ohh…you now have the gut to talk back at me” Daisy said walking towards Elva,who also stood up from her chair.
“Well…you provoked my guts” Elva replied to Daisy’s face and i smiled..
Mig stood up to stop them but i held him back.

I want Daisy to have a taste of what she normally do to others.
Daisy suddenly slapped Elva who held on to her cheek with blood shot eyes.
“Don’t dare mess with me again!” Daisy yelled and turned to leave,i was more surprised when Elva dragged her back with her hair and gave her two thunderous slaps on each cheek before pushing her to the floor,she pounced on her and started hitting her furiously.


I laughed hard at Daisy’s unbelievable scre-m.

Mig stood up again to go stop them but i pushed him back, enjoying the show.

Wow…who would have thought Elva is this good in fighting.

(being Elva)

#Chapter 36

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

I had felt pissed at what Mig was doing to me,it was the anger i unleashed on Daisy .
I couldn’t stand back and watch her leave after slapping me,i drew her back and gave her two resounding slaps on both cheeks before pushing her to the floor.
I pounced on her and began hitting her,i don’t even know where i got the strength from.
I just realised that i can do anything when provoked.

She’s trying to fight back but i overpowered her,i could hear Fleur giggling but i was concentrated in giving Daisy a taste of her own medicine.
I felt a hand pulling me from Daisy and i instantly know it’s Mig, only his hands sends shivers down my spine.

“Why the fight huh?” He asked turning me to face him.
“She started it first” I said and just then i felt someone pulling hard at my hair.
It’s Daisy.
“Daisy stop” Mig said.
She kept pulling hard at my hair, i lost my cool kicking her hard.
She cried out in pain releasing my hair.

“Fleur won’t you stand up and take Elva away” Mig Said almost breathlessly.
“No i can’t,Daisy is yet to get enough beatings” Fleur said.
Mig glared at her and she turned her face away,took my hand and led me to the kitchen.
“You are so gonna regret this,you bitch” Daisy said as Mig took her to her room.

Fleur bursted out laughing immediately they left and i couldn’t help but smile.
“Elva that was great,she won’t dare pick on you again” She said.
“I shouldn’t have done that but i guess i don’t like being provoked” I sighed.
“Well…I enjoyed the scene though,i knew she couldn’t fight.
She’s only good at raining insults” Fleur said.

Mig strode back into the kitchen and i immediately looked at my feet.
“Elva..I actually thought you were a calm person but it seems you’re not” He said.
“She provoked me” I said raising up my head.
“Well…you did quite well” He said and i looked at him a bit surprised.
“Yes” Fleur chipped in.
“It’s time Daisy learnt to stop picking on anyone” Mig said and i didn’t know where my grin appeared from.
“Yes bro,the scene was quite…” Fleur was saying.
“Funny” Mig interrupted and we laughed.

“Huh…You laughed?” I found myself asking Mig but regretted doing so when his laughter disappeared.
“Hmm..” He said, scratching his hair..”I didn’t mean to” He said switching to a serious face.
“Hurry, let’s go check out the passage” He said to Fleur before walking out of the kitchen.

Fleur and i walked back to the dinning,picked up the dishes and took it to the kitchen to wash.


We all walked to the underground passage with cleaning tools…I’m actually eager to see the passage.
I’m holding a bucket filled with water,a dust pan and broom.
Fleur is holding a mop, feather duster and squeegee. While Mig is holding rubber gloves, vacuum cleaner and another broom.

Mig pushed open a tiny door one won’t even realize was there,we entered and climbed down some wooden flight of stairs .
“Here we are” Mig said immediately we stepped inside the passage.
It’s long and wide,very dusty and dirty,with cobwebs hanging around. I’m sure it will look more attractive when we finish cleaning it up.

I’m surprised there are no doors except one with some closed windows,the passage is wide and long to contain just a door and few windows..there are lot of spaces for more than that.
“Come over” Mig said and we followed him,he stopped in front of the only door in the passage.
“This door requires a code to open” He said and i widened my eyes in surprise,so as Fleur.

“Yes” He said pointing to some number buttons attached to the top of the door. I gasp.
“Wow..does that mean there is something important behind this door?” Fleur asked.
“I think so” Mig said.
“All we just have to do is figure out the code” I said.
“Yes..but it seems Daisy has the code” Mig said.
“Really?” Fleur and i asked in surprise.

“Yeah.. but we can’t discuss that here,come over to my room after dinner. Let’s clean up” He said and we nodded and started cleaning up.


“Wow!..” We all exclaimed after we were done cleaning up.
This passage now looks beautiful,the mable floor glittering,no speck of dust or cobweb could be seen around,we’ve opened the windows and it gave the passage more ventilation and brightness…the wall gleamed also.

“Wow..I could sleep here all day” Fleur said.
“Damn,it’s already late,let’s go prepare dinner” Mig said.
“I will come back here tomorrow” Fleur said.
“Sure..I will also” I said with a smile.
We picked all the cleaning tools and started walking out of the passage.
Mig closed the door firmly behind us and we walked back to the living room.

Daisy is seated on the couch, with her iPod in hand. We walked past her without uttering a word.
“I will make dinner,you guys should just go freshen up” Mig said.
Fleur and i walked back to our rooms to freshen up.


We finished eating the delicious dinner Mig prepared. Daisy stood up and walked to her room. She didn’t say a word at dinner and I’m glad for that.

Fleur and i joined Mig in the living room after we finished washing the dishes.
“Let’s go to my room” He said and we followed him.
We entered his room and he locked the door.

Fleur and i sat on the couch and he went to sit on the bed facing us.
“We need to keep our voice as low as possible” He said,almost in a whisper and we nodded..
I saw a message on Daisy’s iPod while she was unconscious.

“What message?” Fleur asked curiously and i nodded.
“It reads;

📩Daisy what’s taking you so long.

📩Mike has sent the code.


“What” We exclaimed.
“Daisy lied..she’s here for something else” I said.
“Yes..she didn’t found the passage by accident,she definitely know something” Fleur said.
“I had known she came back into this house for another aim” Fleur said.
“I really hope she’s truly with the cure” Mig said.
“What are we gonna do?” I asked.

“The first thing we should do is try to get the code from her iPod” Fleur said.
“She doesn’t go anywhere without her iPod and also her iPod has a lock” Mig said.
“So the first thing we should figure out is the iPod’s unlock pin” I said.
“Yes..I know we are gonna find more information in it” Fleur said.
“So our first assignment is to figure out her unlock pin” Fleur said and we nodded.
“How are we gonna do that?” I asked.

“I think we should continue the conversation tomorrow..we gotta sleep” Fleur said with a yawn standing up. I also stood up.
“Ok then..Goodnight” Mig said as we walked to the door.
“Elva can you please help me with the fountain pen on Mig’s couch” Fleur said.
“Okay” I said and turned walking back to the couch to get it for her.
I turned suddenly when i heard the door lock sound..
I stared in surprise when i realised what Fleur just did.

She’s locking Mig and i in here.

Darn it.

“Fleur open the door” Mig said.
“No i won’t, until you both stop the unnecessary silent-treatment and start talking to each other” She said through the door.
“Ohh..okay.. we’ve started talking already, just open the door . Elva needs to go back to her room” He said.
“No i can’t, Elva just sleep in there for tonight and i promise to open the door first thing tomorrow morning… Goodnight,have a great night guys” Fleur said and we heard her retracing step.




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