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Meant to be episode 37 - 38

(being Elva)

#Chapter 37

Zeemah writes📝

💎 Fleur’s POV💎

I know i tricked Elva, i hurried out of the room and bolted it.
“Fleur open the door” Mig said from inside.
“No i won’t until you both stop the unnecessary silent-treatment and start talking to each other” I said.
“Okay, we’ve started talking to each other already,just open the door. Elva need to go to her room” He said.
“No i can’t, Elva just sleep in there tonight and i promise to open the door first thing tomorrow morning… Goodnight,have a great night guys” I said and walked away giggling.

I entered my room and jumped on the bed.
I hope they would have settled their differences before tomorrow..
“I can be silly sometimes” I said giggling.

I smiled, wondering what they would be doing now.
I had noticed the chemistry between them even before any of them knew.
I’m glad i did that,they should be together for the wh0le night and i know they can’t be together for the wh0le night without talking to each other.

I placed my head on the pillow comfortably and drifted into Dreamland, hoping to see my prince charming..
Yeah…my prince charming.

💎Mig’s POV💎

“Aaaargh…Gosh.” I said and walked back to the bed.
Elva is standing resting her back on the wall trying to avoid my gaze .
I cleared my throat…not knowing what to say.
“I will sleep on the couch” She said walking towards it.
“No,we can share the bed,if you sleep on the couch,you are not gonna be comfortable” I found myself saying.

“Okay” She said and walked to the bed.
I shifted so she could climb over,she laid on the other side of the bed facing the wall creating enough space between us.
I laid on the bed and shifted the pillow behind my head.
Our backs to each other.
I’m trying hard to doze off but i can’t..
This is awkward.

“Mig” I heard Elva call.
“Huh?” I answered without turning.
“Did i offend you?” She asked and i immediately felt bad.
“No” I said.
“Then why were you been mean to me all day? She asked and i could sense she was nervous.
“You didn’t offend me,you own your life and you can do anything you want with it,i guess i acted just childish” I said.
“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I saw you and Ben k-ssing in the morning” I blurted out and felt her tense.
“No” She said and i can hear some ruffling on the bed.
She’s sitting up.
I also turned and sat up.
We are both seated on the bed,now facing each other.
The moonlight glittered through the window creating some light between us.
“Ben k-ssed me but i didn’t k-ss him back” She said.
“But you didn’t try to push him away” I said with a pained expression.
“I did but at first i was surprised and couldn’t do anything…if you had waited longer you would have seen how i pushed him away” She said.

“Really?” I asked.
I’m glad she doesn’t have anything to do with Ben and i felt bad for my misjudgement .
“Yeah, was that the reason you acted cold to me all day” She asked.
“Hmm…not really” I lied.
“Were you jealous?” She asked with a grin and i smiled.
“I know i don’t have the right to be jealous because i don’t own you,you are not my girlfriend but to be sincere,I felt mad and jealous.” I said.

“I’ve told Ben,i don’t want to have anything to do with him again,i was pissed he had k-ssed me… without my permission” Elva said and i couldn’t help but smile .
Serves him right..I thought and giggled.
“I’m sorry for acting cold to you over nothing” I said.
“It’s okay Mig…I forgive your jealous soul” She said and we both laughed.

“Mig what happened between you and Ben?” She asked and i frowned.
“Did you believe him earlier?” I asked.
” No i didn’t…I know you can’t invite him over and then pull up a fight with him but i was also confused when you didn’t try to defend yourself” She said and i felt kinda glad she believed me.
“I went to check out the underground passage and was coming back when i saw Ben seated on the couch…so comfortably that i had to ask why he came in unannounced.
Then he stood up and gave me a punch on the lips” I said and Elva gasp.

“What..Really?” She asked.
“Yeah…after that,i asked what he wanted and he told me to leave his Elva alone for him, punching me again”
“What!” She exclaimed..”I’m not his. He spites me even more” She said and i laughed.
“He turned to leave..” I continued “but i drew him back as you did to Daisy and made him have a taste of what he deserved” I said and laughed at Elva’s stern nod.
“That serves him right” She said.

“The sky is beautiful tonight” I said and we both turned to face the window.
“Yes it’s a beautiful night” She said and i nodded.
She shifted closer to me and placed her head on my shoulder,i stroked her soft hair..
We both sat there gazing at the lovely stars in the sky in perfect silence.
I wish she could remain in my arms forever.
My feelings for her is waxing stronger and i just realized what the feeling is even if I’m yet to admit it..

It’s love…I love Elva.

💎Elva’s POV💎

With my head placed on his shoulder and his finger stroking my hair, gazing at the beautiful night.
It felt like paradise.
The feeling is pure and heavenly.
I’m glad to have my Mig back,i don’t know why i felt happy that he was jealous..Does that mean he likes me?.
“I hope so” I thought smiling at the thought.

But Ben is so callous,i didn’t even think he could do such .He has always been nice to me,i don’t know what prompted him to act foolishly.
He nearly made me lose Mig,if i hadn’t explain to hik,he would have thought the worst of me.
But right now..I’m so happy,i wish to be in his arms forever..it’s the warmest place I’ve ever being.

I don’t know where this feeling is coming from,i can’t just resist it..it keeps getting stronger each passing day and i know the feeling is not just any feeling..it’s love.

I’m in love with Mig.

I started dozing off and the last thing i remembered was a wet k-ss on my forehead..

(being Elva)

#Chapter 38

Zeemah writes📝

(The next morning)

💎Daisy’s POV💎

‘Could their meeting yesterday be all about me?
Were they starting to suspect my moves?’ I thought worriedly as i laid on the bed.
Today clocks the 4th day I’m in this house, just three days left.
This isn’t my first task but why is this particular one difficult for me.
Where are my skills?
Boss was just really pissed at me…he yelled at me over the phone yesterday.

Well…I just have to look for the perfect time,the time none of them will be in the house. I gat the code on my iPod.
After getting the golds,I’m gonna make Elva regrets what she did.
She dare talk back at me and fight me!
I will get back at her.

I stood up from the bed..to get a cup of water from the kitchen.
I walked out of my room, walking through the corridor past Mig’s room when i heard giggles.
I got closer and recognized that frog’s voice.

What! Don’t tell me she spent the night with Mig.
I banged the door and silence followed.

“Fleur you don’t have to bang the door,just open it. You were the one who locked us in since last night” I heard Mig say.
Just then i saw the bolt,I unbolted it and pushed the door open, scurrying inside.
I grew more furious when i saw Elva and Mig on the bed.
I thought Mig was pissed at her.. what’s she doing here!

“You’re a slut Elva” I voiced out hurriedly.
“Daisy what’s these?” Mig asked.
“What huh?…you are also a male slut” I said.
“Elva and i didn’t do anything..we are just chilling” He said and i let out my breath.
“Even if we did anything,i don’t think it’s suppose to affect you. We own our body and we don’t need your permission to do anything we want” Elva said now kneeling on the bed.

Even in her tousled hair…she still looks beautiful.
Huh?..No she’s as ugly as shit!

“You can go out and try that with other guys.. Not my Mig” I yelled.
“Your Mig you say?” I heard and turned to see Fleur walking into the room.
“No one owns my brother,it’s a lady with a pure and beautiful heart who has the right to own my bro” Fleur said.
Gosh…I really hate her guts..

“Ohh…really?” I asked.
“Of course..Not some lady with flat bum and a cruel heart” Fleur spat.
I heard Elva laugh…I turned and sent her a glare. I felt even worse when i saw Mig trying to hold his laughter.

I glared at them before walking out of the room with their laughter trailing behind me .
I’m definitely gonna get back at them!

💎Elva’s POV💎

We bursted into a loud laughter immediately Daisy walked out.

“How was your night guys?” Fleur asked and i smiled, glanced at Mig who also returned my smile. I blushed slightly.
It was the best night i’ve ever had..
“It was great” I said.
“Indeed it was” Fleur teased.
You may be wondering why we are lazying around..well today is Saturday and i don’t go to work on weekend. Fleur is on afternoon shift.

I will receive my monthly pay by Monday and i planned to get some things for Mig and Fleur.
“I need to get coffee in the kitchen and after that i will be in my room…I need to sort out some things” Fleur said.
“Okay” We said and she walked out after sending me a cute wink .
“So..let’s continue our game” Mig said and i sat comfortably.


“Mig you cheat”

” No i didn’t”

“You did”

“I didn’t”…We kept on arguing till we both ended up on the bed laughing.


I stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. I had left Mig’s room after spending more time with him.
I dried my body while walking back to my room.
My white blouse with blue jeans.. spread on the bed.
I brushed my hair and applied a little hair lotion, I packed the upper part in a ponytail and left the rest to flow down my back.
I slipped into my flip flops.
I took the towel and spread it on the bathroom cabinet before walking out of my room.
I entered the kitchen and met Mig placing some ingredients on the kitchen counter.
He’s now clad in blue shorts,armless black top which revealed his muscle. His long wavy hair bounced as he’s trying to get all the ingredients together..
His face in a cute smirk.

I was lost staring at him…his body is amazing including his face.
“Would you quit staring,let’s make breakfast” He said and i jolted.
“Hmm..uh” I said.
“Come..I want to prepare a new dish and i want you to learn . Come over here” He said and i walked to him.

“So what’s the name of this dish?” I asked.
“Cranberry sauce and I’ll be preparing multiple meals also” He said.
“Really?..you know how to prepare that too?” I asked.
“Of course..now let’s get to work” He said we walked to the sink. Washed our hands and picked our aprons with hair net.


We all sat round the dining table with our meals each placed in front of us.
“Wow even the aroma has given me a hint on how tasty this meal will be” Fleur said.

“Of course its delicious ” I said.
“Yes apprentice and i made it” Mig said and i smiled.
“Please obey your table manners, just shut your mouths and eat” Daisy said.
Fleur hissed loudly and we all started eating…


Fleur, Mig and i sat in Mig’s room after breakfast to continue last night’s discussion. “So how do you think we are gonna figure out Daisy’s iPod lock? ” I asked.

“Let’s think and come up with different ideas then we will choose the best” Mig said. “I have an idea” Fleur said.
“What idea?” We asked curiously.
“Mig you will have to date Daisy back”



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