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Meant to be episode 39 - 40

(being Elva)

#Chapter 39

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

“I have an idea” Fleur said.
“What idea?” We asked curiously.
“You will have to date Elva back”

“What..!” Elva and i exclaimed.

“Mig..chill” Fleur said.
“I can’t do that” I said.
“Mig it’s just a plan,with you being close to her. You will surely figure out the unlock pin” She said.
Elva and i shook our heads negatively…
“Please let’s go on with this plan,Mig it’s just an act . She has three days left to leave this house. Do you want her to leave without us figuring out a thing…we have to do this fast” Fleur said and i nodded.

“Ok then how do we go about it?” I asked.
“Good..From now on,you have to start acting nice to her..you beg her that you want the relationship back and i definitely know she will agree to that. You will sleep in her room today and tomorrow..” Fleur was saying.

“What…” Elva exclaimed before i could object.
“Why should he sleep in her room…are there no other alternatives?” She asked.
“Yes…I can’t sleep in her room.. she’s more like a..arrgh” I gro-ned.
“You are not gonna do anything,you are just gonna cuddle her and make her feel free with you . Once she’s free with you,she won’t even bother to hide her lock from you anymore. She will unlock her iPod in your presence and you will quickly grab the pin…You won’t act like you are studying her so she won’t suspect a thing and with that we are good” Fleur said and i nodded.

“Smart sis” I said and she grinned.
“Ok…it’s fine,let start the plan” Elva said but i noticed her face isn’t bright.
Could it be the plan issue?
“Yes,Elva and i will go out to the lake now,so you will have the opportunity to go meet Daisy” Fleur said and i nodded.
They both stood up.
“We are gonna meet again by lunch and good luck with your date” Fleur said and they both walked out.
I adjusted my outfit and walked out of my room..
I met Daisy sitting on the couch in the living room,her iPod in hand.

I cleared my throat and went to sit right beside her,she looked a little bit surprised, probably not expecting me to sit beside her.
She continued scrolling through her iPod.

Gosh.. How do i start?

“You are always with your iPod,you don’t even seem to want to talk to me anymore” I said twirling her hair between my finger.
She loves it when i do that.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes” I said.
“Well…you are always busy with your mistress and won’t even spare me a glance so you don’t expect me to come force myself on you” She said.

“I’m sorry …I just realized all I’ve been doing. I can’t resist you anymore,my heart beat fast whenever I’m around you. Please forgive me and i promise i won’t leave you again” I said, applying a very cool gesture to sway her.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes Dee” I said and her eyes widen with excitement. I call her “Dee” then and i know she loves me calling her that,so i had to quickly apply it.

“Dee…have you forgiven me?” I asked and batted my eyelashes which always made her listen to anything i say.
With the look on her face,i know she’s falling for the plan already.
“Ohh…my Mig,I’ve forgiven you. But,i don’t want to see you around that slut anymore” She said.
“Ok Dee..and i don’t even like her anymore” I said…yeah i don’t like Elva anymore, I love her.
I k-ssed her forehead,the tingling feeling i always feel whenever i do that is no longer there.

“I’m glad to have you back Mig” She said with a grin,pulling me into a hug.
“Me too” I said hugging her back.

💎Elva’s POV💎

Fleur kept me busy with talks as we swim in the lake but my mind wasn’t there.
“What could they be doing right now.. I kept thinking with a frown.
“I hope the plan works out” Fleur said interrupting my thoughts.
“Yes” I said nonchalantly.
“I’m very sure that iPod contains some illegal things” She said.
“Yeah” I said.
“I can’t wait to dig out the secret she’s been hiding”
“Yeah” I said.

“Why don’t we go see the passage again” I said, desperately wanting to go inside to see what Daisy is up to with Mig.
“No let’s not go yet..we need to give Mig some time,but we will go soon” She said and i nodded.
“Let’s swim race” Fleur said and i nodded.
“Whoa !” I exclaimed as i saw Fleur swimming far ahead of me .
She’s a good swimmer, just like Mig.
Mig and Daisy’s thought filled my mind again.
I don’t know why I’m feeling this way .
Am i jealous?
Yes I am…Not when Mig is with that bitch.
I know it’s a plan but it gat me feeling so insecure.

💎Daisy’s POV💎

I laid my head on Mig’s thigh while he kept twirling his finger in my hair…I’ve missed that.
I can’t believe Mig could apologise to me,he finally realised that I’m far better than that dumbass.

I’ve achieved one of my aims for coming here.. it’s remaining the “gold” task which i will carry out on Monday as soon as Fleur and Elva leave for work. I will send Mig to get me some things at the grocery store then i will quickly unlock the door and pack as many golds i can and then leave.
My plan for Monday will surely be a success.. Could anyone be more happier than i am.

“You look more beautiful Daisy” Mig said interrupting my thoughts and i blushed .
“And your iPod is also lovely” He said picking it up. I would have grabbed it from his hand but i don’t want him to suspect a thing and i don’t know why i feel free with him..
I kinda love Mig,so he can do anything he wants with my iPod as long as he doesn’t even know the unlock pin.

“I miss the way you do smile” He said and i smiled.
“Yes” He said and i chuckled.
“Dee you are no longer free with me, i miss the way you tell me things, how you allow me access your phone and so many more” He said.

“I’m sorry Mig…I will try to be more free around you” I said and he smiled.
I touched his dimple and we both giggled like we always do in the past.
“Mig” She called with a longing look..
“i miss the way you k-ss me,can you k-ss me now please” I said.


I saw Elva and Fleur with the corner of my eyes walking back into the living room and i quickly lift my head and k-ssed him right on his lips…

(being Elva)

#Chapter 40

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

Fleur and i entered the house and i stood rooted to the spot at what i saw.
Mig is k-ssing Daisy or rather Daisy k-ssing Mig… Anyhow..I felt like strangling her right on the spot.
They stopped k-ssing and Mig caught my gaze..I gave him a short stare before walking away angrily..

I know it’s all an act but it really hurts to see Mig in a k-ss with another lady..No other lady than Daisy !
“Was that how he felt when Ben k-ssed me?” I thought as i opened the door to my room.
I walked in and headed towards the bed.
I sighed as i sat.
Fleur has gone to prepare for work.
I picked up a novel trying to get that thought off my mind.


I heard a knock and walked to the door,i opened it and saw Mig.
“Lunch is ready” He said.
“I will join you soon” I said closing the door on his face.
I’m pissed with him for k-ssing another bitch.
It’s just an act but i can’t help it .
I sat back on the bed with my face buried in my palms.
I finally stood up and went to join them at the dining.
I met them already eating,i took a seat and started eating mine without glancing up.
I could feel Mig’s eyes on me.

Daisy and Mig talked and laughed throughout lunch.
Daisy kept sending me triumphant looks and i can’t help but giggle…
Seriously, Mig knows how to act ,no one would suspect a thing.

We finished eating and i washed the dishes…I went outside and sat on the front porch to await Fleur’s arrival and also to feel the cool breeze .
I continued reading my novel..


Whoa !!
“It’s getting dark..I will just quickly finish this page and go in” I thought.


“Elva” I heard and glanced up.
It’s Fleur.
“Hey Fleur,welcome” I said standing up.
“What are you doing outside?” She asked.
“I just felt like sitting outside” I said.
“Ohh..okay,let’s go in” She said and opened the door.
We both walked in.

“You both came in at the right time. Daisy and i just finished making dinner” Mig said and Daisy beamed.
“Ok then…I will just drop my bag and come to the dinning” Fleur said and walked away to her room.
“I walked to the dining and sat down, avoiding Mig’s gaze.

He dished out the meal in four plates,he placed mine in front of me and forced me to look at him.
I looked at him and he smiled sending me a wink…I almost smiled back but i held myself.
Fleur also came to join us and we started eating.


Mig followed Daisy to her room after dinner.
Fleur and i finished washing the dishes and sat in the living room.

“I hope the plan works out” Fleur said.
“Yeah..I hope Mig can get the unlock pin tonight because i don’t want him spending another night with her” I found myself saying.
“Really?” Fleur asked and i shyly gave a little nod.
“So after Mig gets the unlock iPod.. what’s next?” I asked.
“Well.. once Mig gets the unlock pin i’m thinking of adding a harmless sleeping medication in her meal,then once she sleeps off..we will explore the iPod” Fleur said.

“Wow… great plan, let’s just keep hoping that Mig gets the unlock pin tonight” I said.
“Of course he will…I trust him” Fleur said and i nodded.
“The kids asked after you today” She said.
“Ohh… really?”
“Yeah…they seem not to like the other lady.. Miranda” Fleur said.
“Yes they actually told me that..and i promised to tell Doc. Steph but i forgot” I said.

“Ohh…you should tell him that tomorrow”
“Yes i will” I said.
“I’m feeling sleepy” Fleur said with a little yawn.
“Me too” I said and we both exchanged “goodnight” then walk into our various rooms.
I closed the door behind me and sleepily changed into my pyjamas before jumping on the bed.
I yawned and turned on the bedside lamp before falling into a deep sleep.

💎Mig’s POV💎

Daisy and i laid on her bed, she’s telling me about how her city life went but my mind wasn’t there.
I didn’t like the look Elva gave me earlier when she caught me in the “k-ss”.

Daisy k-ssed me first,i hadn’t attempted to do so.
“So Mig are you serious about us starting over?” Daisy asked.
“Yes Dee..I am” I lied.
“Ok…Agreed but..” She said with hesitation.
“But what?” I asked.
“That lady must leave” she said.
“Of course I’m planning to tell her to leave” I said and almost giggled.
“That’s good” She said.

“And I’m sleeping here tonight” I said.
“Really?” She asked with excitement.
“Yes Dee” I said.
“Wow” She squealed excitedly.
“Yeah..” I said removing the blanket to lay fully on the bed with her also beside me.
Why isn’t she making any efforts to open her iPod..

“I love you Mig” She beamed.
“I love you too Dee” I said.
Damn…she should open this f-cking iPod instead of staring at me sed-ctively.
She shouldn’t even try to bring up s€× tonight… because that’s what she likes most …I will have to refuse and I’m afraid that might ruin the plan.
Won’t she unlock this damn iPod..

I waited patiently for some minutes before figuring out she might not want to do that in my presence.
I know what to do..I just have to pretend to be asleep with my eyes at alert.

I shifted the pillow up to where i know i will get a full view once she wants to unlock her iPod.
“Good night Dee” I said with a fake yawn.
“Goodnight Mig” She said pecking my cheek.
I smiled and pretended to have slept off but she still didn’t make an attempt to reach for the iPod..
I was starting to get real sleepy when i heard some sounds..
I opened my right eye a little and saw her picking up her iPod from the bedside stool.

I smiled..she flipped it open.

Gosh.. I need to grab this real fast, she’s about to unlock it …Thank goodness the view is clear.

She gazed at me and i quickly put up the fake act of sleeping.
I heard her sigh and open my eyes back.
She clicked; 1-1-7-8-2-9 and the iPod unlocked.

“Yasssss!! I’ve gotten the pin” I thought happily but how will i remember this till morning.
Well…I just have to keep reciting it.
Fleur and Elva will be so happy as i am right now.

“1-1-7-8-2-9″ I kept reciting inwardly till i fell asleep.

💎Daisy’s POV💎

I unlocked my iPod after I’m sure Mig is fast asleep. I saw message notifications and quickly click on it.

📩 Daisy,you are to carry out the task on Tuesday,the day of your departure.

📩Pick enough golds,the one you are capable of carrying without discomfort,so as not to ar-use suspicion.

📩Make sure you come back on Tuesday with your task completed..we are all expecting you and good luck!

I read the message from Boss and smiled.

📩Okay boss ” I replied.

I will have to shift my plan to Tuesday then…tomorrow is Monday.
That’s good..I will even like to spend more time with Mig.
I know and I’m damn sure,i will carry out the task successfully this time.

Any hindrance…is gonna drop dead!

I glanced at Mig and smiled…”Such a cutie with the most irritating disease I’ve ever seen” I thought and laughed.

Once i have the golds..I will lock the door to the secret passage permanently…
But i still need to deal with Elva..i can’t allow her go scot-free,not after fighting me.

All my plans are set… ready to be carried out.
I can’t wait…to be so rich..I will pick enough golds for myself without Boss knowing…
They are just gonna return from work on Tuesday and find me gone.
I’m pretty sure Mig is gonna cry his eyes out for expecting a ‘non existing cure’ ..
Haha..They are so dumb.
They couldn’t even tell me to make them see the cure i claim to be here with.
Well if they had..I will have brought out the small liquid substance i brought with me in place of the cure.


Tuesday here i come..


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