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Meant to be episode 43 - 44

(being Elva)

#Chapter 43

Zeemah writes 📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

Wow..Good try,so this is what you’ve all been planning all along..how dare you plan for me?!..” Daisy suddenly said,sitting up on the bed.

We flinched,the iPod fell from Fleur’s hand and we all stood there shaking in fear” I imagined before flinching back to reality.

“Elva what’s wrong?” Fleur asked.
“I had..some..bad imaginations” I said.
“Ohh..” Fleur said pressing in the unlock pin.
“Whoa..!! It worked” She said excitedly.
“Let’s go to the living room,she might just wake up and grab one our necks” Mig said and we all hurried to the living room.
We got there and sat on a couch,Fleur in our middle. Mig and i on both sides.
“Now which App should we explore first?” I asked.
“The message app of course” Fleur said and clicked on it.
“Ohh..no..it’s locked,she installed App lock on it” Fleur said with a sad expression.
“Aaaargh…her iPod security is damn tight” I said.

“Why don’t we try the unlock pin for the app lock also. It might work out” Mig said.
“I hope so ” Fleur said and began pressing the pin.

“It worked!” She exclaimed happily.

“Of course it will,if i hadn’t brought up the idea,we will all be looking like a dummy right now” Mig said and we shot him a look.
“Whoa…There are tons of messages,let’s check out the first one” Fleur said and clicked on it.
It came into view and we started reading.

📩 Boss,i used the cure to lure them into accepting me back into the house.

📩 Okay be fast with your task and get back here quick!!

📩 Okay boss, that’s my only aim in the house and i will achieve it.

📩Have you found the underground passage?

📩No boss..I plan on doing that tomorrow.

“Do you understand this?” Fleur asked and i shook my head.
“Not really” I said.
“Me too” Mig said.
“Let’s read the second message..it might shed more light” I said and she clicked on the second..

📩Daisy, Mike has sent the code to the door of the underground passage. What the hell are you still doing?

📩Boss I’m sorry…I saw something that terrified me,i didn’t know when i collapsed.

📩 Enough of the excuses! Pack the golds you were sent there for and leave.

📩 Okay Boss..I will fix a date when they won’t be around,then i will quickly pack the golds and flee.

📩You better do.

📩 Okay Boss.

“What!!” Fleur exclaimed.
“I’m beginning to understand” I said.
Mig sat still without uttering a word.
“I knew Daisy came into this house for a mission” Fleur said.
“Yes.. she’s here for the gold they believe is in the underground passage” I said.
“Wow..there are golds in the underground passage?” Mig asked.

“We don’t know yet,let’s continue reading,we might find the code in one of the messages” I said and we did.


“OMG… Daisy is a secret fortune hunter” Fleur shouted.
“She’s a bitch” I said.
Mig’s face has went pale.. we’ve confirmed Daisy isn’t with any cure .
He’s disappointed..the cure he had put all his hope in is not real!
“Mig it’s okay” I comforted.

“Mig…I understand but just let it go,of course you can still pursue your dream even with your disease. All you just have to do is to be careful of the weather” Fleur said.

He nodded and smiled after more comforting words.

“So now,we all know that Daisy came here for the golds they claim is in the underground passage,she also has the code to unlock the door” Fleur said.
We’ve scribbled the code on a piece of paper.
“Let’s read the last message,so we can know our next plan” Mig said and Fleur clicked on it.

📩Daisy,you are to carry out the task on Tuesday,the day of your departure.

📩Pick enough golds,the one you are capable of carrying without discomfort,so as not to ar-use suspicion.

📩Make sure you come back on Tuesday with your task completed..we are all expecting you and good luck!

📩 Okay Boss.

“What the…

Tomorrow is Tuesday !!

She’s leaving tomorrow !!” We exclaimed.
“Gosh what are we gonna do?” I asked panicky.
“I have a plan” Fleur said.
“What plan?”
“I guess Daisy would wait for us to leave for work tomorrow,then probably send Mig on an errand,so she can quickly leave before any of us gets back.

So what we are gonna do is this .. we won’t go to work tomorrow but we will pretend to leave the house,dressed for work. Then we will go stay at the back yard.

Once she sends Mig on an errand,he will also join us there. We will call the cops and go in through the back door.
She will be caught red handed, and handed over to the cops..and then… we will confirm if there is truly gold inside the door” Fleur said.

“That’s great” I said.
“Plan planner” Mig teased and we laughed.
So our plan for tomorrow is ready..I will call Doc . Steph now and give him some excuses about us not able to come to work tomorrow” Fleur said.
“Okay..let’s return the iPod to her room before she wakes” I said.
“Let’s clear the RAM so she won’t suspect a thing” Fleur said and quickly did that.

Mig took the iPod back into Daisy’s room while Fleur put a call through Doc . Steph.


We sat in silence, different thoughts running through our minds.

Daisy is selfish.

How could she come back here just because of golds. After dumping him and also threatening him,she even collected a huge sum of money.
I can’t wait to see the cops arrest her.
She’s a criminal…we saw loads of messages on her iPod and none was nothing good.

Mig is so hurt…the cure he is excited about is fake..
The cure gave him hope but it has been shattered by Daisy..
I wish there is cure for his disease..I would have done anything to get it.

“It’s midnight,why don’t we go to bed” Mig suggested and we stood up and headed to our various rooms.

🎯The next Morning🎯

I finished dressing up and walked out of my room to Fleur’s.
I opened her door and met her reading a magazine on the bed.

“Good morning Fleur” I said.
“Good morning Elva..hope you didn’t forget our plan?” She asked.
“Of course not” I said.
“Let’s go” She said and we both walked out of her room.
We met Mig and Daisy in the living room…surprisingly Daisy is already dressed up.


“Good morning Mig”
“Good morning”
“Daisy your one week ends today,please leave before we get back and don’t forget to drop Mig’s cure” Fleur said.
“Of course” Daisy said with a grin.


“Bye” We said and walked out of the house.
Fleur took my hand and we both hurried to the back yard of the house,we dropped our bags on the floor and sat on the pavement.
“Once Mig is here,we will go in immediately through the back door” Fleur whispered and i nodded.
We waited for some minutes before Mig finally appeared.
“She sent me to the grocery store” He said.
“Daughter of a bitch!!” Fleur cursed.

“I have to call the cops before we go in” Fleur said bringing out her cell phone.
She punched in some numbers and placed it on her ear.
“Good morning… please can you come to Fraser island,Wimth street,block 2, a criminal is there right now” Fleur said.
“Okay thanks” She said and dropped the call.

“They are on their way…let’s go in” Fleur said.
We tiptoed to the back door, Mig opened it without making a sound and we walked in gently.
“No one is in the living room room… she’ll definitely be in that passage” Fleur said and we headed there.
We opened the door and climb down the stairs…and there is Daisy with her luggage beside her,yet to notice us. She was about pressing the code.




We said and she flinched in shock ,the iPod fell hard from her hand and there was a crack sound…the iPod’s screen has obviously been broken.
She stared at us in complete shock..

“Daisy!..you do not worth to be human” I said.
“A rat is far more better than you” Fleur said.
“So you think you will just pack the golds and leave” I said and her mouth dropped open.

“I thought you were wise, yet you couldn’t figure our plan..I don’t love you nor want you back,it was all a plan to get the damn unlock pin” Mig said and her face fell.
“You wanna have the golds you claim is here and leave.. impossible!!” Fleur yelled.

“You all should keep that thrash you call mouths shut” She suddenly said.
“Well… you’ve caught me and i won’t also leave without causing you pain” Daisy said and suddenly pulled out a pistol from the back of her jean pointing it at us.

We froze in fear..
None of us ever thought she’d be with a pistol.

“Daisy please..” I said in fear.
“You can have the golds Daisy” Fleur said.
She laughed hysterically..” I can’t take the golds anymore,you guys ruined my plan and i will also ruin you” She said and pointed the pistol to Mig who didn’t flinch.

“You dared deceive me” She said. if i don’t have you, nobody will..I’m sorry” She said and pulled the trigger shooting Mig twice on his chest before we could blink.
He collapsed on the floor… blood oozing out of his chest.



Miguel !!!!

(being Elva)

#Chapter 44

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎


Mig !!!

Miguel !!!!

Fleur and i scre-med rushing to him .
He’s loosing blood.
“Call the ambulance !!” I scre-med in tears.
Fleur took out her phone..
*Ben bring the ambulance to my house now!* She yelled over the the phone before turning to Mig.
Her cheeks already soaked in tears.

She began pressing his chest but suddenly stopped when she saw Daisy was about to run out.
She stood up and grabbed her back sending her two kicks in her stomach.

Daisy fell hard on the floor and Fleur pounced on her beating her angrily.
“Mig please hold on” I said in tears holding his hand.
“El-va i lo-ve y-ou” He whispered in a weak voice and a smile appeared on my face amidst tears.

“Please hold on, the ambulance is on it’s way” I cried.
“I’-m i-n pa-in-s” He said and i cried more.
He gripped my hand tight and i saw a tear roll down his cheek.

“Mig please.. you are strong,hold on please” I said.
“I do-n’t th-ink i c-an, i ca-n’t..I’m s-orr-y” He said gasping for breathe..I held his hand tight,my tears not stopping.
He went still, cold and numb.
My wh0le body turned numb too as i stared at him.
He’s not breathing..
He’s not moving!

“Mig!! Fleur come do something” I scre-med shaking him in tears.
Fleur came rushing to me.
“Mig” She called, slowly dropping to the floor.
“Mig you promised to protect me, don’t leave me” She cried dragging his hand ..” Mig wake up” Fleur cried checking his pulse but he laid still.
Isn’t it so hard to survive a gunshot on the chest and it wasn’t even one bullet that penetrated his chest, but two!

I cleaned my tears and stood up,Daisy is still laying weak on the floor.
I kicked her continuously, hitting her wherever i could lay my hand on with tears streaming my face.

I heard the police siren and rushed out of the house.
I saw the ambulance also…Good !! They arrived at the same time.
“Come in..come in,why the hell are you so late” I scre-med rushing back into the house.
They followed me.

“There is the criminal” I said pointing to Daisy on the floor..
The cops rushed to her,forced her to stand on her feet. Then handcuffed her before dragging her outside.
Ben rushed in with a stretcher together with two nurses.
“Please save him” I said as they laid him on the stretcher.
We followed them as they carried him out.

Daisy is led to the police van,they pushed her in and drove off.
We entered the ambulance with Mig.
I knelt beside him taking his hand in mine as they drove away.

Ben quickly placed an oxygen mask on his nose and checked his pulse.
“I hope he survives it..the bullets penetrated deeply, just near his heart” Ben sighed.
“He will…Drive faster” Fleur yelled and the driver increased his speed.
Thank goodness the hospital isn’t so far from the house.

“Mig just open your eyes and look at me” I whispered in his ears and turned to k-ss him on the lips.
The lips that normally respond to mine is now still and cold.
I touched his face, trying to open his eyes.
“Elva stop” Ben said and i nodded not letting go of Mig’s hand.

Fleur is crying silently beside him, with her nose running.
Ben passed her a tissue and she collected it and blowed her nose into it.
The ambulance stopped, Ben opened the door and rushed out.
“Emergency!” He shouted and more doctors rushed out including Doc . Steph.

Mig was wheeled towards the emergency ward,Fleur and i trailing behind them.
They opened the door to the emergency ward and wheeled him in.
They stopped us from going in.

“I want to f-cking treat my brother myself !…let me in” Fleur yelled.
“No…we can’t , Nurse Fleur you know it’s against the rules” Ben said.
“I don’t f-cking care about any rule right now..I want to treat my brother myself” She insisted.
“Nurse Fleur this isn’t allowed…step back, let’s treat your brother,he’s loosing more blood” Ben said but she insisted.

They pushed her out of the way and quickly locked the door.
Fleur kept banging the door till i had to hold her.
“Fleur…they have their reason for that,stay calm..Mig is a survivor he’s gonna survive this” I assured even though i badly need someone to assure me as well.
“My brother must come out of this ward alive!” She yelled through the door.

I took her hand and we both walked to the reception..we paced to and fro in tears.
“Nurse Fleur,Elva what’s wrong” One of the nurses asked but we just kept mute.
“You know that cute guy…Nurse Fleur’s brother..he was shot and right now he’s in the emergency ward” The second nurse said.

“OMG…so sad”

Fleur’s phone rang thrice before she answered.
“I’m not coming to the station without knowing my brother’s welfare..lock her up for now” She said quickly dropping the phone back into her pocket.

I snifled and one of the nurses passed me some roll of tissue paper,i collected it with a ‘thanks’
I wiped my tears ,more kept flowing,the tissue was soaked in few seconds.
The first nurse looked at me with pity while the other one passed me another roll of tissue paper.
I collected it,cleaning my unstoppable tears.

Mig said he loves me … He have to wake up to hear me say I love him more.
My heart is in pain right now…I’m not myself.

I feel sick, hurt,sad!

He’s the only one who can clear my pains away.
Once he’s conscious..I know i will get better immediately.
“What if i don’t get the chance to tell him i love him more” I thought and cried harder.
My head ached..my mouth felt sour. I felt dizzy that i had to quickly rest on a wall.
Fleur continued pacing to and fro.. her face is the correct definition of ‘sad’
I’ve never seen her look this sad,i would have denied it if i was told this is Fleur.

She looked at me and walked towards me ,I noticed how red her eyeballs are. I know mine will be redder.
I pulled her into a hug and she cried on my shoulder.
We comforted each other but it was of no use because none of us could stop crying.

“Nurse Fleur” We heard and turned to see Ben in a surgeon outfit.
“How’s my brother?”
” How’s Mig?”
“I’m sorry but he….”
“But what?” Fleur interrupted.
“He what?” I asked praying hard my worst fear isn’t about to be confirmed.
“He…” Ben was saying but has not finished talking before Fleur pounced on him.
People rushed to pull her from him.

“Now tell me… how’s my brother?” She scre-med.
“I’m sorry but he’s..he’s dead” Ben said.

My head spinned,my body seemed to stop moving,my eyes were blinded with tears.


That was the last thing i heard before darkness enveloped me.


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