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Meant to be episode 45

(being Elva)

#Chapter 45

Zeemah writes📝

💎Daisy’s POV💎

“Hey if you know what’s good for you, don’t rough handle me” I yelled at the police dragging me towards the cell.
“If you don’t want to be rough handled,then why did you commit a crime. Cruel criminal” He yelled back at my face.

“Crazy bitch” I cursed..
He pushed me into the cell and locked it firmly, walking away.
I sat on the chair and rested my back comfortably.
I’m the only one in here..

Damn! Who would have believed i will be locked up.


My plan failed!!

And now I’m now locked up in a cell.

My iPod has been seized by the police!

Damn …what am i gonna do ?
How do i contact boss?
I shouldn’t have shot Mig..I should have shot Elva.. well i dont regret it one bit.
He should die…to hell i care!

But i need to contact boss,he’s the only one who can get me out of this mess.
“Hey” I called loudly and i saw one of the police walking towards me.
“What is the matter?” He asked.
“A glass cup of chilled water and i also need my iPod to contact my lawyer” I said.
“Okay” He said and walked away.

He returned later with the iPod and water.
I collected the water and gulped it before handing the empty glass cup back to him.
I unlocked my iPod and saw the police still standing.
“Leave” I said.
“I can’t leave, it’s your lawyer you wanna call right? Then you shouldn’t care about anyone around” He said and i shot him a glare.

📞Hey boss” I whispered.

📞 Daisy why aren’t you back?

📞 Boss..right now I’m locked up in a cell.

📞What!! What happened?

📞 I was caught off guard when i was about to complete the task so i shot Mig and was about running out,I didn’t know they already call the cops” I whispered.

📞There is nothing i can do because my orders only work here in the city. I don’t have any connection in the country side.

📞Please boss…I don’t want to spend the night here.

📞 Daisy, I thought you were smarter than getting caught, do you know how successful we would have been with that golds…Now you’ve ruined the plan and also locked up and you expect me to do some magic for you to be freed.

I can’t do anything,that should serve as the punishment for messing around instead of getting the task done.
Don’t you dare mention us to the police. You know what will happen if you do that.

📞Boss,boss boss” I called into the phone but he has already disconnected the call.

“Who is boss..I thought you are calling your lawyer” The police said but i ignored him.

I know I’m doomed… without Boss,i will never get out of here.

“Hey bring the iPod” The police said and i hissed.
He stretched out his hand and dragged it roughly from me, leaving a scratch on my arm.
“Ouch” I yelled in pain.
He gave me a mean look before walking away.
“To hell with you” I yelled after him.

The tears i didn’t believe i could shed came rolling down my cheeks.
Right now…I’m now regretting my actions.

I f-cked up big time.

💎Fleur’s POV💎

I opened my eyes with a slight headache .
“Ouch” I said rubbing my forehead ,my eyes also aches as if I’ve been crying.
I looked around slowly and noticed I’m on a bed, this is definitely not my bed.
My bed isn’t as tiny as this.

My eyes got clearer when i saw Elva laying on another bed beside mine,an IV fluid connected to her arm.

What the hell…

Everything came back rushing in .

Mig is dead!

“Nooooooo” I scre-med in tears almost, tearing off the bed spread.
Two nurses came rushing in .
“What’s wrong?” They asked worriedly.
“My brother.. where’s my brother?” I asked.
“Where is Mig?” I heard and turned to see Elva sitting up on the bed…I know my scre-m had woken her.

“Where is Mig?” She yelled again and i saw a tear roll down her cheek.
“I’m sorry but he’s…” One of the nurses was saying.
“Don’t you dare tell me my brother is dead” I said with clenched teeth.
“Yes he’s dead or rather he was dead but miraculously he’s awake and presently on a life machine” The nurse said and i didn’t know when a smile lit up my face.
I saw Elva squeal in excitement, she removed the IV fluid and rushed to embrace me.
The nurses stared at her..

“You shouldn’t have removed the IV fluid,you are still recovering” One of the nurses said and the other nodded but the look we gave them made them turn and leave.
“I’m so happy he isn’t dead” She said.
“Me too,but he’s on life support machine” I said sadly.
“That’s far better than being dead..I believe he will wake up soon” Elva said.

“Let’s go check on him” I said and stood up from the bed.
We walked out of the ward and i saw some patients in the corridor probably waiting to be attended to.
“They would have moved him from the emergency ward to intensive care unit” I said.
“Ok I guess you know the way” Elva said.
“Of course” I said and led the way.

We got there and i looked around before opening the door.
We walked in and saw Mig laying almost lifeless on the bed,his eyes shut,an oxygen mask placed firmly on his nose.
He’s truly on the life machine.
The machine determining his survival and a tear rolled down my cheeks.

I know his chance of survival is slim.
Elva had rushed to him, kneeling beside him and crying on his chest.
I moved towards him slowly and smiled.
Mig is a survivor..he will survive this.
I held his cold hand and pecked him on both cheeks.

💎Elva’s POV💎

I cried silently on his chest..
The agile Mig now look lifeless,his survival based on a machine.
I watched the machine scan his heart beat and i cried more.

“Mig you will open your eyes right?
” You will joke with us like you normally do right?
“You will prepare meals for us like you always do right?
” You will give me more interesting novels right?
“You will wake up soon right?”
I asked but there was no reply.

“Mig…please wake up, our eyes are aching with tears..please” I said into his ear.

We heard the door open and turned to see Ben walking into the ward.
“No one is allowed to come in here” He said almost furiously.
“Ben that’s not among the rules” Fleur said.
“Yes but…”
“No buts” Fleur interrupted.
“Elva i was told you removed the IV fluid,why would you do that,you are still recovering” He said.

“I don’t care, I’m okay” I said.
I saw a look of frustration cross his face.
“This isn’t right..Elva go back into your ward and complete you treatment” He said.
“I said I’m okay..do you want to force me to complete my treatment..go ahead then” I said.
“Ben..you shouldn’t act like this..you act like you don’t want Elva around Mig” Fleur said.
“Yes i don’t want her around him because i love her more than he does” Ben said and i saw Fleur’s eyes widen in surprise.

I’m not surprised…

“You love her?” She asked.
“Yes i do…
“You love me but i don’t have an iota of feeling for you,i don’t love you” I said.
“Go back into the ward to complete your treatment,you can’t go sick for a guy who..will never wake up” Ben said and Fleur rushed to him and delivered two slaps on his two cheeks.

Yeah..serves him right.

I should do more than that.
There was shock written all over his face.

Fleur walked back to Mig and shook him furiously.
“Mig!” She scre-med in tears.
“Prove this bastard wrong,he said you will never wake up..Mig prove him wrong” Fleur scre-med, her voice almost echoing the wh0le hospital.

“Ben…you wish he’s dead right?” I asked as i walked towards him.
He shrugged and i pushed him,he landed on the floor.
Fleur dragged me back before i could pounce on him.
” Do you love him that much?” Ben asked sadly.
“Yes i do..more than you can ever imagine” I said.
“Are you sure he loves you like you love him?” He asked.
“He loves me more than i do” I said.
“Can you prove that?” He asked with a stupid grin.

“Ben what stunt are you trying to pull?” Fleur asked.
“Fleur..let it be, you want me to prove it? How?” I asked.
“You claim he loves you,yet you were crying all over him and he refuses to wake up,why don’t you do something to make him wake right now..I want to see how strong your damn love is” Ben said and i smiled.

“Ben i will prove you wrong” I said with a sudden burst of faith.
“Elva, don’t try anything, Mig is unconscious and nothing you do will wake him up. Ben is trying to push you in hard” Fleur said.

“Fleur…he wants me to prove to him how strong our love is and i will do that now” I said with belief..i don’t know why feel so assured.
I walked towards Mig…

“Mig let’s prove this son of a bitch wrong okay..” I whispered in his ear and suddenly pulled off the oxygen mask.
Elva” I heard Fleur gasp.
The faith i could feel at the moment is one I’ve never experienced before.
I felt bold.
I felt assured as i looked up to God.
I don’t think I’ve ever believed in miracle but right now, nothing can beat that belief.

“Elva” Fleur said slowly, wondering what i was doing.
I turned to give her an assuring look and then prayed earnestly in my mind before placing my lips on Mig’s.
I k-ssed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth,waiting with unbeatable belief that he would respond to my k-ss and..

He did!

I felt his lips slowly respond to mine and his eyelid shaking slowly before his eyes finally opened.

He’s awa..ke…

“M..ig is a..wa.ke” I scre-med…


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Power of k-ss or power of faith?😂

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