Meant to be episode 47

(being Elva)

#Chapter 47

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

I smiled as Elva fed me lunch,she looks more beautiful to me and her lips, sed-ctively cute.

When the bullets penetrated my chest at first,the pain i had felt was… was a cruel one.
I had felt complete darkness when they wheeled me into the emergency ward.
I knew i was half gone and my heart cried bitterly.
My eyes were unable to open and my mouth couldn’t utter any word,my breathings were faint.
I had heard echoes and faint cries, it had felt like i was in another world.

I wouldn’t have believed i would survive with just a k-ss.
Elva’s k-ss.
I still can’t explain how i jolted into life when her lips touched mine.
I’m surprised as well as everyone.
How come my recovery is damn fast just by a k-ss.
I can talk clearly and eat much more than before,I’m not really feeling pains anymore and the Doctor said i will be discharged in few days.

“Yummy” I said really enjoying the meal.
“Yes it is” Fleur also said.
“I prepared it exactly the way Mig taught me” She said with a smile.

“Wow..this aroma is lovely” We heard and turned to see Doc . Steph.
“Yes Doc, Elva prepared it” Fleur said.
“Yeah” Elva confirmed with a smile and continued feeding me.
“Wow, Miss Wilson you gat everything” Doc said.
“Miss Wilson?” I asked confused.
Fleur quickly gave me a light pinch and i wore a fake smile.

“Yes Miss Wilson” I said.
“Yeah Miss Wilson gat everything;
Her k-ss is magical.
She’s good with kids.
She’s a very good cook.
She’s hard working.
She’s beautiful.
Friendly and nice to be with…To complete it all, she’s the envy of others” Doc Steph said and we all smiled.
Elva blushed slightly,her cheeks flushing harder when i winked at her.

“Thank you Doc Steph” She said and he nodded.
“Isn’t this Chinese rice and soup?” Doc Steph asked.
“Yes it is”
“Wow…it’s been long i had it, it was my favorite childhood dish” He said.
“Do you care for some?” Fleur asked.
“Of course” Doc said licking his lips slightly.
“Okay Doc..I will dish out some for you and deliver it to your office” Fleur said.
“Okay thanks..Elva you should see me once you are less busy and Mig how are you feeling now?” He asked.

“Your recovery is just so amazing and miraculous.. I’m glad you’re fine now” He said.
“Thanks Doc” Mig said.
“I’ll check on you later,i need to return to my office”
“Okay Doc” We said as he headed out of the ward.
“He’s such a nice person,are you sure he’s Ben’s uncle?” I asked.
“Who knows? But they are related in some ways” Fleur said and stood up…
She picked a dish and started dishing out Doc Steph’s meal.

“I will be right back” She said with a covered plate of Chinese rice and homemade soup in hand before heading out.

Elva and i sat alone in the ward, i’m done eating and we both stared at each other without moving.
I pinched her cheeks playfully and she smiled.
“I missed you” She said.
“Really?…I was only gone for some hours”
“Yeah..but i thought we’ve lost you and i also believed you will come back to us”
“Ohhh” I sighed.
She rested her head on my chest and i stroked her hair.
“Aren’t you gonna eat?” I asked.
“I’m not starving yet, seeing you this hearty already made me full” She said and i smiled.

“I can’t wait to be discharged so we go check out the secret passage and confirm if Daisy is right about the golds” I said.
“Of course..we are gonna check it out once you are discharged…and damn..i’m feeling sleepy” She yawned.
“Come sleep beside me” I said and she nodded, climbed on the bed beside me and dozed off almost instantly,her head placed on the part of my chest that was unhurt.

She looks tired.

I k-ssed her forehead and sniffed through her hair.
I stared into space for a while, thinking about nothing in particular before also falling asleep.

💎Ben’s POV💎

I peeped into the ward Mig is and shook my head sadly as i saw the both of them asleep,with Elva’s head placed on his chest.
I walked in fully and rested my back on the wall staring thoughtfully at them.
Their love for each other is deep as much as i hate to admit it.

How can a k-ss wake someone who is to be unconscious for days.
Just a k-ss…A damn k-ss.. isn’t that..isn’t that awesome.
Could it be jazz?

And come to the think of it..I’m the architect of Mig’s survival ,if i hadn’t dared Elva to do something that will make Mig conscious,she might never have tried that, not to talk of Mig waking up too soon.
And yet ,i was chased out like i mean nothing.

I also had faults but i’ve made up my mind to let go of everything..
That’s the best thing to do, their love for each other obviously can’t be deterred by anyone,if i should keep trying,it will only make Elva hate me more so why don’t i just let it be.
There’s not a bit of hope that I’ll have her to myself if i keep trying.
She’s madly in love with him!

I should let go of my feelings for her,i should plan to start afresh but it’s easier said than done.

I almost smiled as i saw Mig mumble something in his sleep, drawing Elva closer.

I walked out of the ward and walked past the corridor.
I saw Nurse Claire coming out of a ward, walking to the reception.


Is there some sort of jazz parading the hospital now?
What the hell.

How can i suddenly be feeling this way towards nurse Claire…?!

I smiled as i walked after her, trying to catch up with her.

💎Daisy’s POV💎

I sniffled and cleaned my tears,my eyes are already swollen and I’m now starting to really regret my actions.
I wonder how Mig is feeling now?
I really hope he will survive it.
When did i become a killer?
When did i turn this cruel?
When did i have an unquenchable taste for my money?
When did i become so greedy?

I know myself to be badly behaved but when did i turn into a monster!

Yeah…I guess it all started the moment i went to the city to meet Sasha..
She was my childhood friend and has become a musician and a model.
I wanted to be seen with a star.
She accommodated me for some time and then told me i have to start fending for myself,she initiated me into the Secret fortune hunters cult and since then i changed.
I was actually not a very nice person but i wasn’t this worse.

I have to find a way to get out of here,i can’t spend the rest of my life locked up in a countryside.

How will i cope?
I need to set up a plan! Now!

💎 Elva’s POV💎

I yawned and opened my eyes,i realized my head was still resting on Mig’s chest,i felt like staying there forever but i can’t..
Right now, i’m starving.

I gently slipped out of Mig’s grip to avoid waking him up.
I walked over to where the meal is and took a plate.
I dished out some meal,then settled down and started eating hungrily.

I was almost done with the meal when i felt Mig stirred,i looked at him .
He isn’t fully awake yet,but i know he will be awake soon.
I placed the empty dish back on the stool and gulped a glass cup of water.

I sighed in relief and rested a bit before standing up.
I decided to go check on the kids.
I looked back at Mig and smiled before walking out of the door.
I headed to my ward…I mean the children’s ward.
I opened the door and entered,my gaze fixed only on them.
I saw surprise written all over there faces before they all stood up and rushed towards me.
“Elva..we missed you” They said in unison.
“I missed you all also…How have you been?” I asked hugging them one after the other.
“Not fine Elva..we are starving”
“Starving?” I asked.
“Yes..we’ve not had lunch”
“Really? But it’s past the cook still preparing lunch?” I asked.

They didn’t answer but their gazes were fixed in one direction,i followed their gazes and i widen my eyes in surprise as i saw a lady sitting on the chair i do sit, she’s a bit pretty with short red hair,blue eyes and pale lips.
I saw the basket of lunch right on the desk before my gaze slipped back to her.
She returned my gaze with full force,daring me to say anything.

“Miranda right?” I asked the kids and they nodded.
I walked towards her and the children trailed behind me.
“Hey good afternoon” I greeted.
She stared at me without response. I shrugged and continued.
“The children’s lunch is right on your desk and you left them starving..does that make some sense to you?” I asked furiously.

She kept mute.

I furiously grabbed the basket from the desk and instructed the children to go sit on their beds.
They did and i started dishing out their lunch before serving them round.
They smiled and ate hungrily.
I looked back at Miranda who had stood up from the chair walking slowly towards me.
“Who gave you that order” She asked coldly.
“Ohh… really?..I thought you were mute” I said.
“Why the hell would you serve the children lunch when i was not ready to do so” She said.

“ mean you only serve the them lunch whenever you are ready to?..that shows how cruel you are..put yourself in their shoes and see how it feels to starve” I retorted.
A look crossed her face.
“Get the hell out of here” She said in a command tune and i laughed out loud.
“I’m not moving an inch from here and if i do,just have it in mind that you will be fired right away” I said.
“You are going crazy dare you just barge in here and perform this nonsense.” She said.
“If I’m crazy then you must be crazier because no sane person would starve kids just because she’s not ready to serve them lunch,even when the meal is right in front of her!” I said and was shocked to receive a slap across my face.


I pulled her close and dragged her hair,i sent some punches on her jaw before dragging her to the door.
I pushed her to the floor and pounced on her,prepared to give her the beating of her life.

“Oh my God, what’s going on here?..stop this” I heard before i was pulled from the bitch who was breathing endlessly. She looked angrily at me and i smirked.
“What’s wrong?” The Doctor asked but none of us answered him.
“Well fighting is prohibited in the hospital both should come with me to see Doc. Steph” The Doctor said and started walking towards Doc Steph’s office,we trailed behind him breathing heavily.

I didn’t know this lady was this cruel. How could she starve the kids just because she felt like doing so.


We came out of Doc Steph’s office.
I was smiling or rather laughing while Miranda looked angry, almost in tears…
She has been fired and i just received my pay.
We both walked back to the ward,i need to ensure she leaves without hurting the kids.
She kept sending cold glares my way but i cared less.

We entered the ward and she walked straight to where her bag was,i stood by the door,waiting to slam it on her face once she leaves.
She walked back to me;
“You will regret this” she whispered in my ear before opening the door.
“You can’t threaten me” I yelled back at her.
“Hey children tell Miranda goodbye” I said and they squealed happily.

“Good bye Miranda

I’m not gonna miss you

You are so ugly!

You scare us!

We hate you

Don’t ever come back

Cruel Miranda” They all shouted after her and laughed.

💎Fleur’s POV💎

I walked out of the hospital’s restroom and headed back to Mig’s ward.
“Fleur we have to attend to an emergency” I heard and turned to see Ben putting on his surgeon outfit with a worried look.
I nodded and hurried after him into the emergency ward.
I stood shocked at what i saw..

It’s Daisy..
Covered in the pool of her own blood.

Darn it!


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