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Meant to be episode 48 - 49

(being Elva)

#Chapter 48

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’Ž Ryan’s POV(Elva’s fiancee)๐Ÿ’Ž

I chuckled on the bed as Sasha walked towards me in a blue short towel exposing her smooth laps,her finger dipped into her mouth,slipping to and fro.
She’s just coming out of the bathroom.
Her smooth wet skin turned me on completely and i felt the hardness beneath the blanket.

She loosened the towel as she got closer looking sed-ctively at me.

Her b-obs bounced as she took few steps towards me,i dragged her roughly on the bed and she giggled slightly.
I placed k-sses all over her b-obs, stomach and face.
I took her mouth in mine,and grabbed her b-obs with my hands.
I fondled them fiercely, k-ssing her.
My hands moved from her b-obs going lower and lower..

She mo-ned when my finger hit the right spot.
I observed how ready she was before sliding in my d*ck.
She mo-ned louder as i rode her.
I slid in and out of her till we both got tired, reaching our climax. I quickly pulled out and rolled over to the bed with sweat dripping from my forehead.

I pulled her closer before sleeping off.


I woke up some minutes later to see Sasha already dressed up, applying some make up on her already pretty face.
I wore my shorts before climbing out of bed,i k-ssed her neck and she flinched.
“Damn..Ryan you scared me” She said and we both laughed.

But i saw her face turn into a frown.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Boss just called me now, remember the lady i told you that was sent to get golds from the countryside?” She asked.

“Yeah… what’s up with her?” I asked.
” Boss just called me now that she has been caught and locked up”
“Gosh !!” I exclaimed..
Even if I’m not part of the cult,Sasha tells me everything going on there.
She had been excited these days, awaiting the arrival of the so called girl so we can get more rich and darn it! the lady f-cked up.

“So what do we do?” I asked.
“I really don’t know but Boss told me to go kill her in the cell before she gets to court,if not she’s gonna let out our secrets and we will also be apprehended”
“You had better do that quickly,or what do you think?” I asked.
“Of course that’s what I’m gonna do,I’m booking a flight to Fraser island,the countryside of Australia first thing tomorrow morning” Sasha said.
“Ok then i will go with you” I said.
“Really?” She asked excitedly.
“Yeah baby”
“Thanks love” She said placing a k-ss on my lips.
I responded to the k-ss and it got more intense,i was about pulling off her clothes.

“Naughty boy..I have to see boss now” She said picking up her designer handbag.
“Aaaargh…” I gro-ned.
“I will be back soon..i promise” She said and blew me a k-ss before walking out.

Yeah…Sasha has been my girlfriend for months, she’s a popular model and musician.
I’ve missed Vinnie,even if we were the one that killed her and dumped her in one countryside.

I was miserable at that time, my father forced me to get a thing going with Vinnie then.
We don’t love ourselves,i was at first attracted to her beauty and her father’s money..her father only have two girls, Vinnie and Dianne,so that means i will take over most of her father’s properties once he’s dead but Eww !! The old man refuses to die !
Their mother had died though, while giving birth to Dianne..

Their step mother detests them and she was actually part of the plan.
Mr Winters loves his children so much,more than anything. He always give them whatever they request for and I’m mad at him for being so generous not only to his children but also to the wretched outsiders.

Vinnie doesn’t like me at all and she acts too holy for my liking,she doesn’t allow me touch her intimately, claiming to be the V-rgin i don’t believe she is .
How could someone that beautiful and famous be a V-rgin huh!
I begun to detest her and that was when Sasha came in.
I fell in love with her body when i first saw her at a club and we started dating right from there.

She told me of her plan to get rid of Vinnie and after much persuasion i agreed.
Vinnie’s stepmom also partook in the plan to eliminate Vinnie…

Well… Vinnie is gone and gone forever,i have to get ready for tomorrow..
This isn’t the first time I’m going with Sasha to kill and trust me it’s always fun.

๐Ÿ’ŽMrs Winters POV(Elva’s stepmom)๐Ÿ’Ž

I sat on the couch in my exquisite bedroom..
My legs raised on the table with a glass cup of juice meeting my lips, my eyes were plastered on the TV.
I smiled as i watched the fashion show..

“Wow” I exclaimed as a saw a beautiful red Channel bag in Sasha’s hand on the TV screen.
She’s a model and she gat everything one could ever think of.
The press surrounded her as she made her way out of the hotel.

“Bad girl…I knew she went there with Ryan” I said and chuckled loudly.
I picked up my IPhone,i have to put a call to Maisey,my personal assistant.
She have to get me that bag i just saw in Sasha’s hand.

๐Ÿ“žHello Maisey…where are you?” I asked.
๐Ÿ“žMa’am I’m at the boutique you sent me to.
๐Ÿ“žGo to the bag section and search for the latest Channel bag.
๐Ÿ“ž Ok Ma’am ” She said and i heard her footsteps.

I left the call on and continued watching the TV.

๐Ÿ“ž Ma’am?
๐Ÿ“žYes..did you find it?
๐Ÿ“žYes Ma’am.
๐Ÿ“žOk the price?” I asked.
๐Ÿ“žIt’s quite costly Ma’am.

๐Ÿ“žAre you going crazy ?…how much is it?” I yelled over the phone.
๐Ÿ“žIt’s $5000 Ma’am.
๐Ÿ“žOk, use my husband’s card, the one i gave you.
๐Ÿ“žOk Ma’am.

๐Ÿ“žGet back soon,you are taking too long” I said before dropping the call.
I heard a knock and frowned.
“Come in” I said and i saw Dianne walked in,in tears as always.
She acts like a bush baby, crying here and there!
“What’s the matter?” I asked coldly.
She cleaned off her tears and sniffled.
“What’s the matter?” I yelled again.
“I can’t contact father,i need $200 urgently,i want to go to the countryside to continue my search for Dan” She said and i hissed.
“I don’t have that amount…just get out and wait till your father is back” I yelled loudly and she scurried out.
She has more than that in her bank account but i’ve seized her card.

She hasn’t stopped her useless search for Dan,whom i’ve sent to the countryside of Australia to continue his damn life there.
He’s a threat to me…I mean a big threat.
He’s the only male grandson and surely he will get the most shares of the property.
I don’t want that and to hell with him wherever he is.

Come to think of it, I caused his birth because i actually hired the guys to rape Dianne,i did it for her father to hate her but Damn! This old man loved her more.
He treated Dan more like his own son and i know without a doubt that my share in his property is gonna decrease and as the smart woman i’ve always been..I acted fast.
I think i will have to get rid of Dianne the way i did to Vinnie, because she’s becoming a pain in the ass and if she gets to the countryside,she will definitely find Dan and that means I’m doomed.

Vinnie acted stubborn,that was the reason i partook in the plan to get rid of her.
She’s too beautiful, always earning more respect than i.
As soon as Dianne is dead,then i will get rid of Winters..I can’t wait to have all these to myself.

….I heard another knock.

“Who the hell is that again?” I yelled.
“It’s Maisey Ma’am”
“Oh Maisey come on in” I said and heard the door open.
She walked in with some servants behind her carrying shopping bags that was filled to the brim.
I smiled.
They dropped all of it in the closet,bowed and walked out with only Maisey remaining.
I got up and walked to the closet to check out the things i now own.

๐Ÿ’Ž Dianne’s POV(Elva’s younger sister)๐Ÿ’Ž

I cried as i laid on my bed with my maid trying to comfort me.

I really miss Vinnie,she would have stood up for me.

She was kidnapped and died when Dan was growing.
She had bought a lot of things for him,she loved him so much.
She didn’t get to fufill her promises to me before she left.

Vinnie would never have watched me cry like this but now she’s gone..
There is no one to comfort me.
Dan was also kidnapped but i have a feeling my son is alive,he’s alive somewhere.
I vowed to keep searching for him till i find him.
The next place I’m gonna search for him is in the countryside of Australia,and nothing will hinder my search.

I wish i had Vinnie’s strength and confidence!
Why the hell do i even always have to cry like a baby !!

Why the hell do i always have to behave like a dummy!

Why the hell do that bitch have to seize my ATM card and i couldn’t even do anything to it.

Why the hell do i always have to sit and watch like a fool while I’m being bossed around in my father’s house!

Why the hell would i allow that woman hinder the search for my son!


“She’s going to return my card to me right now!” I yelled loudly storming out of my room and towards her bedroom.

I will end it all today !!

(being Elva)

#Chapter 49

Zeemah writes๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿญ๐ŸญNext day๐Ÿญ๐Ÿญ

๐Ÿ’ŽElva’s POV ๐Ÿ’Ž

I sat beside Mig on the bed, he’s off the IV fluid now.
He’s sitting up on the bed after eating the breakfast I went home to prepare.
“Doc Steph said you are fit to be discharged soon” I said to him.

“Woah, finally. I can’t wait to go home..and..?”
” What?” I asked.
“I heard you fought some lady yesterday” He said.
“Yeah that was Miranda, the lady who normally takes over my shift,i found out she has been starving the kids and confronted her. She slapped me and i retaliated” I narrated.

Mig suddenly bursted out laughing and i smiled.
“What’s funny?” I asked.
“Never mind” he said.
“Com’on tell me!” I said and we heard the door open.
Fleur walked in looking exhausted.
“How’s Daisy?” Mig and i asked together.
Fleur had told us she was brought to the hospital soaked in blood, they’ve been attending to her since yesterday.
“She’s okay..for now but she’s being placed on oxygen and i really hope she survives it” Fleur said sadly.

“What was the cause of it ?” Mig asked worriedly.
“She pulled out a gun from the police’s hand and shot herself twice in the stomach”
“What!” We exclaimed.
“Yeah..I really hope she survives it , cause one of the bullet hit her right on the kidney “Fleur said, shaking her head sadly.
” Oh my God!”Mig exclaimed, looking more worried.
“Can we go see her now?” I asked.
“No we will all go see her later,she needs to rest now” Fleur said.

“Why the hell would she do that?” Mig said and i observed how worried he is.
“She probably felt guilty about shooting you and she did the same to herself to make it equal” I suggested sadly..
I really felt for Daisy even with all she did,i don’t and will never wish her death.
I very much hope she survives.

“She shouldn’t have tried that” Mig said.
“Well…let’s keep hoping she survives.. and i’m starving” Fleur said and i passed her her own share of sandwich and coffee, she muttered a thanks and started eating.
“I have to go check on the children” I said getting up.
I entered and met them on their beds playing silently.
They smiled on seeing me and rushed over to me.

“Elva” They called.
“How are you all?” I asked.
“We are fine Elva” They chorused.
“I hope you’ve all had breakfast?”
“Yes Elva…the cook served us all” Dan said fluently and i smiled.
I so much love this little boy.
“Okay…I came to check on you,so should i stay longer?” I asked already knowing their answer.
“Yes Yes yes yes” They chorused and i smiled.

“Ok then let me sit” I said and went to sit on the chair,they also hurried to their beds, sitting down quietly.
“Elva it’s been long you told us a story,can you tell us one now… Please” Mitch pleaded and the rest joined.
“Okay…okay..I will, and guess what?..I have an interesting story for you” I said.
“Yaaay” They said excitedly positioning themselves comfortably on the bed.
I smiled and began…

๐Ÿ’ŽDaisy’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

My eyes flicked open and i gazed round slowly in pain,i felt some heat on my nose together with my mouth.
I gazed down with difficulty and saw an oxygen mask placed firmly on my nose. I blinked in surprise.

My eyes got clearer and i looked round and observed that I’m laying on an hospital bed.
I closed my eyes tightly trying to remember how i got here and..

It all came rushing to me.

I remembered it all..I had called a police officer to get me a glass cup of water and grabbed his gun in the process and shot myself twice in the stomach before i could have a rethink.


That actually brought me here,i had plan to escape from the hospital but i know with the intense pain I’m feeling right now that i can’t move an inch from here.
I feel so weak,i can’t move. I can only roll my eyes.

I suddenly had this bad feeling when i heard the door of my ward open followed by some suspicious footsteps.
I didn’t know who came in cause i can’t move nor turn.
My eyes widened in shock when i saw Sasha with Ryan.
I have a feeling she didn’t come here for good..
‘Who the hell allowed her in?’ I pondered scared.

“Hey Daisy” She said but i couldn’t respond,my mouth and nose are covered with oxygen mask.
“You this brat” She said slapping me.
“Boss sent you here to accomplish a mission but you ended up ruining it all,do you know the amount of wealth we would have amassed from those golds..but you just have to fall in love with some handsome guy who deceived you” Sasha yelled in a low tone.
It’s obvious she didn’t want anyone to suspect a thing going on here and that means she isn’t here for good.
My lips shook as i tried to speak.
“I’m sorry but i have to kill you as Boss ordered me to” She said and a tear roll down my cheek.

“Oh Lord, please forgive me of all my sins” I said inwardly when i saw her pull out a silencer from the khaki p-nts she wore.
I shut my eyes tightly and i suddenly felt her remove the oxygen mask.
I felt breathless, gasping hard for breathe.
“Rest in peace” She said before two bullets penetrated my chest.
They both hurried out.
I felt my body shook,with the bullets pain spreading deep into my heart.

I stiffled a cry and gro-ned in agony.
Blood gushed out, immediately soaking the bedspread.
My body felt hot and numb, i smiled amidst tears.
I know i won’t survive this.
I’m actually getting the reward of my sins.
The pain I’m feeling now is deserved.

I saw two doctors rushed in looking shocked.
“What’s going on?..”
They were about to commence treatment on me but i stopped them.

“Ple-a-se ju-st g-et m-e Fl-eu-r,M-ig and El-v-a” I muttered, trembling.
One of them rushed out and returned later with the three of them.
They all rushed to me, looking at me with pity.
Mig held my hand and knelt down beside me, i can see his eyes already soaked with tears.
I looked over at Elva and Fleur who has started crying loudly.
I felt touched,i couldn’t believe they could cry for me considering the way i’ve acted towards them.

I’m ready to put things straight but i don’t have the chance anymore,i didn’t put things straight when i had the chance.
I..can’t endure the pain i’m feeling anymore,i have to ask for their forgiveness and tell Elva who she really is because i know i will never survive this.

“Mi-g,Fl-e-ur,El-v-a I’m sorry for all I’ve d-on-e to h-ur-t y-ou al-l p-le-as-e fo-r-gi-v-e m-e” I said weakly,i could feel the life seeping out of me gradually.

“Daisy I’ve forgiven you long ago, please just stay alive” Mig said trying hard to hold his tears but they came rolling down his cheeks.
“Daisy i forgive you, just hold on huh?” Elva said,cleaning her tears.
And to think i’ve always treated her like thrash..
“Daisy,i forgive you also and we all love you” Fleur said crying loudly.
She already figured out that I’m not gonna survive this.

I motioned for them to bring their hands closer and they did.
I held their hands in tears.
“Th-ank yo-u..i wi-sh i ha-d the ch-an-ce to s-et th-in-gs str-ai-gh-t” I mumbled and they all nodded.
No one could say anything without tears.
“Do-n’t cr-y f-or m-e,I’m n-ot wo-rt-h yo-u-r te-ar-s” I muttered with difficulty and held on their hands tighter.
I have to tell Elva about herself.
“E-lv-a” I called slowly.
“Huh?” She asked with drops of tears sliding down her cheeks.
“Yo-u ar-e..yo-u ar-e..Vi-n..Vi…” I muttered trying hard to complete my statement but i couldn’t..
My throat felt hooked and my mouth..numb.
I guess that’s the limit…there is nothing i can say or do anymore.

I gasp..

I smiled as i felt life slipped away from me finally.
My eyes shut..and i knew that was the end.

“Daisy!” I faintly heard them scre-m before i could hear nothing no more.


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