Meant To Be Episode 52 - 53

(being Elva)

#Chapter 52

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

“Wow” We exclaimed at once with our mouths agape.

Before us is the most beautiful garden in the the world, the most beautiful garden i’ve ever seen.
The leaves are complete golden,the grass is clean and clear,trimmed perfectly,the trees look beautiful and the flowers … OMG.
They shone brightly and beautifully.
Damn there are butterflies..i mean the most beautiful ones.

Every part of the garden ‘wowed’ me,it’s so adorable that i nearly cried.
This is just too beautiful to be true.

“Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God” Fleur scre-med in excitement already jumping into the garden.
She smiled happily as she ran about, touching the leaves,trees, flowers, chasing butterflies.
I smiled and winked at Mig before joining Fleur in the garden.
I pulled off my flip flops and the grass felt damn soft beneath my feet.
“OMG” I exclaimed in amazement.
The garden is even more beautiful on getting closer to it.
I touched the leaves first and damn it felt like raw gold,I hugged the beautiful trees one after the other and wow.

Different types of flowers on display and they all looked beautiful and healthy.

I bent to pick a flower then inhaled the delicate fragrance.
Wow…this is actually the most fragrance I’ve ever inhaled.

I jumped around happily while Fleur scre-med happily,still running about.
I grinned as i saw a beautiful purple butterfly perching slowly on a sunflower.
I crouched and stretch out my finger beside it,it perched gently on my finger and i smiled.
I look at in in admiration and i was about touching it when it flew away.
I noticed Mig has joined us in the garden as i run after the butterfly going deeper and deeper into the garden.

It perched on a high tree and i gazed up at it, i was hearing sound of falling water but i was more concerned about the butterfly wishing it will come down but it flew away and i gazed down in disappointment only to see the most beautiful waterfall conjoined with a lake.
“Wow !” I exclaimed in shock.

Have you ever wanted to cry after seeing a thing that is too beautiful to be true?
The water is pure,the perfect colour of a healthy water,and it glittered.

The water fell to the valley lake and the twisting silver of the lake at the bottom, glittered.
My eyes sparkled as i take in the magnificent view.

“OMG Mig,Fleur” I scre-med in excitement.
I heard their running footsteps coming towards my direction.
“Elva what’s wr…” Mig was saying but stopped when he saw the view.
Fleur’s mouth opened by itself while Mig’s eyes almost pop out of it’s socket.

“OMG..” Fleur scre-med in excitement and started jumping around.
“Wow!” Mig exclaimed
“This is more than beautiful”
“Yeah it is”
We heard a splash in the water and turn to look at it only to realize Fleur had jumped into the lake fully clothed.
She brought up her head and giggled like a kid.
She started swimming to and fro with happiness written all over her face.

“You guys should get in here ,this water is as cool as …” She was not done talking when Mig and i jumped into the lake.
We couldn’t resist the beautiful lake anymore.

The water felt delicious against my skin,my skirt floated up to my wa-ist which allowed my skin contact the water directly.
It felt damn good.
I saw Mig and Fleur swimming already.
I giggled in excitement as i joined them.
We squealed happily as we swam around the lake.
We moved closer to the waterfall and stretched out our hands.
It beat our skin in an exciting way and we couldn’t help but laugh.

“Let’s swim race” Fleur shouted.
We stood equally in the water until Mig shouted;
We started swimming,each of us struggling to get to the end of the lake first.
We ended up pulling back each other when we see the person is about getting to the end .
We did that continually till it turned to water fight.
We splashed water on ourselves laughing and playing.
We played in the water till we got tired.

“I love this” I smiled.
“This is awesome” Might grinned.
“I’m gonna come here everyday” Fleur said and chuckled.
We were still in the water.

“But According to Daisy’s iPod,its golds that are here” Mig said.
“Initially,i didn’t believe that” Fleur said.
“Isn’t all these better than golds,this garden alone worth more than gold.
If it was gold we found in here,the government might take ownership after finding out and we are gonna lose everything but just take a look at this wh0le garden..
It gives us the happiness that even golds can’t,even golds can’t buy this wh0le garden cause it’s worth more.
It’s pure and natural,it provides us happiness and comfort so what else do we need” Fleur said.

“Wow” Mig and i agreed to her utterance.
“You should go for a lawyer” I said jokingly.
“Of course I’m qualified to be anything i want” She smiled and shook her hair in pride.
Mig and i laughed and she also joined in.

“Mig be careful, your chest” She said and we all stared at Mig’s bandaged chest.
It was soaked with water and blood was starting to seep out.
“Aren’t you feeling any pain?” I asked.
“Of course i am but im a hard guy and hard guys don’t react to pain like babies” He said and we laughed.
“We should go change your bandage” Fleur said.

“Before that, don’t you think it will be nice to have a picnic here” Mig said slowly gazing around.
“Of course” I said.
“Should we?” He asked.
“Yes” Fleur and i chorused happily.
“Ok then..let’s go change our wet wears and prepare for picnic” Mig said.
Mig and i stepped out of the lake followed by Fleur.

Fleur and i played in the main garden for a while before going in to change.
I walked inside my room and quickly peeled off my wet clothings.
I picked a blue mini gown and quickly put it on.
I dried my hair and repacked it.
I applied a little body lotion and wore my flip flops.
I spread my wet clothings on the bathroom cabinet,i will sort it later.

I walked to the living room and met Mig preparing the basket for picnic.
Fleur was done changing his bandage and he was clad in fresh wears that looked great on him.
“Wow..the gown looks beautiful on you” He said and i blushed slightly.
“Thanks” I said shyly.
“Now help me with this mat to the lake side, Fleur is there already” He said and i collected the mat and headed to our beautiful garden.


Few minutes later,Fleur and i were at the lake side preparing for picnic.
We found a cool spot and spread the mat.

“Geez! I don’t want ants creeping in my p-nts” Fleur said and i laughed.
“It’s obvious there aren’t ants here…it’s clear clean” I said and we sighted Mig coming with the picnic basket.

He got to us and dropped the picnic basket in the middle of the rug,we all sat round it.

“Let’s picnic” Fleur sang excitedly.

“Yesssss!” We scre-med happily..

(being Elva)

#Chapter 53

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

We laid on the grass facing the sky, giggling happily after the picnic.
Mig in the middle,Fleur and i on both sides.

“Seriously i can’t believe we would be in this beautiful garden” Fleur said.
“Who would believe there is a garden here, considering how dirty the underground passage looked” Mig said and we nodded.

“I’m freaking cold” I said.
“Yeah it’s snowing…should we go back in?” He asked and i nodded.
“No i want to stay here forever” Fleur giggled.
“C’mon do you want to freeze” Mig said standing up,i stood up with him while Fleur still remained on the grass.
“Fleur let’s go in” I said.
“No. I’m not going in” She said with a frown.

“Come on in,i don’t want you freezing in the snow” Mig pushed.
“Ahhh” She gro-ned “I’m feeling kinda lazy to stand up”
“Meaning??” Mig asked.
“Carry me” She pouted.
“You think you are still baby huh,take my hand and stand up” Mig said.
“Hold on bro,i want to be carried.. please please” She pleaded with puppy eyes.
I saw Mig shrug before sending her a glare.
“If my arms should get broken,I’m gonna remove one of yours” He threatened playfully.
“You are way stronger than that” Fleur winked and Mig smiled before lifting her in his arms.

We all started walking inside.
Fleur giggled like a kid and Mig pecked her on the forehead,they both chuckled happily and i smiled as i trail behind them.
We got to the living room and Mig dropped Fleur on the couch before going towards the fireplace to set it up.
I sat beside Fleur, hugging my legs to my chest.
Damn…I’m so cold.
Mig lit the fireplace and there was warmth in the living room.
“Hold on,I’m gonna make hot coffee” He said walking towards the kitchen and i smiled.
“Cream or black?” He asked loudly from the kitchen.
“Cream” Fleur and i shouted together.

“I can’t wait to resume work tomorrow” Fleur said.
“Me too”
“I’ve missed my work” She said.
“I’ve missed the kids a lot”
“Haha” Fleur laughed shortly.
“What?” I asked.
“I heard you fought with Miranda” She said.
“Ohh..yeah,you won’t believe she starved the kids just because she’s not ready to serve them lunch..”
“Whoa!” Fleur exclaimed..”that’s cruel”
“Here..” We heard and saw Mig stretching a small tray containing two cups of creamy coffee to us.
“Thanks” I said and collected it.
I passed Fleur hers and started gulping mine, with my eyes closed.
Damn..i love the feeling of the hot liquid against my dry throat.
i licked the cream off my lips slowly,then opened my eyes to catch Mig staring at me.
He quickly turned his face away, looking embarrassed to have been caught.
I almost laughed.

“This coffee is great” Fleur muttered and i nodded.
“But gosh..I’m feeling sleepy” She said rubbing her face with her palm.
She yawned and dropped the empty cup on the couch.
“I gotta go to bed..wake me up after you’ve prepared dinner” She said before walking to her room.

I was quite surprised when Mig suddenly jumped beside me grinning.
“What?” I asked amused.
“Hmm..let’s..let’s play a game” He said.
“What game?” I asked.
“Card games” He said and shifted closer to the drawer,he opened it and brought out packs of card.
I smiled….I’m quite good at this.
“So you choose what you are gonna do to me if you win and vice versa” He said and i grinned.
He laid out the cards and shared mine to me.
“Now let’s start”


I laughed when i slapped Mig for the up tenth time.
I had said i will be slapping him whenever i win and he said he’s gonna be k-ssing me whenever he wins.
But so far i’ve been winning and it’s fun slapping those hard cheeks.
I laughed loud again.

“Tch…you mocking me?..I’m not gonna let you win again” He said..
He has said that for the umpteenth time,yet he keeps losing.
Or is he losing intentionally?…I guess i should make him win this time.
I can’t resist those red lips anymore.
“Okay let’s start another round” I said.


I responded to his k-ss and it grew hotter.
I noticed his hand was starting to sneak under my dress.
I’m enjoying the feeling but i know I had to stop him.
“M-ig stop” I whispered..I don’t want him to stop but i can’t help it.
“Stop” I said.
He placed one last k-ss on my lips before sitting up.
I couldn’t even sit straight..I know my cheeks would have turn purple by now.
I faced the other side wishing i can disappear to my room.

“Elva” I heard him call and i felt like taking his lips in mine again.
“Elva c’mon” He said and i slowly turned to face him.
He laughed on seeing my face.
“Damn…you look more beautiful when blushing” He said and i noticed my cheeks grew hotter.
“I ha-ve to g-o to my ro-om” I stammered standing up but he pulled me back.
Worst still..on his laps..!
I prepared to rise to my feet but he pulled me back again.
I shifted uncomfortably on his laps, cleaning the sweat that is starting to form on my forehead.

“Wow…you are a blushing queen” He turned my body so i could face him.
I sat on his laps now facing him, i tried not to stare into his eyes cause i know my cheeks might turn into an unrecognizable color.

“Elva..Chill,we are both matured and i don’t also want to take advantage of you till you regain your memory” He said and i finally looked up at him.
He smiled and cupped my cheeks in his palms.
“You know i love you right?” He asked and i blushed nodding slightly.
“So i can’t hurt you…if you are not comfortable with me k-ssing you,just tell me okay?” He asked.
“No I’m comfortable with it” I finally voiced out..”I’m just..being… shy” I said.

“Oh..really?” He asked.
“Wow..” He said k-ssing me again and again and i responded again but we didn’t go off limit this time.
I almost jumped out of his laps when i heard the clearing of a throat.
Fleur suddenly jumped out and started laughing.
“Damn” I muttered placing my head on Mig’s shoulder embarrassed.
“I knew it” She squealed happily.
Mig shrugged like he’s not bothered but damn i am.
“I also knew you didn’t go to bed” He said and she grinned.

“So there is a thing going between you two” She said.
“Not yet” I said.
“Very soon” Mig said and i shifted my gaze to him.
He smiled,taking my hand in his.
I held on to his hand while looking at Fleur.
“Gosh…Mig has finally fallen in love” Fleur squealed jumping to and fro like a frog.
“Drama queen” I whispered to Mig and we both laughed.
She turned to look at us with questioning gaze.
“You both just talked about me?” She asked, frowning.

She looked around like she was searching for something and Mig and i knew we are in for it.
She picked a log of wood beside the fireplace and turned back to us but Mig and i already flee to the library.
We locked the door behind us and laughed when we heard her banging the door.


Mig and i finished preparing rice cakes for dinner.
He dished it out and i carried it to the dining.
He followed behind me with three glass cups of water.
We met Fleur sitting at the dining with a grin.
We promised her we are gonna prepare dinner before she let us go without hitting that wood on our heads.
We sat down and started eating our dinner.
“I’m running into that lake immediately i’m back from work tomorrow” Fleur said.
“Of course..and Mig don’t try anything silly before we get back” She said.
“Anything silly?.. like what” He asked.
“Hmm..” She sighed but couldn’t come up with anything.
“Just don’t try anything silly” She said and Mig rolled his eyes.
She faced her meal and Mig quickly whispered “Drama queen” raising his spoon like he was restraining himself from hitting her right in the middle of the head.
I tried hard not to laugh but it came bursting out.

“Why you laughing?” She asked.
“I remembered something” I lied.

We finished having our dinner and took the dishes to the kitchen.
We washed them and clean up the dining while Mig sat in the living room waiting for us.
We dried our hands after we are done and walked back to meet him.

“Let’s go to bed guys” Fleur said with a yawn.
“How am i sure that yawn is not fake” Mig said and i chuckled.
“Of course it’s not…you know it’s past my bedtime” She rolled her eyes.
We exchanged goodnights and walked to our rooms.

I quickly freshen up and pulled on my pyjamas before sliding under the blanket.
I switched on the bedside lamp and smiled to myself, remembering what happened between Mig and i today.

Ain’t i lucky to have his heart?…Of course i am.

I soon drifted off to sleep and surprisingly i had a dream about a wedding.

And the couple were none other than Mig and i 🤗😍

💮💮Next Morning💮💮

Fleur and i got to work, signed in and went our separate ways.
I entered the ward and as usual the kids rushed to me.
I hugged them one after the other before walking to my seat.

I was about sitting down when i heard a knock.
“Come in” I said.
A nurse walked in.
“Good morning Miss Elva” She said.
“Good morning” I replied.
“Doc Steph calls for you” She said.
“Okay thanks..I will go see him now” I said and she nodded before walking out.

“Hey Cuties.. I’ll be right back” I said before walking out,then heading to Doc Steph’s office.
I met Ben on the way but i walked past him even after he said “hi” .

I’m yet to forgive him.

I knocked gently on Doc Steph’s door and he asked me to come in.
I entered and walked to his desk.
“Good morning Doc” I greeted.
“Morning Mrs Wilson…please have your seat” He said and i took the seat opposite him.
He sighed.
“I did not wish to tell you this but i just have to and believe me I’ve tried to make you stay longer but the superiorty is not in my hands” He said.
“What is it Doc?” I asked, starting to sense what’s going on.

“Hmm…Miss Morg-n will be back from maternity leave in a week time..I guess you know what that means” He said and i felt my heart sank.


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