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Meant To Be Episode 54 - 55

(being Elva)

#Chapter 54

Zeemah writes📝

💎 Elva’s POV cont’d💎

“What is it Doc?” I asked, starting to sense what’s going on.

“Hmm…Miss Morg-n will be back from maternity leave in a week time..I guess you know what that means” He said and i felt my heart sank.

Gosh !!

“You mean I’m gonna leave?” I asked wishing he would say no but the nod of his head told me everything.
I stood up sadly from the chair.
“Mrs Wilson..I’m so sorry. I know you love the kids and they love you but we have to do things the way they are meant to be” He said and i nodded trying hard to hold my tears.
I’ve gotten acquainted with the kids and i never thought of leaving them…I should have thought about that, knowing I’m just here because Mrs Morg-n is on maternity leave.
I’m only here by replacement so i will definitely leave.

Well…it’s still in a week time,i have more time to spend with the kids.
But will i really leave?
I won’t be seeing them every morning again..
I didn’t know tears had come rolling down my cheeks until i sniffled.

Damn. Why should i cry over this trivial issue.
I wasn’t gonna stay here forever.
“I’m so sorry Mrs Wilson” Doc Steph said again and i nodded.
“Thanks Doc..i still have a week left” I said with a fake smile before walking out of the office.

I walked back into the ward and tried to act like everything is fine but i didn’t succeed at it.
The smart kids noticed.
“Elva what’s wrong?” Dan asked.
“You don’t look as cheerful as you do when you left for Doc Steph’s office” Mitch said.
“Are you okay?”
“Did Doc Steph upset you?”
“Did he asked you to leave?”
“Tell us.. we’ll go plead with him” They said.

I sighed.

“No…Doc Steph didn’t ask me to leave..i just got over-emotional over something. I’m very okay” I said forcing a smile.
They nodded and sat down on their beds.
I walked back to my seat.
“So kids…where did we stopped in our last class?..I remember giving you assignments..Mitch do your work” I said and she smiled, getting up immediately.

Few seconds later,i had their assignments piled up on my desk.
I smiled as i scored their assignments…they are all brilliant,they understand things easily and they don’t bother me but they ask questions a lot.
So sad I’m gonna be leaving soon.

The cook walked in with their breakfast.
“Good morning ma’am” We greeted.
“Good morning Elva and the kids… enjoy your breakfast” She said with a smile before walking out.
I like how she smiles this days…her rough cheeks is getting smooth.
I stood up and began dishing out breakfast.
I served them round before sitting down to eat mine.


“So let’s start class” I said after we rested for an hour after breakfast.
“We are gonna read a passage and I’m gonna ask you questions from it. Are you ready Cuties” I asked.
“Yes Elva” They chorused and we started.


“Is there a way i can write a letter to my mum..I’ve missed her so much” Dan said with tears pricking his cute eyes.
I felt so touched that i pulled him closer and engulfed him in a hug,patting his thick black hair.
I buried my nose deep in his hair and and..

🌼💮I saw myself sitting on a luxurious bed holding and petting a crying little boy,sniffing his hair in the process who so much looks like Dan🌼💮 It came as a flash and i quickly jolted out of it making Dan flinch.

*What was that just now?* I thought mysteriously.. I’m confused, or was i imagining things but the view had came clean and clear.
Am i in any way…related to Dan?
Gosh…I need to see Fleur but she might be busy now considering her line of work.
I’m gonna tell her about it when i get home,i won’t be going home with her today because of the things i want to get for Mig and her.

“Elva” Dan jolted me from my thought.
“Dan,your mum will come for you soon okay?” I said in order to reassure him. He nodded and sniffled walking back to his bed.
Even if his mum comes later in the future,i know i won’t be here anymore..i would have been gone by then and that is just so sad.

“Let’s continue” I said.

💎Mig’s POV💎

I smiled slightly as i played my piano..this is one of the things that gives me joy.
But it’s so hot in here .. I’m gonna move the piano to the garden and i also plan on telling Elva that I’m the mysterious singer.
I hope she won’t be pissed at me for lying to her all this while.
I love her so much but I’m afraid of starting anything not when she hasn’t regain her memory.
What If she has a boyfriend or rather fiance outside there?..damn! I’ve never even thought of that.
“God i hope she doesn’t..I hope she doesn’t” I chanted.

I picked my song book…I’ve composed close to fifty songs but i guess it’s all a waste.
No one listens to it except me.
I want the world to listen to my songs but…

I opened to the first song i composed when i teen and started singing.

🎵The world is not too big.

🎵The world is not too small.

🎵When i look at the stars.

🎵I feel a gentle breeze by a long dream full of scent.

🎵If the wind is going to blow.

🎵I will push and appoint it to take me to you.


I chuckled as i heard my stomach rumbled loud.
“It’s time to eat” I said to myself turning off the piano.
I picked up my song book with me.
I only had toast with tea for breakfast and now I’m gonna make a more filling meal.
I dropped the song book on the couch before walking into the kitchen thinking of what to prepare for lunch.

“Yes!” I exclaimed..it’s been long since we had meat loaf” I said and picked up my apron with hair cover.
I walked to the sink to wash my hands.
I walked back to the fridge and started throwing ingredients on the kitchen cabinet skillfully.
I smiled when i noticed all the ingredients are complete.

I began the real cooking.


“Wow!” I exclaimed after the meal is ready.
“I’ve advanced so much in cooking..maybe i should apply for a chef instead” I teased myself knowing that would never be possible.
I dished out Fleur’s and Elva’s in the food warmer then dished out mine in a floral dish.
I slipped a spoon beside it and got a glass cup and a bottled water.
I placed them all in a tray and hurried to the dinning.
I sat down and started eating…


I ate to my satisfaction and rested a little before rising to my feet.
I took the now empty dish to the kitchen sink and quickly sort it.
I dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.

I sat comfortably on the couch in the living room going through my songs book.
I should have gone back to the attic to continue but Fleur and Elva will be back very soon.
I was about flipping to the other page when i noticed my body has hardened.
My skin was starting to grow pale and i was starting to feel pains all over my body.
I fell off the couch gro-ning.

My disease is back..

The weather hadn’t forecasted humid.

The pain increased but i struggled towards the telephone on the shelf.
I picked it up, tightening my eyes in pain.
“Ahhh” I gro-ned loudly..
It’s spreading rapidly in my body and it’s starting to grow worst.
I picked the telephone with all the strength i could gather but it fell off my hand, cracking.

I felt tears gather in my eyes.

“Fl-e-ur, El-v-a” I called in pains wishing they would appear to save me but..it’s just a wish never to come true.

💎Elva’s POV💎

I left quite early today cause i have to get Mig and Fleur some things.
I don’t want Fleur suspecting a thing so i told the kids to tell her that I’ve left for home once she comes.
I’m getting Mig a headphone..Fleur told me he loves music a lot,i’ll be getting Fleur the beautiful shoes she do admire on our way to work and also back from work.

“I’m gonna get the shoes first,the headphone,a beautiful cake for celebration,some groceries in the house and also some things for myself” I thought happily heading to the boutique.
I got there and walked in,i walked straight to the shoe section and picked up Fleur’s adorable shoes.
It’s so beautiful and sparkly with big shiny bows attached to each side…I picked some shoes for myself too.
i saw the price tag and I’m surprised it doesn’t even cost much..I’m still gonna have a lot of cash left.

“Hmm” I thought looking around searching for more things to buy..I was about giving up when my eyes sighted a beautiful T-shirt with “We will always love one another” inscribed on it
I was ‘wowed’ as i walked towards it.
It’s in pink colour and the words were inscribed on it in black.
It’s a simple but unique looking t-shirt.

I really wish i can get it for the three of us.
“Hey,excuse me” I called on one of the ladies in charge.
She walked over to me.
“How may i help you ma’am?” She asked.

“Do you have more of this T-shirt?” I asked and i was so glad when she nodded.
“Yes we do but it’s just remaining two in the store,colour blue and pink,the pink is in this same size and the blue is a bit bigger” She said and i almost jumped.
Blue will be perfect for Mig!
“That will be perfect..please can i have them” I said.
“Ok ma’am, give me a minute” She said and walked away.

Wow… that’s so cool .. Fleur and i are gonna rock the pink while Mig will put on the blue.
I picked few clothes for myself while i waited for the lady.
She returned with the two T-shirts and handed it to me.
I thanked her and headed to the counter.
The goods were packed and i was handed my bills.
I paid proudly and left a generous tip.

“Thanks ma’am” The lady said and i beamed before walking out.
Why do i feel like i do shop like this before?
Well…I can’t allow those thoughts get into my head now,i need to to get Mig’s headphone,the cake, groceries and also more nice things for myself.
I walked into a small store where headphones and some gadgets were being sold.

“You are welcome ma’am. What do you need?” A teen guy asked.
“Good afternoon,i need a good looking headphone” I said and he directed me towards the headphone section by pointing towards it.
I nodded and walked towards it.
There were lots of fine headphones but a particular one caught my attention.
It’s blue with black dots all over it,it looks so cute and cool..I picked it up with a satisfied smile.
I walked back to the counter.

“I can see you’ve found the one you like” The guy said and i nodded.
He packed it in up customised nylon and handed it over to me.
“Your bill is $93 ma’am” He said and i gave him $100 leaving a generous tip as well.
“Thanks so much ma’am…and thanks for patronizing” He said
and i nodded walking out.

Now..the cake and some groceries for the house.

I giggled happily on the way.
I had to stop when people turned to look back at me with an ” Are-you-okay?” Look.

“What ?… can’t someone giggle happily again” I scoffed.


I finally finished shopping and headed home,hand full.
Gosh…there is so much to carry.
I carried the chocolate creamed cake carefully in one hand,then the rest of the things..in my second hand.

I sighed in relief when i finally got home.
I had to drop the loads in one hand to open the door,I opened the door and carried and walked in.
I know Mig and Fleur will be expecting me already.

I got to the living room and scre-med, dropping every damn thing in my hands in shock on seeing Mig sprawled on the floor looking unconscious in his disease form.
I dropped beside him shaking him.
He stretched out his hand slowly.
“Sa-ve m-e” He muttered.
“Omg where the hell is Fleur?” I scre-med.
I quickly got up and ran to her room,i dragged out the first aid box and quickly opened it,i pulled out the syringe specially made for him and ran back to the living room.

I wasted no time in piercing it all over his body continuously.
He got better before i stopped.

He’s now okay and has fallen into a deep sleep.
“Thank goodness i arrived on time but where the hell is Fleur” I muttered standing up.
It’s closing hour,she should be home already.
I returned the syringe to Fleur’s first aid box and returned it to the shelf where she normally keeps it.
I walked back to the living room,i saw Mig still asleep.
I bent and k-ssed him before looking over to the things i bought.

I quickly stood up,rushing towards the cake that was about smearing.
I caught it and smiled.
It’s still intact and beautiful even though the “Thanks for everything” that was piped on it was almost unreadable now.
I carried it to my room together with the things i bought.
I want it to be a surprise for both Mig and Fleur.

I walked into my room and placed the cake on the bedside stool then the things i bought on the bed.
I quickly had a shower,then changed into a green tank top and a pair of black jeans.
The surprise is gonna be after dinner so we can party into the night.
I smiled, excited at the thought.

I walked back to the living room to check on Mig.
He’s still asleep but i know he will be awake soon cause it’s almost an hour.
I sat on the couch and looked over at Mig sleeping peacefully on the floor.
I smiled at how cute he looked even in his distressed state.

‘Sleeping cutie’ I muttered with a smile.

I noticed a book right on the arm of the couch,it looks unfamiliar,i don’t think i’ve ever seen it in the house.
I picked it up and flipped the first page open, woah..it’s a song book.

I sat comfortable on the couch and continued reading it.

This song is familiar…yeah.

Oh..the so..ng..the song.
I froze on the couch..
This is the same song that amazing voice always sing…yes this is it.

“This is it!” I almost scre-med.
H..ow come?

I stared at the book thoughtfully, trying to solve the damn puzzle.
How the voice stops whenever we walk into the house,how Mig appears after the song stops, how…it didn’t take long for me to know i had been lied to.

Mig owns that voice..

Wow…it had been so easy to have being deceived by them.
They would have probably laughed at how dumb i was.


(being Elva)

#Chapter 55

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV

Wow…it had been so easy to have being deceived by them.
They would have probably laughed at how dumb i am.


My eyes stung with anger,how could they lie to me?
I kept telling them i hear a voice singing but they just kept on bringing up excuses.
If i hadn’t found this book,i wouldn’t have known Mig was the owner of that voice.
Why would he hide that?

I heard the door open and gazed up.
Fleur walked in slowly, looked down and rushed to Mig immediately.
“Damn how could i have forgotten to check the weather forecast again” She said worriedly.
I glanced at her feeling hurt they could lie to me.
“Thanks Elva…” She said and i stood up.

“What’s wro..” She was saying.
“How do you explain this and the voice i normally hear?” I asked throwing the song book on the table before walking to my room.

💎Fleur’s POV💎

I quickly flipped the book open.
This is Mig’s song book…Damn, she has found out about Mig being the owner of the voice.
Gosh..we should have just told her earlier,i know she’s angry right now for being lied to but it was to protect Mig.
Ahh…How could he be this careless?

She looked so hurt, apologising to her is gonna be hard.

I turned to look at Mig stirring beside me.
He flipped his eyes open and sat up.
“Are you okay?” I asked and he nodded rubbing his hair.
“Why did you take so long,if Elva hadn’t arrived on time,i don’t know what would have happened”
“I’m sorry..I was on my way home when i was called back for an emergency.. let’s keep that aside for now. Elva is pissed at us” I said.

“What..Why?” He asked and i threw the song book at him.
He stared at me, confused.
“She has found out you are own that voice and she’s pissed at us for lying to her” I said and his eyes widened.
“Darn it! I was just planning to tell her tomorrow ” He said getting up.
“Really?” I asked.
“Of course..I was planning to also move my piano to the garden” He said and i sighed.
“What are we gonna do now?” I asked.
“Come with me ” He said and took my hand, pulling me towards Elva’s door.
We got there and he knocked twice.

“Elva open the door,just let me explain” He said.
“There is nothing to explain,you both didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth so i don’t think there is anything to explain” Elva said, the hurt in her voice was noticeable.
“Please hear us out first” I said, twisting the knob but i realised she had locked the door from inside.
“Elva..just open the door,then you can close it after i’ve explained” Mig said.
“I don’t need your explanation,you won’t even have told me if i hadn’t find out anyway” She said.
“No i was planning to tell you and please keep Fleur put of this,i was the one who forced her to lie to you,she didn’t had the intention to do that” Mig said.

“Elva, open this freaking door. We are sorry” I said.
“You guys should just leave for now. I’m not ready to hear your explanation. I’m so hurt. Please just leave” She said.
“Elva we are sorry,if only you could hear us out. We didn’t lie to you intentionally,we had reasons for doing so ” Mig said and i nodded.
“And i also have reasons for telling you both to leave my door..leave!” She yelled.
” If you don’t want to listen to us..fine!” I said pulling Mig towards the living room but we suddenly heard a door open and we turned back.

Elva stepped out of her room with her eyes looking puffy and we knew she had been crying.
She stared at her feet,with her long hair covering her wh0le face.
Mig and i rushed to her,then pulled her into a hug.
“Elva we are sorry” We said and she sniffled.

” It’s fine and i’m sorry for not wanting to hear you out,i know you both had your reasons for doing that” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks for forgiving us Elva,we are gonna explain everything to you” I said and she nodded.

“I was planning to tell you today, i love you and i can’t hide things from you” Mig said and Elva’s face lit up in a smile.

What’s actually going on between this two.
I cleared my throat.
“I’m starving” I gro-ned.
“I made meat loaf” Mig said and i smiled.
“Come Elva,lets go have lunch then we will tell you the reason why we had to lie to you” I said pulling her towards the dining room.


💎Elva’s POV💎

“Whoa it’s getting dark” Mig said.
We were all sitting in the living room after eating meatloaf, they’ve told me the reason why they had to lie to me and i perfectly understand. I felt guilty for misjudging them earlier, everything is back to normal, we played like we used to so we are good now.
Whoa…I’ve almost forgotten about the cake and the things i bought.
It’s night already so i gotta start.
“Yeah..the night came quite quick today” Fleur said.
“Guys, can you please go to your room till i ask you to come out” I said and they gave me questioning glances.
“Please guys..i got something to show you both. Just go into your rooms and I’m gonna tell you to come out later” I said.

“Hm..Im having this good feeling” Fleur said and i smiled.
They both stood up..
“I’m looking forward to what you wanna show us” Mig said and they both walked to their rooms.

I stood up and bounced happily to my room.
I closed the door behind me.
“First thing i need to do is get dressed” I muttered.


Few minutes later,I’ve gotten dressed in a black jumpsuit,i applied a little make up and wore the pretty earrings i bought for myself.
I brushed my hair and styled it in a way that it bounced down to my wa-ist.
I know I’m stunning even with the little make up i wore.
I grinned happily as i carried the cake to the living room.
I shifted the table to the center and placed the cake on it.
I brought out the two red wines i bought and placed each beside the cake.

Mig and Fleur’s gift is wrapped already,i also placed them on the table.
I arranged the living room and sighed satisfactorily,i switched off the light bulb making everywhere dark before i called on Mig and Fleur.

“You guys can come now” I shouted from the living room, standing beside the light switch,i plan to switch it on immediately they walk into the living room.
I heard the door of their rooms open and close, followed by footsteps.
I stood anxiously and smiled when i saw the both of them walk into the living room.
“Why is everywhere dar…” Fleur was saying before i switched on the light.

A look of surprise crossed their faces as they stared at me and the table.

“I want to appreciate you guys for being there for me,for accommodating me even without knowing who i am,for clothing me,feeding me,for making me even forget that i have a family somewhere,for making me your family. Thanks so much guys for everything,i love you and you both will forever remain my family” I concluded and gave them a hug.
“Wow!” Fleur sighed, hugging me tighter.
” Geez…Elva,seriously..i don’t know what to say,you succeeded in surprising us. Thanks for spending so much just to appreciate us” Mig said pecking me lightly.

“Thanks so much Elva,i can’t believe you did this..it’s more than ‘Wow’ ” Fleur said.
“It’s nothing compared to what you guys have done for me. Consider this a token..i would have done more if i could..you guys are the nicest people i’ve met” I said.
“Wow..and you are looking more beautiful tonight” Mig complimented and i blushed slightly.
“Thanks Mig,i just thought i could do with a little make up for this special night” I said.
“But all these must sure cost a lot” Fleur said.
“Not at all…i still have some money left” I said.
“They probably sold it for you at a cheap rate,considering how beautiful you are” Mig said and i chuckled.

“So guys i got this for you” I said picking their presents.
I handed Fleur hers and Mig his.

Fleur didn’t waste time in unwrapping her present.
“Oh my God!” She scre-med excitedly jumping on me..we both fell to the floor almost tripping the cake but Mig had to quickly move it out of the way.
I laughed.
“And i was just thinking of going to get it. Thanks so much Elva, you’re so amazing” She said excitedly…
“You are welcome Fleur but you’re suffocating me” I said and she quickly stood up from my body, letting out a chuckle.
I sighed.
“Thanks so much Elva” She repeated and quickly tried on the shoes which fit her perfectly.
She walked around the room with her face full of smiles.
Mig giggled.

“Now let’s check mine” He said and started unwrapping his gift.
I stood back anxiously,hoping he’s gonna like the headphone i got for him.
He finally unwrapped it and i saw a smile lit up his cute face.
I sighed in relief.
“OMG…I love you” He said and i was surprised when he lifted me up, circling the table.
I laughed in excitement, enjoying the feeling.
“Thanks so much Elva” He whispered and placed a k-ss on my lips before dropping me back to the floor.

“I’m so happy you guys loved my gifts” I said.
“Of course we would” Fleur said still checking out her new shoes.
“I so much love this headphone..it looks cool and cute, i’ve had some in the past but none were as cool as this. Were you aware i love music?” Mig asked and i looked over to Fleur who grinned widely.
Mig followed my gaze.
“Ohh..Drama queen told you” He said to me quietly and i chuckled.
“I have another gift for us” I said and brought out the three T-SHIRTS.
“Wow!” They exclaimed.
“Tons of surprises tonight” Fleur said.
I smiled and handed Mig the blue one,passed Fleur the pink one and i also held the second pink T-SHIRT.

“Wow..I gotta put it on now” Mig said and wore it over his top.
“It looks great on you” I said.
“Of course it will,i gat a perfect body” He boasted and Fleur twitched her nose making me laugh.
Fleur put on hers and i also put on mine.
“Now we look like one big family” Fleur muttered and we all grinned.
“So about the celebration,i can’t wait to taste that cake” Fleur said and Mig shook his head.
“Food monger” He whispered behind her head and i laughed.
“So let’s cut the cake ..” I was saying before Fleur cut in.

“I have a suggestion” She said.
“What suggestion?” Mig and i asked.
“Why don’t we celebrate this in the garden” She said.
“Yes…why didn’t we think of that..” I said excitedly..
“It’s gonna be great” Mig said.
“So plan planner,carry the cake while i carry the wines. Then Elva should come along with the mat” Mig said.
“Hm..I love the name plan planner,it sure suits me” Fleur grinned.
“Now let’s go party!” She said lifting the cake and rushing off to the garden.


We sat in the garden, chatting and eating the delicious cake.
Fleur has almost finished her portion and I’m sure she’s gonna cut more slices.. haha.
“What a beautiful night” Mig said and we all glanced up looking at the sky.
“Yes it is” I said.
“Let’s open the wine” Fleur said with a mouthful pushing her cup forward.
Mig grabbed the wine,we squealed in excitement as he popped it open.
He poured into our cups each.
“Now let’s toast” Fleur said.
“To what?” I asked.
“To our everlasting love for one another” Mig said.

“Cheers” We said,raised our glass cups before clicking it together.
We downed the wine in one gulp and we poured more in our cups.

We emptied the wine bottles,Fleur and i are starting to get tipsy.
I laid flat on the grass and closed my eyes knowing that’s the end of the night.

💮Next Morning💮

“Damn…you both should get up and go get ready for work it’s 8am” I heard in my sleep and suddenly felt taps on my shoulder.
My eyes popped open looking around.
I noticed the ground is wet beneath my body.
I saw Fleur, asleep beside me.

“Elva..get up it’s 8am, aren’t you going to work” I heard and turned to see Mig.
He started tapping Fleur on her back and she yawned loudly as she got up.

I rubbed my eyes and it nearly popped out of it’s socket when i noticed we slept in the garden overnight.
Damn..I didn’t know the wine was quite strong.

“Geez!!” I heard Fleur scre-med loudly and turned.
“Elva it’s 8am,our resumption time” Fleur said and this time. My eyes popped out of it’s socket.
We both stood up quickly and rushed inside the house, pushing each other and falling down in the process.

I heard Mig’s laughter trail behind us.



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