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Meant To Be Episode 56

(being Elva)

#Chapter 56

Zeemah writes📝

💮💮A week later💮💮

💎Elva’s POV💎

I walked into the ward, looking dejected.
I’m leaving today.
I won’t see the kids anymore.

The kids rushed to greet me happily.
“Good morning Elva” They greeted and i responded with a slight nod.
They aren’t aware i will be leaving today.
I walked to my desk and dropped my bag, sitting down.
Why does it hurt so much.

They followed me down to my seat and they all stood in front of me looking worried.

“Elva what wrong?

Are you feeling unwell?

Have you eaten?

Did someone upset you?

Did we?” They asked and i didn’t know where the tears came from.
I sniffled and quickly grabbed my handkerchief, trying hard to hide my tears but they saw it.
I looked up and was surprised to see them also crying,their faces looking sad.

“I’m okay Cuties, stop crying okay?” I said trying to hold back another round of tears that was threatening to roll down my cheeks.
“You are still crying” Mitch sniffled.
“Elva what’s wrong?” Dan asked.
“I..i..I’m leaving today” I said bursted into a loud tears.


To where?

Please don’t leave” They chorused.
“I also don’t want to leave but Miss Morg-n will be resuming tomorrow” I said.
“We don’t want Miss Morg-n anymore,we want you please don’t leave” Mitch said and the rest nodded with tears welling up in their cute eyes.

“I have to leave..I was employed here temporarily, and i should leave when it’s time to. I will come visit you guys regularly okay?” I said.
“No no we want you. please don’t leave..Miss Morg-n can be our afternoon teacher, Elva please don’t leave us” Dan said crying loudly.
“I was told Miss Morg-n teaches you guys for the wh0le day,she doesn’t go home but stays with you except on weekends” I said.
“We don’t want Miss Morg-n anymore, it’ll be so difficult to cope without you” Another Kid said also crying.
“It’s okay Cuties” I said trying hard not to burst into tears again
“Y’all should allow Miss Morg-n come back okay and i promise i will keep checking on you” I said.

“No you are not leaving…Dan come with me,we are going to Doc Steph’s office” Mitch said already pulling Dan along but i rushed to stop them before they could get to the door.
“C’mon kids, don’t go to Doc Steph’s office, he’s not in the position to change anything..Mrs Morg-n took maternity leave and she’s due to come back. If I’m to stay,it means she would have to lose her job and that’s so unfair and unprofessional. Thanks for not wanting me to leave but i have to..I’m so sorry Cuties,i promise to always check on you” I said and they cried louder as they walked towards their beds.
I cleaned my tears and hurried after them.
“Now will you all give me a hug” I said with a sad smile.
They stood up one after the other, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Can you do something for us?” Mitch asked.
“Yes honey”
“Please spend more time with us till it’s noon” She said and the rest nodded.
“Okay sweeties,i will gladly do that. Don’t cry anymore huh?” I said and they nodded.
I cleaned their tears one after the other before walking back to my seat.

“Cuties” I called.
“Yes Elva” They replied with dull voice.
“I’m gonna tell you one last story and I’m also gonna sing one last song for you” I said and they bursted into tears again.
I placed my head on the desk and also cried.

💎Mig’s POV💎

“Lalalalalala” I sang happily twisting my butts in a dancing step.
I’m preparing my breakfast just some minutes after Elva and Fleur left.
I’m so happy cause Elva is gonna be staying with me at home now..she’s leaving that damn hospital today and i hope she won’t see that guy.. Bee or Ben…whatever.

After breakfast I’m just gonna move my piano and other instrument to the garden .
I’ve been planning to do that for long and i will carry out the plan today.
I dished out the omelette in a flat dish, dropped the sauce pan back on the gas cooker,grabbed a glass cup and bottled water before wheeling happily to the dinning.

I sat and began eating my breakfast humming happily.

It’s been a week now and all has been going well.
We’ve gotten closer…I mean Elva and i but I’m yet to ask her to be my girlfriend.
I’m gonna wait till she regains her memory, dating her now will only seem like taking advantage of her, what if she has a damn fiance or boyfriend?
Gosh…That’s so gonna hurt me but i hope she doesn’t have any and if she does,then there will be war cause i won’t lose her to anyone.

I gro-ned..Elva is too beautiful not to have someone in her life.

I dipped my spoon into my plate, bring it up to my lips only for it to come up empty.
I looked down at my meal and noticed there’s nothing remaining in the dish again.
“Damn Mig.. how could you not know you’ve finished your breakfast” I sighed.
I gulped my water and stood up with the empty dish in hand to the kitchen.
I hurriedly washed it,rinsed it and placed it in the dish drainer.
I walked out of the kitchen going into the attic.
I’m gonna move the piano to the garden now.


I heaved a sigh of relief when i finally placed the piano under a cool shade in the garden.
Damn..it’s quite heavy..
I walked back to the attic and carried the piano stool and other necessary things to the garden.
I was sweating by the time i was done setting the piano in the garden..I’ve arranged everything neatly in the beautiful garden.
I’m gonna start teaching Elva how to play a piano since she gat a thing for music.

I’m sure my song is gonna flow smoothly in this cool environment and it also seems like a good place to compose songs.
The trees, flowers, butterflies and and everything else in here is inspirational.

I quickly picked up my song book with a pen and started scribbling down a song that just came to me now.

🎵 Alone in the garden

🎵With cool breeze brought by nature…

🎵As cool as you blow,as adorable as you make one feel,as happy as you make one be, you can’t be compared to the loves of my life.

🎵Even the most beautiful thing in the world,

🎵 Can’t be compared to the loves of my life.

🎵Cause they are like treasures hard to find but if found should be cherished forever.


Damn..Ain’t i just so good?

💎Elva’s POV💎


The story is interesting.

I love it.

Please tell us more” The kids chorused after i was done telling my last story.
We’ve had breakfast and time is ticking fast,it will be time for lunch soon and i’ll be leaving after lunch.
We are all sad but we tried to keep a happy face.
One of the plenty reasons i love this kids…they act matured.

“Now we are prepared for your last song” Mitch said and i noticed the weariness in her tiny voice.
“Yeah it will be time for lunch soon and we know you are leaving right after lunch” Dan said sadly and i forced out a smile.
“I’m gonna sing to you after lunch” I said and they nodded.

We all fell silent gazing at one another.
Their eyes, begging me not to leave,it was so touching that i can’t help but shift my gaze to my desk.

I closed my eyes and fell into an unexpected sleep.


“Elva our lunch is here” I heard and felt a tap on my hair before opening my eyes.
I raised my head off the desk and saw Dan standing in front of me pointing to their lunch basket.
I muttered an ‘oh’ .
He helped me tucked my hair smartly behind my ears and i smiled.
“Thanks Dan” I said but he shrugged.
“I do that to Vinnie alot,my mum’s elder sister. I can’t really remember her face anymore but you keep reminding me of her,you look so much like her ” He said and my eyes widened.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes Elva.. please serve us lunch. We are starving” He said before running to his bed.

Why does the name ‘Vinnie’ rings a bell.

I shrugged it off and stood up to dish out their lunch.
I finished doing that and served them round.
I sat down to eat mine but i couldn’t eat half of it cause i know i will leaving the kids soon.
I noticed they were also picking at their meal.
“Eat up Cuties…it’s delicious” I said,faking a smile.
They nodded and started eating while i stare admiringly at them.

Fleur walked in after we were done with lunch,she sensed the tension in the ward and shook her head sadly.
“I know you will want to bid them farewell,so i’ll be waiting for you at the reception” She said before walking out.
I stood and walked towards their beds,i noticed their eyes already going watery with tears.
“Now you all should come to me” I said and they rushed to me in tears.
I stood in their middle looking at their cute faces.
I’m so gonna miss them.

” I specially composed this song for today and i hope you will like it..” I said.
I cleared my throat and began;


🎵I love you all and you will forever remain in my heart”

I finished singing and realised how loud we were all crying.
They hugged me tightly in their middle,their tears soaking my skirt.

We remained that way for some minutes when i realised Fleur is waiting for me.

I stood straight and walked to the desk.
I carried my handbag and headed back to them.
I hugged them again one after the other.

“Bye..I’m gonna miss you all” I said to them already walking to the door.
I wouldn’t want to break down again.
“We will miss you too Elva and we love you” They chorused and i turned back with a smile.
“I love you too Cuties … Bye” I said with a sad smile and quickly walked out of the door,i closed it behind me before breaking down.
I heard their loud cries through the door and weep harder.
I cleaned my tears and heaved a sigh before walking towards the reception with my head down.

I raised my head when i got to the reception and a ‘wow’ escaped my lips,my eyes widening in surprise.
I saw the staff all standing with farewell cards in their hands.
Different farewell messages inscribed on each of it.
I stood there, speechless, looking at their faces one after the other; Doc Steph,Ben, Claire,then Fleur who winked at me with a grin..So she knew about this..

My gaze landed on the table placed in front of them.
There is a cake and numerous wines on it.

“Oh my God” I whispered, deeply touched.
They all marched towards me and a tear escaped my eyes.

👯Elva we will miss you.

You have been so great to work with.

Keep on visiting.

You are fun to be with.

Gosh! We won’t get to hear you sing again.

We wish you all the best.

Take care.


We all love you” They all chorused and i smiled, deeply touched by their comments.

“Thanks so much guys..I’m deeply touched” I said hugging them one after the other.
One of them tucked the little farewell board in my hair and i smiled leaving it there.

“Now let’s eat the cake and have some wine” We heard and turned.
I already know it’s Fleur,she loves anything eatable..haha.
She grinned widely at them already rushing to the cake,we rushed after her laughing hard.

I ate a slice of the cake but didn’t dare go near the wine.
Fleur is walking happily around eating her cake and gulping down her wine at same time.
They told me to sing for them and i did.
We all danced happily to my song with no beat,some patients also joined and it was fun.
Some people’s dance was so funny that i almost choked on my cake.
We all laughed happily and to be sincere im really gonna miss this place.


Fleur and i left the hospital after the merriment ended, everyone has gone back to their work.
We were walking home chatting happily.
We left the hospital quite late today cause of the little party they planned for me and all.
I had hugged them once again and bid them bye in smiles even if i was trying hard to hold my tears.

“Elva” I heard someone called and turned to see Ben walking towards us.
Fleur and i glanced at ourselves before facing him.
He got to us sighing heavily,his face covered in sweat from running.

“Elva I’m gonna miss you” He said.
“Yeah” I replied.
“Okay..i’ll go straight to the point,i called you back to apologise, i’ve wronged you in a lot of ways. I just hope you will forgive me,it wasn’t intentional,and I’ve turn good” He said and i looked at him in surprise.
“Fleur I’m sorry for everything,i know i’ve offended you greatly. I just hope you both forgive me” He said and Fleur turned to me already smiling.
“I’ve forgiven you” Fleur said and her face widened in surprise when he pulled her into a hug.
I noticed her cheeks turn red.

Damm…is Fleur blushing..

“Well..I’ve not forgiven you” I said with pouted lips and they both turned to look at me.
“Why?” He asked.
“I was only joking, you’re forgiven but you gotta do something for me” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“You have to also apologise to Mig” I said and Fleur nodded.
“Of course i was planning to do that but that won’t be today”
“Fine..any day is fine by us”
“Thanks for forgiving me guys” He said engulfing us in a hug before he turned and ran off.

I felt like crying again..i’m gonna miss them all…
Well…there is something to comfort me and that’s spending time with Mig.
I can’t wait to be finally home with him again.

Mig here i come..


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