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Meant To Be Episode 58

(being Elva)

#Chapter 58

Zeemah writes📝

💎Dianne’s POV (Elva’s sis)💎

I cried silently on the bed with Selena my personal maid comforting me.
We have been in a hotel in the countryside for a lot of days now.
We’ve searched almost everywhere but couldn’t find my Dan, I’ve finally made up my mind that this is the last place i will give up my search on Dan.

Is my son dead?

If that witch had not seized my ATM card,who knows if i might have seen my Dan.

Am i not going to see my him again?

My dear son…I’ve really missed him.

“Selena..am i still gonna find my Dan?” I asked in tears.
“Yes Boss Dianne,we are gonna find Dan again” She said but i knew she said it only to comfort me,I’ve told her to stop adding ‘Boss’ behind my name. It makes me feel uncomfortable cause she’s far older than me but she just won’t listen.

“We’ve searched almost the wh0le countryside but couldn’t find him..where else am i gonna see My Dan again” I cried.
“Boss Dianne” Selene called.
“There is a place we haven’t searched”
“Where?” I asked already getting up.
“It’s a hospital..” She said.
“Really?” I asked.

“Then let’s start going” I said slipping my feet hurriedly into my flip flops.
“No Dianne…it’s dark already,we can’t go now cause going out now is not safe..we will go first thing tomorrow morning” She said and i nodded slowly sitting back on the bed.
I rested my head on the bed’s headboard,that hospital is my last hope..Lord i pray to find him there..Lord please.

My iPod rang out and Selena quickly brought it to me.
I collected it and checked the screen;

It’s dad.

📞Hey Dad
📞Hi Angel..how are you?
📞I’m fine dad” I said trying to sound okay,i won’t want him to get worried.
📞How’s the search going?

📞There is this last place we need to search before coming home.
📞Yes Dad.
📞I really pray you find him.
📞Thanks Dad..

📞If you need anything,just put a call through me okay?
📞Okay Dad..I love you.
📞I love you too Angel..bye” He said before disconnecting the call.
I sighed and passed my iPod back to Selena,she placed it on the table.

“What do you care to order for dinner Boss Dianne?” She asked.
“I don’t want anything..I’m okay” I said.
“You’ve not had anything since we started our search in the morning..I’m gonna order casserole,your favorite meal” She said already punching in some numbers into the hotel telephone.
“No Selena I’m okay,i don’t wanna eat anything” I said.
“Okay then,i will just have to call Mr Winters that you refused to eat” She said already bringing out her phone.
“Damn..why did i even got that phone for you.. okay okay I’m gonna eat” I said not wanting her to call Dad. I had given her the phone as her birthday present.

“Good..so now I’m gonna order it” She said and started punching in some numbers in the telephone.
“Order a plate for yourself also” I said and she nodded.
“Thanks boss”
Having her beside me is really great,she has become an older sister to me.
She comforts me when I’m sad and she’s always trying to make me happy,she looks after me just like…Vinnie does.
She was actually Vinnie’s favorite..

Oh Vinnie,I’ve missed her so much.
Her voice..the most beautiful i’ve ever heard, her beautiful face,her envious figure,her boldness and her kind heart.
Losing her was a great blow to me and Dad, we’ve not gotten over her till date.
I rolled to the other side of the bed to avoid Selena from seeing my tears.

If only i can just see Dan and Vinnie,then my tears will be replaced by joy but a part of me keep telling me it’s impossible while another part keep telling me it’s possible.

Which do i believe?

💎Mig’s POV💎

I yawned standing up from the bed.
Wow..i enjoyed my sleep..I’m feeling more relaxed now.
I walked to the kitchen to get a glass cup of chilled water.
I got to the living room and found it silent,no one .
“Could they still be in the garden” I muttered to myself.
I walked into the kitchen and fetched a glass cup,i poured some chilled water in it and gulped it.

I sighed and dropped the glass cup loudly on the kitchen cabinet.
What’s this bad hunch I’m having,i need to go check on Fleur and Elva.
I rushed to the garden and shook in fear at the sight in front of me.

I saw Fleur and Elva sitting beside a werewolf,with shock and fear written all over their faces.
They were both trembling in fear.
“Oh my God..oh my God” I stopped myself from scre-ming.
“Mig please save us” Fleur scre-med and i looked at the wolf’s eyes. Fear gripped me.
“Ple-a-se le-t th-e-m g-o” I pleaded from afar.

“I’m not here to hurt anyone,i need to tell you some things and also give you something before i finally disappear” The wolf said in it’s growl-like voice.

What the… a talking wolf?!!

“Yeah..i talk like humans” The wolf said.
“Okay” I said, breathing fast.
“This house has been built over centuries now and it has been my abode since then” It said.
“You mean you have been staying in this house with us for..years?!” I asked shocked.
“Yes..I own this wh0le garden” It boasted proudly, pawning around.
“Really?” I asked.
Surprisingly,I’m less afraid now..starting to get kinda comfortable with it.
I don’t think it’s here to harm anyone like it said.
Damn! Am i believing a wolf!!!

“This garden has a lot of treasures,it has been protected by me for years..i do protect my garden against evil doers” It said.
I noticed Fleur and Elva were also more relaxed now.
They motioned me to come sit with them and i ran to them when the wolf had faced another part of the garden.
I sat beside them, breathing heavily. “We will be fine”

The wolf paced to and fro in front of us still talking.
“These leaves..they are golds,just pluck it and it will instantly turn to raw gold in your palms but that’s because you are the rightful owner of the treasures..your fore fathers contributed a lot in building this wh0le house centuries ago”

“Wha..Wow! You mean these leaves are golds?” We asked.
“Yes,just pluck it” The wolf replied and we almost squealed.
“I will be gone soon,i will disappear forever because my time on this part of the Earth is over but i have to tell you a thing and also give you something”

“Wh..at?” We asked.
“Firstly..you both..” It pointed to Elva and i.
We glanced at each other before turning back to the wolf.
“You mustn’t let go of each other in any circ-mstance cause you are meant for each other, you’re meant to be”
I can’t believe we could grin in this situation.
“And you” It said pointing to Fleur who flinched beside Elva.
“You will meet your prince charming soon” It said and Fleur scre-med loud in excitement.


“Now i need to give you something” It said bringing out a green substance inside a small bottle.
“Here is the cure to your disease” It said and i felt my stomach rose instantly.

“Really?” Fleur asked..
I couldn’t speak.
“He’s a strong man,with a bag full of dreams but he couldn’t pursue them just because of his desease,he has been holding on for years hoping and praying,his hope and prayers finally came through. Battling with a disease as his for years is very crucial and even knowing there might not be cure but he kept living. I see everything,i observe everything,i know everything and that was the reason i went all length to get him the cure… Are you ready to take it?” The wolf asked.
I was speechless for seconds, different thoughts running through my mind.
Is this true?
Is this real?
Could it be a dream?

“I.. i’m fin..ally gonna pur..sue my drea..m?” I asked and the wolf growled in response.
Adrenaline rushed through my spine as i imagined myself on the stage singing in front of thousands of people.
“I’ll pursue my dream” I chanted and then scre-med in excitement when i got out of my number state.
I nearly hugged the wolf.
It wolf seems nice,it suddenly doesn’t look scary to me anymore.

“Open your mouth” It instructed and i glanced at Fleur.
“Take it,you have nothing to lose anyway” She said.
“I know but..” I turned to the wolf.
“Do you have to..like..feed me?” I asked.
“It’s potency will reduce to nothing once a human touches it because you’re all full of sins” it said and i readily opened my mouth.
It poured the wh0le substance in my mouth and i felt my body system change immediately i swallowed it .

“Consider this minute the end of your disease” It said and i felt tears rush to my eyes.
What am i doing?
It’s not even confirmed if my disease is gone but i have a feeling it’s gone.

I grinned, excitement bubbling in me.
I suddenly forgot the creature pacing in front of us is a wolf.
Elva and Fleur hugged me feeling happy for me.
We disengaged from the hug and turned to look at the wolf.

We were surprised when a tear slipped down it’s hairy cheek.

“Wh..at..Why are you crying?” We asked.
“I’m leaving soon and i will sure miss this place,it had been my abode for years but ofcourse I’m a warrior. I will get over it” It said sadly and our faces dropped.

“Why don’t you stay?” I asked and saw Fleur clear her throat before sending me a glare.
“I have to leave for another earth,it’s a rule i mustn’t defy,I’ve spent centuries here” It said sadly.

There was silence for some minutes before i finally spoke up.

“Thank you so much for your help..we appreciate you and we will forever remember you” I said and Fleur and Elva nodded in affirmative.
“I will always remember you all also,you made me feel loved and I’m glad you all warmed up to me, despite the fact that I’m a scary creature” It said.
“I will leave now..never to be back again” It said.

“Wa..it..can we..give you a hug for not hurting us,for helping us, for everything you did for us” Fleur said surprising me totally.
“Really?..you mean you will hug me?” It asked and we all nodded.
Fleur stepped forward first, surprising us more by hugging the wolf even when her legs were shaking terribly.
Elva went second and i went third.
We’ve all hugged the wolf.

Who in the world hugs a wolf?
If it hadn’t happened to me, i would never have believed it.
Could this be a dream?
Or imagination?
No..this is real.

We’re hugging a wolf.

But i know we would never have hugged it if it had tried to harm us,it was kind to us.

“Thanks for the hug..it’s the first hug I’ve gotten from humans,i feel happy and loved and special..all thanks to you all. I’ll leave now” It said.

“Bye” We said.
“Goodbye” It said before giving a loud growl and then disappearing into thin air.

Elva suddenly slumped beside us.
“Bring her in” Fleur yelled and i carried her and rushed into the house.


We sat beside the sleeping Elva on the couch, looking worried.
“She will wake up soon,she was only gripped with shock” Fleur said and i nodded.

Her eyes started opening slowly….

“Fleur she’s awake” I said happily.
“Thank goodness..Elva how are you feeling now” she asked.
Elva sat up looking at us in a confused manner.
“Who is Elva?” Elva asked and i looked at her even more surprised.
“Elva what’s wrong?” I asked about touching her but she flinched from my touch.

“Where is Dianne? Dad? Ryan? and Dan?” She asked and it was then we knew she has regained her memory.


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