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Meant To Be Episode 60

(being Elva)

#Chapter 60

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s/Vinnie’s POV💎

I cried and sank to the floor beside Dianne’s car as i watched Fleur and Mig left.
“F-ck!! Vinnie why the hell would you behave like that to the people who cared for you without even knowing who you are” Dianne scolded.
“I didn’t mean to act that way…when i regained my memory yesterday night. I couldn’t keep my excitement but when i saw the looks on their faces,i also felt bad but i had to cover my sadness with acting weird.

I acted that way beause of Mig,i swear i love him so much but after i remembered Ryan, i know i just had to keep off from Mig which is just the hardest thing to do..the only thing i could do is act like i don’t care anymore ,you have no idea how much i cried overnight.
I hadn’t mean to act that way but i just had to,for Mig’s good. I don’t want him to be sad after I’ve left,i want him to hate me,i don’t want him to remember i was once in his life! It’s gonna break him.
Ryan remains my fiance even if i don’t have half of the feelings i have for Mig for Ryan. I have to respect dad’s decision but seeing Mig leave in tears now. I don’t just know what to do. I’m..i’m confused” I cried loudly.

“C’mon Vinnie,act like the Vinnie i know. Make your decisions yourself, I’m sure dad won’t question you not after seeing you for a long time.
Do you want to go into a loveless marriage?” Dianne asked and i shook my head.
“We both know you don’t love Ryan, go for the guy you love..damn that guy is cute. He also loves you…make the decision yourself Vinnie” Dianne said.

But Ryan.. how’s he gonna feel.
She doesn’t want to hurt him and she doesn’t want to hurt Mig either.
Even if this incident hadn’t happened, would she have gotten married to Ryan?
No, Vinnie Winters would never have gotten married to someone she doesn’t love.

“Remember you even told me you’re planning to tell Dad that you want to put an end to your relationship with Ryan but you were kidnapped before you could” Dianne said.
“Yeah i remember”
“And you do not like Ryan’s lifestyle,he smokes and takes drug! he a Casanova! I wouldn’t have allowed you get married to someone like him anyway but just check out this guy, anyone would see it in his eyes that he’s madly in love with you”
“I’m madly in love with him too!” I said.
“Then what’s keeping you from going after him?” Dianne asked, rocking Dan in her arms.

Vinnie sniffed… making the decision to go after Mig is gonna hurt Ryan. And choosing Ryan is also gonna hurt Mig but Ryan had been in her life first. It isn’t easy for her to hurt someone at the expense of her own joy.
She’s gonna feel guilty forever.

“All your life, you’ve always put people first,put yourself first for once Vin! Please! Don’t deny yourself an everlasting love life just because you think it’s gonna hurt the other person, do what is gonna make you happy,f-ck others feelings, C’mon!” Dianne said.

“I’ve made my decision” I said determinedly.
“And what is your decision?” She asked.
Few minutes later, we were inside the car, about to start going to Mig’s house.
My decision was to go after the person i love.
She can’t imagine her life without him.
Not seeing him beside her is gonna run her down.
Imagining him getting married to another lady almost made her go crazy.
No,she isn’t gonna lose him to another woman.

Ryan is a womaniser, she’s sure he wouldn’t have been faithful to her since she left.

“Vin Vin Vin made the right decision” Dianne chanted and i laughed.

Damn..I’ve so much missed this crazy sis of mine.
We both hugged again and i felt so happy with my decision.
Dianne is coming with her to go apologise to Mig and Fleur.
“I can’t wait to see that cute guy again” Dianne said with her naughty smile.
I shot her a look ‘ I hope you ain’t crushing on him already?”
“Of course I am,who wouldn’t?” She said and i growled at her.
She laughed.
“But of course i know he’s your man, so hands off” Dianne said, raising her two hands in the air.
“Good” I nodded.

Dianne turned back with a smile to look at Dan,who was asleep in Selena’s arms.

“He’s a good cook…he knows how to make casserole,your best dish” I said.
“Oh my God really?” She asked.
“Yeah” I replied.
“Damn…I’m gonna get married to him right away” Dianne teased and i shot her a glare.
She laughed “C’mon, he’s already yours”
“I know right” I grinned.
“Damn … Vin you love him so much”
“Of course i do. I really miss Selena?” I asked looking back at her .
She smiled.

“I missed you so much too Boss Vin” She said.
“How have you been?” I asked.
“I’ve been fine,Boss Dianne has been so good to me” She replied smiling happily.
“You look more grown and pretty” I said and she blushed.
“Thanks boss Vin ” She said.

“Do you know I’ve always felt drawn to Dan while i had Amnesia,i never knew he was my cute nephew” I said.
“Yeah and he once told me i look like his aunt” I said, pulling his chubby cheeks like i used do.
He was still asleep.
“Wow, he remembers you,he wasn’t just sure” Dianne said.

“Yeah” I nodded.
“I’m so overjoyed, i can’t believe i found my sister and son on the same day. God,if this is a dream…i don’t want to ever wake up” Dianne said and i laughed.

“Should i come drive?” I asked.
“No, it’s been long you’ve driven..I’m going to ” Dianne said, turning on the ignition.

Dianne started heading to the house with my direction.
My heart beating fast.


Dianne parked in front of the house and we all alighted.
“Do you think I’ll be forgiven?” I asked Dianne nervously as we walked to the door.
“Of course…let’s give it a try” She said and i nodded.

I drew in a breathe before knocking.
I felt my stomach tighten when i heard Mig’s voice.

“Who is there?” He asked.
“It’s..it..s..it’s” I stammered.
The door open and i shifted back when i saw Fleur.
“Ohh…you wanna take something from your room right?… come in” She said,moving out of the way. I shook my head.
She opened the door widely for us to enter and we did.
I saw Mig standing behind Fleur and i quickly rushed to him and pulled him into a hug crying.
“Wh..why are you crying?” He asked worriedly car-ssing my face in his palms.
“I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I acted that way for a reason and now i’ve made my decision. Please forgive me, I’m sorry” I cried.
I saw Fleur shifting closer to me.

“Maybe i knew you would come back but you really hurt us with your words and behaviour” Fleur said.
“I’m sorry,i had a reason for acting that way. After realising i have a fiance,i knew i had to let go of Mig,i wanted him to hate me,i wanted him to forget i ever existed in his life because i know it’s going to break him. But now i’ve made my decision. Please forgive me,I’m so sorry” I pleaded.
“Woah” Fleur sighed.
“Do you really have a fiance?” Mig asked and i turned back to him.
“Yes,but now I’m done with him” I said boldly.
“Really?” They both asked and i smiled.
“I do not love him half the way i love you,i wouldn’t have gotten married to him anyway,i decided to go for the one i love. I can’t even imagine my life without you Mig” I said and smiled when Mig pulled me into a hug, k-ssing my forehead repeatedly.
Fleur joined in the hug.
“You’re forgiven Elva” They said and i saw Dianne wink at me from where she sat.
I grinned happily.

“It’s so good to have you back” Mig whispered in my ears and i smiled.
“Good to have you back too” I said k-ssing his lips.

“Enough of the touchy touchy” Dianne said and we laughed.
“Damn..another drama queen is here” Mig whispered to me and we both laughed.
“Hi Mig,i heard you can prepare my favorite dish really well.. Casserole” Dianne said.
“Of course I’m perfect in that aspect” Mig boasted.
“Wow..can you please make some Casserole for me?” Dianne asked.
“Won’t you guys be leaving today anymore?” Fleur asked.
“No, we are leaving tomorrow…we will stay here till then” I said and Fleur squealed.
“Yaaay…we are gonna have you all around for another day,it’s gonna be fun” She said and we smiled.

“Yeah…I will make the best casserole for us all…give me few minutes” Mig said, rushing into the kitchen happily.
We all sat down, chatting and laughing with Dan walking around the living room.

💎Mig’s POV💎

I’m freaking happy…
Elva is back to me!

I thought i had lost her but i hoped she will come back to me and she did. Am i so special to her that she chose me over her fiance.
Just moments ago,i was sad and now I’m so happy.
I danced and sang happily as i picked the ingredients for Casserole..
I’m gonna make this casserole the most delicious one they’ve ever tasted.

I wore my apron and quickly washed my hands,i dried it and started cooking.
I smiled when i heard their laughter in the living room.


I finished making Casserole and started dishing it out.

“Woah! The aroma is a killer” I overheard Dianne said from the living room and i grinned.
“Yeah…Mig is the best cook i’ve ever known” Elva boasted and i grinned wider, blushing.
“I should go help him” She said and i heard her footsteps in the direction of the kitchen.

Well..I had planned to ask her to be my girlfriend after she regains her memory.
I had wanted to know her relationship status and now that i do..

She walked into the kitchen and i smiled on seeing the grin on her face.
“Wow Mig…the aroma of the casserole filled the wh0le living room and it’s already making my stomach fly” She said and i laughed.
“Wait until you have a taste” I said.
“Of course..”
“Well..I know you to be a good cook though,so which do i help with?” She asked.

“You can carry the meals to the dining room,then come back for the rest” I said.
“Okay” She said and picked up a tray,she placed the four dishes of casserole in it and carried it to the dinning room.

Damn…why am i so nervous to ask her out.
I know she’s gonna say yes anyway.
She came back into the kitchen and i cleared my throat.
I hugged her tightly to my chest,the touch of her br-asts against my chest almost made me lose focus.

“Thanks so much for coming back to me…I love you” I said.
“I should thank you for accepting me back into your life” She said.
“I want to.. ask you a question” I said.
“Go ahead” She said resting her head on my chest.
My heart was beating fast .

“Wil..will you please be my girlfriend?” I finally asked.
She raised her head from my chest looking straight into my eyes.

“Yes yes yes yes…I will gladly be your girlfriend” She said happily and i pulled her into a hug k-ssing her fully on the lips.

I felt damn happy and relieved.. She’s mine now,she has totally let go of her fiance.
I k-ssed her more deeply and she responded with the same energy.

“Woah” We heard clearing of throats.
We broke the k-ss and turned to see them standing at the entrance of the kitchen.
I saw Elva’s cheeks flush and smiled.
“Finally” Fleur squealed.
“Finally what?… you all saw everything?” I asked.
“Of course we did” They said,laughing.

“So, you guys are officially dating” Dianne said.
“God, look at Elva blushing terribly” Fleur teased and Elva quickly hid her face on my chest.
They all laughed.

“Now…I’m hungry,let’s go eat Casserole” Dianne said.
“Yeah yeah” Fleur said and they giggled going to the dinning.
Elva raised up her head and shyly gave me a quick k-ss before taking the rest of the meals to the dining room.
I dropped my apron and also went to join them at the dining room.


💎Elva’s POV💎

“Oh my God, that was the best Casserole I’ve ever tasted” Dianne said after we were done eating.
“Yes ” I said.
Selena and Fleur had went into the kitchen to wash the dishes while Mig, Dianne and i remained at the dinning.
We planned on going to the garden but we are waiting for Selena and Fleur to be done with the dishes.

“Mig…you are the best cook i’ve ever met, your girlfriend was right” Dianne said and i blushed.
“Thanks Dianne” Mig said.
I smiled.
“I can’t wait to see the garden” Dianne said..if there is anything she loves; it’s flowers and i know she will be damn surprised to see our beautiful garden and lake.
Dan is already asleep in my room so we are free to have fun.
“We are done” Fleur and Selena said coming out of the kitchen.
“Let’s head to the garden”


We all swim race in the lake giggling happily especially Dianne and Selena who were new to it.

The both of them had been shocked to see our garden.
Dianne had scre-med so loud that i had to stop her and she nearly drooled on seeing the waterfall conjoined with a lake.

“This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” Dianne had said happily jumping round the garden.
We had fun in the garden before we finally came to swim .
I saw everyone splashing water on theirselves and i quickly joined.
The water fight was fun.
I’ve never been so happy in my life.
I’ve regained my memory, I’m now Mig’s girlfriend and I’m surrounded by these lovely people.
Isn’t that worth something?

“Vinnie we should call Dad” Dianne said and i shook my head.
“No i want it to be a surprise for him..you know he loves surprises” I said and she nodded.
“What of the witch?” I asked referring to my step mom.
“She’s there,squandering money, buying unnecessary things as always..she seized my ATM” Dianne said.
“Well…She’s gonna get it back hot once i arrive home” I said.
“I trust you Vinnie” Dianne chuckled.

“Mig” She called.
“Huh?” He turned to her.
“Do you have dreams about joining a modelling company?” Dianne asked and we gazed at her in surprise.
How’s she aware of Mig’s dream..I was planning to help him when i get to Mexico.
I’m a famous musician and model and Mig and i will be working together, though I’m yet to tell him.

“Yeah that’s my dream and also to be a musician” Mig replied.
“Wow..great,with your physique,i know you will knock the women off their feet by becoming a model and a musician.” Dianne said.
“Will you go with us to Mexico tomorrow,so my dad can sponsor you and also you will also get to work with Vinnie cause she’s also a musician and a model” Dianne said and i saw surprise written all over Mig and Fleur’s face.
“Really?” They asked.
“Yeah” I replied with a smile.
“I thought as much… your figure,your voice and your beautiful face can’t be compared to none” Fleur said and i smiled.

“Wow…i would love to work with Elva” Mig said happily hugging me tightly.
I dipped my hand into his dripping hair and pulled his lips closer to mine.

“So please go with us to Mexico tomorrow..my dad and others gotta see you” Dianne said and i saw Fleur and Mig exchange glances.
“Yes please come with us to Mexico and Fleur also..please” I pleaded.
“Yes we will go with you guys tomorrow” Fleur said and Mig nodded approvingly.
I pulled Mig into another happy hug.
“I have to call Doc Steph now and ask for an urgent one week leave. I will be back here in a week time but Mig can remain there to pursue his dream” Fleur said.

“Wow.. Vinnie, there’s gonna ruckus in Mexico tomorrow” Dianne said
“Why?” They asked but i already know what she meant.
“If Mig should enter Mexico,a lot of Modelling companies would almost kill to have him to work with them” Dianne said and i saw Mig’s face dissolve in a big grin.
“Of course my brother should be counted among the most good looking guys in the world” Fleur said.
“Yeah,my boyfriend should be counted among the cutest guys with great physique in the world” I said and we laughed.

I’m gonna be back in Mexico tomorrow and my return is gonna be hot.

Sasha Lee should better watch out.


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