Meant To Be episode 63

(being Elva)

#Chapter 63

Zeemah writes ๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ’ŽMig’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

We all froze in the when we heard gunshots…
The bodyguards c*cked their guns obviously ready for whatever it is.
Elva clung to me in fear.

Tim and Tony rushed to us ..

“Mr Winters has been shot” They said.


Elva, Dianne and Fleur scre-med climbing out of the pool running into the house just in their swimsuit.
I grabbed three towels from the maids and ran after them.

We rushed into Mr Winters room and met him unconscious with blood smeared on his white T-shirt,his wife was wailing loudly.

“Dad” Dianne and Elva scre-med in tears jerking him up, while Fleur checked his pulse.
“Get me a first aid box” Fleur scre-med to a maid who ran out.
“What do you need a first aid box for huh?…my husband is dead” The woman yelled.
“No, he’s not…Elva, Dianne…I promise you both i will save your dad…now move out of the way” She said and they did so.
I pulled Elva beside me and wrapped the towel around her body.
I passed the other two to Dianne and Fleur.

Damn…how did Mr Winters get shot.

“Can’t we take him to the hospital” Dianne cried.
“No you can’t… he’s gonna die before you get to the hospital…let me give him first aid treatment and you decide later if you still want to take him to the hospital or not” Fleur said.
The maid returned with the first aid box.
Fleur grabbed it from her, flipped it open and nodded..
“Yeah…there are enough equipment” She said,wore her gloves and started.
I consoled Elva as she wept on my shoulder.
We watched the magic Fleur seems to be performing.
She has removed the bullet,cleaned the wound and was applying things i couldn’t even name..
Dianne cringed at the sight of the blood.
“Dianne you can go to our room…” Fleur said and Dianne shook her head.
Fleur rushed out.
She returned with her own first aid box.

She started another segment of treatment on Mr Winters and we all gazed on.
Mr Winters coughed out twice opening his eyes slowly and everyone rushed to him.
“Yes,he will be fine now…I just need to place him on IV that will strengthen him…TT please help place him on the other neat bed” Fleur said and it was then i noticed that there are two wide beds in the room…
The room is very wide, well structured and decorated..
“And someone…please clean up this place” Fleur said pointing to the door stained with blood.

TT placed Mr Winters on the other bed and Fleur quickly set up the IV.
“Thanks so much Fleur” Dianne and Elva chorused cleaning their tears.
I gave her a thumb up and she smiled.
“It’s nothing…he will be fine but he’s gonna need a hot meal when he wakes up” She said.
“Perse go make dad’s favorite” Dianne ordered and Perse bowed before walking out.

I looked over at Mrs Winters and was surprised at the look on her face…it’s a look of surprise mixed with shock.
Shouldn’t she be happy that her husband is back to life?
What is about this woman?
I have a bad hunch about this ugly woman.
She looked at me and i quickly shifted my gaze.

“TT how was Mr Winters able to get shot with all the guards surrounding him?” I asked curiously.
“It was a sniper that was used…the attacker used it from a concealed position against Mr Winters…it’s a deadly weapon that makes no sound…no matter how far the person is from you…if you aim it directly at the specific target then the person is as good as dead” Tim said and i sighed.

“But you said it makes no sound ,then why did we heard gunshots?” Elva asked.
“The attacker probably did that to confuse us” Tony said.
“Why would Mr Winters be shot at? Does he has some enemies?” I asked.
“I don’t think so, Mr Winters is nice to everyone…I also kept wondering who the attacker might be” Tim said.
“Then we need to find out…we need to investigate the…” I was saying.
“Investigate what?” Mrs Winters yelled and we all turned to look at her in surprise.

“Huh?” She said with a smile scratching her back hair…” I didn’t mean to say that but how will you investigate the attacker that has probably escaped?” She asked.

“We can still transfer him to the hospital if you want” Fleur said.
“No we are not transferring him anywhere cause he’s not even safe in this house not to talk of the hospital and besides you can be treating him at home right?” Elva asked.
“Yes i can”

“What do you mean my husband shouldn’t be transferred to the hospital?” Mrs Winters scoffed.
“Enough of the talks…no one should disturb dad and once he has woken up,i want him to be moved to my room” Elva said and i nodded..
She’s probably having the same hunch I’m having.
“Why would you move my husband away from our room?” Mrs Winters asked with a glare.
“I need to take care of dad myself…he was shot right in this room and i won’t want that to repeat itself” Elva said and we all nodded in affirmative.

“Yeah dad is not safe in this room anymore” Dianne said.
“And who are you, this little brat to chip in” Mrs Winters yell at her and she moved back in fear.
“He’s my dad and a..nd i also have the right to” She said.
“Oh…cry baby that behaves innocent but later gave birth to a fatherless child dares to chip in…I stand on my words…my husband isn’t moving an inch from here” Mrs Winters seethe.

Fleur cleared her throat to talk but i sent her a glare and she kept shut immediately but i caught her give Dianne a sign.
“Mrs Winters…I’m my father’s daughter and i have the right to interfere in anything concerning him…you should be ashamed to call my precious jewel a fatherless better than you who kept moving from one husband to another, giving birth to ugly kids like dogs for different fathers” Dianne retorted angrily and we all looked at her in surprise.

Fleur laughed, followed by Elva.
“You this..little thing” Mrs Winters said advancing towards Dianne who didn’t move an inch from where she stood.
Mrs Winters held up her hand to bring it down on Dianne’s cheek but amazingly Dianne held her hand halfway looking straight into her eyes.

“Hey… don’t you dare touch me anymore… If your big ugly hand should land on my cheek,then consider your fat ugly cheeks getting slapped by me” Dianne said and flinging her hand away.
The woman looked surprised or rather shocked.
The room went silent without a noise.

“Dianne” We heard Mr Winters call slowly and we all faced him.
“Dad you are awake” Dianne rushed to him happily.
“Yes i am…did Doc Sly came around?” He asked weakly.
“No Dad…it was Fleur who treated you, she’s a nurse and also a surgeon” Elva said.
“Yes Dad”
“OMG Fleur? Really?… thanks so much…I don’t have the strength to thank you enough now.” He said weakly and Fleur smiled.

“Dianne you go to my company at Mask estate…I plan on inspecting the workers today so you help me do that and also ,i want you to attend to Braun Mortimer, he’s bringing a private contract today and i don’t want my manager to know about it,you know how to sort it out right?” He said.
“Yes Dad..this isn’t the first time i’ll be helping you attend to a contract so trust me” she said her face full of smiles.

“Thanks so much Fleur…I’m gonna reward you greatly” He said and yawned.
“No Mr Winters…it’s nothing and besides it was a simple job cause the bullets didn’t penetrate deeply in your chest…you need a lot of rest for don’t have to say anything ju..” Fleur was saying only to realize he has slept off.


“Back to you, who do you think you are to treat my husband that way…what if you are some inexperienced nurse who goes about injecting people the wrong way” Mrs Winters said.
“Excuse me Ma’am but are you okay?” Fleur asked and the woman gasp.
“Yeah are you okay? Cause your husband is at the point of death and i saved him, shouldn’t you be grateful instead of stretching your big lips to ask who i am…. yeah I’m gonna tell you;
I’m Fleur Sydney,a crazy nurse and surgeon who just saved your husband” Fleur said.

“Yeah…you are crazy truly” Mrs Winters hissed.
“Ohh…really? I should show you the definition of crazy then” Fleur said pulling off the gloves.
The woman scurried out with her two maids after her.

We chuckled.

I noticed one of the maids waved at Elva and Elva waved back smiling.

“Wait…was she afraid of me,i was only joking…I can’t beat up someone as old as her” Fleur said.
“She should go to hell…” Dianne said holding Mr Winters hand.
“I need to go change into something better” Fleur said.
“Fleur you will go with me to dad’s company later in the day” Dianne said.
“Okay Dian” Fleur said disappearing through the door.

“Are you okay?” I asked Elva whose face seems dull.
“No I’m not okay… Let’s go to your room” She whispered in my ears and i nodded.
“Dianne,i will be right back” Elva said to her sis who nodded.
We both walked out and headed to my room.
“Mig we are not safe anymore in this house…for dad to be able to get shot with all the securities surrounding him then none of us here is safe” Elva said worriedly as she sat on the bed.
I sat beside her.
“Yeah…we are not safe…there is someone lurking behind the shadows. What are we gonna do?” I asked.

“I have a plan” We heard and turned to see Fleur walking into the room.
She’s putting on her favourite blue gown.
*Plan planner* I muttered and chuckled inwardly..
“Were you hiding behind that door all this while?” I asked and she smiled.
“Of course not..I overheard you,so do you care to know my plan? she said and Elva nodded.

“What plan do you have?” Elva and i asked.
“We will find out the people behind this and expose them” She said.
“People?” Elva asked.
“Yeah…I’m very certain it’s not one person involved in this s**t” She said.

“So how do we go about it?” Elva asked.
“Are you suspecting anyone in this house?” She asked.
“I don’t think it’s safe to say this but I’m having mixed feeling about Mrs Winters” I said.
“Exactly.. that’s exactly what im thinking” Elva said.
“Yeah… that’s who am also suspecting…but she’s just a suspect. We can’t be sure if she’s guilty until we carry out a search on her” Fleur said.
“Okay then…are we going to search her room or what?” I asked.
“Of course not…does she have a private maid?” Fleur asked.
“Yeah..she does,her name is Maisey” Elva said.
“The one who waved at you?” I asked Elva and she nodded.
“Then we are gonna make use of Maisey” Fleur said.
“What” We exclaimed.

“Do you want to get her killed?” Elva asked worriedly.
“Of course not…we won’t force her if she doesn’t want to work for us..we just need her to plant a secret camera in Mrs Winters room so we can monitor her moves,the calls she makes and other things that would prove her guilty or not” Fleur said.

“That will be difficult” Elva said.
“Don’t act like a coward… according to you,we are not safe anymore in this house. Just imagine if i hadn’t quickly attended to Mr Winters,you know what the hell would have happened…if we don’t sought out that attacker,do you know how many people they are still planning to attack …
Think this through…our lives is at stake here. We have to seek every measures” Fleur said and i nodded.
She’s right…very right.

“Ok then… let’s go on with your plan to plant a secret camera in her room” Elva said.
“Now you are talking…we will purchase the camera online then give it to Maisey to help us plant it in Mrs Winters room”
“What if Maisey refuses to do it because they are all afraid of Mrs Winters” I said.
“Then we will do it ourselves” She said.
“Ah” Elva exclaimed.
“What?…I will do it myself if Maisey refuses but I’m very sure she will gladly do it cause that woman is a bitch” Fleur said .

“Okay continue with your plan” I said.
“It will be a type of camera that can be connected wirelessly to a laptop. Then we will watch her daily moves from there but i just don’t know how we are gonna connect it” Fleur said.
“Dianne will help us with that” Elva said.
“Yeah she’s an IT genius…she went to Korea to study further so she can deal with anything concerning her aspect of work” Elva said proudly.

“Wow…you mean Dianne is a computer scientist?” I asked and she nodded.
“Thank goodness…that would be great,that means Dianne will be drawn into this plan” Fleur said.
“I hope we succeed at this,because my stepmom is a smart person. She might quickly figure it out” Elva said.
“She’s smart but not as smart as we are.. we’re gonna bring her down” Fleur said determinedly.
Elva gave her a high five and they both smiled.
“You’ve transferred your courage to me…I’m also ready..I mean ready to do anything” Elva said.

“Yes…that’s the spirit,don’t worry guys, remember we were the team that brought down Daisy so who is this woman that her puzzle can’t be solved” Fleur said and we all smiled.
“High-five” Elva said raising up her hand.
Our hands met and we giggled.
“So what’s the next plan?” Elva asked.
“We will figure out our next plan once we watch her moves in the laptop” Fleur said.

“Detective Fleur” I said with a playful bow and we laughed.

๐Ÿ’ŽRyan’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

“Baby…the mission was successful, Tiny just called me now that he shot Mr Winters successfully” I said to Sasha who was sitting elegantly on the couch sipping her wine.
Cigarette in the other hand.
I had ordered for the assassination of Mr Winters immediately i left their house…as Mrs Winters told me to do.
“Wow…I can’t wait to see Vinnie cry on TV…her coming back to Mexico infuriates me… don’t you remember how hard we had hit that iron on her was she able to survive it? and now she’s back with the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen…I really want to have that guy ” Sasha said licking her lower lip.

“Damn…you don’t want that guy as much as i want Vinnie back.. she’s more beautiful with a glowing skin and some flesh has added in the right places…I just wanna f**k her” I said jumping on the couch beside Sasha.
“Now that Mr Winters is gone,our next plan is?” She asked.
“We will get rid of that guy and his crazy sis who slapped me like im some sort of a naughty kid” I said furiously.
“She sure have some courage…how could she slap you?..Well her end is near” She said placing her legs on my d**k.

I gro-ned in ecstacy …

“I heard they were the one who saved her”
“And we will also get rid of Vinnie once more cause i just checked my Instagram account now and noticed my followers have decreased just few hours Vinnie got here” She said.

“Yeah we will get rid of Vinnie also but that will be after i f**k her,she can’t just die without me having her first she’s too beautiful to die innocent” I said with a grin.
“Yeah…I also want that cute guy in my bed before blowing his brain off” Sasha said and we both chuckled.

” Mr Winters death should have spread across the world now but I’m seeing nothing here” Sasha said scrolling through the news feed on her iPod.
“Yeah…you know how influential they are,they won’t want to announce his death just like that” I said and she nodded.
“That’s true” She chuckled.
“Shouldn’t we go to their mansion tomorrow to offer our condolences” I said and we giggled.
“Condolence indeed but we are gonna go separately cause i wanna see how Vinnie looks now so i can spend more cash on my skin” She said and i nodded.

“I stood up and took her iPod from her,placing it on the table..I lifted her in my arms walking towards the bedroom… k-ssing her all over the face.
“Ryan…you are a s€× freak” She said.
“So as you baby” I said before throwing her on the bed already ripping off her clothes.

๐Ÿ’ŽDianne’s POV๐Ÿ’Ž

Fleur and i stepped out of dad’s land cruiser with Selena and two maids.
Two bodyguards also alighted from the Benz behind us.
“Wow…This company is big and beautiful” Fleur said taking my hand as we walked inside. I smiled.
Having Fleur as a friend is a real blessing.

The workers at the reception bowed in greetings on seeing us.
“How are you all?” I asked.
“Fine boss Dianne” They replied and resumed their work.
Others bowed as we walked past them.

“Both of you should stay behind…Fleur and i needs to inspect the workers” I said to the maids and they nodded.
Fleur and i finished inspecting the workers and i must say they are doing a good job.
They are so hard working and diligent ..
“This place is so wide and beautiful…and the workers are just too great” Fleur said as we walked back towards the reception.
“Yeah…they are..I’m impressed with their work” I said.
“Let’s go to Dad’s office” I said and we walked towards the elevator..


We stepped out of the elevator with the two guards and Selena,i led the way to Dad’s office.
We got there and i ins**ted in he key into the lock.
I sighed and walked in switching on the light..
The office came into life looking sparkling and clean as always..
Dad doesn’t tolerate dirt.

“Wow…this is beautiful…your dad’s office alone can be converted into a wh0le house,it’s neat and and…gosh..i just don’t know how to describe it” Fleur said and i smiled.
“Let’s sit” I said and walked towards the couches in the office..
We sat down while the bodyguards stood by the door.

“Selena go into dad’s office kitchen and make some coffee and pancakes for us” I said.
“Okay boss Dianne” She said and walked through a door.
Fleur stared in amazement…” Wait Dianne…you mean there is kitchen in your dad’s office?” She asked.
“Yes there is…he has his office cook also,there is also a washroom,you might want to ease yourself” I said.
“Wow!” She exclaimed.
“C’mon Fleur,stop acting like this” I said and she grinned.

I picked the remote control and switched on the TV.
“So which movie should we watch before Braun Mortimer arrives?” I asked.
“Im very good at choosing movies” Fleur said walking towards the movie rack.
“You should go get the maids,we can’t just leave them at the reception” I said to a guard and he bowed before leaving.
“Yes we are gonna watch this” Fleur said ins**ting the CD into the DVD player.

“What’s the title?” I asked.
“About time…It’s a Kdrama” She grinned and i immediately remembered the guy i met in Korea when i went to study further..Michael. My feelings for him is indescribable…I love him so much and i don’t just know why i had to leave Korea at the time he confessed his feelings to me.

“Dianne what’s wrong?” I heard Fleur asked.
“Mood swing…I guess” I lied.
“Hm..i dont believe you but anyway this movie we are about to watch will switch your naughty mood” Fleur said and i laughed.
She took the remote control and clicked the “play” button..
The movie came into life and we started watching.

The guard arrived with the two maids..
“Now you all should have your seat let’s watch this movie” I said to them and they smiled sitting on the couch opposite us.
Selena served everyone pancake and coffee and she also sat down beside me to eat hers.
We watched the movie while eating and i must say Fleur is really good at picking movies.

“So interesting” I muttered after the movie ended.
“I told you I’m very good at selecting movies” Fleur boasted .
“Thanks Boss Dianne for giving us the chance to eat and watch a movie with you” They said and i smiled.
“It’s nothing guys…you guys deserve it…you are not just workers but families so we can’t just treat you like slaves..and besides this isn’t the first time we are all sitting and eating it? I asked and they shook their heads negatively with smiles.

“Dianne,it’s rare to see a wealthy family like yours” Fleur said and i smiled.
We heard a knock on the door and the bodyguards stood up and walked towards the door.
They opened it..
“Ma’am,Mr Braun is here” they said and Fleur and i stood up to welcome him.
He walked in and i suddenly felt Fleur froze beside me.

“Fleur what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.
“ p-rince ch-arming” She muttered slowly before collapsing.



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