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Meant to be episode 7 - 8

(Being Elva)

# Chapter 7

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

“OMG Elara is beating up Nicky” I said referring to the novel i’m reading. I laughed hard on the couch.
“Yeah, Nicky is a loser” Mig said.
I badly wanted to pee but i don’t know how to tell Mig,i can’t walk fine by myself and i don’t want to disturb him,i have no choice right now.
I cleared my throat.

“Hmm..Mig can you please support me to the bathroom,i badly need to pee” I muttered.
“Ohh..Okay” He said.
“I’m so sorry to disturb you” I said.
“You aren’t disturbing me okay?..he stood up from the couch and was about carrying me.

“I can do with just leaning on you for support” I said even if i badly want him to carry me.
“Ohh..Really? are you sure you can limp to the bathroom,you badly need to pee and the limping is sure gonna take forever so you wont end up peeing all over your beautiful shorts” He said jokingly and we both laughed..

He ended up scooping me in his arms before carrying me to the bathroom..
Ah…I can stay in his arms forever.


“If you are done,just call on me. I’m right by the door” He said after dropping me in the bathroom.
“Thanks Mig” I said before he walked out,he closed the door behind him.
I tugged down my short and lowered my butt into the clean toilet seat.
I finished peeing,i twisted the faucet to flush the pee, after that,i limped to the sink.
While washing my hand,i looked out of the window and saw it was almost getting dark.
I called on Mig after i’m done,he walked in and picked me up again..

He dropped me on the couch and sat beside me.
“Thanks Mig” I said and he nodded.
“You won’t believe it’s almost dark” I said.
“Yeah,while engrossed in something,you lose track of time” He said.

“Ohh and what we are engrossed in is?” I asked sarcastically.
“Novel” We said together and laughed.
“But Mig,this novel is more interesting than i thought” I said.
“Yeah that made it my best novel and you are yet to enjoy it,just wait till you get to the revenge part then all hell will let loose” He said.

“Really?” I asked in anticipation.
“I can’t wait ” I said,picked it up and continued from where i stopped.


“I’m home” We heard and raised up our heads.
I smiled on seeing Fleur walking towards us with two shopping bags almost filled to the brim.
I hoped i wasn’t the one she bought those things for…I mean she has spent a lot on me already.

“Welcome Fleur” I said.
“Welcome sis” Mig said.
“Thanks guys,Elva how are you feeling now ?” She asked.
“Much more better,thanks” I said.
“How was work today?”
“Stressful as ever” She said, sitting on a nearby couch…”I’m so tired and hungry” She added.
“Sorry” I muttered.
“Thanks Elva” She said pushing her hair from her face.

“I left some meat loaf for you,you can just warm it up in the microwave and eat it” Mig said.
“Ohh..Mig i’m so tired,can you do that for me please” Fleur whined pulling her palms together, she then rubbed it slowly as a plea to Mig who has a frown on his face.

I chuckled inwardly..
“Please bro” Fleur said.
“Ok..ok, you sure know how to make that pity face” He scoffed playfully,stood up and walked to the kitchen.
“I love you bro” Fleur shouted and smiled.
” I Love you more sis” Mig shouted from the kitchen.
“Elva i bought you some toiletries,a body towel,body lotion,hair lotion,pyjamas and some clothes with other things” Fleur said.

“Thanks so much Fleur but that’s too much, it would have definitely cost you a lot” I said.
“No it’s okay” She said with a smile.
“Thanks so much Fleur” I said.
“I will help you keep them in your room” She said and stood up,pulling the shopping bags with her.
“Thank you” I said feeling so grateful to have such caring people around me.

Fleur walked back to the living room,now clad in a comfortable shorts with a big polo and bunny footwear.
She sat beside me on the couch.
“Mig is the meal loaf heated up ?” She asked loudly.
“It’s ready, i’m about dishing it out” Mig said.

“Elva are you feeling pains anywhere apart from your head and ankle ?” Fleur asked.
“No Fleur” I said.
“Here it is” Mig said handing over a plate of meat loaf with a glass cup of water to Fleur.
“Thanks bro” Fleur collected it and started eating hungrily.
Ohh..She must be really starving.

“I’m going back to the kitchen to make dinner” Mig said.
“Ok,you are the best” Fleur said with a mouthful.
“I know you hear this all the time but you’re the best sister in the universe” Mig said.
He flicked a small smile at her before walking back to the kitchen, Fleur grinned.
I felt jealous…Was my family as sweet as this?
Do i have siblings ? I thought trying hard to remember but i felt a sharp pain tore through my head.

“Ouch” I cried in pain.
“Are you okay ?” Fleur asked worriedly and i nodded.
“Yeah,i just felt a sharp pain tore through my head” I said.
“While you were forcing yourself to remember something right?” Fleur asked and i gazed at her in surprise.
I nodded slowly.

“But i told you not to do that,it might cause some health failures and also make your amnesia last longer” She said.
“I’m sorry,i just couldn’t help it” I said.
“You don’t have to be sorry,i perfectly understand ok” She said and i nodded..
She kept me busy with work talks till dinner got ready !


We finished eating the spicy dinner Mig prepared.
Mig is also a very good cook.
We said our goodnights and Mig carried me to my room,he dropped me on my bed and turned to leave.
“Thanks so much Mig” I said…
He smiled before walking out,closing the door behind him.

I saw the things Fleur bought for me on the couch and i grinned harder.
‘Why don’t i try on the pyjamas’ I thought and stood up from the bed limping slowly towards the couch..

I poured out the content of the shopping bags on the couch and smiled..Everything is looking so beautiful and colourful.
Fleur sure knows how to select the best.
I managed to arrange them in the wardrobe but left the pink pyjamas behind.

I slipped off my outfit and quickly put on the pyjamas.
Wow,it felt heavenly.

I limped back to the bed smiling all through..The pyjamas felt so soft and free against my skin..

I crawled under the blanket,laid comfortably before switching on the bedside lamp.
I yawned loudly before drifting off to sleep.

(being Elva)

# Chapter 8

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

My stomach tighten as i opened my eyes..My palms started feeling sweaty,my body turning red with green veins sticking out,my stomach rumbling painfully.

I gro-ned in pain, i turned my head looking out of the window.
The weather has turned humid and my disease is back!
“Fl..e..ur” I managed to call before gro-ning loud in pain.

💎Elva’s POV💎

I sat on the bed with Fleur after i finished having my bath and dressing up, clad in the blue short gown Fleur bought for me, she had walked into my room early in the morning to change my bandage and also check my ankle.
“Wow your head is healing faster” Fleur said before rolling out clean bandage.
“Now to your ankle” She said and moved to my ankle which still hurt like hell,she removed the bandaid and examined it with her gloves.
“We don’t have to cover it up anymore,it needs more air to heal quickly” She said and i nodded.

“Now we are done”She said packing back her tools into the first aid box.
“Thanks Fleur” I said with a smile.
She suddenly look out of the window and a gasp escaped her throat,she grabbed two syringes then rushed out.

“Fleur what’s wr…” I was saying but she already ran out leaving me in astonishment.
What could be wrong….The look on her face wasn’t funny.
I limped after her,i saw the door to Mig’s room close and i knew she went in there.
I hoped nothing is wrong with Mig.
I limped faster causing my ankle to hurt more..
I walked into Mig’s room and my mouth dropped in shock.
On the floor is an unrecognisable Mig,his skin had gone red with green veins sticking out,his face looks pale and his lips almost in a white color..
And Fleur p-nted as she jammed the two syringes all over his body.
“Oh..my..god!” I exclaimed in shock.

“What’s..th..is?” I asked…Still in shock,who wouldn’t be shocked at this sight in front of me.
“Thank goodness” I muttered when i saw his body has started returning to normal,the scary looking veins had disappeared and his skin colour is back to the normal colour..His eyeballs rolled at me before it finally closed.
He has fallen asleep.

Fleur stood up and walked towards me..I hadn’t realised she was crying.
“Fleur what happened ? is Mig okay?” I asked worriedly.
“You may probably want to leave after seeing that,i will help you with some cash” She said, sniffling.

“What, no!” I exclaimed..”I’m not leaving just because of..what i saw,you guys took me in without even knowing anything about me,i can’t just decide to leave simply because Mig gat a problem” I said firmly.
Fleur looked at me like she was surprised.
“Hey, we’re in this together” I added.
“Really?” She asked in surprise.
“Yes”I said.
“Come with me to the living room”She said walking ahead.
“Wait…Will Mig be okay ?” I asked, looking back at him.

“Yes. After two hours” She said and we both walked to the living room.
We sat on the couch facing each other.
“Elva” Fleur called.
“I don’t know how to tell you this but Mig is suffering from a disease called “rare syndrome” since he was a kid…Then we were living in the city.

The disease appears whenever the weather turn ‘humid’
Our parents took him to several doctors and they all said there is no cure to the disease, that all we can do it appears is to pierce a syringe or any other tiny object all over his body to lessen the air that has built up in his body…If the attack lasts for an hour..He’s gonna suffocate and d..i..e die.
Our parents did all they can to ensure Mig get a cure but there is none..

Then when we were both in high school,my parents will check what the weather forecasts before we leave for school..Mig will stay behind whenever the weather forecasts ‘humid’ then i will leave for school alone.
Ofcourse it was kept a secret from others cause we know that if others find out, he’s gonna be stigmatised..

We were done with high school and Mig started working while i attended the university studying Nursing,i was in my last year when i got home and found Mum sobbing.
We left the city after Mig’s disease was discovered,we were stigmatised,people thought the disease was contagious so we were avoided.
And when our parents couldn’t bear it anymore,we relocated to the countryside and started living here…My parents actually bought this house and refurnished it before we moved in.

Thanks to the fact that i have a college diploma,that’s what i’m using to work here as a nurse.
My brother couldn’t work cos his disease might appear unexpectedly and we wouldn’t want to be stigmatised again.

We lost our parents a year ago to a car accident so that’s the reason you found us living alone.
Humid weather doesn’t occur frequently anymore..Just twice or thrice in a month.

Mig once had a girlfriend who stayed with us after our parents died but she left after finding out about Mig’s disease and not only did she left,she collected a huge sum of money from us after threatening to expose his disease to the world…She left and that made Mig’s heart broken for months.
And i was surprised you said you won’t leave even after finding out about his disease..I’m kind of glad you didn’t leave us.

Thanks so much Elva” Fleur said pulling me into a hug,i wiped off my tears…I hadn’t even realised i was crying..
They had both went through a lot..I hugged her back and she cried on my shoulder..

The telephone suddenly rang and we both disengaged from the hug. Fleur went to pick it,she placed it on her ear.
“Ok..I will be there in few minutes” She said before dropping the call.
“Elva,i have to go to the hospital now,we have an emergency” Fleur said..”I need to go get dressed” She rushed off to her room..

She came out few minutes later,dressed in a brown blouse tucked in a pair of white khaki p-nts..With a black shoulder bag.
“Elva, Mig will be awake soon,just tell him i went to attend to an emergency,see you soon. Bye” She said before rushing off.
I sat on the couch with different thoughts running through my mind.


I heard some movements behind me and turned.
It’s Miguel…Looking fine.
“Mig” I called.
“I understand you don’t want me around you anymore,i know i freaked you out earlier so i will just take a glass cup of water from the kitchen and leave” He said.

“No,i want you around and yes you freaked me out but i now understand everything,Fleur has told me everything and even if she hadn’t told me, i can’t see any reason to avoid you.
Like, you guys took care of me when i was down, and i’ll just leave because of a disease? that’s not even contagious..no” I said..
I had limped to where he was standing.
He was looking as surprised as Fleur had looked.

“Mig we will still continue the way we were,nothing is gonna change” I said and i saw a tear rolled down his cheek.
“Thanks Elva” He said and i smiled,encircled my hands around him in a bid to comfort him.
I don’t know how…But i felt my heart warm against him.



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