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Meant to be episode 73

(being Elva)

#Chapter 73

Zeemah writes 📝

🌹Two days later🌹

💎 Elva’s POV💎

We all stepped out of the cars…in front of the house in the countryside…

“Wow…damn I’ve missed this place” I breathed out.
“Me too…feels so good to be back home” Mig said behind me .
“Woah…the air here is so cool” Dad said.

Fleur smiled and opened the gate with a key..
We all walked in…she opened the main door also and everyone strolled into the living room..
Mig and i planned on coming here to take the kids to Mexico but as planned..they all came with us…. Dianne,dad,Fleur,Braun, Michael,Selena,Tim and Tony.

“Have your seat please” Fleur said.
“I feel surprisingly comfortable here” Dad said sitting on a couch.
“Me too” Michael exclaimed.

I grinned happily…I’ve so much missed this place.
I nearly ran towards my room…I opened it and jumped happily on the bed..
It smelled of roses like it always does.
I pulled off my shoes and strolled to the wardrobe..I pulled it open and found it scanty..

I walked round the room gazing at every corner which reminded me of when i was still suffering from amnesia.
I so much love this room…I jumped around happily.. checking out everything one after the other.

My mind flashed back to when Fleur normally buys me clothes, undies, toiletries and so many things.
I owe them a lot.

I closed the cupboard and walked back to the bed..I opened my little bag, containing some clothes and toiletries..
Yeah…we are spending few days here and we’ll go pick the kids the day we will be leaving.

I hung the little clothes i bought in the cupboard,laid out a fresh short and tank top on the bed..picked my toiletries bag before heading to the bathroom to freshen up.

I smiled as i heard noise in the living room..
Full house.

I pulled off my sweat ridden clothes..then pulled a shower cap over my hair before getting under the shower.

Woah…the water is damn cold…it smoothened my nerves..
I let it trail over my body sighing softly in total comfort.
I pulled off the shower cap and let the water rush down on my hair..

I scrubbed my hair and felt the water touching my scalp directly.
I smiled, enjoying the feeling it gave me…


I spent up to an hour under the shower…I turned off the faucet and stepped out.
I wrapped a towel around my body and a smaller one around my hair.
I picked my bag of toiletries and headed back to the room.

I dried my body before slipping on my underwear..I then put on the wears i had picked out
I unwrapped the towel around my hair..my hair was still completely wet.
I tried to dry it with the hair towel but it didn’t dry off completely…damn..I should have brought my hair dryer.

I let the wet hair fall down my wa-ist without packing it in the normal ponytail..I want it to get dried quickly..I’m not a fan of wet hair.
It makes me feel uncomfortable.
I returned the towels back to the bathroom closet planning to wash it later.

I slipped my feet into my bunny footwear that i missed so much and then hopped out of the room.
I heard showers splashing in the other rooms as i walked past it to the living room.
I met only Mig and Braun chatting and they looked freshened up.

“Hey” I called as i sat beside Mig.
He dipped his hand into my hair..
“Wet” he said curiously..he knows i don’t like my hair wet…it makes me feel so cold and uncomfortable.
“Yeah… i forgot to bring my hair dryer”
“Then you should have used a shower cap”
“The water was so cool that i couldn’t resist the feel on my scalp” I said and shivered.

“You see” he said pulling off his denim jacket to wrap around my shoulders.
I gave him a pouty look.
“You might develop a cold” he said.
“Fleur is here to take care of me” I whined.
“Let me keep you warm” He said and shifted closer to me..I rested my head on his shoulder..he pecked my forehead repeatedly till i laughed.

“Yeah…didn’t that make you warm?” He asked.
“No it didn’t…it made me more shivery” I teased.
“Then you need more” He said.
“I want it on my lips this time” I smiled.
He looked over at Braun who grinned, turning his head away.

We both giggled as he k-ssed me on the lips..
Seems we both have magic lips….I felt warm instantly.
The k-ss got deeper..It was starting to get real intense when Mig quickly broke it.

I gave him a questioning look…
“Braun’s here” he whispered.
“And?” I asked.
“You were starting to..” he was saying and i cut him off with a laugh.

“Where are the rest?” I asked knowingly..
“They went to freshen up” he said licking those red lips.
“Come here..I want more” I said.
“More of what?” He asked in pretense.
“Your lips” I smiled.
“Damn..you are so naughty” He said with a raised brow..
“You taught me to be… Com’on Mig..k-ss me,I’m not feeling warm yet” I said.

He shifted back sending me a playful fearful glare.
I laughed and shifted closer to him.
He shifted again…I shifted after him stretching my lips forward but he kept playing me.
“Damn…I hope you won’t end up rape-k-ssing me” He said wearing a fake fear look as he kept shifting back.
I laughed.

I shifted after him…we kept on doing that till we both fell to the floor.
I quickly sat on his body….
I laughed as i grabbed his head…I pushed my lips on his and he smiled k-ssing me back.
“And you were acting like you didn’t want the k-ss” I muttered against his lips.
“Not when your lips kept tempting me” he said pushing me closer.
I noticed his hand starting to crawl into my tank top..I quickly stopped him.. breaking the k-ss.

“That’s okay for now” I said pinching his nose.
“Ouch” He whined..
I stuck out my tongue and laughed, getting up from his body.
I sat back on the couch..

He stood up and sat beside me..”it will be my turn to rape-k-ss you soon” He said.
“I didn’t rape-k-ssed you..remember you k-ssed me back” I said.

“No I didn’t ”
“You did”
“I didn’t”
“You did”
“I didn’t”
“You did” we argued till we both bursted out laughing.

“Damn…I gotta prepare lunch for everyone” Mig said.
“I’m gonna join you” I said with a grin.
“Yeah that will be great…Braun do you care to join us to prepare lunch?” Mig asked.
“Sure i would love to..it’s been long i cooked myself” he said.

“Really?” Mig asked.
“Yeah…” Braun nodded.
“Let’s go change that in the kitchen then” Mig said.
“We are making Pizza rolls for lunch” Mig said as we made our way to the kitchen.
“Wow can’t wait” Braun said excitedly.

I like him…he’s a very free person and he isn’t proud a bit..Fleur is a lucky queen.

We walked into the kitchen,wore our aprons and hair cover and then washed our hands in the sink.

“Braun can you help chop the carrots”
“Of course” Braun said heading to where the carrots are.
Mig showed him the chopping board and knife and he began chopping the carrots happily.

“Elva you help with the gas cooker…I gotta bring out other ingredients from the freezer” Mig said.
I nodded and started with the gas cooker.

We chatted and laughed while we cooked..
Few minutes later,we heard laughter and noise in the living room..and we knew most of them were done freshening up.
“The pizza rolls is almost ready” Mig said..”I just need to add some finishing”
“Okay then…Braun let’s wash the stained utensils” I said and packed some of the utensils to the sink.
Braun packed the rest and also headed to the sink.

“I will wash them and you will rinse” I said.. dropping a knife into the soapy water.
He smiled and nodded.
“Why are you so happy about working?” I asked as i passed the knife to him..he rinsed it,dried it and put it in the knife pack before answering me.

“Is it that obvious?” He asked.
“Of course”
“Well…it’s been long i did all this .. I mean it’s been years ago so doing it now feels so good” He said.
“Wow … Years ago?” I asked.
“Yeah…the maids do all that, sometimes i will really want to wash just a dish but mehn!..they are gonna scre-m their heads off…I remembered when i rinsed my coffee cup myself….they all rushed into the kitchen with eyes as wide as frogs and grabbed it from me saying it’s their work”.

“Omg really?” I laughed.
“Yeah” he said with a chuckle.
“So doing it freely now makes me glad” He said.
I smiled.

By the time we were done with the utensils.
We turned back to see dishes of steaming pizza rolls placed on the kitchen cabinet.
“Wow” Braun exclaimed…”this is looking delicious…Mig is sure a good cook” He said.
“He’s not only a good cook,he’s the best” I said.
Mig smiled….”I’ve dished it all out…our remaining task is to take it to the dining” He said.
“Fleur, set up the dinning table” He yelled from the kitchen.
“Okay bro”

I opened the shelf and brought out a large clean tray…I used the napkin to wipe the surface and placed about six dishes of pizza rolls on it…
“I will take it to the dining” Braun offered,he collected the tray from me.
I smiled and brought out several bottled water with glass cups.

“Damn…Braun you look so funny in this apron” I heard Fleur laughed.

Braun returned with the empty tray…I placed the remaining four dishes of pizza rolls in it..and he gladly carried it to the dining table.
I walked behind him with a tray full of glass cups.
I dropped it on the dining table and arranged it neatly.
Others are still seated in the living room chatting and laughing loud.

“Fleur” I called.
“Yes” she answered…I heard her footsteps coming towards the dining.
“We need more chairs or some people are just gonna eat in the living room” I said.
“Oh..there are more chairs in the store… Dianne” she called.
“Yes” Dianne answered walking towards the dining.
“Please come with me to the store…we need more chairs” Fleur said and i watched as they both walked towards the store.

I turned back and headed to the kitchen.


Minutes later,we were already munching our steaming pizza rolls…chatting and laughing hard at the dining.
“I can’t wait to be done with this meal..I need to go to see the garden” Dad said.
“And the waterfall” Fleur said.
“Of course Everything” Dad said.

We finished eating…Fleur, Dianne and Selena washed the dishes.


We played excitedly, splashing water on one another.
We had walked into the garden immediately after lunch and those that haven’t seen the garden yet had exclaimed in shock.

We spent some time in the garden before coming to swim here at the lake.
Dad and co almost tripped at the sight of the waterfall conjoined with the lake..
They all jumped in immediately and we jumped in after them.

“Let’s water fight” Fleur scre-med excitedly..
The water fight began…it was hilarious.
One can’t turn to a side without water hitting one in the face.
I laughed until my rib started ache..

Damn…it was fun.


It’s a beautiful night…the stars were shining brightly.

We were all seated on the grass in the main garden… having a night picnic.
There is a full basket of fruits, cakes and wines.
We had all went in to change our clothes after swimming and Mig had suggested a picnic for dinner and here we are..

Mig baked the cakes and decorated it himself….he’s just so perfect in virtually everything.
Everyone sat in silence staring into the beautiful night.

“Let’s have some fruits and cakes…I’m starving” Fleur broke the silence.
“Me too” Dianne said and before we could say JACK they’ve started eating the fruits grinning happily at each other.
Others also started picking the fruits…
“You guys are making this boring” Dianne complained.

“Okay,everyone let’s picnic” Fleur said and scre-med excitedly and just like magic…chatting began followed by laughter.
It became a very lively picnic… everyone picking different fruits.

We put the basket of fruits aside and cut the cakes into slices..
Everyone poured wine in their cups and ate the cakes.
I poured a little wine in my cup and picked up a slice of the strawberry cake.

“The cake is delicious” we chorused.
We continued chatting…talking about almost everything.
Braun cracks the funniest jokes…we laughed at his jokes and i ended up drinking more wine than intended.

I started feeling dizzy…my eyes swaying from one person to another.
I yawned and laid on the grass…
I saw Mig used his jacket to cover my legs and before i knew it i fell into a deep sleep,dreaming of wines and cakes..arrgh.

💗A week later💗

💎Mig’s POV💎

“Push out your abs slowly and bend a little” Elva instructed as we practiced by ourselves in the gym.

It’s been a week since we returned from the countryside..and that week has been full of practices..we’ve been practicing hard day and night..
We’ve brought the children here to Mexico after signing the necessary doc-ments and some of their parents were also contacted…the kids were so happy seeing Dan again…they all played round the house the first day we returned to Mexico.
Everyone had commented on how smart the kids were.. everyone loves them except Juliet who complains they litter the house.
They’ve started attending the same school as Dan and Wow…their performances are great.

I’ve been visiting the gym .. working out to make my already visible abs and biceps more visible.. and i must say the workout is really paying off…
Elva is also doing a great deal of job..
She has been teaching me some great modelling techniques.

She also works out but not as i do.
The competition is in few days time and we are damn prepared..we’ve composed a song “Till I met you” …it’s f-cking great! I can’t wait .

Our wounds are healed and surprisingly the scar cleared away so fast .
Fleur has started working in Mike’s hospital, she and Dianne leaves in the morning and return at night.
Those two drama queens don’t want to be out of each other’s sight.

Juliet walks freely around the house always beaming with smiles,she isn’t aware we’ve told Mr Winters everything…if only she knew the plan we have for them,she’s gonna cry around the house like a bush baby.

About Mr Winters and Alicia,i think they’ve got a serious thing going…he has reconstructed her cafeteria in a more advanced way…so wide and beautiful,customers do troop in and out more than ever and dad made her employ more working hands…
We all meet there almost everyday for dinner.
I’m very sure after Juliet is gone… Alicia is gonna step in… Everyone loves it that way.

The past week has been a happy one for everyone…
We planned not to accept any contract for now till we are done with the competition.

We can’t go out freely anymore except at night because those paparazzi are always out waiting for us.

“Mig you are slowing down…” I heard Elva said and jolted out of my thoughts.
I looked over at her,then smiled..how can someone keep looking more beautiful each passing day.

“Pass me the napkin please” I said and she did.
I used it to wipe the sweat off my face before turning off the workout machine.
“I’m done with my workout for today..what next babe?” I asked.
“Let’s go rehearse our model moves,after that..we are gonna rehearse our song” She said.

“Let’s go freshen up then, have some chilled juice and dess**t…I’m starving” I said and dropped my hand on her shoulders..
We walked back into the house.


Elva and i sat in the garden after having our des**ts and juice..
We’ve practiced our model moves…it’s remaining the song practice and that will be all for today.
We’ve moved the piano in the garden starting from the day we started practice..

“Mig…we have to put in more effort to our voices that day,you know we have a sweet voice already..just imagine if we make it more sweet…it’s gonna melt the hearts of the judges” Elva said and i smiled.
“Great…let’s practice it now” I said and turned on the piano.

We started; TILL I MET YOU

🎼Our worlds begin to cross path.

🎼 Those absurd moments

🎼When you couldn’t speak,

🎼When you feel down.

🎼I lit up the stars in your eyes.

🎼Your smile alone dissolves my heart.

🎼 Turning through the countryside,

🎼Where we first met.

🎼You impacted me so deeply,

🎼 Your piercing eyes alone accelerates my heartbeat.

🎼Your love is driving me insane.

🎼You are the only one made for me.

🎼 Can you feel my heart beat.

🎼There are too many memories,

🎼To be remembered.

🎼Look at the sky and count the stars,

🎼 That’s how uncountable my love is for you.

🎼I can’t exchange you,even for the meteors in the sky.

🎼I’m in love with you.

🎼Let me stay in your heart.

🎼No matter how it ends.

🎼 Because my life wasn’t complete till i met you….

“Amazing” We heard immediately we finished singing..
I opened my eyes to see Dianne, Michael,Braun and Fleur.

They are here so early today.

“OMG…you guys are gonna win this competition” Braun said.
“Yeah there is no doubt…how could your voices sound that sweet together..are you using magic?” Mike asked sarcastically.
We smiled..

“That song touched my heart” Fleur said clinging to Braun.
“Sugar pie let’s sing ours…we gotta show them our voices are more cool than theirs” Braun teased.
“Damn I’m just gonna run out of here” Elva said and we all laughed.

We heard a loud and long hiss… everyone turned to see Mrs Winters walking away with her bodyguards and maids behind her.

“Hiss all you want…Mig and Elva are winning this competition not some bald Sasha and ugly Ryan” Fleur yelled after her.

We laughed and i didn’t stop laughing till my cheeks started aching.


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