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Meant to to be episode 74

(being Elva)

#Chapter 74

Zeemah writes 📝

If you can’t open this chapter…just know it’s because of how long it is so you can use your opera mini or browser..

Enjoy 🤗

💎Mig’s POV💎

“I want the brow higher” Sasha yelled at her make up artist who trembled in fear.

If only she knew the cops are waiting for them at the end of the competition today.
Yeah…today is the competition and all the competitors are kept in a large room behind the stage..
Everyone sitting in front of their mirrors with their make up artist performing magic on their faces…we are waiting for our make up artists who were yet to arrive.
Those that were done with their make up paraded the room with different beautiful gowns and tuxedos practicing their modelling steps.
Most of the male models here are putting on tuxedos…well..that’s not what i’ll be putting on…I’m glad I’m gonna be different.

Most of the competitors here are damn popular…I see them on magazines cover and also see their posts all over the media..they are very good in their work and i know this competition is gonna be a tough one.

Elva and I practiced overnight…. Yeah we did.

“Mig look at how ugly Sasha and Ryan look together” Elva whispered to me and we both laughed.
Looking around ” I think we are the most good looking competitors here” I said.
“Of course we are… didn’t you notice how they are all stealing glances at us” Elva said.

“Damn…did Sasha performed a plastic surgery..she looks more ugly” Elva whispered to me.
I laughed.
Sasha and Ryan kept sending glares our way but we didn’t care.

“Where the hell is Nessa” Elva said worriedly.
“She will here soon” I assured her and like a magic..Vanessa hurried in with my make up artist..Morris trailing behind her.
Elva shot her a playful glare.

“Hey good morning to you two” they greeted at the same time.
“We are so sorry for coming late, something came up” They said.
“Okay” We mumbled.
“But do you guys even need make up..you need to see how good looking and fit you both are” Nessa said.
We smiled.
“You know what…Morris..let’s just make them up in a simple and unique way that will make the judges drool” Nessa said to Morris who beamed approvingly..

They started the make up process.


“Wow!” Elva and i exclaimed at the same time,staring at our reflection in the mirror.
My hair has been styled in curls.. dangling on my forehead..it looks so shiny and beautiful.
My face has changed a little,it doesn’t look like i applied any make up..it’s looking more cute and bright.

I looked over at Elva and almost gasped…
If the most beautiful lady here should be called…it’s gonna be Elva and no one else.
Her face sparkled with just a simple make up..her face looks damn perfect.
Her hair styled in the most beautiful way.
Her natural lashes flipped at me and damn..I almost drooled so as the other guys in the room.

“Ryan, face here” Sasha scre-med breaking the tension in the room.
Everyone turned back to their businesses.

“You look more beautiful”
“You look more handsome” We said at the same time and bursted into laughter.
“Mig we look charming” She said and i nodded..
“All thanks to Moira and Nessa” I said and they both blushed.

“Let’s go put on our outfits” I said as we both stood up.
Everyone was ordered to hang their dresses in the closet in the dressing room..
We walked into the dressing room..
I opened the closet and brought out my neatly wrapped outfit.
A pair of new expensive blue jeans,white t-shirt with denim jacket…accompanied with white sneakers.
I winked at Elva before walking into the connecting door which is the second dressing room…

I pulled off my black T-shirt with blue jeans,then wrapped it and drop it on a board.
I wore my shirt over my bare chest…it hugged my body tightly, showing my abs, biceps and all..
I pulled into the new blue jeans and left the shirt flying out,i have no intention of tucking it in.
I wore my denim jacket over my shirt,then pulled my feet into my white sneakers.

I turned and looked at my reflection in the oval mirror plastered on the wall..

“Is this really me?” I asked in astonishment…
Wow..i smiled.
White is a color that always looks good on me.
It makes me stand out.
The outfit suit me perfectly and here i am looking like a Korea movie star.
I stood in front of the mirror admiring my reflection when i heard Elva scre-m from the other changing room.
I rushed there and met her in still in her old outfit holding out the blue gown she’s to wear…the gown is torn into pieces.
I gasped in shock…

“Mig my gown is shredded…” she yelled almost crying.
“Hey,don’t cry you are gonna ruin your make up” I said wrapping her body with the black T-shirt i was putting on before.
“Who the hell did this ..What am i supposed to wear…” she sniffed about to start crying.
“Don’t let those tears drop…we will find a solution” I said.

“Solution?..none of us is allowed to go out from this place,how will i get another dress” She said and i saw how hard she was struggling to hold her tears.

“Hold on…I’m coming” I said and walked into the main room…most of the ladies stared without blinking on sighting me but I’m less concerned about that now.
Nessa and Morris are chatting happily packing their makeup tools back into the box.

“Hey,Elva’s dress has been torn into pieces” i said worriedly.
“What” They both exclaimed with a shocked expression..
“Yeah…I want you both to go meet Fleur right now, she’s among the audience..tell her of the situation..she will know what to do” I said and they both nodded rushing out.

I walked back into the dressing room to meet Elva.
She rested her back on the wall facing upwards and i know she’s doing that to hold her tears.
“I stood beside her…”it’s okay Elva,I’ve sent Nessa and Morris to go meet Fleur.. another gown is on it’s way” I said cheerfully but she only nodded.

🎤10 minutes left to start the main competition.. Competitors should get ready for you are going to be called out now” The emcee said through the microphone.
I looked over at Elva…the tears she was trying to hold rolled down her cheeks…messing up her make up.

She slid to the floor and cried…”Just pick any lady from that room…I’m not in for this competition anymore” She said.
“F-ck!..we are both doing this together…If you are not doing the competition anymore then I’m out also” I said already pulling off my denim jacket.
This shouldn’t happen…not when i planned on doing something today.

I crouched beside her and placed her head on my shoulder…she cried sniffing at intervals.
The door flew open…Nessa and Morris rushed in.

“Vin you’ve ruined your make up … i understand..anyways here is another gown.. quickly put it on,the competition is about to start” Nessa said bringing out the most beautiful velvet gown I’ve ever seen…it’s simple ,with a touch of splendour…it glittered like diamond.
Morris also brought out a rhinestone heel.

Elva gasped and quickly stood up.
She grabbed the gown from Nessa’s hand and rushed into the changing room.
She walked out some seconds later, clad in the dress which fitted her like it was made specially for her…it’s tight from the chest down to her knees ,then the rest is cotton flay.
The gown brought out those deadly curves that could send a guy tumbling down the mountain.

“OMG” I exclaimed.
“This is beautiful” Nessa and Morris chorused.
“You are looking gorgeous..It’s even better than the shredded gown” I said admiringly..

I smiled when her face brightened up in a smile…
“I need to adjust your make up…you almost ruined it” Nessa said and walked out.
She returned with her make up box.
“Please hurry… it’s remaining just five minutes” Elva pleaded.
Nessa nodded…”you should trust me” she said then wiped Elva’s entire face with a wipe before she began applying a fresh make up.

She finished one minute to the main time..

“Wow…Nessa that was fast” I said pulling back into my denim jacket.
Elva turned to face me with a smile and i was almost lost admiring this person in front of me.

Is there anything more beautiful than beautiful because using beautiful for Elva this moment is and understatement.

“OMG…this make up is looking far more beautiful than the first one…even the person wearing it is looking more gorgeous” I said.
“Quickly put on your rhinestone heels…you will be called out in a minute or two” Morris said and dropped the heel at Elva’s feet.

Elva bent and slipped her feet into it,she stood straight and I gasped at the height the heel gave her.
It made her look more tall and beautiful..the heels shone on her feet making the colour of her dress stand out.

She hugged me happily… k-ssing me on the lips…
“Thanks Mig” She said with gleam.
“For what?” I asked curiously.
“For making me join the competition again…you saved me from being a disappointment” She said.
“Huh?..not when you were crying like a baby” I teased and she hit me playfully on the arm.
I laughed.

“You are looking like a handsome movie star..your outfit fit you perfectly and your handsome face is gonna make people melt tonight” She said and i smiled.
“Same as you…I’m starting to get jealous in advance” I said and we all laughed.

“You both look so cute together..did you planned on making the judges drool?” Nessa asked sarcastically.
We chuckled..
“What do you think?…not only the judges but the crowd,they are gonna drool at the sight of us” Elva said happily.
“Awwwn..I’m starting to get jealous of you both..just look at how perfect you both are” Morris said.

“Thanks Morris” We said.
Nessa packed back her make up tools.
Elva tucked her hand in mine as we made our way back into the main room.

Everyone looked like they were holding their gasp…eyes peered at us from different directions and even when we sat down,they still did not take their eyes off us.
We smiled at each other.
I saw Sasha’s ugly face go wide…yeah i know she might be the one who tore Vinnie’s dress into shreds but she didn’t know what she did will make Elva look more stunning.

We sat on the chair and i noticed others are still staring at us.
“I thought the competition is starting in ten minutes” Elva whispered to me.
“Yeah..maybe they were waiting for you to get dressed” I said and we both giggled.

💎 Elva’s POV💎

🎤Ladies and gentlemen” we heard and everyone sat up expectantly.
“we’ve finally reached the moment you’ve all been waiting for…you are all welcome to BEST TWO STARS competition where varieties of popular models and musicians will be performing live on stage…it’s competitive and only the best twos will be chosen as the winners…
By the end of the competition, we’ll all know the winners…the competition is about to start🎤 The emcee said and the crowd gave out a loud cheer.

🎤We are going to be calling the competitors by their group names…the first twos to be called is Gena🎤 He said and the crowd cheered.
I saw two of the models in the room stand up,the lady is in a purple ball gown while the guy is in a black tux..they walked hand in hand to the stage.

They said their welcoming speech and said they hoped everyone would love their song.
The room fell silent as everyone listened to their song..

🎼 You are made for me.

🎼 Together forever more.

🎼My heart beat…..

They gat nice voice tho…
The crowd cheered and clapped immediately they were done singing..

🎤As you all know…there are two parts in this competition..the Modelling part and the song part..Gena are done with the song part… they’re about to start the Modelling part now🎤

We couldn’t see through the wall to watch their Modelling part, everyone sat in silence anticipating their turn..
We heard claps after some minutes and concluded they were done with their modelling part.

🎤The Gena are done with their modelling part..and now we are gonna be calling the next twos which are Sashry🎤 he called and the crowd boomed in excitement…cheering loudly with claps.

Sasha and Ryan stood up with beaming faces…that was when i noticed how shiny Sasha’s dress was..
Damn..it’s so shiny that it’s almost blinding, putting on that dress might be a mistake because the judges won’t be able to judge them perfectly…shiny dresses are sometimes distraction in a competition.
The plastic surgery she did is so obvious…her face is scre-ming FAKE.

She and Ryan made their way out of the backstage into the main stage.
We heard the crowd cheer loudly, clapping.

🎤The Sashry are here…please go forward for your musical performance🎤

🎤 Good evening everyone, we’re here with a masterpiece that y’all are gonna enjoy, i won’t be surprised if we emerge winners, we’re winners already” Sasha said into the Mic with so much assurance in her voice.

We heard them singing after few minutes…I tried hard to hold my laughter.
Ryan’s voice is so ruining the song…I think other models noticed it also cause everyone looked like they were struggling not to laugh.
Sasha should have just sang alone, Ryan ruined the wh0le thing.
I wondered if his voice wasn’t tested before this competition.

They finished singing and the crowd applauded with some cheers.

🎤Now the Sashry will go to their modelling part🎤

The crowd clapped and cheered immediately they were done with their modelling..

The emcee called more models and musicians till we were the only ones left in the room ..
I know as soon as those twos are done with theirs..we will be the next.
I gripped Mig’s hand nervously..he smiled and patted my back.

🎤The last models to be called for BEST TWO STARS competition are Migvin🎤
There was a loud uproar in the crowd,cheering loudly and clapping hard.. scre-ming and hailing our group name “MIGVIN”

I almost shivered as i stood up…
“Com’on Elva,be rest assured” Mig said,he tucked my hand in his and we made our way towards the stage.

We walked into the stage and the crowd cheers got louder,the claps almost deafening.

The judges were seated at the front row with a straight face…
The politicians who org-nized the competition were seated on a special seat.
I saw Dad,Braun,Fleur, Dianne, Michael, Little Dan, Juliet,Moira,Alicia,Maisey,Selena,Tim,Tony and so many others i couldn’t mention..
They were all seated in the VIP section.

Fleur held a cardboard… Inscribed boldly on it was; 📌Migvin make us proud”
Dianne also held one 📌Make the crowd go crazy”
I can also see some other inspiring cardboards from most of the crowd.
I saw the models sitting at the far end on the stage.

The crowd were damn much…they filled the entire building.

🎤Damn…are they angels🎤 the emcee said unknowingly into the microphone..
He widened his eyes, having realised what he just said aloud..
Everyone laughed.

🎤 Yeah… don’t they look like fallen angels?🎤 He asked.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦They do👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ” The crowd yelled.

🎤Now the first part of the competition is the musical part..can you please step forward for your musical session🎤

We stepped forward and stood differently in front of different Piano and microphones…
We didn’t have the slightest idea that the piano will be two…Well we are good to go.

“Good evening everyone…we are honored to be part of this competition…we will be glad to feed your ears with this composed song of ours titled ‘Till i met you’ ” Mig said..
The crowd clapped and cheered.

Mig winked at me and we both sat on the piano stool facing the crowd who had gone silent waiting to listen to our music.
I pressed a key on the piano which echoed the wh0le place..

We started singing: TILL I MET YOU.

🎼Our worlds begin to cross path.

🎼 Those absurd moments

🎼When you couldn’t speak,

🎼When you feel down.

🎼I lit up the stars in your eyes.

🎼Your smile alone dissolves my heart.

🎼 Turning through the countryside,

🎼Where we first met.

🎼You impacted me so deeply,

🎼 Your piercing eyes alone accelerates my heartbeat.

🎼Your love is driving me insane.

🎼You are the only one made for me.

🎼 Can you feel my heart beat.

🎼There are too many memories,

🎼To be remembered.

🎼Look at the sky and count the stars,

🎼 That’s how uncountable my love is for you.

🎼I can’t exchange you,even for the meteors in the sky.

🎼I’m in love with you.

🎼Let me stay in your heart.

🎼No matter how it ends.

🎼 Because my life wasn’t complete till i met you….

We finished singing…

The crowd went crazy… scre-ming, clapping, cheering, hailing…the noise was deafening.
I saw Fleur and Dianne jumping like kids among the crowd…I smiled.

The judges faces lit up with smile which shows they were satisfied with our performance…Mig and i grinned at each other happily.

🎤Wow…never have i heard voices like angel’s 🎤 The emcee said and the crowd roared in agreement.

🎤To be sincere I’m impressed…I wish i can keep on praising you guys but we have to keep to time…now it’s your modelling part left 🎤 he said and we stood at the middle of the stage with the stage light beaming on us.

We started..
putting out the best styles,making the crowd go wild when we are not even done yet.
We posed like real models should,our styles were unique,i myself was admiring us.

It’s remaining just one last move and then we’re done.

I shifted back a little,and stretched out my hand..Mig took it and swirled me around..I started leaning back slowly…he held my wa-ist..our hands up and our lips touched.

The crowd scre-med… giving us a standing ovation including the judges who also joined in the claps and cheers…
Everyone keep hailing our group name.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Migvin



We broke the k-ss and bowed to the crowd…
This time we had to cover our ears..the cheers,scre-ms and claps were deafening.

We smiled happily and went to join other models.
We sat down,the glares they were sending our ways was not really necessary because we didn’t care.

“I think our performance was wow” Mig whispered to me.
“Of course it was” I said happily and crossed my arm on his shoulder.
The noise has still not died down.

The emcee rapped the gravel on the podium to silence the crowd and get things under control.
The noise died down gradually..
He cleared his throat..

🎤 That was a wonderful performance…the next on the schedule is for the judges to announce the winners of the BEST TWO STARS competition of the year.🎤

Everywhere went dead silent…

After some minutes, one of the judges walked into the stage.
She’s a beautiful robust woman with eye glasses.
She cleared her throat..

🎤Good evening everyone…I’m Miss Weston, considering the performances of our popular models and musicians..they all did great but there have to be a winner…my colleagues and i judged according to the best performance…I will announce the winners now🎤 The woman said and opened a small board in her hand..

Everyone watched in anticipation…my palms were starting to get sweaty.

🎤The winners for the 2019 BEST TWO STARS competition are ;🎤 She paused and looked over to where we are all seated which made everyone grew more nervous.

She cleared her throat.. glanced at the crowd,then back at us and then at the paper board in her hand.

🎤MIGVIN🎤 She smiled.

There were shouts…the crowd went wild popping champagnes we hadn’t even noticed were there earlier.
It felt like a dream…I was happy to the extent that i started crying..
Mig hugged me tightly…

“You made us proud” I heard Dianne and Fleur shout from the crowd.
“We did it” I said happily to Mig..
“Yes we did” He said hugging me tighter…I hugged him back,still in shock.
He whispered into my ear and we both laughed.

“Congratulations” We heard and turned..
It was the other models. looking gloomy…except Sasha and Ryan whose faces had turn red.
“Thanks..you don’t have to look gloomy,we are all winners” Mig said and they smiled and started hugging us one after the other. Except Sashry who sat in a corner, almost in tears.

“Congratulations to the winners, please step forward” The robust judge said and we did.
We stood beside her on the stage, facing the crowd..
There were shouts of “congratulations” in every corner.

🎤For security reasons…you will both have to come to our office to sign some doc-ments and also collect the various things you were promised and also we were informed to reward other models also with a mansion and two hundred thousand dollars each for the effort they all put in🎤 she said.
The crowd cheered and the other models looked happy,they hugged one another happily.

Wow…I love that..

🎤The biggest Modelling company here in Mexico informed us to award you both as the best model of the year…bring forth the medals please🎤
A tiny lady holding two golden medals climbed up to the stage,she handed the medals to Mrs Weston and walked away.

🎤We hereby present to you the best models of the year.. Vinnie Winters and Miguel Sydney 🎤 she said and handed the medals to us.
I smiled happily, trying hard not to cry again.

There were flowers flying from different angles..
scre-ms and applauses…

This went on for some minutes before another judge came up to the stage.

🎤 Good evening…I’m Mr Mallery, congratulations to the winners but right now we were informed that there are some criminals among us and the cops are here to arrest them🎤 Mr Mallery said.

There were murmurs in the crowd.

I smiled and gave Mig a knowing look..he winked back at me.
Four cops climbed the stage,one of them stepped towards the microphone..

🎤Good evening everyone…we are not here to kill your enjoyment,we are here here to arrest three criminals..two is among the models seated over there and one is among the crowd 🎤 The cop said and there was silence.
🎤We won’t mention their names yet but this tabloid with me will tell you everything…in this tabloid is the evidences of all the crimes they’ve committed. We will connect it to a projector to make it larger so you all can have a nice view…Miss Dianne please step up to the stage and help with this🎤

Dianne walked majestically up to the stage..
As a computer maniac that she is..she made the tabloid reflect on the projector which made everyone have a nice view.
She clicked on the evidence file and everything came into view.
Everyone watched in astonishment…


The crowd raged, swearing at the criminals who looked completely shocked.
They were led to the main stage by the cops.

The noise didn’t stopped until a cop grabbed the microphone.

🎤Have you all seen who the criminals are🎤


To hell with them!

Cruel pigs!

Ugly ducklings 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

They were called all sort of names and the crowd were ready to start throwing things at them, camera lights were flashing in different directions.
The criminals looked so sad and embarrassed…Sasha,already in tears.

🎤 Don’t worry everyone…we will handle this,they are gonna serve the punishment they deserve 🎤

🎤 Everyone…how about i show you all something interesting 🎤 Dianne said into the microphone.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦What👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 the crowd chorused..
Dianne moved closer to Sasha and flung her wig away to reveal a complete bald head.
There were gasps.
🎤Here is the dreaded secret Sasha has been hiding,she has no hair! She’s a bald vulture!🎤

There were laughter among the crowd,even the stoned-face judges and the cops were laughing so hard.
The laughter couldn’t be helped,it came from different angles..
Sasha tried to cover her head her with her handcuffed hands..
“I will get back at you” she threatened Dianne who shrugged.
“Not when you rot in jail…ugly duckling” Dianne retorted.

🎤Hello everyone..the CCTV footage in the closet just revealed how Sasha had torn Vinnie’s dress into shreds🎤
Everyone exclaimed and started swearing at her once again..

I had suspected she was the one.

Cameras flashed in Sasha’s direction and i noticed the paparazzi have gotten in.
Wow..they are in for it today.
The cops led them away and i saw most of the reporters fixing the camera directly on Sasha’s bald head…

So many people were still roaring with laughter,even when the criminals were already led out of the hall…

🎤That was one hell of a show🎤 the emcee said trying to get the crowd under control..
He succeeded…the noise and laughter gradually died down.
He then walked away after sending Mig a wink..
I wondered what the wink was for?
The judges have returned back to their seats, leaving only Mig and i on the stage.

Everyone had gone silent…
The beautiful light shining directly on us…Mig held my hand affectionately and looked directly into my eyes..

This wouldn’t be the first time he would do that but i suddenly felt goosebumps..
My subconsciousness told me something was up.

He suddenly kneel before me stretching out the most beautiful silver ring I’ve ever seen…the little love shape on it was gleaming.
I stood there, shocked with my mouth opened.

“Elva will you marry me?” Mig asked and i felt my heart beat loudly against my chest..
The crowd roared..camera lights flashed in our direction..
I stood still,not able to utter a word..
The hall went silent expecting my answer.

I blinked and a tear rolled down my cheek.

Without thinking further;
“Yes Mig,i will marry you” I said happily.
He slipped the ring into my finger with smiles,stood up and placed his lips on mine..

The crowd went wild, more champagnes were popped,the camera lights were almost blinding.
Our music boomed in the hall and everyone wore their dancing shoes…
We felt really honored.
Beautiful flowers surrounded us from different direction and i must say;

Today is the happiest day of my life.


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