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I Literally Went Insane” – ChaCha Eke Testifies In Church As She Allegedly Returns To Husband Again


"I Literally Went Insane” – ChaCha Eke Testifies In Church As She Allegedly Returns To Husband Again (Video) 

A video of actress Chacha Eke allegedly testifying in a church today, November 27, 2022, and thanking her estranged husband, Austin Fanni, for sticking with her despite her mental illness has surfaced online.

During the service, the actress and mother of four gave detailed testimony to the congregation. She testified that she was staying in a hotel with her husband and two children when she went insane.

She claimed she began throwing away all of their belongings and vandalizing hotel property. According to her, the incident became so intense that she felt she needed to go to the hospital at the time, which her husband later agreed to.

Chacha then revealed that she and her husband were ignorant of the mental illness as they felt it was either a demonic attack, voodoo or marine spirit. They even blamed some family members for being against their marriage.

However, while testifying in the church today, she revealed that she is back with her husband again, and thanked him for sticking with her during her trying mental health state.

Watch the video of her testimony below

Many Nigerian have reacted to the video with disappointment as this is literally the umpteenth time she will be returning to her husband after claims of being a victim of domestic violence in their marriage.

Jessica wrote “Another day another lesson learned. If you like go put mouth for people relationship issues they’ll settle and use you as enemy of progress”

 Nwafor wrote” chacha pls next time dnt publicize ur family problem again. It’s becoming embarrassing.”

Rose wrote “And Nigerians were busy accusing the husband of domestic violence, the earlier we all learn not to jump in conclusion fast the world will a better place, what will now happen to all the allegations they laid on the man? Learn to hear from both sides of the story before concluding, and if you don’t know what happened, and you weren’t there just shut up! Everybody should learn”

Makinde wrote “This her family and parents need to understand that this lady needs a thorough self discovery and realization at this point. However, the beautiful things is that she is sound on her mind at the moment, but let her still evaluate that her husband because, his brother’s words before now has shown that the husband has a way of triggering her emotions to the extent she can be unstable when the anger issues or family fight starts. So they need her to be alive first before husband. My two cent. Happy Sunday everyone.”

stacy wrote “Please let’s not say negative words to her… please the world is too crazy already.. let’s just be nice to one another… this is not funny., she could any of us here.. could be your sister .. could be mine… let’s be nice”

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