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‘Don’t return to Ghana even when I die’ – Father warns traveling son

 ‘Don’t return to Ghana even when I die’ – Father warns traveling son

Hopelessness about Ghana’s current economic situation appears to be growing among citizens.

Whilst many have taken to many social media platforms to vent and let out their frustrations, a rather interesting story of a man who has sworn to keep his son out of the country by all means has emerged.

The story which was shared by TV3 captured an audio recording of the said man sharing the story of how he has been forced as a father, to convince his son who has gained admission to a foreign university on scholarship to never to return to Ghana under any circumstance.

Per the narration, he told his son never to step foot in Ghana even in the event of his demise as a father but rather settle down abroad due to the current worsening economic crisis.

The unidentified caller who phoned in during the morning show on TV3 said even if he dies, his son should allow the funeral home to handle issues regarding his funeral and not waste time coming to Ghana has there is nothing better in the country.

Speaking in an interview Johnnie Hughes, he said;

“Johnny, you know what, I think I ever said briefly about what I am going to say on your radio station. My son by the grace of God got scholarship to go and study. Now I’ve gotten all the requirements and the visa for him to leave.

“You know what I told him, I said you are leaving; okay I thank God that at least by the grace of God as a father, I’m proud and am happy that you are leaving but never come back to this country; even if I die do not come. he asked me, even if you die? Then I said yes. 

And he said how and I said okay if I die, just call the funeral home, show them where my body is they will go and take it and bury. Whatever property I have, keep it up, do not come,” he said.

He further told him to stay outside of Ghana, start a family and raise his children there.

“Marry there, any woman you want, marry there; any woman you want just marry and start your family from there. 

When your children grow, tell them that their grandfather that is me, I am from the northern part of Ghana, that is where their grandfather comes from. Do not come,” he added.

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