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“Nobody bought Aso Ebi” – Bobrisky resumes online beef with Papaya Ex over housewarming party

“Nobody bought Aso Ebi” – Bobrisky resumes online beef with Papaya Ex over housewarming party

Crossdresser, Idris Okuneye better known as Bobrisky has resumed his online beef with Social media influencer and actress, Raheem Abike Halimah better known as Papaya Ex over her housewarming party.

Recall Pizarena reported weeks back that Papaya Ex gifted herself a massive mansion in Lekki part of Lagos State after which she held a housewarming party which failed to trend because it clashed with the World Cup finale.

Bobrisky took to his Snapchat and mocked Papaya Ex for the low turnout at her event. He noted how everywhere was dry and there were empty chairs at her event.

Following a series of social media fights, Bobrisky who stepped out for a recent event, looking all bloated today resumed his online beef with Pappaya Ex.

According to the Mummy of Lagos, Papaya Ex housewarming party was nothing to write home about because nobody wore Aso Ebi at the party. He alleged that the controversial influencer teamed up with skit makers to attend the housewarming party in order to spray her two hundred naira notes, something that can never happen at his on party.

Bobrisky further boasted that, unlike Papaya Ex’s party, he gathers dignitaries at his own party.

Netizens slam Bobrisky and Papaya Ex over their fight at an event

Pizarena recalls that Netizens slammed Bobrisky and Papaya Ex after they also got into a physical fight at an event.

In a video which made rounds on the internet, Bobrisky was seen seated at a section of the event, while Papaya Ex backed him. The socialite and her gang were seen stylishly throwing shades at Bobrisky who was minding his business.

The crossdresser, however, got infuriated at Papaya Ex’s shade and flung a bottle at her direction. Luckily for Papaya Ex, the bottle didn’t meet her.

Meanwhile, in another clip, Papaya could be seen giving a mocking dance step to Bobrisky, who was trying to maintain class at the event. The crossdresser was so furious that he warned people to stop recording him.

Reacting to the drama, Netizens asserted that the whole drama is staged because they want to trend.

@official_dihekola wrote: I feel like saying something but I no trust my English. But it was staged, planned, acted!!

@jamsheila wrote: So y’all are now fighting for who’s living the fake life better?? Misplaced priorities left right and centre..my generation my generation

@nnenna_aldo wrote : Bobrisky is low key very envious. He fights with everyone who is getting the public’s attention…While claiming they are copying him. Smh. Senior man change o

@fashion_magic wrote: I feel both of them planned it

@ebylistic wrote: But just one question, Why does Bob fight with everybody he is close to? And he thinks they all are the problem??? know for a fact that humans aren’t perfect, but common, u can have issues with almost everyone and claim self righteous nau!! Abi, u people should help me understand, because I’m not understanding again!!!

@amyskitchenandtreats wrote: Their Fight Is Staged And It’s Being Promoted By Tosin

@nnenna_aldo wrote: I love how papaya and James danced near him this evening James Papaya 2- Senior man Bob

Watch the video below

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