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Reactions as Lady who did BBL had her backside displaced while walking the stage at a fashion show

 “Vulcanizer suppose dey there” – Reactions as Lady who did BBL had her backside displaced while walking the stage at a fashion show (Video) 

A recent video that successfully defines Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)/ Butt implant gone wrong among ladies has surfaced online and by extension sparked a lot of reactions among social media users.

In the video making the rounds online, the middle aged lady who happened to be a model had her butt implant displaced while walking the stage at a fashion show.

Obviously, going through through BBL to achieved enhanced backside and other body parts has become one of the trending conversation among ladies in Nigeria and some other part of the world.

While some ladies do it so as to get the perfect body they wanted so as to boost their confidence level among their peers, others do it so that they can easily get the attention of any man they wanted as they believed that most men undoubtedly have strong affinity for women with heavy backside.  

However, in the clip that is sparking the wave online, a lady who did BBL by surgically enhancing her backside had it displaced while walking on stage at a fashion fair.

One of the butt swiftly get reduced while the other part maintained it normal size as the lady keeps walking on stage unknowingly.

See some of the reactions the video has generated among netizens below;

perpyy_o wrote: She will think the people shouting are hailing her o, until she goes backstage

0_______layo wrote: Ladies stop putting yourselves under unnecessary pressure because what in the bbl name did I just watch? Im scandalised

raylouisagha02 wrote: She for back the audience & stylishly hop backwards like Asake

majestyjaywon wrote: Maybe na natural disability

ambilawilcoxesq wrote: Is this supposed to happen? Like is this a common occurrence with butt implants procedures?

otorroseline wrote: Vulcanizer suppose dey that event make e pump am sharp sharp no time.

prettymikeoflagos wrote: Which kind wahala be this.

beauti_hub wrote: Break and quench doctors 

life.of.obed write: Gosh!! This is so embarrassing.

ms_treasure112: Make them rush pump am asap

christianna_09 wrote: Wahala Wahala

cakesnicingevents wrote: Pls get a refund 

Watch the video below:

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