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"I am Dead": Nigerian Pastor Pleads with Lady as She Threatens to Release His Secret Video, Their Chats Leak

 "I am Dead": Nigerian Pastor Pleads with Lady as She Threatens to Release His Secret Video, Their Chats Leak

Nigerians have reacted to a leaked Whatsapp conversation involving a lady and a Nigerian pastor being blackmailed

CyberSecurity expert and tech start-up CEO Charles Awuzie made this public via Facebook after sharing the blackmailer's chats with her victim.

Jessica had messaged the unidentified pastor on Whatsapp threatening to send his intim*ate video to her clergyman he was acquainted with if he doesn't send her between N300k-N500k.

The pastor tried to beg her to no avail. As he failed to meet her demand, she threatened to also send the clip to all her group chats.

Charles said the pastor had actually reached out to him for help. The IT entrepreneur released the blackmailer's phone number and Facebook profile as well as pictures urging netizens to let her know that she deserves to be in jail.

"We must always expose such blackmailers." he wrote.

Social media reactions to lady blackmailing pastor

Abbas John Favour said:"I condemn blackmailing but the pastor should know better that fornication is one thing that the church frown at. If he wants a total repentance, he should go and make a confession and reconcile with God if he's truly a believer."

Ndidiamaka Precious said: We should also try and stop giving people room to blackmail us. Those blackmailers have nothing to lose reason for the despicable act. Integrity life is a virtue."

John Doreen Ogonna said: Na wa o. I think its high time these ministers try and zip up and also curtail their sexual urge sef abeg in order to avoid all these scandals here and there.

Francis Udoka Ndimkoha said: As we lampoon and roundly condemn the blackmailer, let's encourage Pastors and Priests to gird their loins and learn to live above board.

"The calling is not just about chopping tithe and offering money but also to lead exemplary lives."

"And for the lady,she should be taught a great deal. Blackmail should be regarded as a capital offense in our society and therefore attract a capital punishment."

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