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 Episode 17

Everything was going well in Chakan’s house, he has a big house too, but his Father’s house was way bigger, he also had a flower court, where I usually sit out.

Today, Zity went out with Okra, she hardly stays back home this days, always attending one party or the other with Okra, I have heard she and Chakan quarrying over her constant outing and I heard her telling him

"Every day is one outing or the other, can’t you sit at home, okra is taking you to all the whole party in this kingdom, I don’t feel comfortable with this your new picked habit, I don’t Zity. you are a pregnant woman, you are suppose to sit at home not partying all the time, you didn’t go partying in my father’s house, now you feel so free to do as you please…"

Zity will reply him

"So because I got married to you I can’t go out again? Okra invited me to Mecano’s party, he is celebrating his gladiator fest, he invited okra and she asked me to go with her. my pregnancy is not yet obvious, nobody knows yet I’m pregnant, even if they finds out I have nothing to be ashamed off. I wasn’t free with your father or even comfortable to go out, or maybe I was still acting childish back then but not again. I’m wise, and this is the life I have always wanted, I want to experience Life in full, and live my it to the fullest.Qq11 sitting at home with you can also be boring, do not try to cage me because I’m married to you, Okra is also married yet her husband doesn’t cage her, she is free to do as she please and here you are complaining, acting like a child, please let me be. I’m living my life, I’m not the only pregnant married woman in this kingdom… Live your life let me live mine.."

I was always asked to stay back anytime she goes with okra to her numerous party, Chakan was home in his chamber that day, I sat at the flower court, it was deep evening, night was fast approaching.

 Zity was not back, she sometimes comes back late with Okra’s chariot men, who brings her home.

I sat there as I pray for God’s protection over her, I also pray that God will give me wisdom at all time to know what to do,

I thought of Adolfo, I wondered how he is coping with life, Eura was still serving in his house, if I’m free tomorrow I will go and check them and know how they are doing.

Is being a while I visited Rhonda and her kids, I don’t have enough money to take to her, I only have five shelling which can not do much, may be I will just visit like that to check up on them and to give her the little with me.

Chakan doesn’t give shelling to his household slaves like Lord Reese does everyday, and Adolfo has given me one hundred and fifty shelling before which I took to Rhonda, Lord Reese gives all the house hold servants shellings everyday and Abel sometimes gives me money whenever he returns from his journey.

 I miss him, also Lord Reese and Lady phin.

 I thought of Vim and wondered if he was back from his journey, I guess he got tired of me avoiding him and decided to move on, I sometimes think of the kiss in his chamber and his word “Tamar I love you” rings in my head.

I felt goose bomb all over me as Abel’s word began to echo in my ears as if he was sitting right there with me

"The heart of men holds deep thoughts like the ocean current, but even in our thoughts God sees it all. even before we say it out, God already knows it, nothing is hidden before God. He picked what is best for us and brings it to reality.

whatever that is pure and perfect, whatever that is good and not evil.. think only on those things. light and darkness has no friendship, let the light of God shine through you to the world Tamar…"

I swallowed hard as I remembered Abel’s word to me, it echoed in my heart.

 I quickly sat up and decided to go inside, Abel’s word makes me shut off Vim in my mind instead of dwelling on a thought which is impure I decided to say a word of prayer instead.

I stood up and quietly went inside, everywhere seem quiet, Chakan does not have much slaves only five of which Shamara was inclusive, two boys and three girls. If I’m counted among them, I will make them six.

I’m Zity’s personal maid so they don’t count me among Chakan’s servants.

There is nothing much to do around here, most time the servants stays in their outhous.

Everywhere was quiet, I was only hearing murmuring noise coming from Chakan’s chamber, I wanted to ignore but something pushed me forward.

I was wondering who he was talking to, Zity was not back from her party with okra, the slaves were in the out house, so who’s he talking with or could he be talking only with himself, his chamber was locked, I heard a female voice, I wasn’t sure because it was all a murmur, no audible word, I couldn’t just make sense from what Chakan and who ever that was with him were saying,

as I stood there the door began to unlock and I quickly hide, and was looking from my hideout to see what was going on, I saw Shamara and my heart Skip, Chakan came out and when she was about to run back to the out house Chakan drew her to himself and pinned her to the wall and started kissing her.

“Please stop, your wife will soon be back, I don’t want trouble, haven’t you gotten enough of me inside already? let’s not do this here, somebody may see us, her personal maid is sitting at the flower court, she may decide to come in and see us..please I don’t want any trouble..."

”Nobody will give you trouble, Zity won’t give you any trouble because she doesn’t really have to know, and Tamar likes sitting by the flower court until her mistress comes home. Tamar is not coming in now, the other servants has no business here until they are called upon, and I promise to protect you, don’t be afraid. I want you always Shamara, you are so Sweet please let me caress you a little more before you go…"

“We have to be careful, I want you more than you want me, I love the way you make out with me in your chamber, I wish I’m your wife, having you as I please. I’m only a servant here and I don’t want to run into trouble because of our wild feeling for each other. you already know your wife does not like me because I’m more beautiful than her and she feels threatened by that. I really want to thread safe where you are, and we can only do this when she’s not around or you can chase her out and make me your wife instead, if you really want me. this hide and seek affair that we are having, I’m sincerely tired of it..."

” Shamara, that’s enough, Zity remains my wife, despite she has being getting me angry this days, she is carrying my child too. I want you to understand that, let’s not act like kids. I wants you every second that Zity is not around and I know you want me too. return to your outhouse, I will see you tomorrow, please don’t fail me, I’m all yours when Zity is out…"

I watched as he kissed her one more time and Shamara responded without resistant, she ran off immediately a chariot came in with Zity.

Chakan returned to his chamber and I came out of my hiding place in shock to go and meet Zity, who seem so cheerful from her outing and she was smelling of strong wine.

I lead her inside to her own chamber and put off her shoe, I soaked her legs inside warm water and wash them off, she said she was too tired to bath, so I put off her cloths and cleaned up her body while she doze off immediately her body hits the bed.

 I weaved back her hair into a ponytail and covered her up while she sleeps, Chakan came and stood by the door of Zity’s chamber.

I felt so bad that he is having affair with Shamara, I wish Zity will stop following okra everywhere and stay back home to take care of her personal affairs.

"What is wrong with her…? she has slept off already, is she drunk, is she alright? Chakan asked

” she is fine my Lord, I guess she took little wine which she’s not use to and felt so tired…but she’s fine and will come to your chamber by tomorrow except you want to stay with her here to keep her warm through the night. she is cold and will love you to put a hand around her.."

I said carefully.

“Zity forgot that she’s carrying a child, how can she be taking strong wine in this her condition, I’m going back to my chamber, she want to live a free life then is fine by me, we Will all live the way she wants. I got no worries, I’m more concerned about my child that she is carrying, I just pray to the gods that nothing happens to my unborn child. Zity’s careless living should not dare affect my child or she will be very sorry, both she and okra her friend. Two stup!d people, Who go about living anyhow like wayward women of this kingdom, forgetting that they are married, I’m off to My chamber…"

He turned and Left angrily, I sat there staring at Zity as she snores loudly on the bed. 

I sat wondering how to reach her and to make her listen, following okra will not lead her to anywhere. okra is a road to nowhere, it will destroy her. I wish she will realize that before is too late.

I made my bed at another end and lay awake most part of the night as I kept imagining Chakan and Shamara, and wondered what Zity will do if she finds out that her loving husband is having affair with his maid.

 Shamara even want Chakan to chase Zity away so that he can marry her.

That was pure wickedness, how could Shamara be doing that, Zity has always had fear about her, now they are coming to reality.

Okra is leading Zity astray while Shamara wants to take her husband from her and Zity is too blind to see all the things happening around her.

I just silently pray it Will not be too late by the time she finds out.


 Episode 18

"Are you going out again today my lady…"

"Yes, I am. me and Okra are going out, the gladiator party is seven days on, today is just the third day, I have to complete all the days. is always fun being among those high class ladies and men, I’m so glad Okra is taking me to meet this people, different caliber of people. what is the problem…why did you ask?

“is just…just that lord Chakan misses you whenever you are out, and he will really love you to be around with him today or maybe through out this week. it will make him happy, your absent is always felt, and you are with a child. he is worried too, and I am also. the child is developing and doesn’t need a strong drink like the one you took the other day…"

“Chakan is not a baby, I don’t have anything to do for him at home, did he want me to start babysitting him when he is not a child, and nobody should be worried about me, I’m fine. I’m with Okra I’m not alone, and nothing will happen to my pregnancy, I mind what I take.

 the wine I took that day, Okra said is good for me and it will not harm the child forming in my womb, I’m pregnant for Chakan and there’s no much fun again he can give me. if I need him I will go and meet him in his chamber and if he needs me nothing is stopping him from coming to me…"

As we were talking Chakan walked into Zity’s chamber

“I need you today and tomorrow Zity, don’t go anywhere, come to my chamber…"

“you don’t command me, you plead to me Chakan, Okra said we have to take over our territory and not become slaves to the men. she said her husbands begs her anytime he wants her, so you have to plead to me but even if you plead I’m not going to cancel my plans for today, except you will wait when I get back, if I’m not too tired then I will come to your chamber but if I’m tired then you will have to hold yourself. 

Okra told me that weak men always want to be in authority, commanding their wife as if they have no choice, the men do as they please, she told me how to be in charge and not to allow any man to put me where I don’t want to be, this is a woman’s world and we have authority too…"

Chakan sighed heavily

"Okra said this, Okra says that, why can’t you have a say of your own, must you depend on what Okra says? you want me to beg you to stay home, fine…fine Zity, because I’m more concerned about my child that you are carrying. please kindly stay home my wife, because I, your husband needs you…"

“ that’s not the way to plead Chakan, I have told you that it doesn’t work that way, and I can’t cancel my today’s plan, I’m already well dressed and ready to go out, I can’t cancel it, and I listened to Okra because she can never do wrong in my eyes, she is god sent to me, beautiful and powerful, she is very popular too among the connected women of this kingdom. i like her because she is showing me the right way, you are a grown up man and you don’t need baby sitting, you have servants and Tamar is here if you need anything, I’m your wife not your servant please give me a break. you are more concerned about the child I’m carrying, who is just seven weeks, you don’t care much about me, your wife, Okra said it anyway, please I’m leaving. 

I care about myself and my unborn child too, and I also have a life to live, is better now that I’m still very young, I was hindered back in your father’s house but not again, I have learnt and I’m wiser now..."

Zity left and climbed the chariot outside, and it carried her away, I breathed deeply as I watch Chakan return to his chamber,

I went outside to the out house, I saw Shamara going into the main building, I followed her as she went towards Chakan’s chamber.

As she got to his door she stops to look round to make sure nobody is watching her, and she quickly pause in shock when she saw me standing and watching her few steps away, I walked upto her and decided to confronted her.

“Does the master needs you for anything…or you have a message for him…"

“Yes, he needs me to clean up his chamber…" she replied harshly.

“His chamber has being cleaned today Shamara, I’m not sure is his chamber you want to go and clean, do you have a message for him..."

“What is all this…I said Yes, I have a message for him… and I need to see him urgently…" she retorted impatiently.

“Then wait outside here until he comes out, or better still wait for the mistress to come, then you can give her the message and she will take it to her husband, but going into the master’s chamber uninvited is not allowed, don’t do that so that you will not get into the mistress trouble, it doesn’t seem right, is disrespecting to the mistress.." I said calmly

“And who told you that the master did not invite me into his chamber, What is your problem Tamar? whatever I do in the master’s chamber is none of your business, you are suppose to be out their in the flower court like you usually do, sitting out there and talk to yourself like a crazy person while waiting for the mistress to return, quit following me around, the master needs my service and that’s where I’m going, stay off my ways, and stick to your mistress…"

"Then fine, go ahead since the master needs you, I will let the mistress know that you have being giving the master unknown service anytime she leaves the house, maybe she will ask you to come and explain the kind of service you are rendering to her husband, go ahead and render your kind hearted services to the master and I will be glad to tell lady Zity that Shamara has being very kind, she has being good to the master in her absence, she even renders unknown care to the master, and when she calls you to come and explain your services to her husband you better got something reasonable to say or you will be back to the slave market, where you will be sold off to another household or as a temple servant, I know lady Zity will make sure of that…"

“She can not sell me off, the master will not let her do that, Lord Chakan can not let harm come to me, he has assured me that, so he will never allow his wife sell me off.." she fired back at me

“okay, go ahead then and watch if she will not send you back to the slave market by tomorrow or not, you have forgotten who lady Zity is…sneaking around her husband can be dangerous for you Shamara…"

As we were still talking, Chakan came outside and saw us, he asked what the problem is and I spoke before Shamara could open her mouth.

“I saw Shamara sneaking down to your chamber and I asked her what she seeks with you and she said you summoned her, I wasn’t sure of that, because your chamber has being cleaned and your food has being made, she said she got message for you and I asked her to wait until you are out of your chamber or wait for lady Zity to return first instead of going into your chamber on the mistress absence when you did not summon her, that could send a wrong message. she began to argue with me, but I wanted to be sure you sent for her, I’m just trying to watch out for my mistress…"

“Yea, Tamar…Shamara should return to the outhouse, I did not send for her…"

Chakan said boldly.

Shamara turned angrily and left after looking at me from head to toe and rolled her eyes at me.

I ignore her and faced Chakan.

“I guess you already know what is going on or you're suspicious. that was why you confronted Shamara the way you did…" chakan asked me.

“Yes, I know my Lord, and is not right to entangle with another who is not your wife…I’m not judging but is not fair on Zity…your wife"

"Do you blame me, when your mistress will not stay back home, and even she’s home is always one quarrel or the other, she can be very troublesome, always want to be in control, telling me about women power, she want to be like all those untrained women controlling their husband, like Okra,her so called friend. in truth I like Shamara, she has being with me for a long time, far from the time I told Zity she was, and with time I got feeling for her and we began to entangle. I didn’t force her out of her wish, she wanted it and made her feeling known, and when I got married to Zity I wanted that to change, I wanted to focus on my wife to see how our union can work out, like father has asked me to, so as I’m trying to focus on Zity, but she is not helping me out, i alone can not make this work, Zity is pregnant and I’m seriously concerned about her condition and her life style, I don’t want it to affect my child, I know she lost a child back with father, I know how bad that feels, I don’t want such and may the gods forbids that in my household.

I tried to stop my involvement with Shamara when she became rude, I wanted to make her return to her normal duty which is cleaning up the household, I feel guilty sometimes after the act with Shamara, I know I don’t suppose to be doing that now that I’m married but my wife is just too annoying, I can’t help it sometimes, but I will try and stop and see how I can make Zity see reasons and you are very close to her, so talk to your mistress, talk to her. I don’t like what I do with Shamara, I take no pride in that yet Zity is pushing me to another woman’s arm with her negative attitude…I want my wife back home here with me and not spending most part of her day outside…"

I later left after speaking with Chakan, Shamara was in the outhouse and Chakan went out with his chariot after few minutes.

As I was about going out to Adolfo’s place, Shamara came out of her room and faced me

“you think you are smart and has succeeded in turning off the master’s face, he is mine and just a matter of time he will leave his wife to be with me. He loves me, he has told me that before and promise not to allow harm come to me, so you can do all you want to do he will never turn his face away from me. you and your mistress are crazy, all she knows how to do is to go partying and all you know how to do is to sit at that flower court, talking to yourself like a mad girl, which is non of my business, go and stick to what you know how to do and leave me to do what I know how to do, stop looking into my personal business. mind yours and leave me alone or I will come for you as you have never expected, stay far away from me and lord Chakan, he belongs to me and he will soon make me his mistress, you better get use to that…"

I ignored her and walked away, I went straight to Adolfo’s house.

Lami, Adolfo’s boy and everyone were so happy to see me.

 Eura was so glad that I came, as she threw her arms around me in warm hug, Adolfo was not in his study, he was walking round the garden and I went to him and greeted him, he look so happy to see me too and I was also happy to see him, he took my hands into his and squeezed it gently while expressing his joy.

“I’m so delighted to see you Tamar, I was wondering when you will pay us a visit, is being weeks now, and I miss you around here, you came just at the right time. how have you being, your mistress, my son and every one over there…I know it is not easy, the last time Chakan complained about Zity, he said she hardly stays home despite she is carrying his child, he has worries and I asked him to make it work with her, he should try and make Zity stay home, he should make sure his family turns out fine not the bad ones we hear off everyday, he complained of Okra and Zity’s friendship, I told him Zity was not like that before

 she hardly leaves the house when she was still married to me, instead Okra always visits her here, but whatever reason it maybe he should make his union with Zity work, he shouldn’t hurt her for any reason, they are both young couples, and I know the gods will bless their marriage with both male and female, I know Zity is stubborn but she is a good girl, and I need my son to calm down and give her time to live the life she has always wanted maybe with time she will come around, he shouldn’t be harsh on her or himself. so Tamar, I really do miss you, how are you…

“I have being good my lord, but not so good with the recent happening on Lady Zity and lord Chakan but I hand them over to the Lord and I know they will be fine…"

Adolfo paused, smile and continued

"...Talking about the lord, Eura has being telling me so much about that but I don’t understand, is kind of confusing, I know you are a Christian, and Eura said she is too, that you made her to see the light, and i remember you giving me theory about your God’s people, it makes sense now that Eura is filling me in about your God. I still do not understand fully how simple she makes everything seem yet is complicating, as much as it sound crazy but I will want to hear more details, I have watched you live under my roof, selflessly, you loved and care for your mistress and everyone, you took everyone like your sibling and never condemns anyone to your master or mistress, I watched you encouraged me, and speak to me in those sad lonely moment, all I see in your eyes is compassion and peace. you make me smile whenever you are close to me and kept me busy with theory from the Lord’s people like you will say, and when you returned to Lord Reese you asked Eura to keep me busy, and I must say she has being doing a great job like you, she told me how you converted her, it sounds so simple but I couldn’t comprehend much, I told you before that your life style speaks volume. I may not know the God you speak to whenever you are at the garden or alone, but I really do want to know this God so well, this is not theory time, but if you want us to return to my study room we will, so that you tell me any of your new discovery about your God and I can write it down then file them, can we go to my studies…"

I began to speak to him

“in the book of ecclesiastics it says, “be warned my son, there is no end to making of many books, and much study wearies the body. Adolfo, too much of anything is a sin before the lord. don’t do things in excess, same ecclesiastics says, I have seen all the things that are done under the sun, all of them are meaningless.. chasing after the wind” all is vanity, you must not bury yourself in your study, I know you are addicted and it has become part of you, but in years to come, many years from now, when you will be no more, all you have labored for, or spent your good years in writing will become nothing, is either eaten up by moths or burned into ashes, so even in your study learn to laugh, to feel the beautiful sun on your face, the wind on your skin like you are doing now, learn to appreciate the goodness of God outside the books and pen, you will come to understand the beauty that lies in the world, For everything God has created he also has a purpose for them, and there is time for everything, there’s a time to be born and a time to die. God didn’t make a good looking man like you, called you Adolfo and said you should get stuck in the dark of the inner room where you can only communicate better with books not with humans…no he didn’t create such man, God loves you, just as you are, he is not judging or counting any of our sins against us, he is giving us chances everyday to be a better person, to repent from our sins and come to him. God ways are perfect and no one can go to him except through Jesus Christ, who was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sin, he was beaten so that we could be whole, he was whipped so that we could be healed of all sickness and diseases. you see Eura is still a baby Christian, she is growing and I like her zealousness, she has come to know the one true God and opened her heart to accept him, she feels this peace that no human can give her and also wants you to experience this power, she may not have said it in a clear way but I know the little God lead her to say to you will bear fruit in your heart, and that is why you wanted to hear more of this God. 

God is light and in him there’s no darkness, I will not bore you or crowd your mind with too much words, this is not a mere study, is the real word and God is real, you will understand more when you fully come to him, his arms are open and he is beckoning on you to come unto him. with the little Eura knows, she will become a guide for you Adolfo, and with all I have said, think about them and let God shine his light upon you, let him open your inner eyes for you to discover the beauty found in him, and when next I come, we will talk a little more on this, I’m so happy that you are beginning to take a bold steps in this direction and I promise you there’s no regret in knowing God, things may not turn out like you wish but whichever way it turns just know God is involve in it, he is the architect of our lives…"

Adolfo breathed deeply and said

"Thank you Tamar, I’m so glad you came at the right time, in my confuse state of mind. and I feel at peace already while you speak to me, your belief may not be generally accepted in this kingdom, but I can feel is the pathway to a wonderful life, I will give you some shelling for yourself, I know my son hardly gives out shelling to his servants, which I’m encouraging him to, even if is once in a while. 

I know you may have things you want to do with money so I will give you two hundred shelling, it will go a long way for you, whenever you need anything don’t forget to ask me, you deserve even more than this because you are a special child…Tamar…"

I opened my mouth In shock as I heard the amount, the only person I remembered immediately was Rhonda, is really being a while I visited them. Adolfo just keep surprising me, such a huge amount, the last one was one hundred and fifty shelling and now two hundred shelling, is such a huge amount of money and I feel like the joy in my heart will boast out, because I know Rhonda and her children will have enough in few days from now when I visits them again, I couldn’t thank God enough as Adolfo went inside and brought the money and hand over to me, he gave me the money in a leather bag and I showed my sincere appreciation. I tug the leather containing the coins underneath my long dress.

 I went to Eura and spoke with her, she seem so taken with Adolfo, she was smiling from ear to ear as she speaks on how kind Adolfo has being good to her and the entire household, I encouraged her to allow God to use her to lead Adolfo to the truth and everyone around her.

I promise to come around once in a while to support her, I spoke with her for a while before bidding goodbye to everyone, including Lami, Adolfo’s boy who was so happy that I came around.

On getting home I saw a chariot outside Chakan’t house, I thought Zity was back so I rushed inside and immediately I saw Vim sitting at the outside cot my heart doubled skip.

neither Zity or Chakan was home, I wanted to hide immediately but he has seen me and there was no place to hide, i can’t keep avoiding him.

i need to face my fears, I wondered why my heart still beat so fast whenever I come in contact with him since after my encounter with him in his chamber.

I swallowed hard as I moved close to the house, I felt the money Adolfo gave me which I hide under my dress it was still intact, I breathed deeply again and summoned courage as I walked up to Vim.

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