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 Episode 21

"...Tamar, You look sad, you are suppose to be happy. This will be a great life for you, you will become the queen of my heart and not only that you will be a fine mistress, having people to serve you, different servants will be at your service both slave and free, just as you wish, is going to be great Tamar. I will always protect you, I love you and I can’t wait for the marriage ceremony to be over so that the whole kingdom will know you are my wife. you are suppose to be happy and cheerful not looking dejected. why are you sad, what is the problem? Whatever you want I will do it for you, don’t you love me, don’t you want to spent the rest of your life with me? what is the problem Tamar…?

"I’m fine and I love you too Vim, I’m grateful for everything, i feel so honored, really. I feel my heart will boast from all this, is just too much Vim, I’m so grateful that you will chose me among all the worthy maiden, I’m so happy you picked me to be yours. I feel so privileged, yet I don’t know if I can take this offer. looking at my belief, I’m a Christian, you know that already and you are not. I wish you are, I wish you will come to know the one true God, I wish you believe and allow him to baptist you with his blessings. if I marry you like this, you will some day pull me away from my faith, you may chose to stop me from serving my God, life is meaningless without God, God is not a fantasy we create in our heart to get away from pain, no, God is real and his arm is opened wide, beckoning you to come. I so much want to be your wife and the mother of your children but how can that be when we are not equally yoked…?

"Tamar, this not a problem, you shouldn’t be worried or sad because of that. I have told you that I will not hold you back from worshiping your god, you can worship your god and I will serve mine. you will get whatever you want, is fine by me, you don’t have to be sad about that. About stopping you from serving your god, well is only when is getting out of hand, I don’t want my wife to be a fanatic Christian, acting crazy and talking to herself, no, I definitely don’t like such. so if I feel you are getting out of hand I will bring you to order even if it means stopping you, you belong to me and you have to obey your husband, that is the truth, I can’t lie to you. if you know me enough you will see that I can be very jealous, when it comes to love, so if you devote more time to your god and little to me, I will get jealous because I’m a jealous husband. Is funny but is true, well so you know that as much as I love you I will also like you to devote more time to me than you will do to your god, you know when a woman is married , her husband becomes her god, the other god she serves comes second on her list, except if she’s a shrewd woman like that merchant’s wife. Nobody wish to marry a troublesome woman, or a woman who will not give her husband the respect he deserve. well, I love you Tamar and all I want is for you to also love me and respect me, I don’t want to come second and your god comes first but you can worship whatever, I will not stop you, whatever you want to worship is all your choice as far as it will not take my place"

Vim said with all seriousness so that I can know beforehand that he is going to be my god and no other should come before him.

"That is the problem Vim, you see why it will be hard for us to live together or be married, we are not compactable, there will be a lot of argument and misunderstanding between us. My God can not come second. As much as I appreciate this wonderful life you are offering me, God will always be the first in my life and in my home. if you become my husband, I already know you are the head of the house and the head of your wife but God is your head and I will always put him first before anyone and anybody. Vim, I’m not given you condition on this, no, the truth is I’m not even worthy of you but I can’t substitute my God for this fairy tale life you are presenting to me…"

"Your god is not real, stop acting crazy Tamar. I want to help you snap out of that fantasy and bring you to reality, your god can not do anything for you, he can not even save you when trouble struck but I can. He can not even give you children, both male and female but I can. Your god can not love you the way I will, why are we even talking about your god, this is about us not about him, I will marry you and lay with you and you will conceive if the gods please and bear children, your god is not even important here…" He argued loudly

"Stop it Vim, stop it please. Without God you will never be born, without God there is no Vim Reese, without God nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can be in existence, God is not your mate, but I can not fight for him because he alone is almighty and through him everything is being made. Don’t bring judgement on yourself, despite being ignorant it can also lead you to destruction. I pray that God will prove himself to you in a way you have never imagined. your heart is so harden but God will soften it at the right time, I can’t be unequally yoked with you in marriage, God can not be mock. I can’t marry you Vim, not like this, I can’t. I will never bow to any god of this land, I will never put my God second, he will always be first in my life. the word of God said in the book of proverb, in everything you do put God first and he will crown your effort with success. His word also said, seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you. So whatever you are offering me now is minor compare to the gifts from God. He is the first and the last, he is incomparable, beginning and he is still the end. God before everything Vim…"

“You make this your god look real, but in truth he's not a real god. Did you know how many Christians have being killed? and your god did nothing, he just watch them die, if he was that powerful like you make him seem then he could have strike down the enemies, he could have destroy the people persecuting the Christians but he never did. At the fountain years back, when I made my first rough attempt on you, I was a bit foolish, well I give credit to you for making me to see reason to be a better person not through your word but through your action, I fell in love with you after that, that night as I held you, I felt this strange air behind my head, I almost thought your god came for your rescue until I realize is probably a ghost that gave me that strange feeling or is just a bad air. didn’t your god watch your mother and father die or whatever happens to them but he never saves them, he watched you being sold out as a slave but he never saved you, what kind of god does that? that’s why our people worship different god, if Jupiter or mars or even Venus can not give you your desires, then money will. we that worship money, it has always answered us. Tamar you can’t chose a mare god over me, a god that can’t offer you the luxury life I’m offering you, you can’t do that.."

When he saw how serious I was as I stand on my word, he saw that he couldn’t convince me, Vim stood up angrily, he went to the sister, he spoke with her for sometime.

I can hear him screaming, "Her god can have her since she chose him over me"

He later rushed out angrily.

Zity did not call me or ask me anything and she didn’t act indifferent that day or even the next day.

After few days Okra came again, Chakan was out, Zity who has being avoiding her has no choice than to give her audience.

 they were in Zity’s chamber, so I stayed out as they asked me to go away but I didn’t go far I stayed close by as I overheard all they were saying.

“You keep avoiding me Zity, why? all of a sudden, you know I know all your secrets. I wanted you to be powerful and to be in charge of your home, I was a good friend to you Zity, no friend will ever go off her way to please you like i did. forget about all this things you hear about me or whatever your brother is saying, I can never do you wrong, you got to trust me, I helped you get ride of Adolfo’s child. I know your secret and you know mine, I was only trying to make you powerful and out of sudden you started avoiding me, is that your own way of saying thank you after everything I did for you"? Okra asked Zity.

"Is not so Okra. I just wanted to look into my home more than I do outside. it was already affecting my relationship with Chakan, things were going sour over here and I caught Chakan cheating, he was having affair with a servant, Shamara, a slave girl. it was because I was never around and since then I decided to stay back and make my marriage better…,"

"You said what? oh! may the gods strike him, whaaat…Zity! you caught Chakan cheating, what did you do? why didn’t you tell me all this while? ooh, don’t tell me you forgive him, that will make you a weak woman if you did, because if a man cheats and you just forgive him without teaching him a hard lesson he will take you for granted and will do it again. no Zity, you have to teach him a hard lesson, your husband first then you can think of what you will do with the slave, Shamara. Also your personal maid, I wonder why you will allow her to be getting married to your brother, Zity your brother is every woman’s dream, how can you allow such? That girl will be higher than you because she is indirectly getting married to the second prime ruler of this kingdom if your parents are gone. A common slave, a nobody, a slave girl will automatically become so powerful, you can’t allow your brother to make such mistake…"

"She rejected the proposal. She said she can’t marry him because of her so called god. Vim got angry, he has freed all the slaves he bought for Tamar and given out the chariot he bought for her even the cloths and jewels. he went back to living with father and mother. he doesn’t want to have anything that will remind him of Tamar since she chose her god over him. is a sad moment for vim who seem to be in love with her, I have never seen him so crâzy like that, Vim hardly fall in love and when he do is always crazy, I wonder why Tamar will chose a god that can not save her over my brother. I can not even say anything to her because I’m still so speechless, I have never in all my life heard or seen a slave who will say no to such opportunity, to a better life, I still can’t understand, even Chakan can’t comprehend. Vim is so bitter, he said her god can have her, he said so angr!ly and I felt his pa!n when he said that, he spoke out loud into the air and cùsed her god, he said let her so called god have her since she chose him over a better life, over the luxury he was offering her, that many will k!ll to have. Tamar rejected him…she rejected my brother over some stup!d god…." Zity said with an ångry tune

"She is cùrsed by the vengeânce god… twail, may the god of thunder str!ke her deãd, this is serious. what an insúlt, she has gut to say no to your brother? how can she turn down your brother’s offer, how can she say no to him, that girl is so full of herself. Let her god have her then, I use to tell you back in Adolfo’s house that she is a Christian, but you doubted, now you can see, they are always acting like they own the world. they believe in purity and put their god first before everyone or anything, I håte them with passion. she will definitely suffér for turning your brother down, a common slave turning a royal born down, a real son of the soil..? Is good he washed his hands off her, now she is at our mercy. the gladiator, master Mandioh will be so glad to feed her to his lions, her life will just drain away. she brought this upon herself, choosing a god over your powerful and handsome brother, well let’s just leave her case aside and talk about your husband, he must pay for cheating on you, you are not a weak woman because is weak women that forgive easily…"

"What do you think we should do? I’m almost five months gone and Chakan so much want this baby. He loves me and I love him also, so I can’t over stress my self at this stage. I don’t want anything to happen to the child, the physician said I should be careful in what I do and also my intake. I don’t want anything that will affect me or the child, Chakan will be broken, so let’s wait until the child is born. Let's give Chakan this chance, if he ever cheat on me again then we can plan on what to do…I can’t do anything because he has being a good man ever since…"

"That is the sign of a weak woman Zity and I didn’t train you to be weak. look at me, I’m still very attractive and my husband can not even control me, you can’t allow Chakan to get away with his sins. if it was me, I would have cut off that his manhood, you have to deal with him and it must be with what he cherish most. the child you are carrying, abort it, and watch him weep like a baby. Take off the child…you are becoming weak because of that child…"

"Okra! I can’t do that. the first one I did was so pa!nful, I can’t do another, I can’t. Chakan will be broken and my life is in danger, I can’t do that, not again. Zity replied her

"hahahaha! You have truly become a weak woman Zity. Do you think Chakan loves you? he only loves his child, he loves the slave you caught him with not you. He is only keeping you and acting all nice because of this baby, just trust me and test him, by doing what I suggested and you will see the real Chakan. Don’t allow yourself to be deceive by him Zity, Chakan never love you, he is only here because of this thing, your pregnancy. Listen, I don’t have a child and I’m living my best life, I go anywhere I want to go, I travel to meet my lover and my husband does not have a say, I move with powerful people of this kingdom. Don’t you want such power? many people may not like me because of the strength I pull, but everybody must not like me Zity, I was not brought to this earth to please everyone. Do as I say and you will understand what I’m talking about, pun!sh him for what he did to you, deal with him Zity let him see that you are not the type to be messed with…do you understand me? I can’t allow you to be weaken, no. you are powerful and you are in charge, is only weak people that easily forgive, you aren’t weak, prove it, let me know when you are ready so that I will bring in the physician but do not delay because there’s no time, so it will not happen like Adolfo’s own.."

"Hope it won’t be painful Okra…? Zity asked thoughtfully

"Is not as pa!nful as a child birth. Do you remember the pa!n you feel doing child birth? I know you don’t want to go through such pa!n again. It won’t be painful, the physician I will call is an old lady who has being into the act for decades, she will give you a substance to drink and before you know the pregnancy will come down, is not pa!nful, trust me. I have never deceived you before. Let me know when to bring her because she is well known and mostly sort after, her service is very expensive. So you have to pay a huge amount of money for her to render her service, I know you are capable, your parents are wealthy and you are also married to the son of a wealthy man, so you have no worries but you got to hurry up, be wise and keep your mouth shut, do not tell anybody. Even that your personal slave that will soon be a food to the lions if she doesn’t denounce her god and take up another god of the land, but even if she pick up any god of the land later and deny her god which I’m in doubt, still do not allow her to marry your brother. because she has her chance but she blew it away. Time for her pun!shment will soon come when she will wëep and wish she was never born, nobody can save her not even her god. she will d!e if she didn't chose any god of this land. Don’t mention what I told you to anybody. I will come with the physician when you are ready or I will take you to her if Chakan will be around. I have to go and book her down first, don’t worry your secrets are safe with me. Is between us…you are a stronger than you think Zity…" 

I went cold, not for myself but for Zity. Okra was a dev!l’s incarnate deceiving Zity so easily.

  I know for sure I will never deny God for anything not even in the face of dëath, I will never.

I live for Christ and I d!e to gain, Abel has taught me alot about God and life.

What Abel said about sad days ahead.. is just around the corner.

Tears clouded my eyes as I ran to the flower cot and knelt down on the ground, pleading with God to have mercy on Zity, on Okra and also for Vim who is drunk in sin. 

I weep as I cry out for God to intervene in my life.

The only picture i kept seeing is that of Okra smiling to herself and thinking she is truly powerful.

But she’s as fragile as an egg and can easily be cracked open, she does not know that yet.


 Episode 22

The old physician came in Chakan’s absent, she came with Okra. 

As the physician waits for Zity to get ready, I went into Zity’s chamber, shaking all over despite she has asked me not to come in unless I’m being summoned.

 I went in anyway angr!ly, I can’t watch Zity dra!n off this way, I can’t watch such ev!l.

it was better I was never born than to see the person I love so dearly to be dëcéived twice by an ev!l friend, who portray herself to be good. As much as I want to see the S@tan in Okra that is pushing her to be so ev!l exposed, I can’t help but blame her for allowing herself to be the dev!ls servant and she was dragging Zity into it.

"My lady you can’t do this…don’t do it… I plead with you…" I said pleadingly to Zity.

"I can’t remember asking you to come into my chamber, who are you to tell me what to do? Are you my mother, mother and father doesn’t even have that right to tell me what to do again or Vim, my brother, I will do whatever I want to do. you are just a common slave what do you even know, is my body and is nobody’s business, not even Chakan. I have already told Okra that I wash my hands off you, she will deliver you to Mandioh and he will feed you to his béãst. for you to have the gut to turn down my brother’s proposal, is not only an insúlt to him is a big insúlt to me and Okra is already planning on what to do with you. so you better get ready or better still pray to that your so called god to save you, otherwise you are at no ones mercy, the only person that could have protected you, who is my brother Vim, has washed his hands off you and I have washed mine off you too. now let’s see how you will get away from Okra’s hand, leave my chamber right now, oh wait, I need you to go and get me something in the market, the physician said I have to take a certain drug once the deed is done, so go to the medicine shop by the far end of the district, not the one close to the house or on the market road, I repeat far end of the district, go there and get the drugs I will write down for you. you must not hurry, just take your time so that you will not witness what will happen here because it will be bl00dy but by the time you will come back the physician will wrapped the embryø in a pieces for you to go and dispose off, you can dig ground at the flower cot and büry it…"

I felt cold all over as she gave me the prescription, written in a pieces of paper. I ran as my leg could carry me, like a crazy woman, even though she said I should not hurry so that I will not witness the act, I just kept running, when I got to the first market, I couldn’t continue as my leg began to shake, I don’t know what to do or where to go, or who to talk to, I don’t know how to reach Zity’s heart and convince her not to do what she was about to do. My heart was racing heavily, as i turn and ran back home. I didn’t go to the exact place she sent me or buy the prescription, my heart was not at peace, I can’t be part of that ev!l.

As I return so quick I saw Okra and the physician in Zity’s chamber, Okra was telling Zity to hurry before Chakan or me returns back, because she doesn’t like my presence where she is.

I walked in and Zity asked me why I was back so soon, and I told her I got to the market and came back.

 I can’t go, I was ängry inside, this ānger boiled like hot water as I stood before Zity, in the presence of Okra and the Physician, i boldly told her how I felt, I will receive bëâting or even wørst, I don’t care.

 someone has to tell her the truth and I’m the only one that can do that right now.

"I’m sorry to disøbëy you my lady, It has never happen before but I have to disøbëy you on this one, I can’t be part of this ev!l, if you have the mind to k!ll your child just because… Okra said so, then go ahead but I promise there will loads of regrët in the future awaiting you. I don’t care what you have to do to me but you have to hear the truth from somebody and since you can’t tell yourself the truth, since you are so easily dëcéived by your friend then I will tell you boldly to your face that you are about to embark on a journey of no return. you did the first one and got away with it, God will not forgive you if you repeat this, God will bring judgémént on you Okra and unto you Zity because you are not a child, you know the wrøng and the right thing. You wanted Chakan and not Adolfo and that was why you decided to k!ll Adolfo’s child, now what is your reason for trying to hürt that premæture baby, innocent seed God planted in you that is perfectly forming in your womb. what is the child’s offēnse, my lady? forgive my dáuntlēss speech, it has gotten to my real nerve that I can’t hold it all in or watch all of this in silent. when I thought you are getting better or gotten over Okra’s negãtivê influence on you, you will suddenly fall into a deeper one again. what is your main reason for this ev!l act, yes, Chakan had an affair, he knelt down and pleaded to be forgiven, he is only a human prone to mistakes, which he tried to make amend and when you have already forgiven and having a good life with your husband, Okra came back again and started putting negãtive idea into you, making you feel you don’t have a mind of your own, how can you be this fragile and easy to be convinced, I am not going to plead to you anymore not to abort your child, is your life my lady, like you said, but you will answer for everything you ever did, God will not spãre you if you hùrt thatprecious soul. you can not dëstrøy what you did not create, a child forming in you womb was not made possible because you and your husband mate, is more of God’s work not by your effort, if your mother has abørtèd you or dëstrøyed you at an early stage there will never be Zity. You will never have opportunity to know what the earth looks like because you were given a chance to live also give another, don’t bring judgmënt upon yourself, let that child live. Even if you are not afrãid of God but you got a consciënce and deep down you know what you are doing is wrøng yet you want to do it so that you can prove a usëléss power that Okra is putting in your head, you already have power to do good. every other negãtivê feeling is not power, is a manifestation of the dëv!l. My lady you have a choice, life and dèãth is presented to you, good and bad is right within your reach, light and darkness is staring right into your eyes, make a wise choice, a choice that you will look back tomorrow and be glad you made it...

 "...you are no more a child Zity, you were even wiser when you were a teenager, when you face Zain your old friend at the museum, do you remember? she pointed Chakan and his friends to you and told you to walk with her so that she can make her pick among the boys and you plainly told her that you came to the museum to looks at the beautiful craft and art not to check out boys, I felt so proud of you right there and then. And now you are no more a teen, you are a grown woman, you suppose to be wiser than you were years back, you are suppose to know wrong from right and look forward to being a great mother to your children, beautiful God’s gift to you...

"... Don’t hürt that precious soul growing in you, if you do, you have hürt a thousand generation that might come from that single child, if you do you may not be able to conceive again, that child may be your last, you have being given second good chance to be a great mother and you want to throw it all away, there may not be another chance except if you repent and God decides to pardon your iniquit!es but it maybe too late Zity…

"...my good lady, live and let another live, the world is not just for you and I, is big enough and can hold everyonesße are other ways to punish Chakan for his sin if you still feel is necessary to do so, punish him but do not hurt him this way. Don’t k!ll your own flesh and bl00d, I know you love Chakan and he loves you, I also know you have forgiven him because you are a good woman and you got a good heart, you are just like your mother, lady Phin, she will never hurt your father for any reason because she loves him and has loved him ever since. Growing old with your father and watching her children grow is her greatest blessing, your mother didn’t raise you to be weak, you are already strong my lady, don’t allow anybody to dece!ve you. your so called friend, Okra, does not have a conscience, she sold it out to the dev!l long time ago, do not join her league because the end is filled with regrëts. don’t be among the gull!ble women she has misléad, even if you don’t want the child after birth there are a lot of us that will be so happy to have him or her, think of how happy you will make your mother and father with that child...

"... I know I’m nothing but a slave. Your mother gave me to you for a reason, I was a fourteen years old slave with a shaved hair and was not good to look upon. i was given to you by your mother and approved by your kind father, I was handed over to you to protect and to help you, is being almost ten years and I have never turn away from that. I have not failed in my services to you...

"...I will beg you for the last time my lady, please can you listen, even if is this once to this common slave that has served you all this years with all sincerity, can you…please my lady, don’t do this evil…don’t…."

Okra laugh sarcastically, sighed angrily before saying

"I wonder when a slave becomes bold to speak to her owner in this manner. Zity, is only a fool that will listen to a sensêléss speech from a commoner who insülted the kingdom by rejecting Lord Vim’s proposal just because of her stup!d god. Hope you are not considering any of those nonsénse she said, if you consider any of her words then that means that you are a weak woman. Remember is your body, is your life, you own nothing to anybody, whatever you do is your business. You were born alone and the day you will d!e you will d!e alone, so live your life now and do not listen to any negãtive sensêléss talk from a commoner, remember she will soon become food for Mandioh’s lions, for rejection your brother’s proposal and for disobeying you, is a double sin. hurry up Zity, we don’t have the whole day. this fo0l!sh slave has already taken enough of our time, the physician is running out of patient…"

"I can’t do it, Tamar is right. no one has arrësted my attention and make me have féår the way she just did. she made me to flash back on my life and I feel this is absolutely wrøng Okra. there’s other ways to pun!sh Chakan but not this way, I don’t want to do this again, I can’t do this. I don’t mind giving the physician money for coming to waste her time but Tamar’s word really got me. some of the things she said is worth thinking over, she maybe sl@ve but there is wisdom in her word, and she spoke unafraid. she wasn’t trying to impress with her intelligent word or please anyone, but to save me from doing another wrøng. I know is my body, I can do whatever I chose with it and I have chosen to keep this child, I may not survive this abørtion despite how simple it sound, yes, the child will be off in no time but my cønsciénce will húrt me for the rest of my life.."

At that moment, God made it possible for Zity to sit still and listen to all I have to say but Okra began to sow ev!l seed again in her heart, Zity began to look confuse.

Okra moved close to me but I wasn’t afrãid as I stared at her as if I got bullét in my eyes to shoot her and her wrinkléd physician out of Zity’s chamber and never to return.

Okra sláped me hard, more släps followed, I fell to the ground as she kickéd me.

"Let her go Okra, carry out your frustrātion on me and not her. I was the one that decided not to go on with this abørtion, so be ângry with me not Tamar. leave Tamar alone, she was only looking out for me…she belong to me, do not pun!sh her on my behalf. Let her be please. I will pay for all your time wasted, your inconveniences and for disturbing your "well sorted physician". I will pay but let all this end, don’t h!t Tamar again, she is mine and you have no right to h!t her in my presence…" Zity said in my defense.

"You watched her insúlt me and call me names and you did nothing, she said I was ev!l and I was dëcéiving you, she even mentioned my name without respect. you sat there and did not cäution her, I was just waiting for you to do something that was why I kept quiet and now you are even insúlting me the more. remember your brother said her god can have her, and you washed your hands off her that day as you were looking for a suitable pun!shment for her, well I will hand her over to Mandioh, I will tell him that you have a Christian slave living with you, just that information alone and it will cause an outrâge. I thank the gods that your brother is no more interested in her so he wouldn’t care if anything happens to her, it would have being impossible for anybody to touch her if your brother was still into her but now he washed off himself from her case, and you too did few days back. I will hold that dearly as I hand her over to her god, in few days time, your dear Tamar will have turn into wäste, like a poo to be excreted out in the animāl belle. her cārcãss will be among those scattered in the lion's den. for that insult she gave me, I will never allow her to go scot free..."

"I take back my words Okra, when I said I don’t want her and her god can have her, just as my brother said, I wasn’t thinking. I do want her, yes, I want Tamar. I don’t want any harm to come to her…do not tell Mandioh that she is a Christian. Okra, don’t do that, you know how Mandioh hātes Christians, I apologies on her behalf if you feel insūlted I’m saying sorry for causing it all, it was all my fault, to have agreed for you to bring the physician when my mind is not fully made up. Let Tamar go, if anybody deserve to be thrown into Mandioh’s lion’s den is not Tamar but Shamara, I swap. take Shamara leave Tamar…please take no offence Okra with what Tamar said…"

"I take no offënce from you Zity but from a commoner having the mind to insúlt me. You gave her that wings but I will break it, your word can not be taken back, you have said it and it will stand. You hand her over to her gods so let’s see if her so called god can save her. I’m so certain no god can save her from the hungry béãst in Mandioh’s den. you can’t swap her for Shamara, both she and Shamara will become food for the animāls. Shamara’s offënce is one, which is going into your husband’s chamber and laying with him, well that is pretty forgivable. if anybody deserve to live then it should be Shamara but this uséléss girl here, her offence is a cup full. being a Christian is the greatest of all the offence and she knows she worship abom!nåble god yet she was never ashämêd or afrãid. she insülted me…and also insülted you but you chose to over look, that’s your business, me, I can’t over look mine. Another of her sïn is she turning down your brother’s proposal, which made him so ångry and he also sweär never to have anything with her again. How can she dare say no to Vim, a great seed of the soil, a very important young man, a well known man. she boldly insūlted him, how could she do that? now your brother has turned his back on her. Mandioh’s lion can have her, Mandioh will be so glad to watch his lion consüme a Christian girl. he finds it pleasurable. you may even call your brother to come and watch the show, it will be to his delight, he will be glad to watch her get consùmed and møck her god. Zity, I know you don’t want to abørt the child. Is fine, is your life I won’t push it anymore, but let’s focus on this your slave, she is a ßad omén. she took your mother and father’s love from you, you told me that they did not want to send her to you again, years back when you requested for her at Adolfo’s house, and when she came living with you at Adolfo’s house, Adolfo also took likeness to her and always wants her to keep him busy in his study instead of you his wife, and after you got married to Chakan, Chakan also liked her. She made your brother to also fall in love with her?all this I just said is it true, she doesn't deserve to live or is there any lie in what I just said.."?

"Okra, please let it go. Yes, everything you said is all true but Tamar is a good person, I know I told you that my parents likes Tamar, Adolfo, Chakan and my brother fell in love with her, everything you said is true and it made real sense, yet I don’t want any more trouble for her, I need all the help I can get here especially this time and when the baby will be born and Tamar is the only one that understands me, what exactly do you mean to achieve with all this…? Zity said, still trying to pacify Okra.

"You will get a better personal maid, more than your nugātory termite and what I’m saying is that…is because she is a w!tch, she bew!tched everyone around you to be on her side. your entire household and then your husband, Adolfo and Chakan, do you think is ordinary, Zity? Zity wise up, you have to be smarter than this, she has bew!tched you too and for you to break that power and hold she has in your family is by handling her over to Mandioh. Your brother eyes cleared up from her chärm, you too should quickly do same, if her god is powerful or she thinks she has power let her save herself from the lions. You are not doing anything bād to her you are only trying to break loose from her grip over you and your entire family. She is a hindrânce to the kind happiness I want you to experience. she knows Chakan was having affâir with a maid, yet she never told you. what kind of personal maid does that, she saw it and knew them to be together but never said a word or even tried to stop Chakan, she didn’t even stop you from going into Chakan’s chamber, she allowed you to see such ev!l that made you to colläpse. You sit there telling me that she is a good person, Zity think and think again if I’m wrong.."

Okra was really determined in turning Zity against me.

Zity sat quietly without saying a word, she breathed deeply and bent her head. This time I was on my feet relaxing by the wall, I was not showing any sign of féâr.

 I stood as if Okra was just making noise with her words, she gets more ångry anytime she looks at me and saw that I wasn’t afrãid and I was not going to plead like she has expected me to crawl to her feet and cry out to her like a god.

she saw there was no sign of féâr and it aggrāvâted her even more.

I am happy that Zity won’t be abørting her child again, I feel so much joy as she listened to me and changed her mind.

 If this is my only good deed on this earth then I’m fulfilled.

This fìght is not for me because I have no strength of my own but of the lord, who got me covered.

God will prove himself in a way they never expect.

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