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Episode 25

so many skúlls and human bønes were there, Shamara started crying as she held unto me as if her life depends on it, I suddenly started hearing a familiar voice shouting down below to us.

"lie down, lie down flat and pretend to be dé@d. The lions doesn't eat déãd people. Tamar I know you can hear me, please do as I say, lie down so that the animals will not hürt you much. pleaseeee…"

The voice was a man, it was like an echo, but the crowd was too noisy and I couldn’t ascertain who it was, but I stood there ignoring who ever that maybe and spread out my arms in the air.

I asked Shamara to lie down and pretend to be dé@d as the voice has instructed, she quickly did, there was light coming from the other end as the lions came in full view.

I can hear the voice clearer now, it was Vim.

 He was screaming, he was shouting at Mandioh to get us out but it was already too late, the lion’s were gradually coming to us, they didn’t rush at us as expected, I opened my eyes and the first one moved around me, sniffing me all over.

one dug its sharp teeth into my thigh then another follows, and I fell to the ground, and another was at shamara, they sniff at her to know if she is truly déãd but Shamara became afrãid and began to shake all over.

 She was shaking and crying seriously, the lion's dug their fañgs into her hand and other part of her body.

 I quickly went over to her with my bleeding thigh, I dragged myself to where she was.

 the lions were not so quick to finish us up, something was holding them back, some invisible presence.

They supposed to finish us up within seconds but instead they will try to take a chew and stop as if our flesh taste bitter.

 the second béãst, dig again into my cheek, my face bleed, as they tried to find a better flesh to feed on.

 their teeth was all over me as I covered Shamara with my body, it seem my body was too bitter as they keep putting their sharp fangs on me, it seem we were not a good meat for them as they kept putting their mouth and removing it as quickly as possible but their sharp teeth was all over my body but they never took a bite out of me.

The lions later left us alone, I was loosing too much bloo from the wound, same with shamara.

I held on even as my eyes began to cloud up.

Suddenly there was a scream and then a hard thud to the ground. Somebody was pushed from way up and the person fell into the den.

 And behold it was Okra, Vim was the one that pushed her into the open den.

she fell heavily and blood splattered everywhere.

 She was still alive as she kept muttering "help me, Tamar please help me! tell your god to save me, I don’t want to die. no…no..I’m not ready to die now. tell your god to help me…"

And as I try to open my mouth to say a word the lions rushed at her and I shut my eyes as they began to feed on her hungrily, her screaming faint off as life left her body.

 I can hear the lifter bringing somebody else with speed down, and it was Mandioh.

  I can hear him saying loudly as the lifter was coming down to the den "Vim, I sweär to you, is not my fault. Okra told me you washed your hands off her, I did not do this intentionally, I didn’t. it was Okra, she told me you are not interested in the slave girl anymore, that was why I proceeded. the people here can bear me witness that I asked Okra. Vim tell them to lift me up from this lifter, tell them to take me up" those lions belong to me, they can not eat me, they are all mine, I own them, I am the lion god…"

I can hear Vim screaming above with a choked emotional voice.

He was shouting at the guards and people who came to watch the lion's feasting show.e

" I will k!ll everyone one of you, all of you. go and get me a riflé, I will k!ll everyone one of you that has a hand in this. if she d!es I will k!ll as many people as possible today. this kingdom will not rest until everyone is brought down, go and get me a riflé quickly or you will be the next to go down to the lions belle.."

Mandioh was lowered, I opened my blood shot eyes wide in shock and watch as the lion rushed him.

I shut my eyes from the horr!fying sight.

Mandioh the lion god was consumed in no time and the animāls fìght over his bone.

 Shamara has loosed a lot of blood and was not moving again, she became weak at every passing seconds.

 I can hear Vim telling them to hurry up, then suddenly, it was like a shovel that shovelled me and Shamara into the lifter and we were taking up to the surface.

 I couldn’t move, I was covered in blood, all over, Vim was panicking as he asked a man to check if I was still breathing.

 I heard the man who seem to be a physician told him I was not breathing, he couldn't find a pulse, no sign that I was still alive.

He told Vim that I and Shamara, who is the second slave girl from his description, have loosed too much bløød already.

He told Vim that I was already déãd, i and shamara were both confirmed déãd.

I can hear everything yet I couldn’t move, it felt like I was ceased at that spot.

 Immediately the physician told Vim that I was déãd, I heard a loud scream, Vim was the one screaming.

I wanted to shake, I wanted to say a word to show I wasn’t dead yet but I couldn’t, I just lay there in the pull of my own blood.

  I can hear everything going on around me, I started hearing a heavy gun shot as the people flew in different direction, people were running, I can hear their foot sound.

  I guessed Vim shot at the lions because of the terrible noise they all made, it was horror to the ear, everywhere was noisy, the gun shot continued, down below into the den as Vim kept shooting.

"Son, lift this one to your shoulder, I will carry this other one, let’s go and dispose them off…"

It was the physicians voice, and I was lifted to somebody's shoulder and after sometime, I was on a moving wheel.

I can hear strange voices, it appears to be the physician and his son, they spoke to each other, as the man asked the son to speed up before they will be caught.

I over heard them say they were going to the far end of the fourth district, far off from where they took me and Shamara from.

 Darkness clouded me as it shot through me and I can’t hear or feel anything anymore, I try to shout Jesus but couldn't move my mouth as darkness was pressing me deeply down.

I kept saying the name in my innermost mind and eventually I spoke it out loud like a silent whisper.

"son, hurry…fasten up please, i just heard her call a name, she just mentioned somebody’s name. she is not really dead like we assumed. We can’t use her for your practical, if we get to a safer place you park let’s see if we can attend to all this their deep wound...,"

"...Since she is still alive, I guess her second hould also be. listen son, nobody must know that they are alive, because we have told everyone that they are both dead. A "go ahead" has being issued to us to go ahead and put their body at the burial ground, if they know that they are alive, especially that young mad man, Lord Vim, the second Prime ruler’s son will come for our head, so we have to be careful. You must not say a word of this to anyone or we're both doomed..."

I was so weak that I couldn’t hear anything again as they kept on speaking, I wanted to listen to all their conversation but strength failed me.

 all I see is darkness and a tiny ray light coming from somewhere I can’t tell. 

But as tiny as the light is it was enough to hold onto. 

It makes me forget what pain feels like and right then I was smiling, I felt at peace as I saw the face smiling right back at me.

Even in the dark his face shone so bright.


 Episode 26

I sneezed out loud and screamed "Jesus" before opening my eyes, at first everywhere was so blurred, I blinked repeatedly as I try to see clearly and to know where exactly I was, I almost thought I was dead because of my encounter with him, he has being on my side for a while and has helped me to remain calm, he kept talking me, as if he was trying to keep the word fresh in my heart

“I am here with you, now and forever. Nothing and no one can snatch you away from my hands because you are mine. You're secured in the palm of my hand. For you did not deny me before men I will not deny you before my father in heaven. I am here with you my child, always. is time to return, go and make disciples of all nation. your work is not yet done. remember, I am with you always and always my child..."

It was Jesus, oh Jesus… it was him. His face has shone so bright that I have to shade the brightness with my hands to see him, he has being beside me all this while and his presence has being so warm and loving, that I have wished I will remain there with him.

“Father, come quick, father hurry! she has awaken…"

An elderly man rushed in.

I watched as the man tries to check me through, my body felt numb, my face felt like it was sewed together with a thread. my hand and thigh felt the same, I was finding it hard to move my hands and my legs, couldn’t feel some part of my body, most part of my body feels numb, it was as if they are not mine anymore, my eyes was wide open as I stare at the strange faces bent over me.

"Where…where am I? where is this place…? I asked

" I'm a physician and here is my son, he is practicing to be a renowned physician just like me, you are in my place, my name is Cozam and my son is Tedran. You have being in a comma for long, counting by the weeks it will be nine and half weeks, that’s almost three months in coma. you were sent to mandioh’s lion’s den.. Do you remember now? but you were lucky to have made it alive, whatever god you serve must have defended you and helped you through.."

"... it surprising how you are still alive but we are happy you made it. You serve a true God, even I, being a physician can’t explain the logic. You are very safe here, because we live at the far end of the fourth district. they all thought you are already déãd, many people d!ed that day, there was a young man that got enrāged on hearing that you were sent to Mandion’s den to die, on getting there he pushed down one woman that has planned it all with Mandioh, Mandioh was eaten by his own lion. the crâzy young man is called Vim, he is the son of the second prime ruler. people féâr him greatly, I have to tell him that you are already déãd because you look liféless, and your wounds were life threâtening, we thought you will never make it. we came to buy some medical things for our patients when we hard that Mandioh’s has opened up his lion’s den and people were tripping in to watch. it was a good time, and I, having being trying to teach my son somethings in a déãd human body, so we watch from afar as the lions couldn’t take a bite off you, it was as if your body was po!sonous to them and that of your second too, all they did was to just dug their long fangs into you and left you..."

"..You lost so much blood already before lord Vim asked if there was any physician around and I came out with my son, so when you were brought up we thought it was useless working on you because you were not moving again and so we told him you were gone, we told him that you are déãd and the news enrāged him the more and he began to shøot, even the lions have their own share of the gùn shot, I guess they all diëd later. we have to get an order to go and dispose you and the second lady at the burial ground but you suddenly called out somebody’s name along the way, inside the chariot and that was how we got to know that you are alive, and since we brought you down here you have being unconscious, you have being in coma, I’m glad you are up finally.."

".. so you must have noticed how stiff your body is, well, is due to being in one place without movement for so long, now we have to help you move your body, you have stiches all over your thigh, your face and also some other part of your body which is not totally healed, we have to loosened the thread maybe tomorrow so that you will be able to move around gently until you can feel your legs and your whole body began to corporate. it will take little time and you will make use of a walking stick but with a constant practice you will be fine.."

I breathed deeply and exhaled out calmly before asking.

"wher…what of Shamara? what happened to her, I mean my second..? I asked afraid of whatever that has happened to Shamara because the physician didn't mention in his speech

"she is right there, still not awake, but she will live. if you can gently turn your face to your right side you will see her, her wøunds were not as much as yours, you sustained a heavy injùry, she lost lots of bløød and she is very weak, unlike you, your muscles are strong and you respond well to treatment. you look fragile yet you are very strong.."

"... My lady, I’m glad you made it but this has to be between us, because already everyone thinks you are déãd and that young man has already believed so. it will be safe for you to stay here. The wøund on your cheek will take time to heal up and when it finally heals you will be left with a deep scâr on your face, your thigh and also your arm will have a scâr. The scârs shouldn't bother you much, the most important thing is that you are alive. You will live here with us, we will teach you medicine and you may eventually become a physician too if you so desired so. We have enough rooms for you and your second..."

I started practicing again on how to move my legs and arm and my whole body as the weeks follows suit, I was afraid to look at the mirror because of the deep wound on my cheek, that was gradually forming a scar already. within weeks, I can stand and move around with the help of Tedran and a walking stick. the physician son Tedran, who was almost same age with Vim, he was gentle and kind as he assist me in getting better everyday.

Tedran was a fine young man, younger than Vim, I guess. he was good looking too and also taller than his father. he was always filled with smiles,. I have to ask him one day as he massage my limp legs after being instructed by his father to do so.

"You are always wearing a smile, that’s good, I admire that about you. did your father also told you is part of your job description, being a physician…?

"hahahaha, smiling has become part of me and yes, father told me to always smile especially when I’m attending to patients, it helps them to ease up. So ever since I was young, father has inbuilt it in me, he has being building me up to become as good as he is and I tried not to fail him. I was little when mother died and father has never remarried since then, he raised me up and it has being two of us ever since..." 

"..Very soon I will be like father, already I know everything but I don’t want to be ahead of myself, I always want to watch father attend to patients and I only do whatever he instructs me to do. he sometimes send me out to go and attend to patients on my own and I try not to disappoint him. someday I will get a wife and it will not just be me and father anymore. when I start having children, the house will be lively like I have always wanted that, I like having people around here..."

I listened to Tedran talk and I tried to smile despite the wound stiches that húrts anytime I forcefully move a muscle on my face.

Shamara woke up after a week, I was at her bedside with lord Cozam and his son Tedran, they began to attend to her, as Shamara try to understand what was happening around her and where she was, I held her hand as she turned to look at me

"Where is this place? Is this heaven, are we déãd? is this the heaven you so much talked about or this héll? We both diëd.." Shamara asked as she looked around her.

"We are both alive, we made it Shamara, God saved us. This is planet earth, is neither heaven nor héll. if there’s anywhere we have to be outside this earth then is heaven and not héll, I’m so proud of you. You're brave and I'm very grateful to God for preserving you. I'm glad that you're alive"

"Oh…serious, so we are alive? I thought the lions āte us? oh mine! The lions….i remember everything now. your God is real, you said he was going to come and save us and he did. looking at the wound on your face, it must have being so painful, I’m deeply sorry, I can’t even remember what happened after you asked me to pretend to be dead and I did. I guess I passed out, who are all this people…?

"Our God is real, he has never failed and he will never fail. we both lost so much blood, the shock too kept us in coma. Is a good thing to have you here, this is lord Cozam and his son Tedran, they are both physicians, they saved us… and nursed us back, without a shelling to their pocket, they are good people and I’m glad God used them for us…"

Shamara muttered a thank you to lord Cozam and his son Tedran and they greeted her with a smile.

The week came and go as we try to heal up, it became so fun being with the physicians.

 I try to tell them about Christ, they were keen to listen after seeing what happened at the lion’s den and being alive again which was beyond their understanding.

they listened and they eventually believed, as I feed them with the word everyday. Shamara was not left out.

We assisted with the little that we can do around the house, more week’s turns into months and then it became a year.

 We were totally fine. I can walk perfectly well on my own without any help, same with Shamara.

although the scars are all there but it gives me no trouble.

I planned to return to visit lord Reese’s family, there were a lot of people to visit.

Abel, my dearest Abel, Adolfo and Eura, Zity and Chakan, they should have their little one by now, Rhonda and her children, the merchant, and how he took the news of his wife’s death, then Vim, I wonder how he is doing after all that happened.

It was time for me to visit them all.

 I will go as a physician with Tedran, because of my scâr, i will wear a cover up, from head to my toe. only my eyes will be seen, I will not reveal my identity to them immediately until I observe the environment. I plead with God to lead me as always.

My scârs may scare off people, is better I speak behind the veil so that people don't throw questions at me concerning the scârs.

I won’t be going as Tamar, I will let them believe me to be a stranger or a physician’s daughter.

Everyone believes that I'm déãd, I have a new identity now.

I changed my name from Tamar to Leah.

That's only temporary until I observe the entire environment well

I'm going over with a different identity and a different name.

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