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Just a little sin episode (25&26)


Episode 25

"Hey Tom, where have you been? We returned from church over three hours but you weren't home..." Yoara asked calmly while still ironing his clothes

Chumi turned to me waiting for me to talk with an eye raised impatiently and the other eyes at the pack in my hand.

As I try to speak, Ellie looked up from the television and said quietly yet calculatively while pointing at the food pack in my hand

"Aunty Chumi, that's the kind of food pack uncle Jons brings for us. Is always yummy and delicious..."

She wanted to say something else but Chumi hushed her with her scary eyes and the little girl went quiet and returned her gaze to the television

"I went to church, thought I told you in the morning.." was the only reply I gave Yoara.

Chumi scuffed loudly

"Yes, you did but most church closed around 12 to 2pm. This is 4:30pm. That was why I was a bit worried. But is good you're home.." Yoara said

Chumi flee up.

"Is that all you're going to say my love? Look at the time he's coming back from whereever he went to and you agreed that you will caution him properly when he returns today. Is that all you're going to say? No, this is not right.."

"Just let it be Chumi, let's not give room for the devil this evening. He's home now and that's all that matters.." Yoara said trying to calm Chumi so that she won't start another war on my case.

"Nobody is giving the devil any room but we have to call a spade a spade, Tomasi is very rude, lazy and wicked. He just thinks he can go and return as he please in this house. He does not even follow us to church but goes to another church and I'm not even sure he went to any church. He left since morning before everyone and returned this late and you are not doing anything, tomorrow he will do worst and it continues like that. If you're afraid of speaking to him, I am not. If he has to live with you, which is temporary then he has to be responsible. I won't tolerate this nonsense when I finally moved in with you as your wife so everyone has to be aware and understand that there are things I won't take or allow to slide..."

I walked to the center table in the sitting room and dropped what I returned with.

"Yoara are you hungry, I brought back some good food. A friend and church member took us out for lunch after church and also bought a take home food for us.." I said to Yoara as I continue to pretend like Chumi is not even there

"That's very kind of the person. That's more like brotherly love among members of Christ body.." Yoara said as he paused from ironing and walked down to the table.

"Is not a brother that took us out, is a lady and usher in the church that I attend. Let's call it sisterly to brotherly in Church.."

Yoara laughed and hit me gently on the back as I began to unpack the whole food that Omie filled into the pack.

"It smell so yummy, I have eaten that before, is very delicious.." Ellie said as she put her attention at the food.

"So, everyone is ignoring me now right? nobody is taking my word in this house. Yo, I expected better kind of behavior not this. You're a minister and your lazy brother brought home food after he was gone the whole day and you don't know where, he even mention is a woman that bought it and instead of you to rebuke him, you left what you're doing to join him in feasting. This is way too pathetic. I'm totally disappointed..."

Yoara took another bite from the chicken lap in his hands, he paused from chewing and said.

"Tomasi is an adult and do not lie, or let me say hardly lie. if he says the food was from a kind church member then so it is. Chumi, what goes into us does not defy us is what comes out, remember Peter in the Bible, when God laid down the sheet and ask him to feast and he called the food unclean, God had to educate him in that regard. Meaning what we eat does not defy our spirit man but our actions and words has more powerful effects on us, so we should watch our tongue so that it doesn't set the entire body on fire. Come over and have some taste, this actually taste really good and there's enough for us.."

She sighed angrily and looked away. "You would have allowed me to cook for you since you're hungry not jumping to your brothers tasteless food. You know my cooking beats all this food you're eating with him.."

"Offcourse my darling. We've been home over three hours and you kept saying you will cook but waiting for Tomasi to return so he will go and buy something for you. I asked you to use what we have in the house to prepare the meal before you leave but you rather wanted more food items. You remember I said I was going to go buy whatever you need after I'm done ironing before Tom came in. Well, Tom has saved the day and saved you from stress too. Please come let's eat.."

"Aunty Chumi, can I go and have a taste too. I'm hungry" Ellie said.

"You're hungry? But you are the one that ate all the sandwich I made this afternoon. Alright, come over let me give you by myself.."

Chumi shamelessly came, picked up one of the untouched pack of food and returned to her seat, while Ellie went to join her.

I could have collected the food from her but because of Yoara and also little Ellie I totally ignored

I'm not very nice, especially to people like Chumi.

She must be thinking I'm cool and will continue to take in everything she throws at me but that's where she miss it.

In no time she began to devour the food with Ellie.

Since I wasn't hungry, I Left the food for Yoara and went inside to change over.

While I was inside I heard them talking with a mouth filled with food.

"This food is a bribe, he has used it to bribe us so that we will keep shut but he has forgotten that I will never let him lazy around here or eat where he didn't sow. He has been eating free food from you but not ready to get a Job so that we can also eat from him. This thing he brought is nothing, I'm not moved at all. I still detest the fact he's jobless and lazy. How long will this continue? My love, you need to be bold enough and scold him for all this annoying behavior. If I'm going to be your wife then you need to listen to me, we will be getting married soon.. I can't have a grown adult like your brother eating my food and annoying me every second. I was waiting for him to come back and go to buy something because he needs to play his houseboy role in this house atleast, I can't do everything and he will come back to eat...is not done. You need to take action as a man.."

"I should throw my brother out? Is that what you want.. will that make you happy? Yoara asked

"I'm not saying you should throw him out but he's a man and will definitely survive out there in the street. He can't continue living here with us, especially when we finally wed because I can't tolerate it..."

"You need to please stop with this Tomasi issue which I don't see as anything, that's all the topic you focus on anytime we're together. He's my brother and I can't throw him out into the street. That's not the kind of person I am, also I'm a minister of God and you're too, we should be kind and accommodating that's what differentiate believers from the world. Tomasi will do same for me if he was in my shoe, the Bible said we should love without limit because in love there's no hate. Is a sin to frustrate and make living unbearable for a person just because you don't like him or her..."

"I don't see anything I do as sin. Don't preach to me, the person you should be preaching and converting is Tomasi but you will rather keep quiet and he do as he please. The same Bible said we should not allow anyone to take advantage of our meekness like Tomasi is doing.."

Yoara was quiet, I guess he was chewing food but later said "I don't know where such verse is in the Bible, maybe you show me.."

I quietly came out of the room. Did they think I'm deaf that I can't hear them because although Yoara try not to be loud but Chumi said everything loud enough.

I looked at Ellie who was still eating and said

"Hey Ellie, you mentioned uncle Jons bringing you the same pack. Is it your mumm...oh sorry I mean your Aunty Chumi's friend, the one that has a lot of money and will be your second Daddy..?

Ellie who was really enjoying the food, nodded before she quickly caught Chumi's eyes

I moved to a chair and said without care

"...While babysitting Ellie she exposed some secrets, I'm sure Yoara will be shocked if he discovered what the secrets are but anyway, I will be minding my business while digging up more of it. The last thing I want is my brother to fall victim into the wrong hand. No matter how you try to cover a deep secret it will still finds its way out of the box. Is good to be transparent in life Chumi, don't you think..?

Yoara stopped eating and looked from me to Chumi.

"What are you talking about?

Chumi stood in defense and said "I don't know what's he's talking about. This your brother is really going nut, he needs to be checked into a mental home. I think I should be leaving now with Ellie, the night is almost here...I will call you my love when I get home.."

I continued slowly yet firing at my target.

"I thought you church people supposed to pray to God for a good life partner, I'm somehow disappointed because I supposed to know God through your lifestyles but instead is actually an outsider that's trying to guide me through that, and is just with her kind action. Alright Ellie, maybe when you come next time you tell us more about your second daddy "uncle Jons" and also who your first Daddy is..oh wait let me guess, is your first Daddy uncle Yoara?

She didn't reply as Chumi picked up her bag and head to the door.

"... your aunty Chumi should be called mummy like you wished for right? Calling her aunty doesn't make a single sense when she is actually mummy. I don't even know if I'm making any sense right now.."

Chumi shut her whole eye ball at me but unfortunately for her they're just eyes and can't do me anything.

She bid Yoara goodnight and left.

Yoara sat as he try to understand what was going on.

"I kept suspecting that something isn't right but I still can't place a finger on it. Wait a sec, is Chumi seeing another man which you're aware of, Tom? Yoara managed to ask

"Please don't ask me such question Yoara before you all will say I was jealous and bitter and decided to break your relationship apart. Please direct whatever question you have towards your woman and sort it out...not me.."

I walked away leaving him to think, is really a good time to put things right.

He won't hear the rest from me. Chumi has troubled my life way too much, maybe is time for her guilt to torment her too.

Is payback time for Chumi.


Episode 26

Yoara try asking questions but I stood on my word, letting him know that he has every right to confront his wife to be if he suspected anything rather than asking me.

I bought few foodstuffs from the money Omie gave me and put them in the house on Monday, when Yoara returned from work he was surprised, i let him know that the money was from a church member. 

He was impressed and even thanked me for the food stuffs.

I visited Konji on Tuesday and he wasn't home

On my way out of his place I saw him coming back with a long face.

"Guy, who beat you? I said chuckling

"Please leave me alone Tomasi, I'm not in the mood for your lame jokes.."

He walked into his compound and straight to his tattered room.

I followed behind.

"What happened to you, did they sack you from your cleaning Job?

"Is you that will be sack from your Job, oh wait, I forgot you don't even have a Job. Jealousy is a big sin Tomasi.."

"Then what happened to you, I thought you've been sacked or your too much stylish begging had landed you in trouble.."

"If you care to know I lost a huge game?

I blinked and try to understand what he was talking about.

"What game? Wait a sec, you're still gambling?

He didn't respond as he sat hard on the chair.

"...I thought that after getting this job you will quit gambling and focus more on the job.."

"I said after wining my first millions then I will quit. Is unfair to just stop when I haven't even won any reasonable amount yet. I play almost everyday with big sum because the higher the amount used in the game the better chance of winning big. I collected my salary yesterday and decided to put it all in the game, I played with half of my salary yesterday and I won some amount but it wasn't up to what I put in, I decided to use the other half today because I thought I had a better chance to wining but unfortunately I didn't even win a dime. That's how the whole money I was paid yesterday vanished. Now, I'm broke again.."

"And when you have another money you will go back to gambling and after they take it all you go back to mischievously begging for alms like a helpless beggar. If I call you foolish now, you will start arguing with me. I thought gambling is a sin or the Bible that you were giving didn't mention that to you? You're nothing but foolish Konji. They paid you salary yesterday and you gambled it all off." 

"It looks unwise, sinful and foolish to you because I didn't win. If i have finally won my first millions now you would have used the same mouth to congratulate me and still expect some cash from me. Because my game didn't pay off makes me appear foolish. Instead of you to encourage me so that I can have better luck next time, you're here insulting me. If I call you enemy of progress now you will say I'm wicked. Please leave me if you don't have any better things to say.."

"Well, I hope this teach you a big lesson so that you can quit gambling and focus on saving your legit money. All the years you have been throwing away your money in gambling you could have been approaching your first million by now or even a millionaire. You obviously don't have the luck so is better you quit before you die wretched. This is the best advice you will ever get, don't joke with it.."

I started leaving but Konji wasn't done firing words at me

"You haven't answered my question. I said if I have won millions now, will you still be saying all of this or judging me. I will continue to play it until I win. I will put you and many others to shame for not believing. I can't wait to win so that your face will be buried in shame.."

I was out of the house and couldn't hear the rest of what he was saying.

On getting home that evening I heard noises coming from our apartment.

I decided to go through the back window so that I can hear clearly.

"...You have to choose between us because I'm not longer going to tolerate any of this. That's why I decided to drop by and let you know. He's not even your full brother, Tomasi is your half brother, is not your mother that gave birth to him, he's almost same age as you, so I don't understand why you will be housing him when he should be out there in the street fending for himself. Look at the problem he's bringing between us. You trusted me all this while we've been together but all of a sudden Tomasi is making you have doubts. What's all this question you were asking me over the phone? You have never doubted me before Yoara but that lazy, jobless and wicked human is bringing misunderstanding between us. See the reasons why I never liked him, my good spirit irritates his demons because he's a possessed being. He hate the fact that you have almost everything, a job, a house, a woman that truly loves you dearly, you have Christ which he doesn't have and the gift to be a minister. He's envious of you and his only wish is to destroy you. He can't measure up to the man that you are..."

"I totally agree to everything you said Chumi, but i still need answers to my questions.."

"Your question is irrelevant Yo, asking if I'm seeing another man or if Ellie is my daughter are not the kind of questions I can answer because you already know that Ellie is my sister's daughter. If she's mine I will tell you, there's nothing to hide in having a child. People usually thinks she's mine due to the resemblance and she is always clinging to me more than her own mother. I have looked forward to bearing your children, and my ever first pregnancy I want it to be yours when we're married. I can't be seeing another man when I'm in a relationship with you. We're engaged and I don't double date in a relationship. Tomasi shouldn't put asunder in our union, you're going to choose who to believe among us. I have told you the whole truth and will no longer continue with this mistrust. Do you choose to believe your strange lazy, jealous brother who is looking for a way to get back at me because he knows I don't like him.."

"I really don't know what to believe Chumi. But is all good.. you can't possibly be lying over such sensitive things, you're strongly rooted in the Lord and ministers through song that moves people on their seats. I don't think you will keep such huge secret from me or even be cheating on me with another man. Yoara replied her, there was this unsatisfaction in his voice.

"Tomasi has to go, you need to do this for me, for us. He's a threat in our relationship and even marriage. He can't continue living here, look around you now, did you see him anywhere around? The answer is no, he's gone out again and is not like he went to work. He may bring trouble home for you one day. He should leave, the more he stays here the more lazy he becomes because he knows that you will provide his feeding. You will thank me someday for this advice. And if you can't do it, leave it to me because I will gladly throw his things out.."

"Throw his things out? Yoara asked surprised

"... that's not going to happen, rather if you have money then bring so that I will give him to go get his own place. My brother can't be in the street when I'm here. I don't see him as a threat, you make him seem like a threat.."

"You're not getting the point Yoara, Tomasi can't stay here and even If I have the money I won't give. I can't stay under the same roof with him, that's not going to happen. I don't know why you're blinded by his mischief. We can't be happy and our relationship can't progress if Tomasi remains here. See the way he put wrong ideas in your head about me, and you think he will stop at that? Tomasi isn't your brother like that, he's just your relative, You owe him nothing. You have to wake up and do something before Tomasi tears us apart. I even saw it in the dream that he's planning to destroy you if you're not prayerful or Chase him out.."

Yoara began mumuring something which I can't hear anymore

At that point I don't know if I should just take a walk within the street or enter inside.

Chumi will stop at nothing until Yoara listens to her and throw me out, which Yoara don't want to do but Chumi kept pushing him.

Yoara allowed himself to be deceived by Chumi. Ellie is her daughter and she denied it, Chumi is seeing another man who brings things for her and Ellie and that's Jons guy Ellie mentioned yet Yoara believed everything Chumi said.

I wish I have a place to go to and leave them alone.

Konji's place is not an option, I can't live with Konji, is not because of his insults, I can gladly take as many he throws at me but his room is not conducive and Konji is not ready to put down his dime for anything at all.

The street isn't bad but I will rather go back home to mama and Onmi than be thrown into the street. I will erase everything about this city and the people I met during my stay.

Is just that I don't want to return back to my hometown the same way I left, I want to be better so that Mama will be proud and even my over demanding father will see that something good can still come out of Tomasi.

I owe Onmi a standard education and good life, I don't want to disappoint her mother whom I gave my word.

Oni maybe gone but her memory remain fresh.

I wish the Job Omie promised will click soon so that everyone will stop tagging me lazy and jobless.

Chumi will probably not allow Ellie close to me because I may get more truth out of the innocent little girl but Chumi wouldn't want me to babysit her ever again and that's a good thing but I'm certain that one day whatever she was hiding will be exposed.

Chumi is fabricating alot of lies just to get me out of the way because I'm a big threat to her.

I will just wait outside until she leaves before i can go inside and know what Yoara has to say.

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