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Just a little sin episode ( 1&2)


Episode 1

I looked at the corpse again for the third time, I said within me that after this time, I wasn't going to look towards that direction again. she was gone, I will never get to see her cat walk pass me, watch her laugh, roll her eyes and play around in her childish way with boys. 

Even though she choosed another over me, I never wished her death not even once. All I prayed and wished for so long was for her relationship with Juru to crash but it never did, instead they grew stronger and stronger by the day.

I heard they break up several times and get back together. I also heard she dated Juru's friend, Koni who was a real narcissist. 

Koni refused to allow her get away. Koni and Juru were at war because of her.

I don't know what becomes of them again, until a year later that I heard she was very sick and few days after the sick news another news broke out that Dunfi was dead.

Juru outsmarted me, He took the woman for me and turned her into his.

It was actually her choice but Juru rubbed it on my face too much.

I asked Dunfi to be my girlfriend first and she looked at me like I was a leper. I remember her waving her hand in the air trying to pull some annoyingly attitude in my front.

I was patiently waiting to see what her answer will be.

She rolled her eyes, curved her mouth before turning her head like a clown.

She must have thought that she was more beautiful with such act but she was rather looking like Zaza, our village crazy lady.

Dunfi was acting as if whatever I said was annoying and she was obviously making it seems I have a bad odour which she was trying to dodge.

No doubt, she was beautiful and very playful too. I liked her alot and it took me alot of time to muster courage to ask her out for a relationship after school that day, we were both seniors and alot of our class mates already has either girlfriend or boyfriend. I see no reason why mine should be any different.

Dunfi after her long display, told me that day she will think about my request and get back to me.

After two days, I try to remind her but she shunned me and said I shouldn't bother her, she told me that she will think about it so I should stop pestering her and wait for her answer whenever she was ready to give me a feedback.

I decided not to bother her like she wanted, I wait with hope that she will agree to be my girlfriend.

A week passed my patience was begining to run out. Two weeks later I approached Dunfi to really know why the "thinking" was taking so long.

When she promised to think about my request, I thought it was going to be a day or two but is already two weeks and Dunfi is yet to get back to me.

When she saw me coming, she walked away and kept avoiding me untill we finally ran into each other.

"I can't be your girlfriend now Tomasi, maybe later but not now because Juru recently asked me out and I have agreed to be his girlfriend. But you can still wait until I and Juru breaks up. By then I may accept to be your girlfriend but is still under probability, I may end up getting somebody better than Juru...so pray hard Tomasi and quit bothering me please..."

"Dunfi, but I asked you out first before Juru did, why did you.." I was still talking when she interrupted with a long hiss and started walking away.

She suddenly turned, walked back to me and said with mischievous smile on her face.

"I can choose anybody I want to date, Juru is my choice not you. If you care to know why you're not my type, is because your breath stinks, you're not smart, you're not really good looking to my standard and you're not even brilliant like Juru. You look unkempt and your name sounds very local. No beautuful, sensible lady in this school or outside the school will want to date somebody like you. You should be happy that I'm still considering you, which may even be impossible. I don't move with your kind. I mingle with big boys..."

Just then she saw Juru coming from afar, she gave me another pathetic look before running to meet Juru.

I went in search for my best friend Larry, I asked him if my mouth smells after narrating my ordeal with Dunfi to him, Larry said no, that my breath does not smell except on few occasions.

I told Larry not to be afraid to tell me all the things that are wrong with me so that I can change them for good. I spoke very close to him maybe he will dictate the mouth odour.

I know Larry is very blunt, he will tell me the truth

"I can't be afraid of you Tom, I still beat you to a fight yesterday. there's nothing scary or intimidating about you? Larry said chuckling.

"Larry, about the fight I only allowed you to win because is more fun that way. you can't beat me to a fight if I really mean to fight, deep down you know that is true. What I meant in my first statement is that do not think that whatever you say now will offend me because it won't. go ahead and tell me the truth no matter how bitter it maybe.." I replied sounding very serious.

"I don't care if you're deliberately letting me win the fight, all that matters is that I still beat you. I have told you before to stop eating that thing your mother use to sell.The only time your mouth smells is whenever you eat that your mother's corn mixed cake. You used to bring some to school which you eat during break or while in the class. I know you like the snacks and use to offer me some but that thing smells badly after eating it. The first time I ate it, my mouth was smelling like a dead rat. If you can stop eating it, you will be fine, maybe Dunfi will consider you.."

That was how I stopped eating my favorite snacks which was well prepared by my mother.

I told my mother when she queried me that the snacks suddenly began to purge me, it was upsetting my stomach and I no longer likes it.

She doubted but didn't push further.

Dunfi will walk pass me with her friends they will began to laugh at me.

I even try to talk close to her so that she will see that my breath is cleared but nothing I do works.

Juru walked up to me one day, only to let me know that I'm a nobody and can never measure up to his dog at home. He said dogs eat bones not the real meat, so I should rather wait for some crumbs than fighting to have the main meat because such will never come to past.

I was very angry, I wanted to do something bad to Juru for saying such. I wanted to harm him but I couldn't come up with anything.

If I get caught, my life will be worst than it was already.

After a year I heard that Dunfi died mysteriously and we her classmates were asked to pay a visit.

Very few of us came to pay our last respect.

As we matched round the coffin, where she lay I saw something.

 when I was about looking away something caught my attention as she lay helplessly inside the wooden coffin, there was a finger mark and a small dot tattoo right on her neck, it looks fade but I'm very observant. 

I looked at Juru, he was standing close to a wall with his friend, He was neither sad nor happy as they talk in a whisper.

His narcissist, bully of a friend Koni did not come.

I looked back at the tattooed mark on Dunfi's neck again and knew who was behind her death. 

Since I have discovered this mystery, I knew it was time for confrontation which I was ready and eager to do.

I was angrily staring at Dunfi, she really looks helpless. She choosed the big boys over me but even at that I will never wish her death.

 We were only six boys and two of her girlfriends, ex classmates that came.

 I hated the sight of her in there and it boils down in my marrows

Her beauty was almost fading off, her eyes were closed. 

I waited with Juru and two other boys as she was lowered to the earth.

This is the time they will all know that the quiet Tomasi can be dangerous.

My next stop was a fight, I wasn't going to lay low and pretend like I don't know who was behind Dunfi's mysterious death. 

I saw the sign, I know who it was and I won't keep quiet over it.

This was how it all began.


Episode 2

I held tight to the thick stick in my hand, hiding among the bushes with my camouflaged green top and brown short.

It was dark everywhere but the fading moon still gives guard to night walkers.

I crawled up within myself and waited, I waited and kept waiting.

This was his route, I have been trailing him for weeks and was very certain how his daily movements goes.

I didn't fully tell Larry what I was about to do but I told him that I knew who was behind Dunfi's death and he was shocked.

He asked to know how I found out and who exactly will do such a thing I refused telling him.

He was very inquisitive and kept pestering me with questions, I told him that I wasn't certain but I'm going to find out.

I actually knew but this is the only way to dismiss Larry from disturbing me.

He understands that I was trying to push him off from asking too much question.

"Tom, becarful... all those guys are dangerous. They're not in your business neither is Dunfi's death your business. She rejected you and choose Juru instead, now that she is no more everyone is moving on. Is actually a big lesson to all this girl's that keep moving with strong hearted guys like Juru. Juru wants to be respected and feared. Is better you stay off his ways, remain in your lane to avoid problem. This is our last year in school and you should be preparing for the exams not chasing what is not chasing you..."

"That's exactly the problem, I want to chase what is not chasing me because if I continue keeping quiet or pretend like nothing is happening just like you're doing now, more of this scary things will continue to happen. Dunfi maybe first but several others will follow suit and I can't be a coward and hide like a cat. Since they have one head like me we will fight it man to man. I'm not going to lay low and this is not because of Dunfi, this is because is something I have to do to teach that imbecile a lesson. Stop acting like a coward Larry..."

Larry gave me this mischievous smile.

"Relax Tom, I know why you are really out for this fight. You want to use this opportunity and get your pound of flesh from those bullies, especially Juru but I hope it won't be the end of you. You're trying to prove what you are not. Is better to be a coward than to dye before my time. I'm still in my prime.. youthfulness is fun, if you want to live long then you have to be a coward and pretend like you don't notice the wickedness of men. Is better to be a living dog than a dead lion.."

"Well, I recently noticed that I can no longer pretend. I will go to any length just to teach the person behind Dunfi's death a big lesson.." I said walking away.

"Good luck with that. Your poor Mom and two sisters will miss you...me too offcourse. I will be at your grave side bidding you farewell..."

Larry said loudly that day as I was walking away.

Hiding among this thorn bushes now, it was really getting late but I will remain here until the charmer shows up.

Larry wants to keep pretending, acting like nothing is really happening when a whole lots of thing is going on and is been swept under the carpet.

Cowardice Larry, if he was brave enough he could have joined me on this quest but is better I handle things alone in my own.

Just then I saw two of them coming.

I wore my mask and got ready to attack

I began sneaking out gradually, I deliberately shake the bushes which startled them.

Seeing how vulnerable they were after seeing the moving bushes, I quickly ran out with the heavy stick in my hand I flogged his friend twice, he ran off while summersaulting along the road.

I was left with my main target. Koni was alone exactly how I wanted it. With my mask on and the fading moonlight, my mission will be a successful one.

I held his cloth before dragging him off the road to a secured location. 

I can finish my mission without interruption

"Why...why did you kill her? I asked with a fake husky voice as I hit him hard twice on his head with the stick

I warned that if he scream I will finish him off.

"Who are you talking about...I didn't kill anyone. I have never killed in my life before..." He cried out with so much fear and pain in his voice.

I hit him hard again and another harder one went straight to his waist, he tried to scream but another punch from me shut him up.

"You killed Dunfi. I saw the mark on her neck..same dot tattoo that I have seen on your neck before. I don't care what sect you're into, all I'm after is the reason why you killed Dunfi. I will kill and bury you here today in already dug shallow grave inside this bush after which I will go after your friend Juru.."

"I swear it to you that I have nothing to do with Dunfi's death. I was equally shocked when I learnt of her death. I have no hand in it. The dot on my neck is a birth mark, not a tattoo at all. Don't kill me please, I don't know who you are but what will you gain from killing an innocent man. Dunfi was my temporary girlfriend, she left Juru to be with me, I never forced her but along the line I realized she was still seeing Juru and having other male friends, I warned her to stop or I will have nothing to do with her. She ended things with me a week later and started going out with another guy who was not in our school. Juru was the one angry over it but I'm not sure he has anything to do with her death. I did not kill Dunfi and Juru didn't. Although, he can be a pain in the neck but he is not that type of guy, I swear it to..."

I hit him very hard on his head, he fell face down

"Speak for yourself, I didn't ask you to become Juru's spoke man. I will dig up the truth and if I find that you have a hand in Dunfi's death then yours will be next..."

I left him after warning him never to tell anyone of our discussion because once it gets to my ear I'm coming to finish him up.

He began swearing again that he won't. I ran off, removed my camouflage and hide it in my safe.

My mother was sitting outside the door when I return home late that night.

"The birds started chirping two hours ago, meaning the night has traveled far. where have you been Tomasi?

"I was at Larry's house, he wanted me to sleep over but I change my mind and decided to come home.."

"I sent your sister, Molly to go check you at Larry's place but you weren't there. Tomasi, Do not think you have grown and can go and return anytime you wish? I wouldn't want you to follow in your father's footsteps... this was how he started and ended up with three women as wives. I want you to be different Tomasi, I'm doing all I can to take care of you and your two sisters with your father's little or no contribution. Yoara your step brother will be going to the big city soon to start up his life there, I heard his mother discussing with someone. Is just a year different between you and Yoara. You supposed to be thinking of what to do with your life after your graduation not sneaking out and in as it pleases you..."

I was not in for my mother's sermon tonight. I told her that I have heard her and was going to bed.

I was looking for any tiny opportunity to have Juru in a dangerous state and hurt him beyond recognition but no matter how I try it never came.

A week later, I was sitting on my own in school thinking of how to get to Juru.

Fortunately, he walked up to me on his own after school.

I'm glad he did because I have been dropping sign, traces of different kinds for him to grab and he finally did.

He was with a very beautiful girl, he appears to love this one. Oni is one of the most beautiful girl in school then but was too calm and hardly smile unlike Dunfi.

She stepped aside while Juru came to speak to me

"I don't know the kind of white wine you have been taking of recent but I'm warning you to be careful before you get hurt. I know you're the one that put two wall geckos inside my bag, another day was a lizard, scorpion and yesterday was a smelly mouse just like you. The next time I see anything either in my desk, locker or bag you won't go home with your complete self. Koni was attacked few weeks ago on his way back from his father's shop, in the night. Nobody knows who exactly did that but I'm very vigilant and takes threats very serious this days. I don't like you and I know you don't also like me. Kindly let me be Tomasi. Is Dunfi the reason why you're sneaking ugly creatures into my private corner? I have freed her for you, you can go and have her among the dead. Nobody will challenge you there and as you can see a have far better one. Oni, the most beautiful girl, she's mine and as you already know I move with only the best and nobody can take what belongs to me. Stay off my lane.."

I chuckled like Larry will do when he's trying not to be offended.

"Dunfi is gone just like that but I won't let you win again. I love this challenge you threw on my way. Oni will be mine, let's bet on it. She will dump you soon and come to me on her own willingness. I know you won't live to see that happen but it will happen very soon Juru. Dig your grave down man..."

He spat on the ground right in front of me and said

" I once told you that you're not up-to my dog. If my dog has a pet then that will be you. You're my dog's pet Tomasi. You're not worthy to even compete with my dog. We're not on same league and can never be. Next time I see anything in my private locker I will come for you..go and befriend the dead and leave my name out of your mouth..."

I watched him walked to Oni and off they went. 

I smiled because I know exactly what to do.

And after two weeks before our last day in school Oni became mine.

That was my first revenge but so was the unexpected combat.

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