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Just a little sin episode (11&12)


Episode 11

Larry wasn't happy due to how he was exposed with Mudi.

He said they were seriously punished and Mudi is on one year ban on going anywhere close to the shrine, touching any of the father's tools or practicing any of what he has learnt in the past from Odez, the father.

Larry mentioned that Mudi is the first son of Odez and by right supposed to be a traditional healer and a seer just like his father who has been teaching him since he came of age but due to the restriction placed on him now, Mudi won't be able to continue learning until Odez decided to lift the ban.

Larry said it also affected him greatly and his movement is also restricted 

All of this was because of me. 

They were trying to help me and the help turns into trouble for them.

He called me a stubborn he-goat that does not listen. Larry said he tried to warn me not to continue with my quest for revenge but I never listened.

And Mudi only agreed to help me because they're cousins. Mudi wouldn't have agreed to do such if not that he convinced him and now, his kindness has gotten them into trouble.

I replied Larry that since Mudi wasn't very sure of the whole love portion measurements, he shouldn't have done it no matter how desperate I was.

What if I end up dead because of his mistake or somebody gets seriously hurt.

Because I landed into a serious problems and a member of my family was affected negatively, that's in the aspect of Molly attracted to Juru.

It was just through that wrong love portion mixture.

He only gave me one warning which was Oni hating me but he never told me how severe it will all be.

Thank God for my mother, she unknowingly saved my life

Everyone of us deserve to serve our punishment because we're all guilty of one thing or the other

If we didn't bring the whole issue to Mudi's father, alot of things will remain hidden and we will never know how to get out of the web.

I don't regrets letting Mudi's father know because it was through that I have been able to know what the consequences of my actions could have caused or have damaged

Larry mentioned that Mudi try to warn me further but I was not patient enough to listen to all warnings.

I agree and I still apologized for everything I brought upon them.

Larry said I should keep my distance, I'm not a good friend.

 I regretted everything but what is done is done and if Larry is going to keep his distance for that reason then he should go ahead.

I'm now a family man, expecting my baby. I'm more responsible now than before. 

I was getting around with Oni and our friendship is getting strong and solid.

I wouldn't want to trade it for anything at all. I care so much about her and have become a support system for her.

We gist sometimes till midnight, she loves listening to both my fake and real gist.

I sometimes try to know who the father of her baby is but she said she will rather not say.

She used to tell me that she doesn't know and does not want to talk about it, I decided not to ask again.

My father came to tell me that Odez said everything is totally fine with Oni and no harm will come to her or her baby except if she decided to cause one upon herself but he has done everything required for her safety and that of the child.

I thanked father for making so much efforts for us.

I know he wasn't happy doing any of those things for me because he felt I'm a total disappointment but he was really doing it to avoid shame and disgrace on the family name.

He wasn't doing it in my favor because everything he does, he makes sure he rubs it on my face and to remind me that I'm only living to cause trouble.

Despite knowing this I still thanked him for everything and I also did everything required of me.

One thing I kept thinking of is how to break the stronghold on Molly so that she can see clearly that Juru isn't who he claims to be.

I also don't know who the father of Oni's baby is and I no longer care and since I don't know the money meant for him wasn't given to anyone.

Atleast father did not part with another money which he would have use to taunt me.

I will be an excellent father to the baby and we will make a great family because I will be getting married to Oni once she gives birth 

We have talked about it and she agreed.

I will allow her to give birth first then get married to her before having anything intimacy with her.

I have already gotten a welder job and the pay isn't much but I'm planing on something better that will help in supporting my family.

"My family" I just tested the words again and although it sounds weird to my hearing but I love the way it makes me feel

Tomasi is a soon to be family man and I can't wait.

I looked forward to it with so much joy in my heart.

I was able to raise money and give Oni to add to the one mother gave her so that she can buy baby things and also things for herself.

She thanked me with smile and that makes me feel really good. 

I was just very happy and nothing else matters.

Friendship with Larry was already in the mud. He tagged me as a stubborn he goat and I didn't even fight back unlike me.

I walked away from him. My best friend and also wife to be is Oni, no other.

Once I close from work, I rush back to see how she was doing and she seems happy to see me.

Sometimes if I have any little money I buy something for her and also pluck fruits for her too.

As the time for Oni draws near, she became sick unexpectedly.

During those moments my fear rose, I remembered to ask her if she did what Mama asked her to do.

She asked which of them, I try to remind her about saying uncalled words out of anger and mama asked her to denounce it that day, which was also the day her father and stepmother came.

"Oh that? Is nothing serious although I sometimes wish I'm with mother in the land of the dead but my words that day doesn't really count. But truthfully, having a father like mine is as good as dying. I hate everyday with them and my joy was immeasurable when I found myself here. What i said that day, I actually meant it at that moment because I was really angry but not anymore. I'm very happy to be here and experienced the happiness and laughter I thought doesn't truly exist..."

We talked about other things, as I encouraged her that all will be well soon.

As the days goes, her pain increased.

Mama said she was going through early labour but she will be fine.

I try to calm down and assume is nothing but I don't know why I couldn't just wave off my fear.

I refused going to work, I stayed with her massaging her legs, back and shoulder

A midwife who lives around came to check her constantly.

Sometimes Oni goes over to her place too for check up.

Her legs were seriously swollen, she couldn't walk for a long distance as mama asked her to exercise herself by walking around.

Well, I assumed is one of the troubles that comes with pregnancy but I couldn't just wave it all off

I have Goosebumps all over my body, I don't know why I was afraid but Mama said there's nothing to be afraid for.

She said that soon Oni will have her baby, she will forget her pain when she helds her baby in her arm.

That's what most pregnant women goes through and I should becarful with whatever I say to Oni, in order not to scare her even more. Mama had said

Despite all this I was still scared of the unknown 




Episode 12

The night came and I watched her twist and turn in pain, I wish I can take it away.

Is this what going through labour feels like because I can see it was not something to wish for.

She asked me to stay beside her and I promise her that I'm not going to leave her side for any reason.

The midwife kept examining her, she mentioned that the baby wasn't well positioned but she will use the traditional way to reposition the baby.

Oni said she was in serious pain, maybe truly her words wants to come to root over her life.

She said some other things I didn't understand.

I try to encourage her that since is because the baby is about to come out, she should try to endure because once the baby comes out she will be free. That was what Mama told me before. I asked her why Oni was in so much pain and nobody is doing anything to ease it by either giving her something to drink or eat.

Mama said she will be alright immediately the baby comes out.

I try to encourage Oni to be strong and corporate with the midwife so that the baby can come faster and all the pain will disappear.

Oni whispered to me that she was really tired and can't continue. Maybe death wasn't really a bad option because she was truly exhausted.

I shunned her never to such. I remind her of our plan and how we will be one big family.

She smiled and said she remembered.

She asked me to bring my ear close and I did.

She whispered to me who the father of her baby is.

Oni told me that the person does not know that he got her pregnant and she doesn't intend telling him and I should never let him know about the child. 

No one has to know of the baby's biological father.

The baby was mine now and I have to treat her like mine. Oni said.

I was shocked with the revelation but I needed to keep on encouraging her.

I nodded to everything she said and promised that I will do that and we will have many more children.

Oni said she have to come out from the present birth war she was passing through before thinking if she wants to have another baby or not.

She managed to laugh and I joined her in the laughter.

Every words from her comes with so much pain.

I told her we will make a happy family and Mama will become a grandma. She smiled and squeezed my hand and try to say something else

I told Oni to stop talking because it seems the more she talks the more the pain hit her.

She managed to smile even as the pain kept hitting her 

It got to a time she started screaming as the midwife was examining her.

I saw blood running down from her body and fear gripped me.

I started asking many much questions which made them to send me outside, they said I was distracting them from concentrating.

 While I was outside, I can still see hear her loud scream.

I really don't know how to pray, or which god to beseech but I pleaded to any God listening to help Oni.

Mother came out with speed and ran towards the house.

I ran after her asking if Oni was alright and she replied she would be fine but was seriously going through a long labour.

Mama said I should please pray for her.

I have done the praying already and due to the way I was panicking, I couldn't just stay calm.

The labour supposed to be over several hours ago but Oni was still passing through it. She supposed to have given birth from what I understood from all Mama said but why is she still in so much pain for several hours now.

Mama ran into the house, straight to her room, it took her few minutes to come out with something in a covered plate.

I pray that as i light this suiting herbs, it will help ease Oni because we were running out of ideas and invited a nurse who had tried all she could too.

I can still hear Oni shouting that she wants to die, she was tired.

I heard her calling my name but Mama and the two women attending to her, one a midwife and the other is a nurse they said the room was too bloody, I can't come in.

After sometime I heard the cry of a baby. It was very loud and after few seconds it went quiet.

My heart jubilate, I was happy and want to go in and see the baby and Oni.

I knew that Oni was smiling now because they said once the baby comes out all her pain will disappear.

I was really happy that she was free from pain.

Oni must be seriously exhausted. I wish to see her and let her know that she was a strong woman and I'm very proud of her.

We will be getting married once she is fully recovered and become a real family.

"Thank you God, I don't know which God did it but I'm really happy that Oni was finally free.."

I whispered to myself as I moved closer to the room, I was waiting for somebody to come out or ask me in. Nobody came out, not even mama that i was waiting for outside to come and give me the good news.

I walked round the window trying to see if I can see anything happening inside, I saw nothing.

I knocked on the door waiting for response.

The midwife opened the door first and I was expecting smile from her but saw none.

The midwife really tried in helping Oni.

I listened to her pray and encouraged Oni while she was working on her and now that Oni has delivered the baby the midwife supposed to be happy.

She was rather looking exhausted and sad.

The baby has stopped crying and Oni was also silent.

My curiosity got the best of me as I peeped inside.

I saw mother helplessly sitting on the ground.

What is going on? 

I rushed inside with speed and behold with my eyes. My eyes pooped out of it's sucket and my jaw dropped. 

I got the shock of my life.



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