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Just a little sin episode (19&20)


Episode 19

"I'm not interested if It's going to be another one of your stunts? I said to him.

"No, i'm serious, we have to go... but if you don't want to come along then no problem, I will go alone. I explained to you that what took over me during that Virgil yesterday night was unexplainable..."

He paused and continued

"...i knew it was time immediately the worship and prayer began, I have seen the caliber of people in there. Rich men and women and I already knew that we were at the right place. I was calling and texting you to remind you that it was time but you weren't responding, I can't allow you use your dull and indecisiveness to distract me, I said to myself. maybe by the time I get rewarded at the end then your eyes will be cleared and you will come to understand why I choose this particular kind of hustle. I started acting little by little and I was gradually intensifying the holy ghost drama when the three ministers came to my seat and began praying for me. It was at that moment I loosed control over myself, I was thrown to the ground and began convulsing on the cold floor. I loosed totally control of my entire being and it was during that period I urinated on myself.."

He paused again, after few seconds silent he continued.

"...I can't explain it Tomasi, it has never ever happened before. I was not expecting the results I got at the virgil yesterday..."

"But you got rewarded anyway. Despite it didn't end up well with you they still gave you a big gift.." I said standing up from where I sat.

"There is no reward, the only thing inside that bag is a new Bible, a Bible study book, a new believers guide to Christianity then they added a t-shirt and black trouser that is not exactly my size. I wish they didn't because it makes me feel bad knowing that they knew that I urinated on myself. I'm not happy with how I ended up, although they asked me to come tomorrow for church service, maybe they will give me some money because I don't have a dime here. Will you come along?

"I'm not sure. i want to focus in searching for a proper job. Please, don't include me in another of your hustle. Konji, you need to get a good job too because this kind of your hustle is not legit.."

" you know I didn't do anything bad in my acting. I didn't carry gun or hurt anybody just to get paid. It was just using my talent of acting to feed. Well, I understand now that is dangerous and I will indeed change line of hustle but just to be cleared, I don't think is a big sin, seriously is not..."

I chuckled and said "then why did God decided to punish you last night at the virgil. If it was just a little sin like you said the other day, your punishment shouldn't be up-to what you got. I hope you learn your lesson and please don't introduce me to anything related to this..."

I started walking towards the door

"Will you come to church tomorrow? Come let's go together please.."

"No, I'm not sure I want to go anywhere tomorrow. I'm going back home, my brother said his fiance is coming over today. Tomorrow I want to get all the rest I need so that by Monday I will be off to the street in search of a job..."

I stopped at the door and said

"... please Konji, don't go to another church for this kind of your holy acting hustle because you may not go home alive. God who decided to save you yesterday, may not save you next time and I may not be there to carry your dead body home. From now onwards, please stick what is right and that gives you peace of mind.."

He scuffed at me and said.."God cannot kill me because I didn't do anything bad. You really don't know much about God, some people must have brain washed you into thinking God is a killer or he punishes innocent people or people who just wants to hustle legit to be able to survive this sad world. I will educate you on everything about life, Christianity and God. Things does not work the way you think of It, I'm just a little sinner. God is focusing on big sinners like, politicians, arm robbers, kidnappers, assassins, ritualist or those who use magic to deceived others. I'm not going to try this kind of hustle again because i have come to understand that is far too dangerous but I do want you to understand that is not really a big sin and God doesn't punish people like that. I will educate you on God anytime you're ready..."

I turned and walked away from his one stinking bedroom, it really smells too bad that I had to hold my breath most of the time.

Konji included those that uses magic to get what they want are in God's blacklist, that means I'm included. He meant people like me. It was through black magic I used to have Oni.

I feel bad that I was reminded again

"...Hey Tomasi.."

I crossed over the house dirty gutter and stood.

"Konji..? I replied impatiently.

"The usher.. the beautiful lady. Who's an usher you appeared to be taken with, don't you want to see her again? Follow me let's go tomorrow and you will get to see her and talk with her all you want."

"I never said I wanted to see her again and beside, I'm not following you to church because of a woman. I have better things to do.."

."you're very strange Tomasi, I don't think I understand you.."

I ignored him and went home.

The usher lady is the last person on my mind, she reminds me so much about Oni.

I hate to be reminded

Just like Konji said, I'm currently in God's blacklist, I don't want to do anything to add to whatever bad I did in the past.

I want to be extra careful and also be alive for the sake of Mama and my daughter, Oni's only child.

Immediately I stepped into the house, Chumi, my brother's fiance was already seated and didn't appear happy.

"Where have you been, I came here around 9am and your brother said you went out since 7am.."

"I went to see a friend.." I replied calmly and sat down.

She stared at me strangely.

"...Do you need anything Chumi? My brother is home, why does my absence bother you..?

"Because I needed to cook something this weekend for my hubby to be. I wanted you to go to the market and buy some foodstuffs but you were gone to God knows where..."

Yoara came out of the bathroom and said to her

"You could have send me, tell me what you need and I will go and buy it. I'm sure Tomasi has other things to do.."

Yoara said as he wipe off his wet face with his towel.

I know Chumi doesn't like the fact that I'm living with Yoara, she wants to occupy and dominate everywhere and doesn't need anyone to stand in the way of her reign. And I try not to be on her way, I still wonder why she still doesn't want to let me be.

She is a chorister in Yoara's church and Yoara said she sings beautifully but from what I have seen and gathered from her attitude, she was also beautifully rude and does not pretend over not liking me.

Chumi sometimes visits with a girl of seven years and said is her sisters daughter, she will ask me to babysit her seven years niece while she goes out with Yoara.

She usually come with different attitude for me

Today wasn't any different.

Chumi turned to Yoara angrily

"This is the problem I have with you Honey, you always defend him. Tomasi is a grown man yet he doesn't have a Job, he doesn't have a house, he doesn't have manners or respect for me or you. neither does he have Christ. He refused to follow you to church, he will rather stay home and sleep all day..."

Yoara pleaded with her to calm down and come into the room so that they can discuss

"No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm tired of repeatedly telling you in private how much of a burden Tomasi is to you, to us. We're planning to get married and live as husband and wife yet some part of our savings goes into feeding a grown man like Tomasi. He has to hear this because I'm tired of pretending. Even the Bible said there's no food for a lazy man. Just imagine as early as 7am he was already out, I came here around 9am and he's not around, only for him to show up now. This is five minutes past ten and he left this house around 7am. He must have gotten a gossip partner because since he has no job and not making attempt in getting one then he will be going to different newspaper gossip joint to while away time so that by the time he comes back food will be ready for him to eat.."

I heaved a heavy sigh.

If not that I don't want to offend my brother, I could have given her a piece of advice.

And i don't batter words with women, is a waste of time.

All I did was to sit down and listen to her talk none stop.

I know Konji's house stink badly, maybe I should go back to his house and chill untill Chumi is gone. because of all this Chumi behavior the house feels uncomfortable.

I may decide to follow Konji to church tomorrow and by Monday I will intensify my job hunt.

Where she makes mistake is the part she said I'm lazy.

I really don't blame her but some day if this continues I may not be able to keep quiet.

I will let her know what's in my mind but until then let me keep pretending and tolerating all kinds of things from her and just for the sake of Yoara


Episode 20

We came down from the bus and began walking towards the church.

"What made you changed your mind.."

Konji asked

"I will rather not talk about it.." I replied.

The truth is that Chumi makes the house very uncomfortable. I wanted to stay home but is never a safe place whenever Chumi is around.

I understand Yoara does not support her or her hate for me but he's not cautioning her enough. She started gradually with her ill attitude and now she is no longer hiding or pretending about it.

I wonder how much I can take before I explode.

Yoara had asked me not to pay attention to her because is one of the attributes of some women.

He said women don't like it when a man has nothing to do.

 he said that he will still be looking out for Job for me.

I appreciate that but what is her business with me, she should be focusing on her man not looking for ways to throw shades at me.

And when next she comes with her niece I will never babysit her again. I'm not a nanny or a houseboy, before she reduces my value to the dust which is the exact thing I'm trying to avoid.

I will use this week in searching for any type of job, even if is factory so that I can be leaving the house both on weekends.

I won't allow anybody to disrespect me because of a plate of food or putting roof over my head.

I will rather sleep under the bridge and scramble for crumps than to be disrespected, especially by a woman with a sharp tongue like razor blades.

"Let me guess, the beautiful usher pushed you out of your comfort zone. I know just the thought of her alone wants to make you go crazy.."

"You're wrong Konji, I will still be home getting my restful sleep if it was to be her. But is better we change line of discussion or keep quiet if our discussion is going to be centered on a woman, beside we are almost in church.."

Konji began to laugh 

"Don't tell me you're shy, oh wait you're inlove at first sight... hahahaha.. lover boy, why are you pretending.."

He was begining to annoy me even more, I thought of what to say that will make him keep quiet.

"So Konji, you shamelessly urinated on your body during the Friday Virgil, a full grown man with no illness pee on himself, very pathetic and shameful incident. if not that I witness it live, I wouldn't have believed if somebody told me ...?"

He turned and looked at me angrily.

"guy, please I'm begging you in the name of God, you can mock me with anything else but keep what happened at that Virgil away from your lips. Is not something to make fun with because I didn't pee on myself deliberately.."

I pretend like I didn't hear him and continue talking

"You still have the mind of going back to the exact place that you were disgraced, they even gave you a change of clothes and you accepted in honor. Wait, what if they announce it in Church today that there was a certain brother in the Lord that pee on himself during the Virgil, brother pee pee where ever you are.. please come forward to receive your honorable award of the first man that urinate on himself in a living church. Then I will watch you do a Walk of shame to the alter to receive your pee pee award. Brother pee..piiiiiiii"

I was dancing with my head as i went on singing with the "pii"

Konji face reddened up in anger.

"You don't know when to stop, do you? Since you don't then let me inform you that is time to stop. it is not even funny Tomasi, you don't know that your joke is stale and dry. Stop it already before I use blow on your face.."?

I began to laugh, I haven't laughed so hard for a long time seeing the anger on his face

"Which of them should I stop? The brother pee pee upcoming award or the song?

I was still talking as we walked into the church and the first person I saw was the Oni look alike usher.

I sighed as memories came rushing back.

Konji cleared his throat loudly, I ignored him.

"Tomasi the lover boy, you finally shut up your mouth. Her presence alone did the magic, I thought you will never shut up.. hahahaha! pretender, you lied that she wasn't the reason you decide to follow me but obviously she is. You better stop pretending and come out of your shell because I know your type. Pretending not to have interest in a lady but will still sneak out behind to pregnant her..."

I turned to Konji "I'm not done with you, after your today's award I will continue from where I stop. I may even add more interesting ingredients in the pee pee song.."

Just then she approached us

"Oh my God, I'm really happy to see two of you. I didn't get your name the last time.."

"My name is Konji and this is Tomasi my friend, he never stopped talking about you, he has fallen in love with you because you're too beautiful, he likes you alot and.."

I had to stamped my feet hard on konji's leg, he screamed out in pain.

I have been pinching him, giving him sign to keep quiet but he kept running his mouth, giving the usher lady a wrong idea of the whole thing.

She was smiling shyly and suddenly screamed quietly along with Konji when I stepped hard on him

"Sorry sir, that must have hurt really bad.." she said to Konji, feeling sorry for him

"Is good to see you again.." 

That's the only thing I said to her before walking away.

Konji followed while obviously still feeling hurt from what I did to him.

We sat down beside each other as the service began.

It took about three hours and it was all over.

Closing early is one of the things i love about this church.

I also love the whole emotions they put into worship. The songs are great and the pianist put a total different mood to it reminding you that God remains the ultimate.

During the time the pastor asked if there's any one that wants to give his or her life to Christ, as few people stepped out, I looked at Konji and he quickly turned and said to me

"I repented during that Virgil, that was when I gave my life to Christ. I'm a new creation now, old things has passed away except you. You're the only old thing remaining.."

I chuckled " it must be a half baked repentant because I don't see anything different about you. You remain the same old Konji to me, there's nothing new about you. You really need to give your life fully so that the embarrassing p... you understand, won't return to hunt you again.."

He didn't say another word to me until after service when he said that the pastor want to see him.

I stepped out to wait for him

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