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Just a little sin episode (23&24)


Episode 23

The more I think of Ellie and Chumi, the more the picture appears clear.

I was getting convinced that Ellie was Chumi's daughter but I needed to prove it before going after her.

Since she found pleasure in tormenting my life, I will gladly pay back in kind. by the time I'm hundred percent sure that she's Ellie's mother and the usual niece and aunty thing that has been going on for long was all fake, then I will be ready to lunch my attack and save Yoara from future disaster. 

Why will she even lie about her own child, I'm sure Yoara wouldn't have minded if she's a single Mom or not, he loves her regardless but deceiving him and probably having another side boyfriend too as Ellie mentioned there's second daddy, and pretending to be Mrs perfect, that's the height of deception.

I will definitely get to the root of it.

I was in church that Sunday, Konji whom I noticed was busy doing eye service try to make fun of me that I came because of a woman but i had so much in mind and his petty troubles isn't one of them.

He was stuffing hot buns and coke into his mouth like a hungry wolf.

He ate all the whole hot buns in a goal without offering me any and is not like I was going to eat if he had offered but atleast I will know that he was not stingy.

I was purposely in church to see Omie and know the update about the job.

I saw her when I came in the morning but she only smiled at me from a distance. 

She was too busy directing worshipers to their seats.

I couldn't wait for church to be over so that I will know the latest update concerning the job.

Konji was no where in sight, I only saw him in the morning going about in his church attires, just like other church workers were doing. 

Focusing only on those with big cars or that are well dressed.

He will greet them with all smiles while holding either a long sweeper or parker.

He will bow his head at them and try to do both cleaner and usher job at same time just because of some tips.

I have seen two people squeeze something into his palm and he appeared more joyous.

I only pity him because if he continues this way, soon enough he will no longer have a Job.

If I say something now, he will say is only because I'm jealous, I will rather keep quiet.

When he walked up to me and try to attach my coming to church to Omie, I walked away from him.

I just don't have the strength to start exchanging words today.

After service I waited outside for Omie, she asked me to give her few minutes and she will be right back.

I was waiting outside when Konji came again.

"I said it, Omie is the reason while you're in church today, you can't tell me otherwise.."

"You're right Konji. You're usually wrong in your guess except today. She's the reason why I'm here. Is there a problem with that?

He gave me a funny wink before saying "are you two dating now or you're still running round the circle, looking for the courage to express yourself. You may look harden but not on the inside. You're a scared little goat and can't even speak boldly to a woman.."

"I agree. You're also right Konji. Is there still a problem with being a scared little goat..? I replied.

"Well, I know that the Omie that I have seen with my eyes will not want to date somebody like you. She should have class and you're not close to that class of men that she moves with. So I will advise you like a good friend to quit wasting your time and concentrate in making money first.."

I saw Omie coming, thanks goodness. Good time to get away from Konji and the trouble he seeks from me.

"I will try and remember your good advice but please stop with the eye service thing that you do around here. You will think that no one notices, but also remember that God sees all and knows all. I might not have surrendered fully to God but I certainly know that there's God somewhere. You can go back in cleaning the toilets, I'm sure is messed up by now.."

I walked away from him to go meet Omie.

"I hope you enjoyed today's service, because it was awesome.." Omie said.

I'm not sure I was really paying attention during the preaching. I will say maybe the worship songs gets to me.

I enjoy that part even though I don't know the song but their chorister are really good and today's isn't the first time that their worship hour makes me get up to my feet.

"Yeah, the service was awesome and I'm glad I came.."

She threw her hands into the air and exclaimed happily.

"I'm finally getting to you. I hope you make it a date next Sunday too. We also have midweek service that you can attend if it's convenient for you.."

"Okay Omie, I want to know if there's still hope for the job or I should quit waiting and go searching for another, I'm really tired of staying idle with no money. I'm running out of patient. A man without money or a good job is defenseless, I have been in this situation for a long time and no long want to be here.." I said as I can no longer wait for the reasonable feedback she promised me within the week.

She gasped out at first and said

"I told you that the woman is on a journey and I was told that she will be back by month end. I'm sorry for the delay but don't give up because this Job is actually for real and I wouldn't be on it if it wasn't. I can give you some money, so that you will no longer be "defenseless". It may not be much but it will take you maybe few days or a week.."

"You want to give me money.."? I replied her, surprised.

"Yes Tom, hope you don't mind? 

"No..I can't accept free money from you. That seems awkward. Please don't bother..I will be fine as usual.

"I insist, please accept it because is sincerely from my heart and since you don't like free things especially from women, Let me call it.. lending you some money to hold yourself together until you get a Job or something doing .."

I was speechless at first. "Omie, you don't have to. Why...why are you doing this. I mean...I have nothing to offer you yet you are going out of your ways for me.."

She wasgrinning this time and making me want to smile along.

"I go out of my ways for my friends and you're my friend Tom. Christ went out to die so that we will have eternal life.."

She deep hand into her bag, brought out a purse that has a baby purse inside but the second baby purse was attached together with the first one. It appears very fanciful for a girl.

 I wondered why some ladies carry too many things just in one bag

Without counting the money, she gave me everything she pulled out from her second purse.

She stretched it out to me and I restricted myself from collecting the plenty neat note.

That was way beyond my expectations. All of this really for me or this is kind of a joke

"...Take it, accepting it will gladens my heart.

I stretched my hand and collected it. I stared at the money "Omie, you mean all of this is for me? Isn't it too much... do you have something left for yourself. You can take out some and give me half... this is way.. beyond my expectations.."

"Please take all of it. It will atleast help you go a day or two.." 

"Thanks Omie. This is more than just a day or two, it will go a long way for me. Thank you so much.. this means a lot..and I will pay back once I get a Job..."

"You really don't have to worry over anything, I'm your friend Tom. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask, even if I can't help at that moment, I will look for somebody that will help out..."

I smiled and try to carefully push the whole notes into my pocket when I saw Konji coming towards us.

He will start another uninteresting topic if he happens to see Omie giving me plenty cash

"...and Tom, another important thing you shouldn't forget is that you will always be in my prayers.."

I really don't know how to respond to that. This will be the first time somebody will tell me such a nice thing.

I quietly nodded as Konji arrived.

"Hey Omie, I saw Tomasi begging you for money and you gave him. You shouldn't really be giving him money because he doesn't want to become hard-working like me. He should go and get a Job and stop acting like a beggar. Well, except if the money was for a purpose aside what I was thinking. But did you know that since money I haven't eaten anything, I don't even have a dime to buy anything right now.. but don't worry, God will feed me because this hard work that I'm doing is actually for God... right?"

Omie smile and shakes her head. I'm sure she was tired of konji's style of begging people for alms.

"Let's all go and eat, there's a fine eatery not too far from the church..."

"But I don't have any money to pay for any fancy food, don't worry, let me continue hoping on God.." Konji said as he pretend not be interested.

"You don't have to worry about the bills, God has already sent me to take care of it. Yes, is good to hope on God and trust God to supply your needs and not men, because men may disappoint..."

Konji started his usual drama, dancing all over the place while praising Omie who was giggling like a child.

I wish I can slap him to stop acting his fake drama but I kept quiet as we all left.

Konji pushed me aside and rush to walk side by side with Omie as she walked straight to her car which was parked outside the gate in a parking space.

Konji screamed as he appeared in shock immediately Omie unlocked and went into her new expensive car

", You even have a fine car? Woah Omie, I never knew or seen you in it before. You're exactly the kind of woman I have been praying to God for. Oh my God..I don't know that you can afford this kind of car. Could this be God answering my prayers...wow." 

Konji and his drama. How will he even know that Omie has a car despite he works here, when he was busy focusing on big people driving into the church premises and those that are richly dressed.

He wasn't expecting a lady usher to have money.

I also did not know that Omie can even drive or has money to the extent of giving me a whole lot of it, she was way too humble and nice to a common man like me.

Konji rushed to the front seat before I could get there, so that he can sit with Omie.

I sat at the back quietly and continue listening to Konji who kept talking nonstop while Omie drove off.


Episode 24

She parked at this fine eatery and we all get down.

It was really a relief after Konji the chatterbox refuses to keep shut.

I was quiet all through the ride which made Omie to ask if I was Okay.

Konji didn't even allow me to speak, he told Omie that I was fine. "He's fine Omie, don't bother about Tomasi. He must be starving and can't wait to get to the fast food.."

"We're almost there, sorry Tom. You will definitely fill up your belly in no time. after the second turning we will be right there.."

Omie said and in no time we were there just as she said

I allowed Konji to have his moment as he even volunteered to help Omie carry her handbag.

Omie turned him down but he kept insisting, saying it was a simple gesture from his heart that he wish to do for her.

I silently hope he does not steal anything from the bag, because the Konji I know does not do anything for free, he always has a hidden agenda.

Maybe I'm over thinking, he will not dare try to take anything from Omie's handbag, not after all of Omie's good deed to both of us.

He was walking side by side with Omie, he turned and looked at me while throwing his lame jokes

I pointed two fingers to my eyes and back at him, letting him know that I was watching him like a hawk.

He began to laugh, thinking it was funny.

We sat at a round table and offcourse Konji makes sure he sat next to Omie.

I have not been to such a fancy restaurant before and is funny that is actually a woman that took me out, it should be the other way but sadly is just what it is.

And is not just me, but also with my crazy cunning friend.

She pushed a decorated paper with food designs. "That's the menu? Check and point what exactly you will love to eat.."

Omie said, her face was beaming with a smile and it was really lovely to see her always wearing a pretty smile.

I saw rice, grilled turkey, coslaw and some other stuff like veggies decorated around it, I picked that one.

I watched Konji quickly picked one that seem big, like a family size and very round.

It looks like pizza but has different things on top of it.

In no time our orders arrived and Omie's food was simple and nice.

Something in a cup with straw that looks like yoghurt with blue berry topping and a potato chips and some veggies.

She said a short prayer over her food before starting to eat.

We all began to eat except Konji. 

After taking three bite from his own food, his face changed badly. He wore an ugly spoilt face as he acted like he wanted to threw off the food in his mouth

Omie asked if he was okay.

"I thought this food will make sense but it does not. I don't like it, I'm sorry.."

"That's a slayed jumbo pepperoni pizza with some chicken nuggets. Is actually nice, I'm surprised that you don't like it but we all can't like the same thing. I'm sorry, what do you want to eat since you don't like this one, you can still check the food menu.."

"I'm sorry Omie but the food tasted undone and those things you call chicken nug.. they're premature things, they are not real chicken, I can clearly tell you that they used baby chicks, put flour on them then fry it so that it will look catchy and big. I didn't know what exactly I was ordering, I thought since it looks big and appear delicious it will satisfy me. Anyway, I will take exactly what Tomasi is eating. His food appears yummy.. that's if you don't mind.."

"Not at all, you can have whatever you wish to eat Konji.." Omie replied with a smile as she kindly spoke to the waiter passing by to bring another food for Konji.

And within few minutes the food arrived and Konji was very happy as he began to eat with speed, I watched as he pushed the pizza and chicken aside.

Omie smile and took a long sip from her yogurt drink.

Konji smiled back at her "you're just the kind of woman for me. Where have you been all my life.?."

Omie began to laugh, I just couldn't keep this one in, I also burst into a serious laughter.

Konji actually thinks Omie is the woman for him. He's indeed a day dreamer.

"Why are you both laughing, I'm serious here. Tomasi is only being jealous because he can't measure up to my kind of man. I'm bold, fearless and go for what I want. I don't care if I get turned down but I will still try anyway. I understand women very well, they will even fall for hideous creature that appears caring.."

"You really need to do another study on women, I'm sure you got the wrong ideas. You're a great guy Konji, funny and caring but you're not my kind of man. I'm sure there's a good woman out there for you, you just have to ask God for directions, so that he can lead you right.."

I love what Omie just said, someone just have to tell Konji the truth even if is not so direct and fired down hot like I would've prefer it so that Konji can finally keep quiet once and for all

Konji wasn't even ready to accept defeat, he munched a large quantity of food in his mouth before trying to reply Omie.

"The lady is the one that meant to pray so that God will direct her to me, women are the ones that can't live without us, they need us to survive and ready to kill just to have us. We're special and I'm not trying to belittle you Omie but if you understand what I'm talking about, you will agree with me.."

"Before God we're unique Konji. God gave men authority to provide and protect their wives and children and not expose them to predators, he said the women are to become a helpmate to their husbands and keep their home away from prying eyes. God assigned a role for every male and also to the female. Please try and be reading the Bible that was given to you the night of the virgil. We all need each other and we are all special. A woman begot you through the help of a man.. your mother became pregnant with you and it was through the help of your father that it was made possible and it was God that perfected the rest and brought you forth for a purpose. I just want to let you know that we all need each other on earth. I pray that God will help you to discover your main purpose on earth because no one knows when the son of man will come to take his people... there's no time to waste Konji.."

There's a way she said every word that I couldn't help but pay a serious attention even though it wasn't directly at me.

I was begining to enjoy listening to her talk about God's will for mankind and other godly things she usually say.

Konji was busy stuffing food into his mouth and nodding his head seriously

I was wondering if the nodding of head was because he was enjoying the food and not from what Omie was saying.

I'm sure he wasn't really paying attention to her.

After eating, Konji asked one of the waiter to bring a pack so that he can package the same food he said he does not want.

He turned to Omie and said he wanted to go give it to little children instead of allowing it to waste.

"Even God said we shouldn't waste food, since I have people who can eat this then let me take it to them as a take away.."

Konji said to Omie and she nodded in agreement.

Konji can only deceive Omie with his cunning tricks but not somebody like me that knows him like the back of my palm.

Konji succeeded in getting a take away and the pizza with the chicken was more expensive than any of our food.

He obviously did everything deliberately so that he can get a double order, the one he will eat at the restaurant and one he will take home to continue his enjoyment.

Konji thinks he's smart, I really need to sit him down and let him understand that there should be a limit to everything.

He took advantage of Omie's kindness and that's why I felt pained.

As we were leaving, Konji was holding his take away with a tight fist and smiling like a he goat.

Omie suddenly turned to me and said.

"Tom, I think we should also get a take away too. I need one and I will love you to also have one.."

"No..no Omie, you have done way too much already. You took two grown men out and took care of our bills, I'm satisfied and grateful for the food. Please, don't spend another money on me, I'm alright. Thank you again for everything.."

Omie was about to say something when Konji interrupted "Omie I will take Tomasi's own, this one in my hand won't really go far...I mean it won't be enough for all the children in my compound. They will need more and since Tomasi doesn't want his own then I will take it and join with this.."

Konji was begining to annoy me. I quickly hushed him angrily.

"Omie is not running a charitable organization, if you care so much about children, why not go buy more food with your own money. Or your money is forbidden to be spent.."

"But I don't have any money..I.."

 he replied and i interrupted him before he will start running his mouth again filled with lies.

"Konji, I saw some people giving you money today in church, what did you do with it or this is part of your fake drama..?

"Stop with the jealousy and quit acting like you're holier than I am, I also saw you stuffing alot of cash into your pocket that I'm sure you collected from Omie..." He fired back at me

"Okay.. okay guys, it haven't gotten to this. Konji, the cash you saw with Tom is for a reason and not what you're thinking. I'm sure Tom will like to take home some food since he doesn't have a job or money yet to buy things he desires.. right Tom?

I had to nod because of Konji.

I understand what Omie did and that made me appreciate her even more.

She went over to the food side and got some take away.

While she was gone, I try to let Konji understand that I know every of his tricks and all that he was doing.

He gave me a sarcastic look before saying

"Well, you can be mad at me forever and it won't move a strand of hair from my head. I'm a hustler, I hustle for a living and I won't let anything come in the way of my hustle. when I come in contact with a cool target, it maybe just a moment but I will make sure I make good use of it because the opportunity may not come twice. This food in my hand is super delicious, I love the chicken and every bite from the pizza is great. I will enjoy it to the last crumps when I get home. I didn't spend a dime on today's meal, tomorrow again I will restrategies, that's a true definition of a street breed hustler. You can continue to dull yourself but don't come inbetween my legit hustle because I'm not hurting anyone. So tell me as your friend, what is the purpose of the money Omie gave you in church, what did she wants you to buy for her..tell me because I may know someone that will sell it cheap, what do she wants you to do for her.."

"Is none of your business Konji. If you will excuse me, I need to go help Omie.."

I saw Omie coming with two packs and went to help her.

Konji rushed ahead but Omie held out the biggest pack to me and I took it and she told Konji not to bother helping her because it was just a little pack.

Mine was way heavier than expected, I wonder what she bought for me.

She dropped us off in the nearest bustop to my place and it was the exact place Konji and I came down.

Omie waved at us as she drove off

On getting home, Chumi was still around. Yoara was ironing his cloths, Ellie was watching the TV while Chumi was whining over something as usual, and it could be me that she was complaining about.

 I don't know why I was kind of happy to see her around, that's unusual.

Maybe because I have something in mind for her. Something she unexpected.

She frowned when I opened the door and stepped in.

her face lit up when she saw my filled hands.

I was grinning all through as I walked in. Apart from the thoughts I have for her and Konji trying to ruine my day, I actually had a great Sunday and it was all thanks to Omie.

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