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Just a little sin episode (27&28)


Episode 27

He pretend like he couldn't hear me at first, I had to repeat what I said again to him.

"Can I crash at your base for a while?

He looked at me confused again "you want to crash my bas? I don't understand you Tomasi.."

"I said can I stay with you..?

He rolled his eyes left and then right before replying loudly 

"No, capital no. I don't care if this is real or one of those your lame jokes but whichever way the answer will still remain no.."

"Konji, is just for temporary and I will move out to my own place. I'm serious right now.."

"Who cares if you're serious or not. You're a shameless jobless man...do you know that? I'm not sure you have any shame at all because if you do you won't use that stewpid mouth of yours to ask me such.."

I waited for him to throw all the insults at me. I wasn't expecting anything different or less. It was all well deserved from Konji.

He continued

"... you don't even have a job, how will you move to your own place after staying temporary? If I agree for you to stay, how will you take care of the house and our feeding too? Wait let me ask you another important question, Is this not same house you called smelly and dirty, you said it stinks and I'm a dirty man. Is it same house you want to move into? 

"Yes Konji, even though your house still stinks but I don't have a choice right now.." I replied throwing off my face and pulling my nose to the roof of my mouth as if the house was begining to stink all of a sudden.

"... Do you expect me to start feeding you when I move in? You're a clown Konji. let's be clear on this, I'm not asking you to feed me either when I move in except you decide to be your brother's keeper, I wouldn't mind if you take care of my little bills like once in a day feeding because you already know that I'm very jobless right now and you're my brother in Christ."

He shakes his head sadly and fired back

"Now I understand the reason your brother drove you out. Your trouble is just too much for anyone to accommodate. After hauling insults at me and my one room, you still want me to accept you in it? Beside I don't have space for another bed or do you intend to sleep in my bedbug infested mattress? You supposed to cover your face in shame, this is one of the reasons why is not good to condemn so quick because you don't know what the future holds. And listen carefully, I'm not your brother in Christ because you've not accepted Christ into your Life yet like I have done and that's why you're so bitter..."

"Konji, my brother didn't throw me out, I decided to leave on my own terms and will be staying here for a period of time. Is a good thing for you because atleast you will get to tidy up your dirty room..I will definitely make sure of that. Konji, I'm not here for all this long sermon or repetition of insult that you already used before on me. I maybe a beggar without a choice but when it comes to you, I can always make my choice and I will beat you up and run away if you provoke me.."

"You really have the nerves to talk rubish even when you know I'm your savior right now. Because of the fact that I have been reborn twice in the Lord which you're not and that makes me better than you, well because of that reason I will give you my feedback by next week if you will be moving in and I will also let you know the rules and regulations guiding my room. I will give you document to sign of never to trouble me during your short stay. Check back next week and I will let you know of my decision.."

I sighed heavily with a smirk on my face, I checked the time on my phone first before replying

"All this packaging is just because I want to move into your smelly house? Well for your information I will be moving in by tomorrow and you better not disturb me with your nonßense rules to avoid pissing me off. You really don't want to know what I will do when I'm pissed. I will see you tomorrow brother in Christ and please prepare something nice for your soon to be roommate, that's what people who are truly born again will do to welcome a brother.."

He stared in disbelief, I winked at him as I turned to leave.

"You are getting yourself into a more serious trouble, you think I'm very easy to handle... I'm a load of trouble and you may not last a week here before running back to your brother.." Konji finally found his voice to say.

"Konji, There's no trouble you present I can't handle, that's why I choose to stay with you. You should be lucky and grateful that a whole Tomasi want to stay in such a stinking place.."

I said the last part laughing as i began to walk away.

"..Konji, I have a very important place I need to go. I will see you by tomorrow..my brother in Christ, friend and soon to be roommate. God bless you.."

I was laughing as I ran out and straight to the main road where I was able to get the right bus to my targets location.

The information I gathered said that Mr Jones will be around this evening. I need to block him before he gets to her.

I can't afford to miss out on this important assignment.

Chumi had chewed way too much than she can swallow, I will uncover her secret and let her understand that no one jokes with my type of person and gets away with it.

She brought my past to hunt me, and it was all that Yoara told her about me she used to hurt my feelings, I will bring her secret to the open.

Maybe I should have waited for her to be gone before going inside but I just couldn't listen to all the trash she was vomiting and keep quiet.

I will open up a can of worms on her head. She had messed way too much with me and I no longer have patience for endurance.

After two days ago hot verbal fight I had with her, I have decided to stay away from Yoara too.

He's not man enough and he's not what he truly claims.

You're a minister and yet you can't deferential the truth from lies.

The lies are glaring but you choose to remain blind or adamant. Giving Chumi power to terrorize anybody she dislikes, and that's me.

She almost slapped me when I confronted her, if not that I held her hands before it will land on my face.

She really doesn't know what preparing for her.

I came down from the bus and rushed ahead to take another short transport that will lead me to the place.

My phone suddenly began to ring.

I checked and it was from Omie.

My heart skipped a little as I thought of the job she was trying to work out for me.

"Hello Tom, how've you been? I try calling yesterday but couldn't reach you. Are you free today? Can you go to the address I will be sending to you after this call? That's the Madam's address, she came in yesterday and want to see everyone applying for the job...? Can you make it there today...do you have transport fare with you?

"I'm not sure I will be able to because I'm very faraway from the house, that will require me going over to change...to appear decent atleast. If it was before I left the house I could have suspended what I had to do today. please, can I go over tomorrow? 

I asked confused on what exactly to do.

Why is it now that I was out of the house and when I'm not even prepared that the madam will request to see the people applying for the domestic work.

",I will find out and get back to you. I understand it was impromptu and is all my fault because I couldn't reach you yesterday. I should have made more effort to contact you yesterday so that you will get ready today. But don't worry, I will speak to my friend to talk to the madam about rescheduling to see you. I will call you again tomorrow, please keep your phone close by alright...? Have a blessed evening and don't forget Jesus loves you..."

I thanked her before the call ended.

I proceed with my secret affair, I must uncover the hidden things that have lingered for long.

My name is Tomasi, I never bend to defeat.


Episode 28

Walking into the house that day as she was ranting about me has aggravated her

She sparked like electricity naked wire as she charged words at me.

I have heard enough of what she said already from outside and was trying to control the level of anger that was traveling all over my body.

I held my fist as I try to swallow hard and suck it all in.

"You're as mean and wicked as you appear. Your inside isn't made of human blood but of stone and that's why you have a stony heart. How dare you try to talk trash with my name? You want to paint me black before Yoara so that our relationship will scatter..."

She gave a devilish laughter and continued

"...i hate to break it to you that you've failed in your plans. I just wondered how you can know me better than Yoara my darling. You don't know any single thing about me yet you claim that I'm seeing another man and all that rubbish you said. Tomasi, you maybe hardened man but I'm exactly what you need to calm down your hot wicked blood. I know your type and will definitely give you the seat you deserve..."

Yoara asked her to be quiet but she went on ranting none stop.

I decided to chirp in a few word

"Chumi, you talk like a parrot, speaking without any control at all is not a good thing for a woman. Anything that comes into your deluded mind you open your wide mouth and pour it out without weighing them, and you call yourself a Minister? Minister my foot, you guys are just deceiving yourself and is very obvious that you will be a heavy burden to Yoara in the future if he doesn't see the warning signs or stop pretending not to notice.."

She flew like an angry bird towards me with her skeleton hand, ready to strike me on the face.

I caught her hand mid air before it could land on my face, squeezed it a little hard which made a loud scream to flew out of her out.

I pushed her off and she landed beside Yoara who wanted to come to her defense.

Chumi held her hand in pain as she tries to recover from what that just happened.

"Hey Tom, that was uncalled for. When you disrespect my woman like that you equally disrespect me. Is obvious you still don't have regard for anyone. Why do you hurt her, you should have just allowed me to handle it instead of pushing her..." Yoara barked angrily at me

"I should allow you to handle it like you have been doing all this while right? Maybe I should have also allowed her to slap me too and thank her for such a nice act then wait for you to come and pat me on the back like a little kitty. I have respected you enough Yoara but you seriously need to put your woman on a leash because next time, I may do worst and don't care whatever the outcome maybe.."

She stood up and smile mischievously

"I was told that you're so wicked and hardened to the extent that you used a love portion on a woman which later killed her after she gave birth to a child that you can't even take care of, you left your child with your mother to come and start another trouble in the city. I was told that her spirit was seriously haunting you back home which drove you into the bush and when you still can't escape from her angry revengeful spirit you ran down to the city, stayed for about a year and returned back home, she came forcefully again to torment you and you ran back here but instead of you to calm down and mind your business, accept Christ into your life and get a job so that you can get your own place you're here at it again causing problem everywhere. Which is very clear that you're possessed by some evil spirit but the power of God in me revealed it way before you even know. I see through your stony heart and I also learnt that the late lady you laced with love portion isn't the first person that you have hurt..."

I was speechless at first as she said all of this things which brought back painful memories.

I felt deeply hurt, I know almost everything she said was fabricated to hurt me but it was still part of my pain and she wasn't supposed to make fun of it just to spite me.

Yoara had betrayed me on this one.

He gave her the perfect stone to stone me

I thought of what to say that will hurt Yoara.

"I'm happy that Yoara filled you in very well, letting you know how dangerous I can be but he forgot to mention that the house you're fighting to keep for your own selfish gain was through our father's help Yoara got it. He appeared like a good son, father loves and prefers him unlike me that's the prodigal son, during the first time he was coming to the city, father gave him enough money that's worth three large plots which he used part to rent this apartment and probably took you shopping. I'm not sure he discuss that with you in private, but you two makes my personal affair your problem. Chumi, you can do or say anything to me but never you use the innocent dead Lady to mock me..."

I turned to walk away but Yoara spoke.

"Papa gave me the money on the account that I should use it and start life in the city since I have no one here. I'm not the reason why Papa condemns you. If you've been upright, straight forward and obedient I'm sure your own blessings would have come too. Mentioning it here to my woman is pointless, is still my house, not Papa or yours. You have to respect my wishes and orders if you still want to continue living here...' Yoara said

Chumi cut in ", you're obviously jealous that your father gave Yo money but you got nothing when you were coming to the city. And yes, weather he worked for it or not, the house is still his own and I'm his soon to be wife, I no longer feel safe housing you and don't want you in our house, so leave. Don't threaten me about being dangerous and whatever you're capable of. I'm not moved because where your madness stopped that's where mine begins. I'm not afraid of you because you can't do anything to me, I'm covered with the blood of Jesus and whatever evil plans you have will return back to sender. I'm a child of God and you're not. God will always protect me and my husband to be. Please, just leave us alone in peace and go back to your village or to the street so that we can have peace. You're such a bad news..."

I walked out and remained out untill night came.

I was silently sitting in the dark when Yoara walked her to the nearest bustop where she took a bus.

That's when I decided to follow, i carefully unnoticed.

I disguised and make sure I didn't loose sight of her or the bus she entered as I took a private tricycle.

That's how I got to know where she stays.

Yoara didn't say anything that night, he was still sitting in the living room when I returned back very late.

The following morning he tries to let me know that I wasn't supposed to mention the money Papa gave him to Chumi, that it was not everything about me that she even told her.

I wondered what else remained for him to tell her when he obviously said it all.

I told him it was all good.

Yoara said I should just try to avoid Chumi's trouble and there will be peace.

Chumi was his woman and if I disrespect her I have also done same to him.

I remind him that we're age mates and he is only older with maybe few months. because it appears he is doing better than me shouldn't make him wear pride like a coat.

Someday and soon I will get out of this stage and work myself to the top without depending on anyone to do it for me.

He had other things he was trying to clear but I was really exhausted from the discussion and left him.

I'm glad that I have another alternative, where I will be moving in soon.

Konji's place is not a good idea but atleast I will have a place to lay my head.

Yoara and his almighty woman should have their freedom.

Atleast after I'm gone, she can do with Yoara as she please.

The fight with Chumi was on Tuesday, I used Wednesday and also Thursday to trail her.

I found a teenage area boy living around there, he seems like a hustler and ready to do anything for money.

He has same scary spirit like Konji.

I gave him small cash with me to tell me everything he knows about Chumi.

He did and he mentioned that her man, who I believe is the Jons will be coming today to see her. He comes mostly Fridays or Saturdays.

He told me that's all he knows about her, the boy started demanding for more money, I told him that what I paid him is what I can afford.

He complained that it was too small, I told him that I will give him more money when next we see, I used that last part to dismiss him.

Today, I'm in my hideout not only looking out for Jones to arrive in his car like the boy assured me that he will, I'm also careful so that the teenager doesn't see me because I really don't have anything for him.

The evening was wearing on and still no sign of Jones.

I remained where I was because I was too determined for the task and not ready to give up easily.

I stayed as night approached, I even began to doubt if my informant was correct or only wanted to collect money from me.

That teenage boy sounded very sure, I don't know why Jones haven't showed up yet like the boy said he will.

I guess is time to start going back home because of the distance and traffic too.

I also need to get ready for tomorrow interviews with the madam

And that's only going to be possible if Omie is able to get a good feedback from her friend.

If I know it was going to be like this I could have gone to see the madam instead

My cloths was nice enough, I don't need to change but because of was so engulfed with discovering Chumi's secret I had to give excuses to Omie.

I wish I have gone for the interview instead of this fruitless mission today.

I silently hope there's another chance for me tomorrow on the job.

Getting that job is very important to me.

Exposing Chumi was like a revenge which I was very desperate for after everything she said and did to me.

The two are very important but I have looked forward to a decent Job for a long time and when one was on my way I couldn't meet up with the timing.

I stood up from my hideout, look for where to urinate.

As I turned to leave, I sighted Chumi coming out of her gate with a man.

The street light makes it all glaring, they slowly walked beside each other.

That teenage boy didn't do a good job yet he has the gut to ask for another money.

I was busy looking out for the exact car he described, waiting to know when it will drive past to Chumi's house unknown to me that the man has been inside the house with Chumi.

I hide properly as they stopped in a dark place, stood close to each other and where talking.

I almost fall inside gutter as I was trying to see them clearly.

I'm glad that my curiosity is confirmed

Let me think of my next line of action.

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