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Just a little sin episode (29&30)


Episode 29

I couldn't keep hiding because it was getting dark, I needed to go back home.

Before leaving, I wanted to make sure that Chumi atleast have a glimpse of me.

Immediately I saw that the man was going towards the bustop while Chumi began walking back to the house, I gently and carefully came out of my hiding place and ran towards Chumi before she will get into her house gate.

"Chumi baby, chum chum fine girl.." I called out loudly enough for her to hear and stop.

She couldn't make out my face from the dark as I approached.

She startled and appear in shock when she saw me clearly.

"What.. what in God's name are you doing around here Tomasi..?

I ignored her questions and continued hyping her.

"Chumi sweetie, action Chumi, Chumi Yoara and Chumi Jones. Chumi the Jesus baby, Chumi the liar, Chumi the basket mouth, Chumi is caught in the act.. Chum Chum baby..."

She stared at me angrily

"What nonßense are you saying Tomasi, what exactly do you want? what brought you to this place?

"You! You're the reason I came around. I have been able to capture the goody coozy moment with your second lover.."

"Capture what? What did you see us doing? We only spoke and he left..." She quickly said in her defense without thinking.

"So, you actually agree to the fact that you are cheating on my brother, double dating with your two full chest and lying boldly about it."

"Is this the job you supposed to be searching for? Aren't you supposed to be getting busy with your life? This is exactly what jobless people do. Poke nosing in things that are none of their business and when they're in trouble they will start calling Jesus for help. You won't remember to give your life to Christ now and become a born again so that God will open doors for you and you will get a job, instead of this jobless act you're portraying..."

"If you try to preach to me about Jesus I will spat on your face. I'm not sure you're worthy to even mention that name or be counted as a minister. You did not only deny your daughter but also cheating on my brother and I have seen the face of the Jones Ellie was talking about. I said I was going to get to the root of this and I finally did.."

"Get to the root of what? Did you see me doing anything with the man? And what if I do, what are you going to do about it, Yoara won't believe you anyway if you say anything to him. Did you know if the man you saw with me is my brother or uncle that I decided to bid goodnight outside my gate. What are you exaggerating? Yoara won't believe you if you tell him that Ellie is my daughter, I know exactly what to say or do that will counter everything you said. You have nothing on me Tomasi, go and get a life.. bitter soul. The man you saw is my brother, .."

"Uncle Jones or brother Jones was smooching and kissing you in a dark corner of the street. Isn't that supposed to be abomination in where you come from? I'm begining to fear more for my brother.." I replied acting all shocked.

"None of those things you mentioned happened. We only talked and he left, if you're looking for how to get back at me then you will need to check another means because this particular one won't pay you at all. I'm not your problems, maybe you should check on your village people and those you've offended to let you go from their bondage..."

"Alright, I will take your advice. I never knew that you can give the best advice.

Let me go and think over the advice and work towards it. I will also like my brother to think over his decision in marrying you, you're a bad idea for him. i will also like you to think about your deliberate actions and how cheating won't pay you well rather the repercussions comes in tones. how hurt my brother will be if he finds out at the end that i have been right all this while but he failed to think through that you're actually a camouflage in human. Let me be going now Chumi the wise yet foolish lady.. goodnight.."

"Yoara won't believe anything you say, quit wasting your time.." she finally said as i was leaving.

"That's true, he won't believe anything I say but he will believe everything he sees and hears. I actually captured and recorded you on my phone. I don't have to say anything to him, I will just show him.."

I began to walk away, she was quiet at first and began calling my name.

"Yes, what is it? I asked still keeping my distance.

"Will you like to come inside, is already late. you can even pass the night then by tomorrow morning you can be on your way. You understand I'm not a bad person, I'm just trying to survive in this city and I really do love your brother. The man you saw is nothing to me... just a casual friend that stops to say hi. You can't be happy breaking my relationship with Yoara. I need him and Yoara need a strong woman beside him as his wife. Tomasi, I want us to settle our misunderstanding amicably, I will be a great sister in-law to you. I promise, from today onwards I will never bother you, you can stay with your brother because is equally your house too. I apologise for all the trouble I must have caused you. Come in and I will fix you something to eat and a warm bath..."

I began to chuckle after listening to lioness Chumi change into a scared cat.

I looked around me to be certain that I was the one she was speaking calmly to.

"I'm very sure you're mistaken me for a puppy or a bingo dog. Unfortunately I'm not a dog. If you're looking for a way to send your area boys after me so that they can collect my evidence then your plans have failed. If you're looking for who to poison or stab in his sleep look elsewhere because I'm always ahead of you. You once told me that where my madness stopped is where yours begins. I want to see the mad woman in you after your entire church know the huge secret you're keeping, is not just Yoara, the church as a whole. You just don't know what I'm capable of, no one messes with me and get away with it. Let's call it a night, good night Chumi the action bae, Chumi the lioness, Chumi is now the scared little cat. Chum Chum... sleep well. Don't kill yourself with overthinking tonight..."

I grinning from ear to ear as I left her standing.

She called me but I didn't reply as I kept walking away.

She was offering me money, mentioning different amount but i didn't pay attention to her as I walked away.

I made her think that I actually captured her and the man in the dark and recorded what she was saying when in the actual sense I didn't do any of that.

I'm using a small button phone, which I use for calls and messages only. It can't do much.

I never recorded her or take her picture in the dark but she doesn't have to know that.

How will she even know, I have Chumi exactly where I want her.

Let me find my way home and sleep peacefully like I haven't done in a long time.


Episode 30

I woke up very late the following morning. I checked the time it was almost 8am

Yoara was getting ready to leave for work.

He hardly work on a Saturday, I guess this is one of those few weekend work that their company made compulsory for their staff.

I got home very late last night, I entered the house almost 1am in the night.

After coming down from the first bus it was difficult getting another bus that will convey me down.

I stood waiting and when I can no longer wait I decided to start trekking

I jogged to cover part of the distance and slow down when I became tired.

That's how I was able to get home. At a point I was looking over my shoulder to be very certain Chumi didn't send boys after me.

I can't underestimate her, she can do anything to cover up her tracks even if it means getting me out of the way.

She didn't understand that I'm a hard meat to chew. The kind of meat that will hook her up in the throat.

She stepped on the wrong foot and I will feel like a failure if I don't let her understand that no one dares with me, my family or friends that I hold dear.

She also underestimated me, now is time to show her what I'm capable.

I got home and Yoara came to open the door.

He was been calling earlier, I told him that I was coming.

He called twice again but I didn't answer the call until I got home.

He asked me what happened and why I was home late.

I told him that I was at a friend's place and didn't know that it was already late.

I was too tired and went straight to sleep.

Waking up this morning I saw two missed calls from Omie.

I called back and she told me that I should be ready before 12pm

The interview with the madam has successfully been rescheduled.

She will forward the address to me and I will go there.

I run out of airtime during the call and she had to call back.

Omie said i will be giving an accommodation if the madam happens to pick me among the domesticated staff.

Deep down in my mind I know I'm already picked. The God of Omie, who is kind and loving will make it happen for me.

I have a place to stay, meaning I will no longer stay in this house or stay with Konji in his dirty apartment.

I want to jump round the house in jubilation. 

After explaining it all to me, I thanked her and started preparing for the job interview.

I was really happy, my happiness can't be explained in words.

I took out one of my best outfits which I haven't worn in a long while, I went to straighten it with the iron.

Yoara who was about to leave for work, he was rather surprised to see me trying to straighten my cloths because I hardly do that.

He's virtually the only one that uses the pressing iron in the house.

I slightly told him that I'm going to job interview by 12pm.

He said why on a Saturday, company's don't usually open during the weekend.

he added that he wasn't supposed to be going to work because he hardly work on weekends but his presence was requested and he will be closing early too.

I let him know that I was just called this morning and is not a company, the interview will be taking place in somebody's house.

He nodded and wish me the best.

I was ironing when a hard knock on the door, it sounded like a knockout bang.

Yoara rushed to the door to know who could be on the door that early morning

Immediately he opened the door Chumi entered.

She didn't allow a surprised Yoara to speak, she began to run her mouth as usual.

"Don't believe anything Tomasi told you, don't believe him my love. He's lying and everything he said to you was all lies. The man was just a friend and there's nothing between us, Tomasi put words in my mouth and made me say those things which he began to record and the pictures are all lies. I Love you Yoara, please don't listen to Tomasi... please.."

Yoara was shocked as he wondered what exactly was going on.

I paused from ironing and was equally surprise too

I haven't even said a word about her or where I was last night to Yoara.

I never breathed a word of it to him.

I don't even have any picture or recording evidence about Chumi, I was only trying to threatened her that I will take the recorded voices to Yoara.

I have nothing on her just my action and words which she fell for.

Yoara wouldn't have believed me anyway, if I have told him about last night, what I saw and discovered he will think that I'm blabbing.

Is better to keep quiet and let my silent do the tricks.

Is obvious that Chumi didn't sleep last night, she ran down here as fast as her legs can carry her just to see Yoara in person and counter my words.

This is very funny yet I tried not to laugh.

Even though that I'm an unpaid detective now and will try not to blow off my cover because that's my secret weapon.

This detective job I discovered on Chumi's case is satisfying and I love it.

I acted anonymously as I went back ironing my clothes.

"Whaa... what's going on, what are you talking about Chumi? Which man, what record... I don't understand. I need explanation.." Yoara said as he try to make sense from whatever Chumi who appeared so alarmed was saying.

I don't want Chumi to spoil my work with her scary mouth

I don't want Yoara to have any idea of whatever that was going on now.

I have to say something fast.

"She must've seen me in her dream. Is no more a physical fight with Chumi, it has entered spiritual, I suggest you go into prayer and fasting for her before she drink poïson because of me. she is now seeing me in her dream and instead of cancelling such dreams as Christians do, she ran down here this early morning to start another fight with me. I don't understand all of this things too. I'm actually a nice guy, I don't like all this unnecessary war."

I looked at Chumi's face and she was staring at me confused, I winked at her before Yoara turned towards me.

Chumi turned fully towards Yoara and said

"I.. you mean Tomasi didn't say anythin, I thought he told you that..." She paused acting more confused.

"What's the problem Chumi, is it a nightmare like Tomasi observed? Did you have a bad dream? I want to understand what's really going on.."Yoara asked calmly.

"I think so. It...I..yes, it was a dream. I saw Tomasi saying all kinds of things to you, my love. It was a long..scary dream and you were threatening to end the relationship and break off the engagement. I was afraid because it felt so real and without thinking, I jumped on the first morning bus and ran down here. Sorry about that.."

Chumi said as she tried to organize her words and used my strategy to normalize the situation.

She went to take a seat while trying to relax back and catch her breath.

"This is way too serious. You mean to tell me that it's just dream that drove you down here in such a speed. This is too much to take in. This whole thing is getting out of hand. Chumi, you're taking this Tomasi thing too far and is going to affect your mental and spiritual state of mind..." Yoara said

"Exactly my brother, this is really something to look into before marriage. I think she needs deliverance. Chumi will agree with me on this one. She is going to be delivered from Tomasi spiritual attack because if not, she will continue to be attacked.." I chirped in 

I turned to Chumi and said

"... Chum, since you're here, why not go make breakfast for us.."

She looked at me and I curved a smile and stared back.

"I need to go. Ellie is alone in the house, I didn't leave her with anyone. I will come early tomorrow and make food please.."

Yoara was shocked at the calm reply from Chumi to me.

He stared at her in disbelief.

I chuckled and said to her, baffling Yoara even more.

"That's okay Chum Chum. Chumi is calming down, I'm happy to see the changes. I know Yoara will also be glad because from now onward their must not be a single shout or noise in this house. I will even follow you and my brother to church tomorrow. I will like to watch you pick up the microphone and sing, I want to be moved by the power of your ministration, hope you will make me move? I will also love to see your pastor and the entire congregation. Is all for a purpose..."

She was not comfortable with the last statement.

"I'm not sure is a good idea, I mean since you already have your own church, is better you continue worshiping there. Going from one church to another is not good..."

Chumi try to make it sound polite but I can see her fear.

Yoara quickly interrupted her

"Why not? He should come, isn't this the exact thing we always wanted? I don't understand why you will ask him to go to his own church.." Yoara asked her, still confused.

Chumi tries to defend her own statement but couldn't.

"Is Chumi afraid of something? I asked quietly while focusing on my ironing and continuesly smiling.

"No.. no.. you can come Tomasi. We will love to have you worship with us and become part of us too.." she finally said.

"Good.." I replied with a smile.

Yoara didn't understand what was going on, he thought is a miracle that was taking place, seeing Chumi and I communicating without fight.

Yoara lifted up his hand in the air, waved and said "thank you Jesus"

Chumi later left with Yoara

Yoara went to work while she went back to her place.

In no time i will be out of the house too.

As I was preparing to leave, there was another knock.

My instinct tells me is Chumi coming to talk me out of going to church with them.

She doesn't know what she is in for.

I will continue to torment her until she confesses with her mouth.

I'm happy, so happy that a Job and accommodation is waiting for me plus having Chumi in my trap.

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