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Just a little sin episode (3&4)


Episode 3

Larry, he helped me achieved my aim. He's a friend indeed, I must confess. Very annoying sometimes but my good friend.

After telling him how I wanted Oni, Juru's girlfriend but don't know how to go about it, he insulted me first and try to talk me out of it just as expected, I remained headstrong, along the line he agreed to help.

Larry's uncle is a traditional medicine man. He uses his gift for good but Larry once told me that he has learnt both the good and the bad from his uncle.

Larry follows his cousin brother, mudi to the uncle's shrine most weekends.

Mudi is meant to take over his father's herbalist house when he has fully come of age.

His father was teaching him a whole lot of things concerning that and Larry stays behind to learn a thing or two sometimes.

Mudi's father is Larry's father's elder brother. They live together in a very large compound and united too

His uncle has warned them of the repercussions if they tries to do bad with what is meant for good. The warning was majorly for Mudi

Larry said since we are not killing anyone or making them ill then no evil will befall us.

Mudi helped in sneaking out some potion mixture

Mudi collected my hair and and nails to complete the concoction.

After he was done, he rubbed it on my hand and said I shouldn't wash my hands untill I touch Oni.

Is going to be a little difficult because we were done with school and Oni's house was in another district far from mine.

I don't know where exactly but I was told where she lives with her family.

Larry followed me that hot afternoon and we journeyed to her side of the village.

After asking around, we were told exactly where she lives, getting close to her place we enquires to know if she was at home but was told that she went out.

One of the boys living around her place said she was probably out to meet her rich boyfriend, Juru.

We were discouraged but refused giving up, we hanged around waiting patiently.

Larry must not get home late, according to him his Dad does not allow any of his children stay out late.

As the night draw nearer, Larry said we need to go, I asked him to be patient just a little.

We were still talking when Larry saw Oni coming back with a bag filled with things.

We already had a plan and I have been carrying my hands up, never touched or held anything.

I can't even urinate because of the medicine. It won't work if I touch anything at all according to Mudi.

I really wanted to urinate but I can't.

I took off with speed after Larry pointed at her.

I ran with speed towards her, as I got very close I pretend to trip by mistake and fell right beside her.

I fell down with force and got injured in the process

She paused and turned to look at me on the ground.

I held her leg, maximizing my chance.

I can't go through all this stress without achieving my aim.

"Are you okay... Sorry, let me help you. Next time becarful with the rough road.." she said while extending a helping hand

It appears like she had already fallen in love due to her nice reaction towards me.

Larry stayed far watching and laughing like a he goat.

I held Oni's hands, I used the opportunity to rub my hands all over her.

My knees were bleeding due to the rough falling and the pain was eating me deep.

I did not really mind, I was more after the mission at hand.

I want to be sure if the touching body worked.

"...i know you from school, I can't remember your name but I definitely know who you are. What are you doing here.." she asked looking confused.

I stuttered a little because I never knew there will be a conversation like the one we were currently having.

"Yes, Tomasi is my name. I was sent an errand and almost lost my way because your district is really wide. Thanks for the help my beautiful princess..."

I needed to be certain that Oni has fallen for me.

I decided to try my chance.

"...Do you love me...I mean do you like me now..?

She looked at me like I just vomited fire

"Love you how? Are you insane... are you sure you're alright or the falling affected your brain? Haven't you seen me with Juru, Juru is the only man I love. So if you're being sarcastic, is not funny at all. Juru will bury you alive if he sees you mentioning love close to me.."

She walked past me and never looked back.

I ran to one side of the road and began to pee.

After I was done, i walked back to Larry holding my blood soaked knees.

The bruises on my knee was begining to bleed more

I was in serious pain from both the pain, the long journey and disappointment that the whole concoction did not work out.

Mudi assured me that it will work, Larry also joined in too.

"Maybe is because you fell down and probably touch the ground or sand entered your palm that's why it didn't work. Please we need to hurry..is getting late..." Larry said on our way back.

I couldn't walk very fast like Larry wanted due to my knee wound

I assured Larry that I never touched anything and no sand entered my hand.

It didn't work because mudi did not do it well and probably he doesn't know how to do it. 

I managed to run along with Larry, it was like two hours journey but we covered it within an hour even with the whole pain.

I was seriously down by the time I got home.

Larry cut some leaf as we draw closer to the house and asked me to squeeze it and place on my wound so that it will stop bleeding and heal faster.

He told me that it was one of the leaf that his uncle uses for medicine.

The leaf worked and before I woke up the following morning it has dried up.

I met with Larry and Mudi the following day, Mudi said he probably missed ourt something because immediately I touched her Oni was supposed to fall for me.

He said he will try another one but he warned me that the disadvantage is that the medicine only last for just four weeks, after the spell expires she will hate me more than she has ever loved me.

He haven't done it before and his father must not catch him or he will be dead.

I told him let's try it again, one more time and see what happens.

I was doing all of this to prove a point, I wanted to let Juru know that he is not exactly what he thinks he is.

I was ready to do anything to bring him down and I needed to start with the woman he seems to cherish most.

Larry encouraged his cousin for us to try again.

Mudi agreed and gave me time and location where we will try another type of love portion.

This time I was very hopeful that it will work.

Something within me said it will work and I believed it.


Episode 4

That very day, we gathered at the exact place and time.

Mudi said he stylishly got more information from his father. He has a better idea than the last time and the disadvantage is higher than the first.

He reminded me again of it's duration and side effects

He wanted to start listing out all the disadvantage so that I can make up my mind if I really wanted to proceed or not.

I told him that I don't want to know more of the disadvantage because what I don't know can't kill me.

Is better I don't know rather than to know and start walking around with a troubled heart.

Mudi asked if I was certain I wanted to do it and I answered affirmatively.

All I was after is to really get back at Juru.

I really wanted to hurt him and I had to start somewhere.

Either he had a hand in Dunfi's death or he knows what exactly happened to her.

Dunfi might not have given me a second look but she was the first woman I loved and despite she humiliated me I still couldn't stop loving her.

If she was alive she would have probably come to her senses and agree to date me or maybe not but I was really pained by her death and still going through pain knowing well that whoever killed her is walking freely without fear or worry and since that person isn't Koni then is Juru.

I will hurt him until he start begging for death to take him.

Mudi collected my saliva and a drop of my blood from my finger.

He used a sharp objects to draw out the blood.

He mixed all the mixture together, he put it in a red cloth, tired it around a stick that is shaped like a heart sign.

After tying the stick with the red pieces soaked in the mixture he asked me to put it in my tongue and say whatever I want.

Mudi said I have to say it four times and each time I have to place the stick in my tongue.

After I was done, he said all I need to do was to call Oni's name whenever I see her.

I should call her four times and the result will come immediately.

Before I left he asked me to be careful and if it doesn't work out this second time, I shouldn't come back because he won't risk it again because if his father finds out he will be in a serious trouble

I told him that I'm positive that it will work and it worked out.

I journeyed all the way to her district this time alone because Larry doesn't want to return home late.

I hanged around until Oni came out from her house.

I called her name four times uninterrupted and waited for the reaction and the result just immediately.

Mudi is a life saver, because right now I finally got my face off the ground.

"My love Tomasi, please take me along to your house, I can't live without you.."

Hearing her say that was all I needed.

I asked her about Juru just to be certain 

"Who's Juru, that low life bully that doesn't know how to take care of a woman. I don't want to talk about him... let's talk about you my love... maybe about us and how to spend my entire life with you.."

Hold on Oni, it haven't gotten to that. I'm not ready to spend my entire life with anyone yet. I don't even like her that much, she was really beautiful but that's all to it.

I wish Dunfi was alive and I could have tried the same thing to have her to myself, it's just that after few weeks when the spells clears off from her eyes she will hate me forever. But I will be okay with just a week or two with her.

Dunfi was gone and Juru is the target, unfortunately Oni is the bait and has to be used to get back at the Juru.

I will ask Oni to ask Juru about Dunfi. I need to know what he did to her.

I promised Oni that I will be back but she shouldn't let Juru come anywhere close to her until I come around I will give her instructions on what exactly to do next.

Oni bought some things for me, package food and fruits which she gave me as I was about to leave

I told her to take care of herself I will be back

Oni refused, she insisted on following me.

The love was really intense and I was not really in for the drama.

Mudi didn't mention that Oni will want to start following me every where and embarrassing me in public.

I asked her to go and bring some of her things so that we can both go to my place. I deceived her so that I can escape.

She was very happy and ran to do as I said.

As she went to get her few things, I took off.

I ran off like I was being pursued by a dog, I ran without looking back.

Before I got home it was very late.

The following day, I stepped out with Larry and saw Juru with his motorcycle driving down.

"I underestimated you Tomasi, I can see what you're capable of. I don't know how you did it but you shocked me seriously man. Now I know what exactly I'm against and will try to buckle up..."

He was still talking when I saw Oni on a bike, a motor bike was carrying her and her small cloth bag was hanging on her neck, she stopped to ask for a direction to my house.

I knew then I was in a serious trouble 

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