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Just a little sin episode (31&32)


Episode 31

Yoara has an old Android that he's not using, is usually on top of his room dresser, I sometimes use it to listen to radio at night after charging it.

I could have be using it but the two side for sim card is bad. No sim card can fit in well and the screen is broken too.

Which was why Yoara dumped it, but I charge it for radio and Yoara doesn't mind. He even suggest if he would fix it for me whenever he have money because the phone repairer he once took it to was calling big amount of money to repair it which is almost equivalent to new phone amount but I told him not to bother.

I'm fine with my small button phone.

Every other thing works on the bad phone. It also has an internal memory.

As I was about going to the door to open for whoever was there, I saw the phone lying carelessly on the ground.

It seems it was off because is been a while I use it for radio.

I picked it up and found out that the battery was low. 

It was just about 8percent remaining.

I quickly checked if it can record.

The knock was coming harder on the door.

As I was working towards the door I kept trying to know how the recording works because I haven't tried before.

I finally got it right but my only wish is that the battery will not go off in the process because it was already 6 percent, I silently hope that is Chumi that was actually at the door.

If not my whole efforts on the phone will be a waste.

I carefully set it on record, hide it within as I opened the door.

My instinct was correct, Chumi was at the door.

"You forgot something? Thought you left with Yoara... what do you want?

I asked, I don't want anything that will affect my time today.." I said to her.

Omie has sent in the address and I'm meant to be there by 12pm

Is almost 10am already.

I need to be on my way. Is better I arrive earlier before the expected time than late

I can't predict the road or traffic, I just don't want to be late at all and I also don't want to miss out recording Chumi for real this time.

Who knows what she was going to say, her words will serve as my only evidence and that's if the phone doesn't disappoint me by going off or something happening to it.

I hope everything works out perfectly.

"Yoara has gone to work, I made sure he was fine before coming back to meeting you.."

"So what do you want? I'm going out as you can see and don't need any unnecessary delay.

She walked past me into the house and stood close to the exact place I was hiding the phone.

That must be coincidence.

"You want to punish me for everything I did to you and after you're done you will then expose me right? Isn't that what you plan to do...and that's why you didn't show your brother the picture or recording that you have of me..?

"Punish you? I'm not sure you know me at all Chumi"

"Then what exactly are you doing Tomasi? I know I was harsh and didn't hide my hatred for you, I guess is time for you to get back at me and make me pay for my sin against you.."

"Don't try to predict what I'm up to because you can't, you will continue failing if you try. Chumi, say the reason why you're here. I don't have time for a petty chat.."

She gave a deep breath and started speaking calmly, I wish can be louder so that the recording will pick her words clearly.

"Ellie is my daughter but if Yoara knows about her, he won't want to marry me or have anything with me. Did you know that is hard for a single mother to get married in this country, especially in the church we worship. My pastor said he will sponsor our wedding, take care of the whole expenses because we're not only members, we are both ministers in the church and many people look up to us. The wedding will no longer hold if they find out that I'm a single mother. People will look at me as a sinner and start judging me in a worldly way. Just like you're doing right now, you're judging me and trying to punish me with my past mistakes. What do you think Yoara will do if he finds out and also the church that respects me greatly. Yoara will do worst..and that's why I decided to keep it a secret. Tomasi, please don't tell your brother anything. I really want to settle down with a God fearing man that cares about me and there's no better person than Yoara. Don't spoil this for me... I'm ready to pay you any reasonable amount you want"

"You're only been self centered, thinking about yourself and what you're going to loose if Yoara and the church finds out who you truly are. You're not thinking of what all of this will cause for Yoara, If you love Yoara then you shouldn't have hide such a huge secret from him. Your excuses of being a single mom and not being marriageable is a big lie. I have seen single mothers get married to good men and so is singles ladies. Why didn't you marry the father of your child? What about the cheating part of this whole thing? You're still seeing another man and you're not even talking about that because it doesn't seem like anything to you right? You're seeing Jones and Yoara, cheating proudly and deceiving both men..."

I was loud enough.

She shakes her head, signaling a no".

"I really don't have a choice Tomasi, the man you saw yesterday with me is the father of Ellie. That's Jones and he comes around to see his daughter and give me something to care for her that's all. I'm not really dating him, he's only coming to do his responsibility and then he leaves.."

I felt so angry because Chumi thinks everyone is foølish like her.

"Why not marry him, he comes to care for his daughter and then leave.. really? You were all smiles and loving up in the dark of the street. I guess you couldn't do much inside the room probably because of Ellie and decided to bring the romance to the street. Marry him and leave Yoara alone, you don't deserve my brother at all?

"He's married Tomasi, Jones is a married man. He has a wife and three children. I didn't know that he was married when we started but along the line I found out, truthfully, I have already fallen for him and couldn't just leave immediately, I was struggling to leave when I found out that I was pregnant. At first I didn't know what to do, Jones asked me to keep the pregnancy and I did. His wife is aware and had accosted me severally but I let her understand that I wasn't after her Marriage and i wasn't asking Jones to leave her and marry me, all I was after is for him to take care of his daughter, Ellie. It was later agreed upon that he will do so and he only comes around to see her but Ellie doesn't know that Jones is her Dad. Well, he tries to get involve with me romantically but I refused. Tomasi, my story is complicated and that's why I decided to keep it away from the public and I will appreciate if you can do that too for me. I promise to pay you handsomely..."

I asked her to leave because I was almost late to where I was going.

"...I want you to atleast think about the money, since you're jobless...I mean jobless at the moment. I don't mean it as an insult. the money I'm offering you will go a long way and will certainly change your life.."

I insisted that she leaves because it was 10:30am already.

I needed to run and to check if the phone is still on.

She reminded me of the money that she was offering and asked me to think about it all and not spoil her future because of the hatred I probably have for her 

I closed the door as she walked out.

I ran to the phone and quickly check if it recorded everything but scream left my mouth on realizing that the phone was already off.

I was heart broken and wanted to go and charge it to see if it recorded anything but it was almost 11pm.

I left it there and ran out of the house in a hurry.

I hope I won't be late for the interview.

That phone really disappointed me when I needed it the most.

I will check it if it recorded anything at all when I return back.


Episode 32.

I arrived almost 12pm, few minutes it would have been late.

Omie called me while I was on my way to the place, I was still distanced away when she called to ask if I was already there.

I told her that I was on my way and will soon get there.

She asked me to hurry before the woman leaves the house.

Indeed I hurried more than I did before, when the last bus dropped me, I jumped down and began to jog untill I finally got there.

Getting to the gate, I told the security that I came for an interview, he ushered me into the house after confirmation.

It was a big house, two fine storey building well decorated like an art house.

I was asked to sit in one big parlour and wait for the woman.

I sat quietly looking round the house.

The entire house speaks of wealth, the fine cushion with colorful throw pillows, the walls were decorated with different nature frame pictures and probably some of the woman's own but if I want to see it clearly I have to move closer

I dare not do that because I don't think that's good for a job seeker like me.

She even have something like a fire place, or is probably not but it seems so.

The German tile floor were neat that I can even see my own reflection.

The television and household appliances appears to be buried on the wall, I can't even see the connection but I know they were all there and due to the way it was all made, it somehow invisible.

The television is playing but it was as if it was showing on the wall, Is part of the wall.

Everything was indeed extra ordinary and I couldn't get enough of the unique place.

I haven't seen anything like that before and that was why I was taken aback with the whole thing.

"Good afternoon, are you the plumber that came to fix the kitchen pipe or you're here to see madam"? Somebody asked behind me and is a young boy, way younger but big and round that if not for his young face and voice you will think he's old.

As I turned, I saw him setting up the dining table which was beautifully carved out from a masterpiece.

"...my name is John, i work here and run simple errands too when required" the boy said again more quietly.

"I came for an interview, I hope she takes me too so that I can also start working here.." I replied.

"What are you applying for? Driver, gardener, pool man, security, cleaner or bottler? because madam has gotten another driver and all these post that I mentioned are all filled up already but maybe she will give you another position, although all the vacant space is taken. Madam employed more domestic staff this week.? He said again quietly.

", Maybe she will put me in the kitchen as a chef.." I said enjoying the conversation.

"Oh, you're a chef? You can prepare all types of delicacies? How many years of working experience do you have as a chef, can you prepare colaba de cap meal? Is one of madams favorite.."

I have never had of such food in my life before and not sure that I have seen it either.

But why is this small boy asking me questions. Did he want to start interviewing me now or what.

Maybe I should just ignore him and wait for the madam instead.

Although he doesn't ask it in a rude way, yet, I want madam to be doing the asking not some fat boy that said his name is John.

I was quiet at first checking within me if I should wave off the boy, ignoring him or continue to reply.

"..I guess you're thinking of the question but kitchen maybe the only space you need to fill into. If you can't cook well, madam will throw you out. And if you let her know that you're a chef with years experience, she will employ you right away..." Weigh your words and answer before replying her questions. Her children are around and may even be the one to interview you if madam is busy.."

He covered his mouth and said "... madam can be difficult to please but don't be discouraged by her ways. She is also a good rewarder if she notice that you're doing your work well.."

"What is colaba de cap? I asked him quietly.

"You don't know? How will you be able to convince madam that you're a chef when you don't know colaba...?

He paused and moved closer to where I stood "...is a Romanian kind of meal, is prepared with rice, mixed in hot Java sauce with well spice mutton..."

I stared at him because I don't know anything about what he just said and not sure I will ever be able to prepare that in a hundred years.

But the truth remain that I need this job badly.

He rushed out the moment he heard a foot sound coming down from the stairs.

He bid me good luck before he disappeared like a breeze.

I readjusted myself on the sit, sitting calmly and waiting for the madam.

"Who're you? Coming from a female voice.

I stood and looked up at her, I wasn't expecting the madam to be this young. She is like Omie, or Omie will even be older from my guess.

She is very beautiful, not too tall but perfect.

"Good day madam. My name is Tomasi and I was asked to come for a job interview today.."

She stared at me and rolled her eyes before moving towards the dining.

She checked what was set out on the table before returning to me.

" My mum didn't tell me that she still needed another domestic staff, what for exactly? the whole space is filled up and I'm not sure your help is needed..."

My heart double skipped, she is actually the daughter of the madam and already dismissed me even before her mother will get to see me.

I was speechless and was very careful not to offend her.

"..i said there's no space for you anymore. She said again taking her seat opposite me.

I heard another foot sound from the stairs.

I breathed out, "that must be madam" I said within me.

I was still standing when I saw that the person is a another young Lady, she looks different from the first, and seem a little bit older than her too.

She asked the first lady sitting down who I was and she told her I came for interview, she informed her that she has already dismissed me because there's no more vacancy.

"Okay, I guess he is the guy from Ivina. Mum actually rescheduled his interview for today..."

The second lady turned to me

"...What time were you asked to come and when did you arrive.

I replied her calmly

She waved to a seat, asking me to sit down.

I was already feeling hot on my feet.

"My mum may not come down soon, she wants to take a nap before going out and I'm sure you can't waiting until she's finally down stairs. What are you applying for? You didn't come with any CV?

I told her that I was applying as a chef.

She asked about how many years I have been into the job and why I left my former place of work.

I have to start lying at this stage.

I told her that I have a year experience and I resigned from my former place because I needed to travel home for emergency.

I wanted to mention that I traveled to see my mom but the lady may bring up another question from that.

She asked about my relationship status, my age and guarantors details.

She also mentioned that a years experience isn't much but they will give me a try.

The first lady asked me to list out things that I can cook.

I listed three normal meal and was still thinking of more when she interrupted.

"Those are just everyday food, I want to hear some special delicacies not all this things you're saying.

The first lady has a sweet accent, and her sister doesn't.

".. can you make colaba de capy..?

Deep down I knew she was talking about the same thing John already mentioned to me.

I replied that I can make it.

The second one turned to me surprised, she asked me to list how is done.

"Is a Romania dish, rice with saucy Java mutton.."

It might not have sounded exactly the way John said it but it was convincing enough.

The second one smiled.

"Well, I'm a bit relieved, I feel relaxed now that you can actually do some special delicacies. Atleast we having extra professional chef, is a good thing. My mum will be pleased too.."

I nodded quietly.

The first lady stood and said

"Your first practical test will start right now with colaba de capy. A staff will take you to the kitchen and everything you need will be provided. You will prepare a little de capy, not much but little. Present your assignment to us within an hour and let's see how good you are and rate you according..."

What! A silent scream left my mouth.

In no time I was led to the kitchen by one of the domestic staff, like a Lamb to the slaughter without a choice.

"Colabo or colaba whatever" wants to bring a whole Tomasi to the mud.

Who will save me now?

I don't even know how to cook a normal meal

I haven't heard or seen a colabo before. 

What will I do now ?

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