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Just a little sin episode (33&34)


Episode 33

I was amazed not only at the size of the kitchen but how everything was decorated in it.

I saw two ladies in the kitchen, I believe they work there.

Maybe they're dish washer.

One was washing the dishes, the other was drying with a napkin before putting them away

They hurried with what they were doing, there was water on the kitchen tiles, they quickly mob it up before leaving.

The man that led me to the kitchen, should be in his early forties

He was wearing a kitchen apron and hair cover, I believe he is the house chef.

He showed me where everything was, and even set up the electronics for cooking.

He showed me the cabinet where all the spices where kept, they where of different sizes and content with names on them and lined up accordingly.

He showed me the fridge and also the freezer where different types of meat where kept.

The beef from cow part, turkey, chicken, goat, sheep, different types of fish and even bush meats where in that big freezer.

After showing me everything that I needed, he wish me good luck and left.

I stood there staring at the whole place, the clock on the kitchen wall suddenly rang, which startled me a little in the wide kitchen.

I looked at it and the time says 1pm. 

They gave me just an hour to prepare everything

How's that even possible? Even a magician will use more than an hour for such a meal.

The time was too short for such food.

I don't even know what I'm making, how do I start? What should I put on fire first?

Is it water or oil

I held the kitchen cabinet and bent my head in defeat.

Omie said I should apply for a driver and I told her that I can't drive, she wanted to teach me but the timing wasn't very friendly 

She works and I don't want to inconvenience her.

She said I can also apply as a cook, I told her that I can't cook, she said I will learn on the job.

She said I should just let them understand my situation and I will be assisted

In my current situation now, I would have been dismissed immediately if I told them that I can't even cook simple food, they will Chase me out like the first lady wanted to do, fortunately her sister showed up and for me to keep this job, i just need to pass my first assignment.

At the end they will still throw me out because I don't know anything about Colaba de cape.

"You have not started cooking..?

A voice startled me from behind.

I turned and it was John.

"Stop sneaking up on me like a rat, I hate to be startled.." I told him

"Erm.. sorry, I didn't mean to do that. But I heard them say that your assignment is an hour yet you haven't started.."

I didn't reply back, I just picked up one spoon and a pot, atleast I have taken the first step, let me think of if I should fetch water into the pot or add oil.

"..You lied, is lying that brought you to this confusing state that you are. So you don't know that lying is a sin.."

I turned and look at him, he must be thinking I'm some teenage boy like him.

Why is he taking to me like a child.

"...You told me that you don't know anything about colaba de cape but you told Miss Jenni and Zee that you can prepare it, look at you, you're in a state of dilemma. Well, good luck to you then.."

"Can you tell me what to do, please give me tips on how to prepare it. I really need this job and I know you won't understand why I have to lie even if I explain it.." I said calmly to him.

I just have to ignore his childish talk and ask for help.

Swallowing my pride to ask him to help me felt so hard to do initially.

"I don't know how to make it, sincerely. I have only seen chef David, the staff that they assigned to show you the kitchen, I have seen him making the food but the spices are confusing, can't remember any. He parboil the rice with two different spices, marinate the meat with about four spices in a container, before putting it in the oven. That's all I can remember but there's so many things he does before it comes out perfect, just the way madam and her children likes it.."

Atleast the little idea can help. With John's help I may come up with something.

"What type of meat is that? How is the marinating done, can you atleast remember two of the spices that was used? after the rice is parboiled what do he do next.."?

I asked and got ready to take note in my head.

"I said I don't know. He uses a mutton.. you don't know mutton meat are gotten from a lamb or sheep? They have some in the freezer there. He mixed the meat with different spices then wrap it up with a cling firm before putting it.."

I quickly interrupted

"Wait.. this whole thing is too much to know at once. I don't even know some of the things you mentioned. You know what, you're right John. I shouldn't have told them that I know how to prepare de capy. I lied but lying isn't really a sin, maybe is just a little sin because sometimes lying can save you from trouble.."

"There's nothing like a little sin in the Bible, a sin is a sin. My mother always warn us against lying, stealing, jealousy and many other things you may categories into "little sin. 

"We're not here to talk about sin right? I'm here to cook colaba de capy, I need help to get out of this. Can you help me? I asked.

"No, I can't help you. I told you that I can't make the food you were asked to prepare. What's your name.."

"Tomasi is my name. I thought I already told you, why are you still asking?

"No, you haven't. Go back and tell them the truth maybe they will consider you, Tomasi.."

"Hey, put a respect to the name, we are not age mates. Call me Tomasi with a respectful tone..do you understand? I can't go to them, telling them that I'm not a chef or that I can't cook their special, that will take me back home, to square one. I don't want to return back the same way, I need a job desperately.."

"What exactly can you do... Tom..asi. hope that was respective enough for you.."?

"Nothing, except... except.."

I began to think, then it occurred to me that the only work I know how to do was plumbing.."

"... except plumbing. Well, I'm a plumber. Not much of a big professional in the field but I know more about plumbing work than anything in this entire kitchen.

"Good, since you're plumber we're having issue with the kitchen pipe. It seems something blocked the passage way, it takes lots of time for the water to pass out from the sink. The plumber was informed since yesterday but he's yet to arrive. He said he had something at hand and will come in first thing this morning or send somebody but he's yet to come, he haven't send anyone yet. So, can you fix it... this could be your saving grace..."

"Let me take a look at it first. I don't actually have any working tools here, fixing it maybe an issue becau..."

"We have some tools in the store, tell me what you need and I will fetch them for you.." John said.

I listed five of the major tools I needed, he left and returned with a bag, I was able to get three of the needed tools out of the five I listed and that was how work began.

I decided to work with what I have, hoping that I will be able to fix it and like John said, fixing the plumbing issue may be my only saving grace from the hideous food they asked me to prepare.

The assignment has practically changed to "colaba de plumbing"

I'm sure this will be lot easier than "de capy"


Episode 34

I was about rounding up when John returned to the kitchen after leaving me to concentrate and work.

"I was sent to inform you that is time to present your assignment?

"What assignment again, I was busy fixing the pipe...I don't understand. Is it the food they're asking me to present? I asked John

"Yes, making of de capy was the main assignment. Madam is also in the sitting room with her girls, they asked me to fetch you.."

My heart double skipped. 

I have taken my time to make sure the problem with the pipe was fixed, I also found out that the material that was used by the plumber are fake materials, one of the inner pipe is rusting up and that affected the plastic pipes and one is already broken and needed to be replaced soon.

I manage to fix it temporarily until they're ready to get it done properly.

Probably they've been giving the plumber the right amount for the work but he kept using fake things for them, so that it will easily spoil and they will call him again and he collects another huge amount only to get fake materials and pocket the remaining money.

Same thing kept going on and no one is seeing the clear handwriting on the wall.

".. relax Tom, madam is nice and may pay you handsomely for your work.

I don't need one time payment, I need a Job.

I wasn't happy but I really don't have any choice of my own right now.

I washed my hands, dust off and left to see madam.

As I entered the sitting room, the harsh girl, who was the first I saw that afternoon and mistake her for madam, and she even wanted to send me away after telling that there's no vacancy.

Her name was Jenni and she sat beside her mother.

She was the first to speak.

"You left your given assignment to start fixing the kitchen tap? Was that what you were sent to do? You're hereby disqualified, you can't work here Mr man. beside, there's no more vacancy in this house, we only wanted to fix you up in the kitchen but you got distracted and failed your simple task. John will show you your way out after my Mom pays you for the little plumbing work you did

The woman was busy with her phone and did not bother looking up.

She was thick, beautiful and maybe in her late fifties.

Her skin appears like glass, she was indeed fresh and seems to be very particular about her appearance and she wears a nice smile

She was indeed a thick madam but looks friendly.

Her other daughter, Zee spoke

"You can't just send him out, Mom had to say if he should stay or not..."

" His task was to prepare de capy but because he obviously doesn't know how to make it, he started fixing broken water pipe which wasn't part of the assignment. We have a good plumber remember, he supposed to come in today or send somebody to come fix the problem. Well, this guy here can't work in this house, He did not only lied to us that he's a chef but he also lied that he can prepare colaba de capy. We can't have a liar working and living among us, there's no job for him here. Mom will have to pay him the little he did, before he takes our name out there and start fabricating a lies.."

Jenni said again.

I wondered how they got to know that I can't cook. 

There's no other person that told that will tell them except John.

Jenni is just like Chumi, they are easy to insult and hate others but when their secrets is exposed they will start begging and trying to bribe their way out.

The madam turned to Jenni and said.

"That's enough Jenni..."

She looked up at me and said

"... you know much about plumbing work?

I replied "yes ma. I do.."

She proceed to say that her bathtub had issue, also her toilet tap wasn't running well. 

John took me to her exotic room upstairs and I fixed it in no time.

But I also found out that in about a week time again it will need another maintenance if it's not changed because it seems all the plumbing materials were all fake and does not have long duration.

I used the opportunity to ask John why he told them that I can't cook.

John said there's camera in the kitchen, he did not know that they were listening and watching us while we were in the kitchen talking.

He mentioned that Jenni also scolded him before he came to call me.

He informed me there's camera all over the house and although nobody is monitoring it, and that's why he felt at ease talking with me.

It never occurred to him that they will be inspecting me through the camera.

If he knew that they will be listening and watching then he wouldn't have said much.

I was careful not to say any other thing after John informed me of the camera planted in the house.

I went down with John and informed the madam that I have been able to fix it.

I also asked her to try and change some of the pipes and other plumbing materials around the house before another thing goes seriously wrong.

She complained that the plumber collects money twice a month to fix things yet alot of things continues to spoil.

I did not tell her that their plumber was collecting money for the original and buying fake instead.

Telling her that will make it seems like I was trying to discredit the plumber's work and credit mine, but maybe I will tell John so that he will be aware,

Since I won't be working in the house.

Although i felt bad but I will keep searching for job until I get one

Zee said maybe they should give me two months trial to see the difference in the plumbing work.

The madam shocked me by agreeing to it immediately.

She said I should return back on Monday and tell her the estimate of everything I needed to change some of the plumbing work in the house.

She said if I need a temporary accommodation during the probation period then I will stay at the staff quarters 

And if at the end my work is legit and confirmed to be better than their current plumber then she will place me on a salary and allowance.

my feeding and accommodation will be taken care off too.

She counted some cash and gave me.

Jenni was not happy how the mother was acting soft and agreeing to everything Zee says

"You people are making a big mistake, this is a bad idea. I'm warning everyone ahead of time, because when the trouble starts I will definitely remind y'all of this day..." Jenni said.

"Nothing will happen, if he pass the probation period which is after two months then he automatically becomes a full staff and Mom will place him on a salary just like others. There's nothing to fear Jenni. Relax, let's give this guy a chance.." Zee replied

The madam didn't say anything as she began to make call after dismissing me.

She did not even talk about the food or the fact that I can't cook and I lied about it.

She did not say anything, she and Zee where more focused in fixing me up somewhere.

Giving me another chance to work.

Jenni later stood and walked away.

Zee said goodbye to me as I turned to leave.

On getting outside, I pulled out cash and handed over to John but he rejected it.

"Keep your money, you need it more than I do. From now onward stick to the truth and only the right path because you may not get another saving grace and the people supporting you are hoping you won't disappoint again. Don't make them regret.."

John said that Zee likes me which is quiet surprising because she hardly pick interest in the domestic staff.

She acts and treat everyone same way but she was not only defending me in front of her sister and mother but was making sure her mother fix me up somewhere, ignoring the sister's concrete accusations.

I also noticed the special way she looks at me and I appreciate her kindness.

I asked John how old he was and he began to laugh.

He said he will tell me another time.

He brought out his fat hand for a handshake

I took it, after shake him.

I thanked him again and left

Before I boarded a bus, I try to make sure I speak to Omie

I bought airtime to briefed Omie that I have gotten the Job.

I didn't want to go into much details as I promised to tell her everything Whenever I sees her.

She was just shouting "thank you Jesus" 

I felt so elevated that somebody somewhere was truly happy for me.

It felt very satisfying

The job interview may not have gone as plan but it's still gave me a legit job.

My life is about to change for good and I'm ready to embrace life to the fullest.

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