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Just a little sin episode (35&36)


Episode 35 

After speaking with Omie, I got into a bus and left for home.

I can't wait to go home and tell Yoara that I'm no more jobless and from next week I won't be living in the house with him.

But I have decided to follow them to church tomorrow.

I could have gone to see Omie tomorrow which is Sunday but that can wait until maybe next week.

Once I get home, I will go and charge the phone I used in recording Chumi, I will check if it was able to record something that I can use to nail Chumi.

Her whole confession this morning was giving me Joy and I have today and tomorrow to hit her up so that she comes out clean and tell Yoara everything she has been hiding.

I decided to stop at the market and buy some food items, thrift clothes for myself and few for Yoara and some inner shorts with the money that madam gave me.

Since they're reused wear, it was cheaper. 

The once i picked were affordable and they're neat too but still need proper washing.

On my way home I stopped at konji's house but he wasn't around.

As I was leaving, I saw him coming back.

He asked me if I brought my things like I said I will, he has already made space in the room where I will put my stuff.

 I laughed before telling him that i will no longer be staying with him.

I informed him that I got a job and accommodation too.

He was in doubt but I don't have the time to start proving anything to him.

He's a doubting me, maybe seeing is believing for him. He should wait until he can no longer see me again.

With time he will see and believe that

I'm not a jobless Tomasi anymore.

I removed two t-shirts from the one I bought and gave him.

He looked at it with a frown before telling me that the clothes smell like it was already worn.

I told him that yes, that I stopped at a thrift store to pick them.

If he can wash and iron the clothes, it will appear like new again.

He said he does not wear thrift clothes, but he will probably give it out to street beggars.

I tried to collect it but he refused to give it back.

He said he wanted some food, cloth wasn't his problem because he has enough of it.

I gave him money from the little I had left.

Konji began to hail me, he was happy and asked for more money, I ignored him and left for home.

It was already 7pm when I got home.

Yoara and Chumi were around.

I guess they both went to church for rehearsal before returning back together.

I know that Chumi attends her church rehearsal every Saturdays.

Chumi for the first time said "welcome back Tom"

Yoara asked how my interview went and I said it was great.

I looked around for the phone I used in recording Chumi in the morning but it wasn't exactly the place I kept it.

I used my eyes to scan the entire sitting room, i didn't see it

It was nowhere in sight

I went to drop the food items I bought in the kitchen, I left the bag of clothes in the sitting room.

While going towards the kitchen, I kept searching for the phone.

I returned to the sitting room and decided to ask Yoara if he saw the phone.

Chumi interrupted and said that the phone was inside her handbag.

Yoara immediately informed me that Chumi has charged the phone and want to take it home so that she can fix it and give it to one of her cousin that doesn't have a phone.

Yoara said since nobody is using the phone, is been lying carelessly in the room, Chumi can have it and do as she please with it.

Chumi charged the phone and want to take it home? 


I need to get that phone back, Chumi probably saw the things I recorded and decided to take the phone.

No way!

 I must try and collect that phone from her.

But how do I do that now without sounding suspicious?


Episode 36

"... yes, I have gotten a repairer who will help me fix it. I was waiting to get some money first to be able to do that and I have enough money now for it.." I replied Yoara who thought I was kidding when I said I wanted the phone back

"But you already have a phone that You're using.." Chumi said.

I looked at her intensively

She understands the look perfectly well and said "... please, allow me to go give my cousin this, Yoara said is been lying around here carelessly, that's why took it.."

Chumi said as she appeared unwilling to release the phone from her bag.

If not that Yoara was there, I would've gone ahead to retrieve the phone from her handbag

"Tom, let her have it. Since she said she will fix it and give it to her cousin.. then let her do that. The phone has been around here for a while now and I only see you using it on a few occasions, maybe for radio and is been a long time you even touched it, I was the one that charged it recently like I used to do once in a while. You're not really in a desperate need for it, because is been here and you never showed interest in having it.." Yoara said

"Yes, this phone has been here for a very long time, nobody thought of it and now that I decided to fix it and give it to a cousin of mine, you.." Chumi paused from speaking as she looked up at me.

I knew exactly what to do

I was already running out of patience

"I have an important recordings on it that I will like Yoara to listen to, hand the phone over let me play it for him after which you take the phone or you can play the recordings if you don't want to give it to me.."

She stared at me speechless.

She wanted to say something Yoara interrupted.

"Oh really? A recording about what? Chumi, please bring out the phone let's hear what the recordings is about..?

I turned to her with a smirking face.

She thought I was going to go easy on her.

I may decide whatever I want to do after getting back the phone, either to expose her or to change the topic and let Yoara find out by himself.

I stretched out my hands towards her so that she can hand it over.

"There was no serious recordings on it, I didn't find anything like that as I browse through it except for few seconds recording of our private conversation which I had to delete.."

"You deleted what? I shouted angrily.

"I didn't know it was of any importance to you. It was supposed to be a private conversation between Yoara, my husband to be and I. I don't understand your reason for recording us. You put the phone on record, stationed it close to us and went out so that you will listen to our private conversation whenever you return. I seriously don't understand your reason for doing that but I deleted it anyway.."

"Wait, Tom wouldn't do that. What exactly does he wants to do with our private conversation? Yoara said surprised

"I don't know, maybe he should tell us what he intends to do with it. I was surprised when I listened to it too. I could have bring it to you to see too but it totally escaped my mind, I didn't think of it until now.."

I laughed out sarcastically. Chumi is indeed smart but speak foolishly without thinking

"Yoara, did you think I will record your private conversation and still want you to listen to it? Does that even make any sense? The recordings I wanted you to listen to was that of Chumi.." I paused

I asked her to give me the phone let me confirm before saying anything.

She hesitated.

I didn't want to appear violent because I was very ready to snatch it out of her hand

Yoara decided to collect the phone.

Before Chumi handed it over to him, she first of all did something on the phone before giving it to Yoara

He checked the phone and said there's nothing in it.

Chumi probably deleted the remaining of the recordings before handing it over to Yoara.

"There's nothing here Tom.." Yoara said.

"Anyway, I have some other recordings with evidential pictures which I have already saved somewhere safe. But just before I release it Yoara, I just want you to know that your Chumi is a liar. She's been lying to you ever since you know her, she's a single Mo.."

Chumi interrupted loudly while standing on her feet.

"Listen Tom, I know I wronged you in the past but I really don't want us to keep fighting even after I try to make peace. Do you understand how much I love your brother and ready to do anything to be with him, that's how much I also loves his family and that includes you. Please let's stop fighting and getting at each other's throats, when we do that we tend to forget that Christ paid a great price for us so that we can love one another, forgive one another and live in peace with one another. when we continue in this hating lane we forget everything Christ did for us. Please, let's live in harmony and stop the quarrel. Let's be our brother's keeper.."

"Hey, I'm not your brother. Quit pretending because you can't shut down the truth for long, soon enough it will resurface..." 

I was still talking when Yoara said to me

."Tom why not embrace peace, my lovely and God fearing woman here said she does not want to fight anymore with you. This used to be one of my prayer points and God finally answered. Chumi is a good lady, see the way she preached Christ to you and explained what hate does in the Life of a believer. Tom, you need Jesus in your life so that you will understand most of we have been saying and also to experience the peace only him can give you..."

I sighed heavily, picked up the cloth bag that I bought from the ground and started heading to the room.

I paused and said to Yoara

"You maybe gullible and easily manipulated which is sad but you're definitely not stup*d. I will rather become a native doctor if you two happens to be the only Christan left on earth. There's absolutely nothing good in your lives that can draw me to your faith. Nothing about you two that can makes me want to become a Christan, yet you're ministers in church.. very pathetic. What kind of minister are you Yoara? You are moving with a she devil yet you see her as an angel. I thought you were supposed to pray for God to send the right wife to you? Well, I'm yet to understand the kind of believers that you both are. Is quiet disturbing but i wish you find out the truth soon enough or I will have to expose her by myself..."

I walked away.

I heard them murmuring.

Chumi told Yoara not to pay any attention to me. She said she will will be praying for God to arrest me soon.

I chuckled silently.

Chumi later left that night

It was the following day I gave Yoara the things I bought for him.

He was grateful

He wanted me to tell him about the things I was talking about yesterday concerning Chumi.

I told him he should ask her necessary questions, dig deep about her by visiting her unaware

Or if he's truly a man of God then he should pray for more revelation concerning his relationship.

He asked to see the pictures and recordings I mentioned yesterday.

I said I don't have any and even if I do I will release it when I want but he has to take my words serious by finding out more about Chumi because I can't watch him walking into the fire and pretend like I didn't see him.

Since I made up my mind that I was going to their church that Sunday, i got dressed and left with Yoara.

We will meet Chumi in church.

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