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Just a little sin episode (37&38)


Episode 37

I sat with the congregation and watch in utter disgust as Chumi lead the morning worship.

I saw people lifting their hands, some where already shaking like when Konji played his fake holy stunt in church.

 It was as if they were about to fall.

I looked around and saw that alot of people were really taken by her worship and enjoying every lyrics.

They sing along loudly and spread out their hands in a disturbing fashion

With no doubts, Chumi has one of the angelic voice I have ever heard.

She sings pretty well and I was in shock hearing her sing like that.

How can God bless someone that's so undeserving with such a good voice yet her lifestyle is filled with filthiness

She's a po!sonous venom and can even k*ll yet she stands close to the pulpit singing passionately and giving a deep demonstration that bewowed the entire congregation.

Yoara was seated among the ministers, he later stood and began to sing along with the other worshipers.

I guess that's where he sits every Sunday watching her sing and feeling very proud.

Yoara probably will be saying within himself 

"that's my wife to be, in whom I'm well pleased. Thank you Lord for giving me such a godly, God fearing woman with a melodic voice. Yes Lord, we will do exploit for you and the kingdom together... hallelujah."

I chuckled at my own funny s!lly thoughts.

It maybe funny but I know that's not far from what Yoara thinks every time he sees Chumi pick up the microphone and began to sing

So the dev*il does not only attend church but also ministers to the people.

And she is one of the beautiful singer, even the sound of her voice seems rich to the soul.

How is that possible?

Holy on Sunday and sinner every other day.

Now is finally clear to me that alot of pretenders are using Christianity and church to cover up their dirty, ill lifestyle.

Sitting here and watching all of this drama is begining to disgust me

I came to actually see the kind of ministering Chumi does

I never expected what I saw.

After today, after all the holy holy acting, she and so many other pretenders will go back to their old ways of life.

Lying, fornicating, cheating, hating, unforgiving, covering up their sins and unrepentant of them

They're even very proud of what they do because they believe that nobody knows deep things about them.

Well, I heard that God sees all but he probably haven't seen Chumi yet or she would've been exposed by now.

I watched everyone cheers and she was given a loud round of applause as she went to take her sit among the choristers after the worship time was over.

Chumi must be feeling like a celebrity in this church.

Yoara will be priding while watching his woman.

I later saw Yoara climbed the pulpit with his Bible.

He was to give the first Bible reading, and also welcome the new members

The church and it's entire member is not as big as Omie's church. 

But they still have lots of members here.

I looked over at where Chumi was seated, her Bible was placed on her lap and she was smiling as Yoara read and explain the Bible verses to the people.

He later led two prayer points and after which he began to welcome new members.

Yoara mentioned that his brother was in church for the first time. He was referring to me.

He looked towards my side and urged me to stand up so that other members can welcome me.

People were already looking round for Yoara's brother.

Chumi stood and began to clap loudly while shouting "hallelujah"

Others joined in.

The choir began to sing a welcome song.

They probably want to make me feel special but is quiet embarrassing.

It felt like a kindergarten class, where other kids try to sing a nursery rhymes to welcome a new student to the class.

This drama is too much for my tiny brain.

Bunch of actors and actresses, trying to outsmart the other with their performance as if they were in a competition. 

I didn't feel like standing up for any reason but I had to do it for Yoara.

They came to shake hands with me, even Chumi rushed to where I was and suddenly throw her arms around me, giving me an unacceptable side hug.

I couldn't help it but sigh sadly before pinching her to loosen up from me.

She winced in pain as she quickly unwrapped her hands around me.

She pretend to be smiling as she returns to her seat.

Deceiving everyone with her demeanor.

I have indeed seeing it all. Chumi is a good actress for sure but she should do her acting around people that don't know anything about her, not with me.

Yoara who was still standing on the alter said I should wait after church, the pastor will like to see me and welcome me specially.

After Yoara returned to his seat, two other ministers went to the pulpit for one assignment or the other before the main pastor of the church climbed the pulpit for another long talk and preaching.

 he also mentioned that I should please wait behind after service so that we can have a brotherly chat.

Which is a good thing because I may even get to talk about Chumi.

Another round of praise and worship led by Chumi and another chorister.

I see why Yoara didn't want to take action as expected and find out more hidden things about her.

It's obvious it was their strong involvement in church that made the pastor want to sponsor their wedding.

And they both do not want anything that will deter the elaborate wedding that they were probably promised.

But the lies, the acting, the pretends were too much

This are things I can't seems to wrap my head around.

Is either now or never.

But the truth must be told.

I'm not really interested in any Chic chat with the pastor.

I will probably not come to this church again after today.

He as a pastor should atleast see the whole act going on his church.

Right under his nose.

Except he decided to give a deaf ear to it.

I'm interested in discussing other things with the pastor.

But first let me go and listen to him before knowing what to present.

After church service, I went to see the pastor.

I saw Chumi sitting and watching me.

Her heart must be racing by now because she knows what I'm capable of

And she definitely don't know what I will be discussing with the pastor.

I need her to shiver in fear

I'm the tormentor of her soul.

She maybe a good singer and great actress but I'm not move by any.

None of those things will be able to save her from my hands until the truth surface.

I winked at her as I walked past to see their pastor who was just rounding up from attending to others.

Today is the day!


Episode 38

"I'm good. I'm not here to talk about my belief or is that the reason I was asked to see you? Well, I may probably not come again and i know I'm not doing you any favor with or without my presence.."

This was how I started my own line of conversation with the pastor after he asked how I was doing and also asked if I enjoyed the service. He then proceed to ask how is my Christian lifestyle like. 

Chumi suddenly came to see the pastor but the pastor said should come back later.

"We will be very please to have you. Yoara, your brother is strongly rooted in the Lord, his woman.. Miss Chumi, she's on fired for God. Her passion for the things of God is unquestionable. Your brother is blessed with angel in human form. The people close to you are zealous for God, they're strong believers. I understand why you are not drawn to their holy fire yet is because the d*mons against your life and progress does not want you to come to the light.."

Did this pastor just say "d*mons" oh, he thinks I'm possessed by some bad spirit and that's why "miss angelic Chumi" and her fiancée have not being able to convert me into holiness like they are.

I unapologetically began to laugh.

"Pastor you're too funny o" did the holy power from above just whispered to your ears that I'm possessed.."

",No Tomasi, I never said that you're possessed, I only said the dem*ns are at war with your inner man. They are trying to restrict you from the light.. That's Jesus Christ.."

"Thanks for the information pastor, I will tell the dem*ns not to bother me, i will tell them to stop taking my light whenever I see them. Okay, let's focus on the main reason why I am here. Some of your top notch, perfect, demon free members aren't as they appear. Example are your chorister with the angelic voice that opens gates of heaven. Well, I'm surprise that you don't actually see through their veils. You're suppose to know and differentiate those who are really serving the Lord from those who are only pretending.."

"I understand you Tomasi but is not in my place to judge anyone. For we've sin and come short of the glory of God, we were not worthy of his mercies and no longer have access to God, then Christ came and became a bridge so that we all can climb to talk to the father. Christ never condemned sinners rather they were the reason for his coming. He came so that we will will have life and have it in abundance. Tomasi, I'm not here to look at anyone's chosen ways of life, I'm not place as a pastor to judge them, I'm always going to speak the truth to them, reminding them that the master who sees all will judge our earthly action on the last day...including mine..."

He pause, smile and continue 

"...Tomasi, because I am a pastor and probably a good preacher does not give me a direct heavenly ticket, it does not mean I'm without fault or free from God's wrath when I derail. We are only living by his mercies and I'm not in any place to throw judgement or to condemn, I will allow God be the judge. Focus mainly on your own calling, do that which pleases the Lord.. Perfection is of the Lord but let's not play our eye service before him because he knows and sees all and at unexpected time we will reap our reward.."

He paused again, looked straight at me and said

"...did any of what I said makes sense to you? Did you understand little at least..?

" No, nothing you said make much sense to me, pastor.."

He chuckles quietly.

"You're one harden soul and you're the exact type the Lord is searching for. And the beautiful thing about you is that you become a moving force, an unquenchable fire for the Lord when you finally embrace him and his ways.."

I murmured to myself and knew it was all a waste of time.

"See pastor, is not Tomasi that will become unquenchable fire. See that vision for another person but definitely not me. Let's not waste each others time here, I wil..."

Just then Chumi came to where the pastor and I were sitting, this is the second time.

Interrupting me with her annoying presence

"Sorry for interrupting pastor, a member told me that you will want to see me urgently, is that so?

" no, I never asked to see you " Pastor replied

"Alright, I will like to see you pastor and there's lot's of other members waiting to see you too. You won't be able to attend to all of them if you... I mean talking with Tomasi.."

"I will Chumi, they only need to be patient with me. I'm enjoying the talk with Tomasi, he's very brilliant and so friendly. He's equally funny, he's really cracking my ribs and I wouldn't want our conversation to end without making him my friend, he's a great man and it will be a great privilege to be his friend. What do you say to that Tomasi...?

He said while turning to me

All this his over sweet talk about me will wroth my teeth.

I'm not falling for that.

Chumi, is really not at peace with herself.

Her heart must be racing while thinking I was exposing her ill secrets to the pastor.

Is unfortunate that the pastor is not even ready to listen.

He's preaching to me that judgement is of the Lord because no one is without sin.

I didn't ask him all of that, I was only trying to make him understand that some of his so called ministers are wolf in sheep clothing

But he's saying that God is the judge of that and will reward everyone according to their deed.

I'm done here.

Chumi and the rest of the crew in line to see the pastor should come in

I know it was all a lie, Chumi just want me to be gone.

Well, I'm going home anyway.

I think I will hands up from all of this Chumi hidden affairs.

I'm exhausted already because nobody is even ready to listen.

Not Yoara and not even the pastor.

Chumi is a big sinner, and instead of God to pun*sh her for all her atrocities, he gave her a fine singing voice that's so melodious.

I don't understand God or the pastor

Sinners should be dealt with, those who their sins are much like Chumi should be punished severely.

But pastor is telling me that God is no more doing like that because of Jesus Christ.

And is not in my place to judge.

He's confusing my brain, is better I leave here.

I stood and began to walk out.

The pastor wanted me to stay but I was done with the chic chat and him trying to patronise me with friendship talk.

I walked out and went straight home.

I have tried my best to expose Chumi, maybe is high time I let God decide when to handle her case

Is just that God takes time in action, I wish it will be soon.

And I hope Yoara won't get burn up before he discover the real truth about his super perfect woman.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I'm resuming my first job.

I will live and work there, which means I got to get ready.

I will speak with Omie when I'm through, maybe later I will go and visit Konji.

He should be back by then.

I look forward to tomorrow, I no longer want Chumi's problem to bother me.

Atleast everyone will remove joblessness" from my name because I have finally gotten a job and that's where my focus lies.

Sometimes I wish God is still the same old action God that will strick down unrepentant sinner.

Or maybe, is a good thing God is merciful now because I may probably be among those he will struck down long before now.

I really don't understand so many things about this God but Yoara pastor makes him sound very interesting.

Maybe some day, I will understand God better.

But before then, he should not let Chumi go scot free because her sin is far bigger than anyone I have come across.

Tomorrow should come fast so that I will be gone from here to resume my job as a new plumber on probation.

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