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Just a little sin episode (39&40)


Episode 39

I made the list of the things I needed, checked again if there's anything I'm leaving out.

I gasped out as I remembering tap head for the backyard tap that requires changing.

It was turning freely and does not luck well.

I quickly included it

After which I began to attach prices.

I can't predict the market because things changes everyday.

Sometimes what you buy at a cheap price yesterday can become extra expensive Today

And few times some prices usually diminish, hope is the actual English to use.

I will be explaining everything to Madam and I want to atleast be a little sound in my English.

I didn't study economist in school but I have little idea about one or two things in there.

After I was done attaching the prices, I stood in front of the mirror and practice again what I will say to Madam.

Good morning Madam, this are the listed items and their prices. The prices there are not accurate because is being a while i bought plumbing things..

I sound good but is it buy" or bought? 

Because is being a while I.. bought? Yes, that's correct

I continued to practice what to say after I was satisfied with myself, I decided to move.

"Hey Tomasi, you're up early? John said as he was just coming out of the bathroom

He was my roommate, fortunately he has been teaching me lots of things.

He told me that Madam loves it when her workers speak polish English

He mentioned that she acknowledged the way I spoke on the first day and said she likes me already.

That's why before I say anything to her I have to practice and be certain it sounds polish enough for her.

Zee, one of madam's daughter who has always stood by me, has also taken likeness to me. She mentioned that I'm cool headed, ambitious and quiet type and that's why she likes me.

I thanked her with a smile the day she said it.

She even said she will teach me how to prepare some food, which was a great idea.

I told her that I look forward to that.

Is about two weeks here and I enjoy everyday in it.

Madam haven't been much around.

As she came in yesterday evening she asked me to bring my list this morning.

John asked where I was going that early.

"Yes John. I will be going to buy things for the plumbing work. Madam said I should make a list and present it to her early this morning and I have done that.."

He groaned silently as he suddenly hit his feet on the table, which I used to write down my plumbing list

I apologise as I moved to take the table out of the way

"Tomasi, you should have taken the table off the road after you were done writing. I think it has seriously injured me. I'm in pain.."

He sat on the bed and held his leg in anguish.

"Quit acting like a baby, John. Get used to pain because you're a man. Beside, you told me the other day that Life had dealt you a hard blow.. how did you manage to survive the hardship of life without pain?

"You can't compare emotional and physical pain Tom, they're two different things. The pain I was referring to was emotional pain not this kind of pain.."

I chuckled loudly

"Which pain do you think is more..? You can't compare the two John. They're two different types of pain. I have gone through the two, both the emotional pain and the physical one and none is pleasant. But being a man, I had to move on fast and not dwell on my hurts. I'm here because I refused to settle for any or allow my pain define me..I want something better out of life. For the sake of my mama, and my little.."

I suddenly pause from talking.

"...get over pain and be a man. I'm out to see madam"

"You hate to talk deep things about your past. They no longer define you Tom, don't always let it break you.."

"Yeah, if there was no d3ath involved. I watched somebody d!e, someone I care so much about..I..it will be a good thing not to talk about it. It breaks me each time I decide to remember or talk abou...

I paused, heaved a sigh before walking out to see Madam

She asked me to come into her room and I did.

She was sitting on her dresser which was close to her bed, still on her nighty wear.

Cleaning her face with something that looks like facial cleanser.

She asked how was my night after I greeted and I replied it was okay.

She asked for the list and I gave it to her.

See glanced at it and marvel.

I was confused, wondering maybe the prices where too high but she spoke with a surprised tone.

"Is this total amount for one item or for all the thirteen items you listed here. I'm confused, I don't really understand the list.."

"Is for all the items madam.." I replied.

"Are you sure? Come and take it and cross-check again. I'm not sure this amount is for everything. The former plumber used to collect far more than this. The total amount here is about an item or two on his own list..."

I used the English that I have practiced on my own

I told her that is being a while i go shopping for plumbing things and can't predict the prices but it won't be far from what was listed down.

I assured her that's the amount for all and if by any chance the prices increases then I will definitely let her know

She still went ahead to give me double of the total amount.

She said just in case the items has added money

Maybe I'm not certain of what the market says. She wouldn't want me to get stranded or come back with just few of the things on the list.

I collected the money.

I know I will definitely come back with some money for her but is better I have enough.

I thanked her and was about to leave she asked me to wait.

She pointed at a cream, and asked me to bring it for her and I did.

She said I should wash my hands in her bathroom so that i can use the cream to massage her neck and shoulder.

She pulled off the jacket of her nighty and positioned her back for me.

I heaved sadly as I picked up the cream.

I don't understand if this is part of the job description for me 

Because this doesn't seem normal to me.

What does she want to turn me into?

She has daughters and female staff who can actually do this.

This seems odd.

Why will she be exposing her skin and asking me to massage her with a cream

Right now I'm confused and hoping that after now, this won't repeat itself.


Episode 40 

I noticed that somebody was rushing towards me as I walk towards the estate gate.

Or maybe they person is just in a hurry and there's nothing to worry about.

This is a big estate, clean, quiet, security is tight and well coordinated.

Rich men live here with their beautiful wives and girlfriends

Those who are single live large with their big cars and dogs.

They go jogging every morning around the estate, sometimes with their dogs.

I know they try to show off with those dogs because I don't understand how one will go walking around the estate with their domestic animals on a leash besides them in their arms.

Rich people like showing off and like being in a competition with each other and that's a total nons3nse

I see women too, big women like Madam.

Some of them even have personal guard that moves around with them.

Another nons3nse act.

What exactly are they afraid off?

When real trouble strikes, even their guards will look for a cover while abandoning them to their fate.

Finding transportation here is far easier than back at Yoara's house.

Once I'm out of the estate gate, I can easily wave down a moving bus or a taxi.

Madam said if I wasn't going with the second of her driver, because the first driver drives her personally. then I should get an online cab that will come and take me to the market and also bring me back.

I said "okay" and left.

I don't have an Android or internet to start ordering drivers online.

I know this things make life easier but I'm good with myself and when is time to upgrade I will gladly do so but I don't think is time yet.

I haven't even receive my first payment here, so getting an Android or living large is out of my league right now.

Who am I trying to impress?

I will take the normal transport maybe after buying the items, I will pay a cabby who will convey them back.

I hate the fact that my hands still has the smell of Madam's massaging cream fragrance.

Even after washing repeatedly with soap.

I'm yet to understand why exactly she picks me to massage her this morning, showing off her smooth and soft skin.

I haven't even massage anyone before in my life and didn't know exactly how to do it, she was trying to direct me and even showed me example by taking my hands into hers and rubbing the back of my palm softly with the cream before asking me to go and continue with the massage.

I did my best until she said is enough and thanked me.

I went back to washed my hands properly before leaving.

It was really an awkward moment because I don't know what I should be thinking while at it and now she knows that I don't know anything about massaging, she will respect her big self and leave me alone, let me stick to the job I was employed to do

She's lucky I'm not a womanizer, I could have even added a little touch of romance to the massage.

Many guys out there will be happy to help but I'm not and never wish for such a moment in my life again.

I have crossed the estate gate and was about going to the position where I will get a bus or taxi when somebody pushed me hard from behind.

It was alarming because I never see it coming.

I battled with my balance before getting hold of myself.

"It will never be well with you, Mark my every word. You will not see good thing in your life and you will work and will not know how you spent all your money. You just stepped on the wrong toe and you will receive the consequences.."

I stared at the strange man as he went on vomiting cu®ses

"Excuse me, do I know you? I asked

I have never seen him in my life before, so I don't understand the violent act or the cu®ses

This could be the case if a wrong identity.

He must have mistaken me for someone else who probably did him wrong.

"You may not know me but I know you and also know that you're Tomasi, the new plumber for madam Kash.."

I was taken aback with the accuracy.

So how did I offend him when I have never met him before.

"Listen, I don't give a damπ about how you got my identity and I don't also give a damπ about your stup!d cu®ses. Your words are just an empty noisy barrel.." I retorted angrily.

" Except if God didn't call me, if truly that I have a calling on my head and I have been anointed by the Lord, then every word I say will come to past.."

"I see, I'm not sure you have any calling, except that of the devil which is also on your tongue. Stop deceiving yourself. I don't understand the stup!d act of harshily bashing into me and began to talk t®ash. You're lucky I didn't lay a hand on you like you did. If I touch you, you and your calling won't survive it. But I won't because you're obviously a de√il sent to tempt me.."

I started walking away, he followed.

"You took food right out of my mouth and made me loose one sort after client. I'm a man of God and listen when I say to you that you will suffer for doing such to me..."

"You're a man of God, and I'm a man of Sat@n right? Please, quit following me. I don't know you Mr curse and I don't even want to know you all."

"I used to work in Madam's Kash house as his plumber. Is been about two years that I have been working as her plumber. I opened my own shop and employed two workers, I built my first house and even did my first introduction with my woman and planning a big wedding in my church. I have even gone to price cars and also put things in place for the wedding which is coming up in about five weeks from now. All of this I did with the money I got from madam. Just for me to go to fix their kitchen pipe issue last month, which they've being calling me for, and I was told that another plumber has fixed it and madam has already employed the person. I have personal business and don't want to be appearing immediately I'm called upon by madam again, so that I can continue maintaining my value as her plumber. I could have come on that first day but I had personal things I needed to take care of first. I have tried every possible means to see madam and explain things to her so that she will kick you out and give me back my job but to no avail. She used to give me enough money for materials and still pays me very well every month end. I can't possibly lose her just like that. It was on her I put all my hope for my upcoming wedding plans..."

I chuckled a little as I listened to him narrate how I need to leave my new job for him before the anger of God descend on me.

"And you said you're a man of God with calling on your head or whatever part of your body that you mentioned God called. You forget to mentioned that the devil also called you into stealing, lying and scamming people. So, you're the plumber that have been scamming madam?

He stared at me angrily

I scoffed and continued.

".. every of your plumbing work has serious issue. You used fake materials for the job she paid you to do well. Listen to yourself, you have built house, opened a business of your own, even employed workers. You have done half part of your marriage and planning on the final wedding. All of this you did with Madam's money and you have the nerve to open your mouth and insult me? You're obviously cursed and this is just the beginning of your doom. I don't know the kind of God that called you into such a dirty act but what I know is that the same God you mentioned will pun!sh you. You should be wrathing in jail by now, I could have made it possible by exposing all your secrets to madam but lucky for you I never said anything concerning the fake materials or that you have been scamming her..."

"Uh-oh wait, you didn't? I mean you didn't say anything bad about me to madam? That's good. Well, I didn't actually used fake materials, I just did what I had to do to survive. If you want to make it in this life, you have to be wise. Even the Bible said it that a wise man builds his house on the rock while the foolish build on a sand. Madam has money and didn't care how it's spent, She has many rich friends too, money wasn't her problem. I have to also invest into my future. The Bible said again that when you are among the rich, eat all that's presented to you because some rich fellow are not a giver of gift. Listen, manner will not fall on my laps, madam won't give me money if I ask her to sponsor my project because many rich people are stingy. The Bible said be wise as serpent and also mark your territory.."

"Please shμt up your mouth Mr Man. Is baffling how you quote the part of the Bible that favors you, you used the Bible to back up your lies, your deceit and stealing. With all the money you have been taken, atleast you could have used original materials instead of fake. I'm sure you would have still make lots of money rather than all the damaged materials you kept using for the work. And as the fake Man of God that you are, those things that you have been doing to madam bfor two years now, you didn't read it in your Bible that is a sin against God and humanity.." I queried him

"Sin? Please save your breath. I never stole from her or did she ever told you that I stole money from her? Because I never did. I only applied wisdom to get things done and also gain in return. That's wisdom not sin. She paid for my service and I rendered it, I never defaulted. There is nothing like sin here and if there's any, maybe for those few times that I had to lie that something is damaged and needs to be repaired and collected money from her without really doing anything, maybe for those times alone, I will say they're just a little sin, nothing much.."

"I have you recorded, I will show it to madam.." I said, touching my pocket where my phone suppose to be but I guess I forgot it back at my room.

I began to walk away, he followed me.

 he began to threaten me at first which later turned into a plead. 

He was pleading this time around but I didn't reply him neither did I want him to know that I didn't even have any phone on me and never recorded him.

I put my hand in my trouser pocket as I waved down a cab and quickly enter, leaving him to stand and watch me go.

I used Chumi's theory on him

Is always pleasing to watch them plead after threatening me with everything they got.

His own curse involuntarily returned back to him unexpected, just in a second.

I looked out through the window and he was still standing the exact place i left him.

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