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Just a little sin episode (41&42)


Episode 41

He drove straight to the side of the road Park, which was close to the market

I paid the cab man and went down.

This is a big market, I will have to ask around to know where the plumbing shops are stationed.

Since the cab dropped me opposite the market, I needed to cross over and walk into the market.

Immediately I was about to cross to the other side of the road, I saw two guys coming towards me.

"Hey.. you..? They shouted, pointing towards me.

I looked around to be certain that it was actually me that they were referring to.

"Hey...me? Am I the one you're talking to? I said boldly to them

They didn't reply.

 I turned and began walking away.

They rushed to me, grabbed me from my t-shirt collar

As I turned to ask them what was going on, one of them landed me a hot slap on my face.

Another heavy strike on my cheek followed.

I don't know who they are, maybe Street hoodlums, thieves or hired kidnapper but I was not going to let go without a fight.

As they try to push me towards the lonely corner, I refused but they pushed me hard and draged me several blocks before dumping me like a bag of potatoes.

I try to get up but the first guy pined me down as he tries to search my body and pocket for any weapon or maybe money.

I quickly break free and stood.

As they came at me again, i held one by his balls and send a thunderous blow straight to the second guy's eyes.

I targeted the one with a loose trouser, fortunately, his m@nhood dangled freely, it was very easy to grab.

Probably he was not putting on any undies or whatever he wore inside was as loose as the worn out trouser that he was putting on.

He screamed in anguish but I didn't let go of his balls as I held on tight with one hand while performing defensive magic with the other hand.

The other man tried to hit me again but I dodged two of his blows

I managed to dodge another one coming straight at my face but two heavy blow landed on my chest and cheek.

The one that I'm still grabbing, was doing all he can to be free but he doesn't know that Tomasi is ready to suffo©ate him to de@th. No matter what, I was going to make him realize that they messed with the wrong guy.

After the tight b@ll grab, anytime he wants to pee, the pain will remind him of me.

The first guy, whom I was holding onto made several attempt to hit me but he didn't succeed.

He kept trying and I kept dodging.

I extend my hand to his s©rotums and pulled it like a rubber band, I stretched it like I was about to harvest it and everything that makes him a man out.

He began to plead to his second guy to save him

The second one came with force as he pounced on me like a prey but I sent him crashing heavily on the ground with one blow accompany by extra kick.

As the second guy was trying to get up from the ground.

One punch suddenly landed on my lips, I winced in pain because it immediately broke my lips

the first guy who threw the punch, made attempt at me again.

From the pain I was experiencing on my broken lips, which was already bleeding I gave him the exact size of blow to his eyes, another to his nose

And followed by more punches

The guys on the ground was saying something or speaking to someone, I didn't really pay attention to him fully, I was careful so that another punch from the angry ball guy will not take me by surprise.

  I was focusing more on him because due to the pain that he was passing through he became like an angry Lion.

 he was fully charged for war and I was prepared for war.

He threw punches and miss some.

I dashed him several blow until he can no longer stand.

I tightened my fist, and direct the strength speed straight to his m@nhood.

 He screamed in terror, I released him as he went crashing heavily to the ground.

As I turned to face the second guy, I was shocked to see another person came to join the party

The third guy that joined them was hefty, he was a full muscled ugl¥ looking guy.

What exactly does this men want from me, I don't know them and not holding onto any of their stuff.

Who sent them to attack me.

What do they want with me

Could it be from Chumi or from Madam old plumber who even attacked me this morning.

Could it be because of the fake recording I mentioned that made him to send this men after me?

Or he just wants me to be gone so be that he can take back his Job.

What if he's not the one, probably Chumi who is maybe trailing me so that she can deal with me for trying to expose her

Or did this strange guys sensed that I have alot of money with me and decided to attack me so that they can steal all the money. 

Money that is not even mine, money that i was taking to the market to buy the plumbing materials for the house and Madam gave me more than enough, almost triple of what I asked her.

She said is better I have more than enough than to run out of money in the market.

I have plenty money with me, could it be the reason why this strange men are after me?

The only person I mentioned that Madam gave me too much money for the materials was John and John said that Madam's does that to any worker she happens to attach likeness to.

John said probably madam likes me that's why she gave me more than enough.

Normally, for other staff, is whatever your total list says that she gives, and she gives the exact amount that anyone present on the list after several scrutiny and questioning in how they arrived at such amount. 

John had said

But my own case was quiet different.

John said I was a lucky man to have found favor before madam so quick.

I never mentioned the massaging thing to him because I'm sure John may also feel strange with such behavior from madam.

And I was not ready to mention that to anyone, Not even John.

In all this I never mentioned the amount to John, I only said madam gave me more money than I asked and his first answer was that I'm so lucky that Madam likes me

Who sent this hoodlums after me?

Are they even sent or they just choose to randomly pick me as the next victim to practice their attacks on.

Something tells me that they're sent but by who exactly?

They probably got information from somebody who sent them after me.

Apart from the plumber, the next person I'm thinking of is Chumi.

Who exactly could be behind all this?

Several thoughts where roaming on my mind

I'm not going to surrender to defeat without a serious fight and I don't care how many they maybe.

I'm a hard meat to chew, I grew up among thorns and pines.

I have seen the worst of life, I have once upon a time live like an animal in the bush after the lost of Oni which drove me crazy.

I won't fail to unleash terror on any of them that dares come after me.

It will be hard before they succeed in taking me down.

Is not by all this muscles and swollen bicep that they're showing off with. is definitely not by size.

The two launched at me almost at the same time.

I decided to pull my target on one in particular because if I decide to focus on the two I will definitely loose guard.

One was down, wrathing in pain after dealing with him and he only succeed in giving me a broken lip

This two appears angrier and ready for the real war and although all of this took me off guard but I'm fully charged for them.

The big guy got me the first time and it was d@mn painful and he miss the second time.

I took several feet back, targeted at his throat and launched my own fist weapon right at his Adams apple which was well positioned on his neck.

I got him, yes I did.

I didn't relent as I remained focus and was ready to even bite off their ears if they try hold me to the ground but what if they're carrying diseases like rabies or something worst.

A single bite will automatically transfer whatever sickness they're carrying to me.

Biting is out of it but if I had no option, I may take the risk.

I threw blow like a crazy person to the hefty guy who has shedded my shirt into pieces as we wrestle.

He held his throat and began to cough hard as my last blow got him at the right spot.

The other guy, pulled out a knife and started coming at me.

The hefty guy stood as he spat out blo0d to the ground

They both had weapons.

The first guy had two black eyes, broken nose and a bruised scr0tums

He was still down.

They speak strange language, maybe their street slangs which I don't understand.

My only trouble was the two remaining guy, the hefty one was going through throat pain, 

courtesy of me.

I was in a serious pain too after receiving several blows from them

The second guy was coming at me with a knife.

The hefty one was trying to block me from escaping.

I couldn't even shout for help because it was a lonely corner.

I looked around, for stick or a stone.

Any weapon will be useful at this time but the one I saw was several feet away.

I thought of any chance to escape because I'm helpless right now and don't want to be butchered like a cow meat.

There was no escape route for me.

A hard blow sent me crashing to the ground and it was from the first guy who managed to use all his remaining strength to get at me.

I try to get up immediately because I was at the weak spot, having my back to the ground and feeling pain all over with some part of my body swollen.

I was weak but I was ready to fight until I can no longer.

They pounced on me and began punching and kicking me untill I blackout.

I passed out and can no longer feel or remember what was going on.


Episode 42

I can hear mumbling voices, I wondered who John was talking to

Isn't it too early for him to be up, and who is he having in our room? I wondered to myself

John has occupied my thought must part of my sleep, I guess is because he's my roommate, the only one I'm close to.

I wish he can stop talking loudly with his visitor so that I can sleep.

I said something to him, I asked him to stop with the noise because I'm struggling to sleep but my words didn't even make sense to my ears when I said it out.

It was as if I was whimpering like a wounded goat.

I felt pain, serious pain all over.

My head felt heavier than it should.

I try to move my legs but it was stiffened

My body didn't feel like mine anymore.

I was struggling to open my eyes but there was still a lot of darkness.

What have John done to me? Did he place bags of cement or heavy wood on me as I slept off last night.

Why am I feeling this way?

I try to call John to help me but no noise came out.

"Tomasi, you're so de@d" I heard his voice

John does not know when to play

What's the meaning of this

"..Madam want you to come and massage her body.." John said again and began to laugh with a husky scary voice

"No..no. I can't, tell her that I can't.. please.." I try to plead but only a rumbling noise filled my ears.

"... she's is coming to get you Tomasi, look at her approaching the door. You're d0omed, you're so d0omed " 

This time I looked up and saw Madam, I managed to escape as my legs can Carry me.

As I was running towards the gate, I heard several voices running after me.

Zee, was next to me asking me to stop running. 

She said she will like to teach me how to prepare coraba de capy.

She almost caught me but I was fast enough

John asked me something about Madam's money. I was running and didn't pay much attention to him.

Madam called out to me for a body massage.

I wondered why everyone was after me.

I heard John said again like a whisper to my ear "you're do0med Tomasi.."

Zee kept calling me to wait so that we can make de capy

I ignored and ran off, I ran into Chumi right outside the gate. 

She was laughing, she was seriously laughing hard with a fang in place of teeth.

Those were very scary.

I was still wondering what she was doing outside the gate, how did she get to my work address?

She pushed me hard and I fell, I try to get up but couldn't.

Something was pining me down

Chumi brought out a knife and came at me forcefully, she stab me but the knife missed.

"You want to expose me, you think you're smart right? I got you now..let me see how you will escape from me.." she said as she raised the kπife high to st@b me.

She st@bbed severally again but kept missing.

She groaned angrily as she missed again.

I couldn't still get up as I began to crawl away like a child who can't walk.

She was coming after me, I kept crawling but I realized that the more I applied speed to get away from her, the slower I become

I was trying to move but wasn't even moving at all as she kept laughing

A gh0stly wind blew around me, I felt serious chilled and became weak.

The cold was freezing me up.

"Hey Tomasi, my love. Are you cold? take this and cover up.."

I looked up and saw Oni, she looks tattered, her dressing was that of rag, worn out and thorn in different parts.

her face had different w0und marks, her hands where half skel€ton and half human.

She was offering me a leaf cloth

"Go away from me, you're d€ad. Please leave me alone.

I said while trying to get away but she was everywhere

In front, back and beside me.

"Take it my love, I want us to be one family, I love you and want us to get married. Will you marry me?

"No, get away from me Oni, you're d€ad. I can't marry you... leave me alone please, please I'm tired, I don't want to d!e. Go back to the dead and let me be.

She began to laugh and it was more scarier than that of Chumi who wanted to att@ck me before but I can't see her anywhere again

"I want to help you Tom, you're the love of my life and no one can break us apart. We're meant to be together, you're mine and I'm yours. My whole love is yours and yours is mine. I want you to lay with me, get me with a child so that we can have a little one. Make out with me my love..is been a little while you cuddled me up, you don't like cuddling me, you're breaking my heart, you're hurting me, you're not loving me enough..."

She began to cry but instead of tears there where blood.

"Oni, I'm sorry. I love you, but you're dead now. We can't make out, lay together like husband and wife or even have a family..."

"Why? Why will you say a thing like that? We can and we must or I will take this kn!fe and k!ll you and also k!ll myself. We're meant to be together and nothing should come between us my love. You're mine and does not belong to another. You're mine, mine alone. No one should come between our love or I will k!ll the person.." she screamed and her voice thundered into my ear drum causing me to shake all over

I began to shake as she raise the kn!fe up and approached.

"Please don't k!ll me I pleaded as I try to get up and get away from her but I was stuck.

Something was holding me to the ground.

"..Oni, please don't hürt me, don't k!ll me Oni. I'm sorry for everything, I regret my actions everyday ever since you're gone. I wish I can save you from dying, I wish we are happily married and living as loving couple. I wish nothing was powerful enough to separate us. Forgive me Oni, don't k!ll me, I need to be alive to take care of onmi, the daughter you left behind for me. She's in Mama's care. Do you remember how much you love Mama? If I d!e, Mama will be devastated, and Onmi will grow up without a father figure. I never told anyone of the secret you confined in me. The real father of Onmi, my lips have never spoken of it. I promised you that I won't and I never did. You entrusted her to me and asked me to be a father to her and I'm trying all I could to be the best dad. If I d!e, if you don't stop tormênting me, I won't be able to do all of that. Please Oni, forgive me I beg thee, be kind to me just like I have been kind to Onmi. Stop tormënting me... don't k!ll me.. please.."

I pleaded with my two palms together in a pleading fashion.

"I have been lonely too long, you're my companion and my love for you is stronger than before. We've to live together as one. You're all I want and if you oppose again I will k!ll you and k!ll myself. Take my hands let's go to my room now.."

"No..no, I can't.."

She came at me with the knife, I crawled up into myself and kept screaming.

"Tom..Tom.. what is the problem.." a gentle tap and a sweet and calm voice made me look up

"Omie.." I shouted, i suddenly rose, ran to her and held her like a frightened child.

"Is all going to be alright, don't be frightened. Jesus loves you, he paid in full at the cross so that you will no longer be tormènted. He d!ed so that the power of de@th will be defeated in your life. Jesus is the answer, those who trust in him will have everlasting life and won't be put to shame.." Omie said.

I loosened from my tight grip on her.

She was really beautiful, she is just like Oni facially but totally different every other parts of her being.

Suddenly, a bad wind blew into my ears. It came with a whisper and it was Onis voice whispering into my ears

"I'm still here, you're wanting another woman, I will end you. I will k!ll you and k!ll myself. I'm your only lover... you're mine.." the voice was echoing deeply into my ears

"Please take me along with you, I'm scared. Oni is here is and she wants to k!ll me. I don't want to d!e, she is here right now, she can see us... she will st@b me to de@th if I don't do her bidding. Take me away, I will follow you.." I cried out to Omie.

"I may not know who is Oni but I'm very certain that you're not dying, not today or any other day. Your burden is lifted off, your heart is mended and tears are wiped away. God has come through for you Tom, you will be totally liberated if you accept him as your Lord and savior..? Omie said

"Accept who? Who are you talking about? I queried

"Jesus, the son of the living God, who became man and live among us, he was unjustly arrested by those who h@ted him, he neither argue nor vent out in anger. He was k!lled by the same people he came to save yet even the gr@ve couldn't stop him or his glory. He rose again triumphantly, defeating de@th, powers of darknëss, sicknëssês and disēasës, të®rors of this present world. He defeated all so that you will be free from them, none of those things have any power to to®ment you because you're born of Christ, you've overcome them. God, who is a compassionate father, saw how much we needed salvation and he sent his only begotten son to subdue all the tribul@tions in this world so that you can walk in freedom without fêar knowing who goes before you and stand behind you. God watches us always and he cares deeply about you even when you are yet to know him. Taste and see that the Lord is good, the Lord is a deliverer and redeemer, our saviour. He's ready to deliver you if you will believe and trust him. So Tomasi, do you believe?

"I don't know how, what do I have to do? I want to believe... please, show me how to believe.." I said still looking around if Oni was hiding anywhere.

I held her hand as she lead me.

"Follow me, let me show you the way.." she finally said

I followed her

Something cold and wet suddenly splashed on my face.

I blinked severally before trying to open my eyes.

My eyes were very heavy, I can't move my limb

My body felt numb and my head bang heavily.

People where hovering over me

Somebody threw water on me, followed by more water.

I wanted to get up and fight whoever was doing that, why are they throwing water at me like a vegetable

Can't they see me, do I look like a leaf in their eyes?

I looked around me and saw I was lying among the bushes.

"What am I doing?

"..why am I here..?

I have been dreaming all this while.

"He's alive, he's not dead like you presumed. He's alive.." somebody said to another

"Hey, young man can you hear me... who are you? Can you remember anything? Some people dumped your body here last night..." A man in his late forties said calmly as he bent over to lift me up from the ground with the help of another

They were three men and two women bending over to watch me like a hawk


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