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Just a little sin episode (43&44)


Episode 43

I'm yet to understand what exactly is really going on.

A woman spoke. "Is just by God's grace that we saw you, the animals would have made food out of you if you stayed any longer here. Can you remember your name? Who are you and where do you come from..?

They suddenly began to talk among themselves.

"Maybe whoever dumped him among this thorn bushes assumed he was dead..." A man said

" Probably he was kidnapped, or attacked by arm men, they really brutalized him. Look at that big cut on his forehead and arm. They left him him here thinking he was already dead..." A woman said

"You people should leave him here before we all get implicated. What if he's a criminal, maybe most wanted by the police or he's a kidnapper who deserves death. This Maybe punishment from God for all his sins. Maybe he has been robbing people and God decided to punish him through this means. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house. God has catch him today. This Man looks like a criminal and do not deserve any mercy. The good you can do is to report to the police, we may even get compensated.."

One of the men with a face cap said as he stood far from me.

Although one of my eyes was knocked shut and swollen but I'm managing to see with one. 

It looks like mid morning, maybe around 9am. 

That's my guess because early morning sun was still forming

The shadows are not long like 4pm sun

This morning sun wasn't harsh either.

My assumption of the time maybe right or close. 

I looked at the face cap man again with one of my eye.

He spat to the ground and muttered something I couldn't hear.

"I don't think he's a criminal. I have conviction in my spirit that he is none of those things you mentioned. He was attacked and needs our help. Please, let's join hands and help him. His people maybe looking for him.." a Lady said

"Count me out. I don't want to have anything to do with any of this. His bad gang may even start fishing out innocent people that know nothing of his attack. That's how they use to do. He may be a gang leader, who knows? I have wife and children and my children are still young. I don't want to have have anything to do with him. I'm going back home to my family..." The face cap man spoke again

Another man said, as he move around me. He seems to be the youngest among them.

 "There's nothing found on him, i have searched his pockets, and around the bushes yet I found nothing. No means of identification, no phone, no money, nothing at all..."

Did he say no phone, no money?

Where's my money? Madam's money.

Wait, where's Yoara, no I mean where is John, madam! Where's John? 

My Madam's money for the plumbing materials that I was sent to buy?

They onlookers said my body has been here since yesterday, that means I slept in this bushes

I became quiet as I try to understand what was really going on.

Reality began to hit me right on the face.

That was when it dawned on me.

The fight, the tough looking street men, they attacked me and we got into real fight. Three men and one finally knocked me out.

That's all I remembered

"Oh no, my Madam's money is gone." I try to scream but realized no sound came out.

 my throat was patched, I was really tasty and hungry.

I feel dizzy and weak. My body didn't feel like my own

"I think he wants to drink water, let's give him water first. Before taking him to the hospital.." the young lady said as she opened a bottle water, came to me and put it in my mouth so that I can drink.

She was feeding me like a child

She has a nice smile as she looked at my one eye.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. You will be alright and you will get back to your people. If you can remember your relatives and friends phone number you can dail the number and I will help you talk to them.."

I shake myself head, I can't remember any number in my state of mind.

"... don't worry, we won't leave you here. I will personally take you to the hospital and make sure your people come for you. even if everyone deserts you, I won't.."

I nod, which is my only way of saying thank you.

The man that lift me from the ground earlier, who is in his late forties said he has a car parked by the main road.

He said that he felt pressed which made him park beside the road, run into the bush to release himself.

It was after he was about leaving he caught a sight of me and began to holla for help before other people came.

The face Cap man walked away as they where helping me stand.

I couldn't even walk.

It was as if they crippled me from the waist

My joints were on fire.

 I was in a serious pain.

The four remaining people managed to drag my body to the place the man parked his car.


Episode 44

" Do you believe in God? He asked me

I looked up from the plate of food in front of me and then went back eating

"...Do You think it was God that saved you during your attack? He asked again

I ignored and didn't bother answering him.

"...is there even God? Does God truly exist? 

This time, I feel really bothered and had to stop eating to answer him.

"Listen John, I don't know the exact thing or answer you seek from me but whatever you seek, I don't have any answer for it.

"You told me that your mother was a dedicated Christian, do you usually follow her to church? What do you understand about Jesus Christ.." He asked again.

"Okay, can you just leave me alone so that I can concentrate with this food? You didn't come all the way down here to start interviewing me about my faith, or did you? I asked him

"Is obvious that you don't know God, yet he saved you.." John said again

I ignored him, carried my food to eat outside instead.

John bothering me about God is becoming tiring for me

I wondered why he found the need to engage me about God.

Ever since I told him briefly of the dream I had during my trauma lone time in the bush

When Omie appeared like an angel and saved me from the terrible war I was in and she volunteered to show me the right path that leads to God.

John kept boring me with religious talk.

And it was not because he was preaching salvation to me but it appeared more like query

He wanted to know my stand with God which is the only explanation to him on why I was still alive after everything.

I narrated my whole encounter to him and told him that I was afraid to go back to madam because she may do worst to me than what I went through.

I told him of my ordeals and he was surprised after listening to me.

John agreed that there may be trouble if I return like that, he said madam may even arrest me because she doesn't joke with her money and ever since my disappearance she has been cu®sing and swearing because she thinks I deceived her and ran away with her money.

Who wouldn't be angry with the way I disappeared without a word or trace.

And even if they decide to go to those selling plumbing materials in the big market to make inquiry if I happened to stop by at their shops, that's even worst because I didn't even get to the shop before I was attacked.

Nobody will believe anything I say and she may get me arrested.

I don't know what to do or say that will save me from further doom

I spent four days in the hospital, it was on that the same fourth day that I was discharged to go home.

Lydia, she never missed a day out of the fourth day.

She promised to visit everyday and she kept to her promise

It was on the the second day I managed to see with my second eye which was initially blood shot.

I saw her clearly with my two eyes instead of one.

"My name is Lydia Jackson, I will stop by tomorrow again to check up on you. I'm seriously praying for you and I know God never fails.."

That was her exact words, and she kept to her promise.

Lydia came everyday with food, fruits or a change of undies 

I felt loved, I felt cared for and I looked forward to seeing her everyday and it was not because of whatever gift she will be bringing for me but because her face brings warm to me.

After I was discharged, she was there and a taxi was ready and waiting outside the hospital gate for me. 

All the hospital expenses were paid and I don't even know how that happened.

If I was to pay, where will I see that type of money to even pay

I was still thinking about Madam's money, it gave me sleepless nights right in the hospital

If not for the sleeping tabs that was included in my hospital drugs, which made me sleep off easily, I wouldn't have been able to sleep.

The major thing that occupied my mind was madam Kash money

What will I tell that woman, what kind of convincing explanation will I give her?

I have been gone for about a week with her money which was meant for the plumbing materials.

She gave me enough and I didn't intend spending all of it because it was more than what I needed.

But the attackers took all the money.

I explained my situation to Lydia and she decided that I will stay with her for the main time until I decide exactly what I intend to do.

She asked what she can do to help.

I understand that she can't possibly help me with cash, she has done way too much for me already.

I asked her to help me in going to my Madam's house, she should ask for John and tell him to come and see me.

I stayed over at Lydia's house after I was discharged from the hospital.

John finally came to see me on the second day in Lydia's house.

I was having breakfast that morning when he arrived.

Lydia offered him some food but he declined.

I narrated everything that happened to him and how God somehow kept me alive.

He saw the whole wounds and unhealed scars on my body and that made him believed my story.

He wouldn't have believed me any way if not for the evidence on my body. 

He appeared surprised after I narrated everything to him.

He told me all that have been going on back at the house

And how everyone thinks I escaped with the money.

He said, I should think it through before coming back because many may not believe me and may even think the injuries are just fake 

Make up wound just to covered up my deeds.

Madam's daughter the second one, Jenny is trying to even po!son the heart of her mother against me and madam is begining to consider it all.

Madam may not be ready to listen to whatever explanation I have to offer, but will be ready to lock me up until I provide all the money she gave me.

John concluded that if I believe in God, God could have soften her heart even before I arrive but is obvious that I don't.

He didn't say it like he meant it, it was more like a joke.

John jokes alot, he even joke when one isn't in the mood for his lame jokes

I told him that I didn't really know who exactly sent those men after me but it appears like the former plumber is the culprit

He agreed.

He said the former plumber is hurt because of the way I collected his job, which he was using to feed and grow himself financially.

Anyone will be bitter with such act and will go to any extent just to hurt whoever that was in the way of their happiness.

He mentioned that the plumber came to the house twice to see madam since I have been away but he can't tell what they discussed.

After I heard John said that, I became more worried.

The plumber intention was probably to kill me but he doesn't know that he can't take my life just like that.

John came to stand where I was sitting out, he said he was going before his absence will be dictated.

He asked me to take care and heal properly first before coming to madam with all that happened and I should seriously pray hard so that she believes me.

I can also choose not to come back, so that everyone can believe whatever they want to believe and with time they will gradually let go of everything that happened and move on.

If I'm well enough, then I should probably get a Job in another place or think of what to do with myself.

As I was walking him out, he asked if Lydia and I were already an item.

 She saved me with the help of few others, took care of me in the hospital and paid off hospital bills before bringing me to stay at her place.

John asked if there's any romantic stuff going on between us because is obvious the girl likes me

John obviously was trying to put the wrong ideas in my head but I refused to dwell on that.

I have a heavy burden on my chest that I need to get off soon

And is how to go about it that I'm thinking off

Going back to madam is the burden, anytime I think of it, fear grip me.

I thanked John for honoring my request to come over and see me.

I gave him Lydia's number to call and let me know if there's any new developments back in the house.

He promised to do so and he said he could have gone to speak to madam about everything I told him but madam will think otherwise.

He later left.

I went back to think of my next line of action, I don't know which is the best thing to do as of now.

I can't be living on Lydia

The expenses will be too much on her.

I'm sure feeding and taking care of a stranger is definitely not what she planned for.

I have to go back and present myself to madam.

I know John gave me a scare with his words, he said madam is shrewd and may røast me alive but I don't care at all.

I haven't had peace of mind ever since, I need to go and clear the air, whatever madam intend doing with me then is up to her.

She can do with me as she please.

I survived the first harm from multiple men, I will survive whatever comes my way.

I know is not by my might but the true God of Omie will make it happen.

First thing tomorrow, I will be leaving to see madam.



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