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Just a little sin episode (45&46)


Episode 45

As I walked into the estate, I began to calculate my every step. I try to think of what to say or do if the whole event of the day took a very serious turn out.

John had said madam may even lock me up and I have been thinking of that ever since.

Lydia wanted to follow me so that she can plead on my behalf but I told her not to bother.

Is my cross and I'm ready for whatever consequences that turns up.

Lydia is kind, nice and beautiful inside out. 

I can't thank her enough for her numerous show of care, I appreciate her deeply, she is like an angel that showed up in my hopeless situation to save me.

She has done enough and I can't continue to depend on her, no I feel defeated and ashame of myself sometimes when she present foods and gifts to me.

I wish I had money I could have atleast supported her

Giving her little or more would have made me feel good with myself but not giving at all incapacitates me.

I feel so useless. 

I owe her big time and wish I can start repaying her back for all her kindness.

She never complained or showed any sign of displeasure, she never asked for a pay back or appeared with ill attitude.

I just felt bad because I'm living on her even after she and a team of kind people saved my Life.

I wish to get to pay them back someday but right now, I need to know what awaits me with my madam.

Two days ago, after John's visit, Lydia asked me if I'm fit enough to follow her to a night Virgil, I didn't feel like going anywhere but I wanted to please her because it was obvious she wanted me to come along.

I agreed and we went, I actually slept most part of the night virgil and she didn't complain.

When we returned home in the morning, from the church program, we found out that somebody came in the middle of the night, right in our absence and try to break into the house.

The locks was almost broken, the window was tampered with.

There were pieces of glass and stones scattered everywhere.

Lydia began to thank God that we weren't home, she said maybe is thieves that came to steal but seeing the locks they knew no one was home and couldn't get in due to the locks.

My thought went straight to those men that almost killed me.

Somebody must have given them information of my whereabouts and they came to finish me up but unfortunately I was away and they couldn't succeed.

I asked Lydia to file a police report and also to change her locks to something stronger.

I also went to the police to drop a statement.

Lydia changer the locks that very day, she also informed the vigilante and security men in her street to watch out in case the bad men decided to come again.

They have not come back for two days now and I hope they don't ever come back again

I don't want any trouble for Lydia, I don't want her to be dragged into my mêss.

I'm certain that whoever attãcked in our absence was after me.

Somebody is their informant and they want to stop at nothing until I'm totally consumed.

I don't want harm to come to Lydia, they should leave her out and if I'm the one they wanted then they should take me up.

That's why I needed to go and see madam to know my fate.

John had suggested that it would have been better I stay clear so that everything that madam is planning to do to me will be totally forgotten.

But staying totally off won't clear the air.

I didn't run away with her money like they thought and I need to clear the air on that.

John even said if I happened to get a job in another place, I should grab it because madam may not want me back again. 

I watched my step as I walked down Madam's estate, I began to count every step, maybe doing so will distract my mind from whatever trouble awaits me.

I sighted somebody that looks very familiar, he was walking down, opposite the other side of the road.

As I got closer, and he also happened to be close enough for me to know who he was.

He was holding a brown paper file in his hand which contains somethings.

I felt like developing wings and flying over to where he was.

I wanted to hûrt him beyond recognition.

I recognized him, that's the plumber, the w!cked man that sent thūgs after me.

He wanted to el!m!nate me so that I will no longer be a thrëat to him.

He thought I truly recorded him, he must be afraid that I will show the evidence to madam unknown to him that I didn't record anything.

I only used that to thr3aten him, just like I did with Chumi.

I'm still going through a healing process and can't do anything hard or some of the stichess on most part of my body may loosen up.

I can't afford any of my wound breaking open, which will require another round of painful process plus the money included in it.

That thoughts alone made me restrain my anger.

At first, he pretend like he didn't recognized me. My black eye is not totally healed, the bone sucket connecting my waist and upper part of my joint were not really healed which affected my walking step.

I try not to make it obvious but I just couldn't help it sometimes.

The pain can be unbearable sometimes.

I took a cab down to the estate and stopped several buildings away from Madam's house. I wanted to walk down by myself which will give me time to think.

I paid the cab man off from the money Lydia gave me so that I can finish the journey by foot.

I was staring at the plumber, even if I can't do anything, he should know that I'm aware of what he did.

John mentioned that he has seen him twice, he came to see madam but he didn't know what was discussed.

I know whatever reason he came to see madam, is definitely not going to favor me.

He probably lied to madam that I'm a thief or that I have escaped with her money and never coming back

He is surprised that I survived the attãçk he sent my way, he must've thought he's seeing a ghøst


He crossed over to my side

"Tomasi! Ehee...I said it that is you. What happened to you like this? He asked

This plumber must be a good actor or he probably thinks I'm stup!d.

I ignored him

"...I heard that ever since the day I saw you, you are nowhere to be found. Were you involved in an acc!dent? That must be really terrible, I know I hat3d the fact that you took my job from me but I will never wish this kind of acc!dent on you..."

" Then who sent men after me, who did this to me? Who attäcked me? You think I'm a foøl right? You thought I will d!e but is good to see the face of the w!cked man behind my pain. See the extent you went because of ordinary Job, or was it because I told you that I recorded you...? who knows how many souls you must've wasted. I have already filed a police report concerning this, if anything should happen to me, you and your entirely house will be held responsible and will suffer great consequences..."

He chuckled out of shock

"What are you saying? I'm a man of God remember, I'm not an assãss!n, a®m robbër, murdêrër or a bād person infact. If you were truly attacked then point your fingers at another. I'm a man of God and can't do such. God forbids it, the holy power in me is not physically violent.."

He was indeed an actor. 

Who else will send thügs after me and even to trace me down to Lydia's place, except the very person that feels threâten with my new job which used to be his.

"... after expressing myself that day to you, I went straight to my shop and asked God for forgiveness in anyway that I spoke or acted wrongly. Please, I have no hands in whatever happened. I have seen madam once, which was three days ago. She is worried about your disappearance. She is even suspecting me and didn't give me much room to say the reason I came. Well, I have printed out about fifty flyers.. vacancy or whatever you may call it, I'm putting it up for people in need of a plumber or plumbing work. My wedding is coming up soon, I can't be put to shame, I need money seriously and since I can't steal, I have to get it in the right way even if my ways of plumbing does not sit well with you, I just have to hustle to survive because the rich do not care about you and I. Is the remaining flyers that are in here, in this big envelope. Since I no longer have a chance with madam, please don't tell her anything bad about me and don't show her the recorder. It will be a great favor and I will pray for you that whosoever is behind your attack, God will expose the person. In Jesus name Amen. Just be watchful because it maybe the person you didn't expect, someone who maybe close to you. I can't swear because God frowns at it, I could have swear to you that I'm not the one. no matter how desperate I am for money, attacking somebody physically is the last thing that I will ever do..."

He walked past me calmly.

I had so many questions but instead I also continued down to Madam's house.

I don't know if I should believe the plumber or not

He said he had only gone to see madam once and madam is worried about my disappearance.

He said three days ago, meaning John has already visited me before the plumber went over to see madam.

Those are opposite of what John said.

John said madam is going to really hurt me if I return because she has been angry ever since I took off with the money without a word and even her daughter is ganging up to deal with me if they ever set eyes on me, which was why he asked me to think things through before returning or if possible get a job in another place instead of returning back to avoid further trouble from madam.

I don't know what to believe or who to believe.

I can only find out myself, I can see Madam's gate, is just a block away.

My heart beat increased as I approached the gate.


Episode 46

"..What? Did you just say you came empty? Wait, you mean to tell that you don't have the exact amount yet you have the gut to come here? You're not afraid for your Life, who will believe this your nonsènsê story..? You can't be serious Tomasi .." 

"I am very serious. I can't keep calm and let everyone thinks the worst of me. I didn't steal or run away with the money, I needed to clear the air and await whatever punishment is in store for me.."

He sighed sadly, I was beginning to wonder why he was over protective and worried about me.

I understand that John is the closest to me right from the very day I stepped into this house and I know I can always trust him without fear because he understands me.

But he just have to understand that seeing madam was the right thing to do for me.

I can't stay away or go into hiding because of fear.

I know he is trying to protect me from unknown harm but I have made up my mind, this is what I want to do.

John is a friend and a brother, that's why I can entrust anything to him without worries.

He knows that he's the closest to me in this house and we're both room mates and discuss deep things.

I'm going to see madam, I didn't come all this way for him to drag me to one corner of the house to caution me for wanting tróublë instead of peace.

I just wanted to let him know first that I came around and my reasons for coming before going to madam but he doesn't seem please with it.

He doesn't need to like my decision of seeing madam, is something that will give me peace of mind

So I just have to do it.

I asked John if he can help me go inform madam that I was around but he said he can't, he's afraid of the danger that awaits me because of my visit.

There's still time for me to go back to wherever I came from in one piece and not in pieces.

I slowly walked into the main building ignoring John.

I saw few staff that afternoon, going about their duty.

They seem happy to see me and wanted to know where I have been and what happened to me.

One of the domestic staff led me into the sitting room where one of Madam's daughter, Jenny was sitting. Jenny haven't really taken likeness to me during my first visit to the house

Ever since I was employed and she began to see me often, she act indifferent

I can't really explain if she likes me or håtes me.

I usually greet her whenever I run into each other and she replies and go about her day and that's all to it.

She is neither harsh nor cool with me.

As I walked into the big sitting room where she was, I greeted her and she looked up from her phone

She stared at me without a word at first.

"Jeeez! Tomasi where have you been? It seems you are not ready to take your job serious. You disappeared since without a call or a message. Have you gotten another job..?

I told her I wasn't well and have been to the hospital after I was attacked on my way to the market.

That was when she took a closer look at me.

"Oh my God, so sorry. I thought as much, I even mention it to my Mom. You could have find a means to communicate to us. I thought you're not serious with your given job which made you disappeared for over a week with no sign and none of the staff know of your whereabouts..."

She asked me to sit so that she can go inform her Mom who had been so worried and also her sister Zee, who will be traveling tomorrow for her learning programs in a Czech

John walked in and stood at the dining. He pretend like he was trying to either set the dining or doing something there.

I knew he was not really doing anything, he was only trying to see and hear what Madam and her daughters will say to me.

If Jenny, whom John said was poisoning Madam's heart even more against me, if she can be this nice with just seeing me, then I don't think I have anything much to fear.

In no time Madam Kash who was on the phone, majestically stepped down from the stairs.

My heart skipped when I saw her.

I hope she won't crūc!fy me today.

She sat down to finish her call, I stood immediately I saw her coming.

The call later ended and madam Kash spoke

"Tomasi, how're you doing? I have been worried thinking of what could have happened. I called the number on your guarantor's letter and the person said he haven't seen you either, he said you didn't return home but he will keep trying your line and will get back to me whenever he either reaches you or happened to see you. Your mobile line is off ever since that day and you never called anyone to let us know whatever the situation or problem was. John told us that it could be that you don't like your new job or you're not happy with the way things are being run around here and that could be why you took the money and left. I know you never showed displeasure over your new job, you're happy and seem grateful enough, so I don't understand why you will disappeared like that.."

Yoara was my guarantor, he was the one madam called to ask of me.

 which means Yoara has also been trying to reach me.

I explained in brief what happened to me and she was surprised.

"..oh mine, I'm glad that you're alive. I will call one of my doctor friend to come over and examine you properly. If there's still need for you to return to the hospital for further treatment then that will be done immediately. I can see that one of your eye is blackened and the wound on your body and arm are not properly healed, this is pretty serious. You could've just given the armed men the money immediately they came after you, to avoid body harm. they really inflicted serious injuries on you. Have you filed a police report concerning this..?

I told her that I have, she said she will also inform her friend who is a commissioner of police.

Just then Zee came down and gave me a side hug.

", You almost gave everyone a heart attãçk. I'm very happy to see you again. Don't worry, I will ask the chef to make a healing herb chicken soup for you. It will help you heal up from inside quicker. We're all glad that you're alright, I know before next week you will be fully whole again..." Zee said cheerfully.

She couldn't hide her happiness after seeing me.

I didn't even know what to say or react with the whole celebration coming from madam and her daughters

This isn't what I was expecting, no. 

Is actually the opposite of my expectations.

I had so many fear but not again, it has all disappeared, I feel really good with all the affection that I'm getting.

"Once you recover fully, anytime you're going out, one of my driver will take you to the market to get whatever you wanted. I asked you to go with the driver that day but you refused, you decided to go with a cab man. I was even suspecting the former plumber, he came few days ago asking for a chance to continue his job or to work alongside with you but I turned it down, my instincts told me that you will return, even Jenny said probably you were attacked or something happened to you which made you not to show up for about a week. from now onward anytime you want to go to buy plumbing materials, you and a driver will go together. I'm glad that you're okay, I will make sure no harm comes to you again..." madam said.

John suddenly made a noise by dropping a spoon to the ground which made everyone to turn and look towards him.

"...oh John, since you're here, please set up the dining table and help the chef in serving lunch, something rich in calcium, carbs and protein. Tomasi needs to be well fed so that he can heal up fast.."

I noticed John's reluctance which he tried to hide.

His countenance changed immediately.

He replied with "yes madam" and left to do as he was told.

I'm still surprised how everything is going for me.

If this is what some people tag as miracle, then this is my own miracle.



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