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Just a little sin episode (47&48)


Episode 47

I was given time to recuperate before getting back to work

A doctor also came to check me through.

Madam brought in all that I needed to recover fully.

I was only eating and resting most times and didn't pick a pin.

My laundry was done for me by the laundry staff.

My food was specially prepared and brought to me right in my room.

John didn't look to happy this period, he tries to hide it but his displeasure was very obvious.

He had his bed at one side of the room and I have mine which I try to keep tidy and in order

He will leave his own space to come and eat at my end, either messing up my bedspread with food oil or scattering my corner.

I didn't take it seriously, I pointed it out to him and he said that I should loosen up, I'm taking things too serious.

He said is aomething he did without knowing that I would have quietly clean up I'm still bringing it to him.

But after cleaning it for about four times I told him to stay at his space and do whatever he wants to do to avoid further misunderstanding.

He didn't reply, he went ahead and do even worst the following day

I swept and packed up the dirts and pour it on his bed.

I'm a king of petty, I have kept enough cool for him.

I really can't tell what was eating at him but I was already getting uncomfortable sharing the same room with him.

I have had enough problem in my life, I don't want any further trouble.

We use to crack jokes and talk about deep things in life, things that affects us and what we're aiming at.

I don't expect him to be acting strange

I literally tells him everything about myself because I feel very free with him

He looks young in appearance but after realizing that he was older than me with four years, I began to respect him even more.

He was wise, funny and smart and those are some of the reasons I liked him.

John is gradually changing to something else and I'm very uncomfortable about it

"What exactly is your problem John? If you don't want me in this room anymore, I will speak to madam, requesting for another change of room or even get my own personal room. I don't want problem please. If you have anything bothering you or if I did something to you without knowing kindly speak to me about it and stop throwing tantrum like a child..." 

He gave me a smirking face before saying

"I don't have any issue with you Tomasi but I feel uncomfortable with the way you now carry yourself like a boss, you're trying to boss me around in this house and in my room. Remember I'm the real reason why you got this job, if not for me you will still be out there, probably hunting for job..."

Is that all his problem? I'm not even the one that boss him around.

If madam ask him to do something how does that affects me.

If I tell him to use his own space in the room instead of coming over to scatter and mess up mine, how is that "bossing him around"

He has something eating at him, he has refused to say what was affecting him but I'm not sure that I'm his problem

I'm a plumber and he is like a porter boy who runs all manners of errands in the house.

Our jobs are not related and we're not dragging anything.

"... look at the way you mentioned going over to see madam so that she can give you your own room instead of sharing with anyone. That sounds suspicious, hope you've not started eating the forbidden food from Madam's pot.." John said as he raised an eyebrow.

"How exactly do you mean, I don't understand what you're saying" I replied him as i tried to make sense from what he was saying.

"You're obviously servicing madam and her daughters, that explains why you're getting all this special attention and care from them because what exactly is all of this happening in this house..?"

"I'm servicing madam and her daughters? How exactly... what are you talking about John..?

"You once told me that madam asked for a massage, she asked you to massaged her. You told me so and that's something she has never done with any domestic staff in his house, I'm her most loving staff here yet she has never asked me to massage her or anything related but she asked you of all people to do that.."

I was speechless because I don't know what he was driving at.

He continued when I didn't say anything

"... that took me back to what you once told me. You said that you once used a love portion to get a lady.."

"... the love magic works so well that she left her family house, left her boyfriend to move in with you. She started staying with you and your family and refused to return to hers. you also said she later became pregnant and had a child after which she later d!ed..."

He paused, curved a smile to look at me

"... everything I said is what you told me Tomasi, and that's why I'm afra!d for madam and her daughters. They're acting weird ever since you stepped into this house and it makes me wonder deeply. Their lives is in great dānger and I'm afra!d for them. You're capable of anything and that's why I can't keep calm and pretend like everything is fine in this house, when is obviously not..."

I heaved a heavy sigh and refused to say anything.

Why do this keep happening

Anytime I confide in someone about my horr!ble past they end up using it against me.

I narrated my story to my brother Yoara and he told his girlfriend who ended up using it to hùrt me

And now, John whom I thought I can trust. He used my past to slãp me in the face.

I really don't have anything to say to him.

"... you're not saying anything, which proves that I'm right. And that's reason enough to worry.."

"... madam asked an ordinary you to massage her, awkward and frightening. I saw how Zee hugged you after you returned. I saw how they're rally around you, taking turns to please you as if they were in a competition. You took off with a huge amount of money that madam gave you for plumbing materials, you returned with a cock and boo story, some stup!d story about being attacked and all the money was gone. Normally you're supposed to be locked up in prison for that but instead they welcomed you like a King. You were even chilling with your girlfriend all this while which they're not aware of. You returned without fear even after I tried convincing you that madam may come after you. You were unafraid, and as you walked in, they began to celebrate you, total opposite of what they supposed to do you.."

I muttered something silently as i went into deep thoughts.

I haven't really reason it the way John was doing now

"... what did you say..? John asked curiously

My mother, that's the only explanation for all this.

I'm not close to being worthy of the kindness I get from strangers, is not by any aura or my doing, is that of my mother.

Her act of kindness to others and the way she cares deeply for people in general when they are in need, those good deeds of hers is paying off into my life.

Because I really don't deserve any of the blessings I receive, and there's no better explanation rather than my mother

"My mother is a good woman, and is her care for humanity that brought me this far and presently where I am. Is not magic John, please loosen up. I feel too blessed to even be angry.."

I smile, Pat him on his shoulder.

 He is round and fat, not tall enough, I'm taller than him and as I pat him on his shoulder, I used the opportunity to rob his head like a little boy.

I didn't care if he was older than me with about four years, he was behaving like a child and I got to treat him as one.

He slâpped off my hand and try to throw a punch at me but I dodged.

He felt real offended with what I just did.

I began to laugh at his childishly looking face.

He was still boiling as I walked out.

John must have thought that all the trãsh he was vomiting around me will affect me and get me angry but I gave him the opposite of what he asked for.

Is being a while I saw Omie, I planned to go to church this coming Sunday

I will get to see her and Konji 

I may even visit Yoara, to see how he was doing.

I have an extra week before works starts for me 

I'm sound and well, pains are gone.

If not for the scars on my body you won't know that something happened to me.

I don't know what happened to my phone. I know I left it in the room that very day that I was attacked, I didn't take it along with me but getting back after over a week, I couldn't find it.

I asked John and he denied seeing it, that was how I lost my phone.

Madam Kash said she will get me another, I should remind her this coming week.

I will also need a new sim card.

This is indeed another phase of life for me.

I don't want to joke with this second chance.

Not even John can spoil this treasured moment.

Whatever is eating at him, I know with time he will be alright.

I'm not going to pay any serious attention to his bantering, I'm in a better place now and I feel too blessed to pick offense.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I will be going to church. I have missed Omie, Konji and even Yoara.

I will create time on one of the weekend to go and visit Yoara.

I want to know how him and Chumi were doing.

If Chumi was still deceiving him and he continued to fall for her "church girl fake attitude"

I also want to know if they're already planning for their wedding.

Since I couldn't talk him out of marrying Chumi, I can only wish him the best.

Zee said she will follow me to my church whenever I'm ready to go.

I feel like going alone tomorrow, I want to spend time talking with Omie, Zee coming along will affect all of that.

I will think of a way to tell her not to come with me.

I hope she will understand

I miss Lydia too, I will go and visit her today.

There's still time to do that. This is 11am

I will be leaving by 12pm after letting Jenny know about my movement since madam Kash and Zee aren't around.

Now, I know to trade carefully with John since he's not happy with my new elevated status which isn't by my doing but by Grace

By my Mama's good deed, which has become a blessing to me.


Episode 48

She was about rounding up with her cooking when I stepped in.

"I was worried that I won't meet you at home and there's no phone to call you, I'm happy to see you again.."

She wiped off the sweat forming in her forehead.

"I'm glad you came Tom, you don't know how much I have missed you. I was thinking of how to see you again and was afraid something bad has happened due to what John, your friend told us that your madam will do to you but I usually rebuke such thoughts. I pray for you everyday...I have never stopped" Lydia said with a satisfying smile.

She was indeed happy to see me just like I was

I was grinning from ear to ear as I listened to her speak.

"...I went for youth and singles fellowship in my church this morning, I stopped at the market on my way back to get some foodstuffs and few groceries. I'm just rounding up with cooking and you will be well fed in no time and after which you will tell me everything that has happened back at your work place ever since you left. You're looking different though, more finer and I'm very delighted to see you this way" another perspiration formed and she didn't bother attending to it.

I nodded quietly with a smile as I stared at her.

Her happiness was contagious

She looked at me and blushed before leaving.

She brought food and I asked her to sit with me so that we can eat together

She appeared a bit shy.

She told me that she wanted to take her bath first before eating because she was almost covered with sweat.

I told her to go ahead, I will wait until she is done with her shower.

I waited until she was done refreshing, she came to join me and we ate together.

I thanked her for the food, she urged me to eat more but I was filled already.

After the small table we used in eating was cleared,

We sat talking, I told her everything that has been going on with me and she was indeed happy for me. 

She said only God deserves the praise because it was all miracle from God.

I also told her about John who totally changed ever since I arrived.

Lydia said that I should not to fright over him, that God will arrest him with time.

She excused herself to do the dishes.

I stood to join her.

I remember when I was down, she took care of me without complaining, now that I'm fit and healthy again, I'm going to try as much as possible to show her my gratitude even in the little things.

She insisted I go and relax while she wash the dirty dishes but I wasn't ready to back down.

She couldn't talk me out of it and gave up.

As she wash the plates, I rinse before putting away.

We went back to continue talking after the dishes.

I felt this awkward emotions to hold her and kiss her

As I watch her smile while talking, She sitting beside me, her sweet scent filled my nose

I was getting carried away.

I have live with her in the past and never for once feel this way or even think towards engaging in any emotional affair, I never had any sort of feeling except gratefulness of how she cared for me.

The urge became huge the more I watch her, I try to concentrate and think of something else but it wasn't working.

"I never knew you had all this goodness in you, you're seriously a fine man and is not a flattery, sincerely. You're handsome Tom, you looks so smooth and fresh and that makes me wonder if you're the same person a month ago that looks disfigured. Is God not good like this...? I'm in awe of his wonder. Tomasi you're the real definition of God's miracle. I'm deeply grateful to God for all your testimonies and nothing and no one will stop the great things coming your path.."

I wasn't really paying attention to all she was saying, I was just watching her lips movement, her chest and I remember how she hugged me earlier when I came in.

Right at the door, she threw her arms around me and I held her very close.

Her body was so soft and warm.

I didn't think much about the hug untill now that I felt like I'm attracted to her in some ways.

"Can I hug you again.." I asked her shamelessly.

She was a bit taken back by my request

"Uhmm..! Yeah..sure.." she said slowly

I gently drew her into my arms

I deliberately pressed my body into hers, so that I can feel those her round bo0bs and the warmness that comes from her

I got carried away with the way it all makes me feel.

She struggled a little to pull back but I wasn't even ready to let go.

 I try to kiss her and that was when she gave me a hard push and struggled off my arm

"Tomasi, I don't know you to be like this? What got into you?

"I..uh.." I lost words to say. I became speechless

"This can only be sin lurking in your heart, you nurtured it and it gave birth to your actions and could have birthed more sin if not that i was strongly rooted in the Lord.."

"... I'm sorry but I don't entertain worldly pleasure and is my everyday prayer that God should continue to give me grace to overcome it whenever it comes my way..."

I gasped out. I really don't know what to say.

Infact I felt so ashamed of myself

I wanted to disappear right away.

I thought she will reciprocate, with the way she threw an admiring tactics at me, I thought she wanted me like I do.

My whole emotions disappear, it was overpowered with sháme and gu!lt

"I'm sorry Lydia, I don't know what came over me. I think I will be leaving now.."

I stood up and she didn't say a word, she was only watching me and I couldn't read anything from her appearance.

My legs shakes terr!bly as I marched to the door

That's when I realized that gu!lt is a strong rope that can hang one to d£ath even before judgement takes place.

"Tom, is never too late to seek God with all your heart and find out what he has in store for you. The fear of the Lord leads to Life, we all must give an account to God for everything we do here on earth. God will judge our earthly deeds, including every secret thing, wether good or bad..." She said while standing

"Yeah, you're correct. He sees all and knows all, God is a chief judge and lawyer too... right?" I don't know if I was making any sense, I sounded very dùmb but I needed to say something to feel at ease

Instead I felt even worst.

She didn't respond, Lydia gave me a puzzled look after my last sentence.

"I will continue praying for you Tom.." she finally said.

"Okay..bye, bye bye..." I said and wish the ground can swallow me at that instant

I quickly walked out.

On getting home, I couldn't erase what happened off my mind.

Even the following day, when I prepared so early in the morning and went to church to avoid running into Zee, who wanted to go with me.

All I can think off was what happened between Lydia and I.

Lydia said it was because I entertained sin in my heart which later gave birth to the embarrassing thing I try to do.

I will try to focus on today's service, is a new day.

I have seen Omie and she was very happy to see me.

We will get to talk after service.

I have looked around for Konji and he's nowhere to be found.

Omie is on her ushering duty, I will probably see Konji after service and also have a little chat with Omie too.

Maybe after today's activities, I may finally forget what happened between Lydia and I and the guilt eating heavily at me will finally leave me alone.

I need to be free from the shamefulness of yesterday

I'm somehow glad that she did not consent to the act.



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